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and German, contains the remains of will continue to be cultirateri so long as the Iberian language. Immediately after the human race sball be preserved from the Iberians, appeared the Celts, a nation barbarity and destruction." in all probability more numerous, which Adelung shows that the Thracian lana occupied the right bank of the Danube, guayc prevailed both in Asia-Minor and the north of Italy, Gaul, the British Europe, in the east and the south. He Isles, and a portion of Spain, From makes the ancient Greek and its various their language have sprung the two Celdialects, to spring from it, and finally tic dialecis, still spoken at this very day, the modern Greek of our own times. the first in Ireland, and the second in the From tlie Greek and a Celtic dialect, bont mountains of Scotland. Adelung seizes chiefiv froin the Greck alone, proceeded this opportunity to give a catalogue of the Latin; and from the Latin, whether the real Celtic words, and dedicates no pure or currupted, proceeded the Italian, fewer than thirty eigiit pages to his en- ihe Spanisli, and ine Portuguese. The quiries into the originality of the poems Freneh, according to him, is a unixture of of Ossian, which be pronounces to be the Celtic, German, &c. “ but has he. very modern. He next treats of the come, by its elegance and clearness, by Welch and Cornish tongues, and of the its celebrated works in eloquence and Bas-Breton, which he considers as merely poetry, as well as by its original books two dialects of the same language. These in all sciences, sull more than, by the mi. he does not think, strictly speaking, to litary prowess, and superior policy of the have been Celtic; they are, according to nation, the universal language of modern hiin, two remarkable remnants of the Europe." Belgic, or Kinri, an idiom which he con- The eastern Sclavonic produced the siders as a mixture of the Celtic and Ger- Russian, ibe Illyrian, the Croatian, &c. maan, surcharged with Latin.

The Western Sclavonic has four branches, Next after the Celts, coine the Ger. the Polish, Bohemian, Servian, and More mans, more especially in the north of thern Vi indic. The Walachian also: Europe ; then, in the south, the Thra. comes from the Sclavonic, but is greaily cians, fathers of the Greeks; finally, in mixed with bad Lalin ; next comes the the east and the north, the Slavi; these, Finnick language, which is mother of the together with the Fins, appear to have Findlandish, the Laponic, the Esthonan, been the last whin arrived in that portion and the Livonian. These, with the liun. of the world, where France and Russia garian and the Albaneses, are the idioms are now the chiet dominant powers. Of treated of in the second volume of Mith. the German language, three principal rilates, and the whole will be rendialects remain :--1. The teutonic, sub dered complete by means of a third, divided into the superior, interior, and which is now in the press. This is to middle. Out of the inixture of the three, contain researches into the languages of the second of which possesses five differs Africa as well as of America, and M. ent branches, in the time of Luther and de Murr, of Wirtemburgh, and N. de his first disciples, arose a cominon idiom Humboldt, have both furnished the con. called Iligh German, because the supe. tinuator with their assistance upon this rior or upper dominates; this is doubt. occasion. less a rich idiom, but not intirely fixed,

MISCELLANEOUS. although very inuch cultivated in the “ Europe en Perit."-Europe in Mi. north of Europe, and greatly perfected dniature: being a collection of medals of during the latter moiety of the last cen the middle ages, and appertaining to all tury.

parts of Europe; by the proprietor JEAN 2. The Germanic-Scandinavian, which JEOFFERY LIPSIUS, inspector of the has four branches, the Danish, the Nor- Gallery of Antiquities appertaining to his wegian, the Icelandic, and the Swedish. majesty the king of Saxony.

And 3. The English, a prodigious The editor has declined to follow the mixture, in which the German predomie system of Medai, and those who take nates.

him for their model, but adopted that * Like the Celtic language, the Thra. followed by Eckbel, in his Catalogue of cian is also lost; but the remains of it the Cabinet of Medals at Vienna, as well are found in its illustrious daughters, as in his Doctrina Nummorum l'eteruni; 'the Greek and Latin; these are classical that is to say, the geographical order. tongues, idioms of literal ideas, dialects Lipsius has doubtless encountered a va. of literature and Christianity, languages riety of difficulties in the classification which have civilized nations, and which of nioderu medals, in conformity to a


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system which bis precursor applied to to draw her into a solitary place, on the ancient ones alone, but he has been purpose to give to their interview, all the repaid with complete success.

appearance of an assignation : he, in “Lydie, ou les Marriages Manqués, short, seized this opportunity to ruin her Conte Moral."-Lydia, or Marriage reputation, and accident was not a little Disappointments, a moral tale, by Ma- favourable to his projects, by sending dame J. SIMONS CONDEILLE, author of old Bellegarde and his son chither, in Catherine, ou la Belle Fermiere. Paris, consequence of her screams, after which 2 vols, 12mo.

they immediately took their departure. Lydia de St. Hilaire, was young and But an unhappy event unmasked Ad. . charming, and a mother who idulised bemar in the midst of his triumphs, for her, bad, of course, completely spoiled a fire having consumed the castle of her. On her first leaving the domestic Mordyk, anel together with it a large asylum where a fond parent resided, she portion of the fortune of Lydia, he fled repaired to the Castle of Mordeck, inha. from the scene of ruin like a coward, and bited by her aunt. This lady had assem- a paltroon. The life of Lydia was on bled around her a select society, and this occasion saved by Valmont, the " the young Alphonso de Bellegarde became friend of her father, a man at once anija. amorous of our heroine, at the very first ble, virtuous, and rich; and who cultisight of her! The relations charmed valed painting from his love of the art. with the prospect of a match so suitable Gratitude attached her to him, who had for both parties, in every point of view, consecrated his fortune to repair the already began to arrange every thing for losses of her parent; but her character, the intended marriage, when Adhemar which was both imperious and irregular, de Mulsam, took offence at what was soon invited new misfortunes. She about to be done. This personage, we thought that the eagerness of her new are told, was not in love with Lydia; no, lover to obtain her hand, was nothing he loved himself too well for this, and, more than an anticipated air of authority, , as the fair author observes with some and soon broke ot the negociation for a humour, such an event would have been marriage. Soon after this, M. de Préval, a considered by him as an infidelity! But gentleman whom she believed to love he was incited by the giory of achieving her, and in favour of whom she deigned so great a conquest, and interest pere to pronounce, declined the connexion, haps, in addition to this, made him re. and Lydia now ready to die in conse. solve to recur to all the seductive arts in quence of an illness occasioned by chage

rin, lost all her beauty. On this in her An absence of eight days, on the part turn, she adores Valmont, who, on the of Alphonso, left sufficient time for Ad- other hand, refuses to espouse her, and bemar, to make some progress in the tells her that he will content himself affections of Lydia; billets, sighs, feigned with remaining the inost zealous of her absence of mind, were all employed by friends. turns. He thus, at length, found means

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N.B. The total Interruption of Communication with GERMANY, renders it ine practicable to continue, for the present, our Retrospect of Germun Literuture.

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ABYSSINIA, account of a mission to 460 Astragalus heticus, cultivation of 103
Academy, proceedings of the Royal Astronomical query

* 129
167, 262, 462, 565 ...... answered 223, 224, 313, 42.),
Accidents 84, 91, 96, 97, 163, 185, 188,

191, 193, 377, 388, Atchison, Miss, character of

487, 495, 580, 589 Aulæum, description of the .. 366
Acid, discovery of pernicious

233 Axioms on toleration .... 133
Addington, Sir William, account of 497 | Aylmer, anecdote of bishop
Affairs, state of public 67, 169, 274, 373, Bacon, observation of Lord

469, 562 Bailey, Mr. on life annuities, objections
Africa, intended journey to
561 to

Agricultural reports 101, 199, 304, 399, o....... vindication !

504, 604 Baker, George, account of .. 28
...... societies, proceedings of 81, Balance, description of a new

86, 298, 299, 490, 604 Baldock, account of the maid of 156, 994
Agriculture, remarks on .. 23 Banbury, remarkable cask at . 191
.... ...., Roman society for the pro. Banking, history of

motion of

168 | Bankruptcies, lists of 73, 177, 271, 370,
Ahab's Curse, a scarce sermon 246, 348

464, 559
Air, effects of vegetation on the

.........., numerical list of

Albuera, account of the ba'tle of 565 | Banks, number of provinciale

Alconorque, wonderful virtues of the 16+ Barometer, observations on the

Alderley Edge, Cheshire, described 7 Barrosa, bacıle of

Alfieri, Count, on the character of 531 | Barry, James, vindicated
Alfred Theatre, plan of the .. 279 | Basingstoke, meteoric stone found at
Algiers, arrival of an ambassador from 76 Basso relievo, on the word
Alkali, efficacy of fluor volatile 358 | Bath, population of the city of
Ambore in the East Indies, described 49 Bayley, Mr. account of ...
America, on the population of .. 2:3 | Beachy head, destruction of the pinnacle
an...., state of affairs in

72 at.

.. . ..
....., on the commerce of

128 Beaconsfield, Rorman pavement found at 999
Analysis, on chemical

320 Beau sobre's history, query concerning 236
Anger, fataleffects of
568 ........ anecdote of

Anholt, attack on the island of 374 | Beddoes, Dr. error in the life of

Animals, on humanity to .
2.1 Bedford, Duke of, his liberality

......, on the heat of
158 Bees, cure for the sting of

......, observations on luminous 250 | Beeston, Rev. J. H. character of 338
Apeleutherus, on the author of
310 Belfast, charity. school at

Aphorisms on public credit . 331 | Bell, Dr. his benefaction to Cambridge 50
Antiquities, discovery of 42, 195, 292, 299, .... , Mrs. character of

381, 486, 498, 586 Beresford, Marshal, letters of

Apollonian museum, account of the 460 | Berampore, singular occurrence at 46.
Apoplexy, remedy for

359 | Berington, S. literary character of 511
Apple trees, on the cultivation of 512 Berners, account of the works of Juliana 559
Apprentices, on the binding of poor 12 Bexhill, mine works at

Aractris hypogaa, oil from the 360 | Bible, curious account of a Latin

Arbitration, proposal for a national court Bible Society, report of the 52,475

........ at Liverpool

Arches, on the theory of
925, 426 ...... at Llangellen

Architecture, specimens of ancient 56 Bicheno, Miss, account of

........., improvements for durable 401 Biljous diseases, on

Archway, account of the Highgate 553 | Bingham, Rev. Mr. remarkable case of 995
Arcot, in the East Indies, described 49 | Birmingham, timber company at 488
Armies, on standing
41 Blagdon E. account of

Armour, rage for antient

563 | Bland, Mr. catastrophe attending 188
Arts, monthly retrospect of the fine 65, Boat, description of a steam

166, 260, 366, 462, 565 | ...., account of an iron

Assimilation, on
418 ...., patent for a life

Associations, on county
38 Bodoric, pension granted to




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Bogs in Ireland, drainage of the 301 Cardigan, death of the earl of

Books, extracts from scarce 38, 141, 246, Carlisle, meteorological observations at 26

318, 442, 547 | ......, marriages, &c, at . 82
Boots, new modes of making 61, 361......, religious institution at

Boscawen, true account of ... 480 ......, state of the dispensary at
Boston, marriages, &c. ac .... 85 ......, charity school at .. 382
...., population of
583 Carpathian mountains, fall of

Botanical reports 103, 306, 302, 601 Cask, description of a remarkable

Bourbon, capture of the island of 177 Castleton, Edward, account of
Bourgeois, Sir F. account of

77 Catullus, translation from
Bourne, Vincent, on a supposed poem of Cavan, Lady, account of

225, 339 Cebes, analysis of the table of
Boy, a wonderful

100 Celtr, derivation of .. 19, 150
Bread, description of a new
50 | Ceylon, state of vaccination at

..., account of maslin
525 Charles II. anecdote of

Brecon, improvements in the county of 293 Cheltentiam, fall of the market-house at 191
Bricks, improved method of making 451 ........, improvements at 489, 591
Bridge, account of a cast iron . 191 Chemical allinities, on the .
...., description of a chain

361 | ...... analysis, on


...., Vauxhall, foundation of laid 476 ...... language, on

...., plan of the Southwark

ib. Cheshire, discovery of a cobalt mine in
...., ac York

585 Chichester, charity school at .. 392
Bridges, new method of constructing Chilcoit, Mr. account of .

. .. . 31.
319 Children, on binding out poor

Brincetone, a dealer in

155 Chillembrun, descsiption of the pagoda
Brighton, encroachment of the sea at 92 of
Bristul, improvements at
296 Christiana topographical society

British Institution, proceedings of the Chrome, discovery of a mine of

60, 161, 167, 200, 366, 567 Cider, cultivation of apple trees for 512
Brooke, Col, account of

296 Claygei's, Mr., piano-torte, on .. 28
Brunswick, revmarkable robbery at 562 | Clergymen, society for maintaining the
Bull, account of the Golden
3321 orphans of ..

Bunbury, H. W. account of

485 Clinton, improvements at 296, 439,
Buonaparte, remarkable decree of 461 | Co.l, discovery of a new vein of
........, speech of

562 | Cobalt mine, account of a
Burns, remedy for
2:39 Cochineal, premium for .

Bury, removal of the steeple at
491 Cocks, improvement in .

...., population of
59.4 Codex Bezæ, account of the

Bushel, Edward, noble conduct of 147 Coffee, grown in France
Bucler, Miss, character of

...., substitute for

Butter, how to remedy the bad taste of 291 Coin, on the scarcity of silver

Cadiz, recent voyage to 29, 188, 215, 335, ...., remedy for the scarcity of gold 417
428, 536 Coins, discovery of antient

95, 586
Caernarvon, account of the earl of 58+ Collier, Arthur, account of 352, 511
........, improvements in the county Coilins, Calonei, memoir of

298 Coltman, Mrs. character of
Carubridge, benefaction to the university Colvill, lord, memoir of
57 Comet of 1807, on the

........, account of elections at

389 | Commercial reporís 100, 197, 304, 397, 500,
......, prize medals at
0, 390

........, agricultural society at 489 Commons, ou a reform of the house of 520,
........, prize questions at

........, population of

593 | Consolidated fund, state of the .. 71
Cameron, lieut. account of
302 | Consumption, observations on

Campbell, James, account of .. 600 | Convictions, increased number of 477
......, general, account of .. S02 | Corfu, account of the lonian society at 901
Canals, statements of 85, 191, 296, 299, Cork, dreadtul accident at .. 97

387, 390, 484, 493, 196, Cornwall, improvements in ..
......, on the navigation of . . 108 Coromandel, account of the land-winds
Cannon ball, discovery of a remarkable 381 at
Canterbury, state of the hospitable at 193 Corporations, defects of close 106, 206
........, abuses at. .... 230 | Cowie, John, account of

........, robbery of the bank at 492 Craddock, John, account of

........, account of the methodist cha- . Craufurd, general, memoir of ... 196
pel at
ib. Credit, on public

Cantyre, improvement of the mull of 399 | Crimes, increase of


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Criminals, on employment for .. 16 | Elizabeth, literature of the era of 559

....., committed in Lancashire 288 | Emerson's tbevry of arches, remarks on 223,
Criticism, on theatrical

Cromwell, anecdote of .
42 | Employment for debtors

a......, investiture of

43 | England, letters of a wanderer through 213
Cullen, lord, account of

........, sketch of a tour in
mberland, a recent tour in

20, 321 | Enquirer, the
......., Richard, memoirs of 510 Enthusiasm, remarkable

Cummington, Mir, account of .. 393 | Epilepsy, remarkable case of ..
Curiosity, a remarkable ... 42 Epitaph on a novelist .

Currency, on public .... SS1 | Equestrian trial, a remarkable

Cymbri, origin of the .. 19, 130 | Erskine, Cardinal, account of

Dálkeith, quantity of rain fallen at 162 | Etymological discussions

18, 130
........, farming club at . 999 Evans, Major, account of

Dalton, Richard, account of ..

........, Mrs. character of

Danvers, Mrs. character of
599 | Exchanges, statement of foreign

David's St. religious society in the di. Executions in France

ocese of


267 Falstafi, on the character of
Davy's, Mr. discoveries 156, 264, 435 Fawdon colliery, account of

........, diploma granted to . 10, 161 Fermanagh, lady, account of

Debtors, enployment for imprisoned 16 Farne Island, ligbt on the .. 18+

......., society for the relief of, 476 Fêre given by the Prince Regent 531
Della Crusca, restoration of the academy Findlay, John, account of

3601 Fire offices, duty paid by

Derby, musical festival at .. 188 | Fires, remarkable 169, 180, 291, 475, 489,
Desk, on diseases of the


496, 563, 581
Devil's dinner, on the

443 Firing for the poor, on providing 126
Devonshire, duke of, his improvements 587 Fishing societies instituted on 279
Dictionary, specimen of a new
552 Fitzgerald, Sir T. J. account of

Diseases, reports of 99, 168, 279, 369, 468, Flete wood, lieutenant, account of 479

568 | Flogging, on military
.., of poultry on the

322 Flora, of Northumberland and Durham 56
Distillation, old work on the art of 506 Flowers, electrical sparks emitted by 5.35
Dividends, announced 73, 179, 273, 372, Fluor volatile alkali, efficacy of

465, 560 Flying, machine for
Dock, opening of a new
377 Folkstone, accident at

Doctor, the skilful

251 | Font, description of a remarkable. 999
Dog, recipe for the bide of a mad 528 | Fosbrooke, Mr. in explanation . 17
Dollars, advance in the value of

278 France, commercial and political sta
Donaldson, Mr. account of ..
378 of

Dorsetshire, intended history of
267 Francis I. anecdotes of

Dover, fall of the cliff at .... 91 | Franklin society, account of

...., remarkable circumstance at 595 Fransban, John, memoir of

Dowle, Mr. account of
388 ........, remarks on

Drawings, on having coloured
329 Fraser, Simon, account of

Drunkenness sermon against

French executions

Drury-Jane theatre, proposeu plan for Frio, latitude of cape


476 Fry, George, account of .. 495
Dublin, state of the cow-pock institution Fulk, Dr. superstition of

268 Fuller, Rev. W. account of ... 301
Durbam, agricultural society at . 81 Garrard's, Mr. discovery on ... 236
Dwyer, Thomas, character of

93 Gascoigne, Miss, monument to the me-
Eames, alderman, character of
290 mory of

Earthquake in the West Indies

60 Gaudentio di Lucca, on the author of 511
Last country dock opened
377 Gentlemen, honours of

.... India sales

397 German works of literature
........ affairs

176 | Germany, political state of
Eden, intended bridge across the 483

........, robberies in
Edinburgh, charity school at

........, enthusiasm in

........ review, reply to the
208 Gibraltar, description of

Education, ou the Lancaster system of 422 Gilpin, Mr. character of

......., of the poor, thoughts on the 217 | Glasgow, account of che Huntarian mu.
........,on medical
251 | seum at

Edwards, lady, account of .. 588 Gloucester, lunatic asylum at

Eels, account of electrical

59 Gloucestershire, freeholders who voted
Electrica, sparks from flowers .. 5531 ia










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