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form where the old pier at the east end stood, ductor of ordnance stores and field-trais des they discovered a beautiful gold medal, in partment, 22. high preservition, which had been struck in Ac Welton, Mrs. E. Hunter, 7% . the reign of King Edward the Third On At Mickleton, Mr. Raine, 94. the obverse side is a fine representation of At Scorton, near Catterick, William Harda the Sovereign, standing on a ship at sea, ing Hayes, esq. 31. with a sword in his right hand and a shield At Leeds, Mr. W. Royston, of Wetherby, on his left, wherevn are quartered the royal surgeon.--Mrs. Currer, ut Skipton arms of France and England. There are Wilson, 55. also other emblems, trophies, &c. with this At Ripon, Mr. Thomas Wilkinson, an inscription in Saxon characters: Edwardus alderman of that corporation, 57. Dei Gr. Rex, 4 glie Franc. & Hy B. On the At Bramham Lodge, Aliss Scott, sister of reverxe, in semi, are a lion and crown and & W. Fenton S. esq. of Woodhall, near We. feur de lis alternately, emblems, &c. with therby. this inscription : Antim Transciens P medium At Topcliffe Manor, Mary, wife of dr. illorum. ---Perhaps the latter may not be quite George Walhran, 52. correct, as a small aperture is made in the Ac Bubwith, Edward Weddall, esq. 68. edge, by the workman having struck his At Stillington, Mr. Peter Sowray, 56. pick-axe against it. The medal weighs 117 At Rotherham, Mrs. Jessop, of the Rir, grains, and is a full inch and a quarter in of Bells. She fell into a vat of liquor, as it diameter

supposed in a fit, and was drowned.-LicoMarried.] At Bawtry; Lieutenant Stovin, tenant May, of the 1st West York milicia, R. N. to an Charlotte, only daughter of At Howden, Mr. Edmund Smith, 68. Lucas Spilsbury.

Ac Halifax, Mr. John Enumer.-Mr, Rich. At Sheffield, Mr. Samuel Hare, of Lecd:, ard Ludley, an officer in the Halifax local surgeon, to Miss Mary Ann Edon.

militia, and many years Biaster of the White At Sculcoates, Thulesius Moller, esq. of Swan Inn. Xrogerve, Norway, to Miss Snell, of Lone . At Sheffield, Mr. G. Knowles, former don.--Mr. Paul Smith, of Lowthorp, to master of an academy there. He composed Marv, third daughter of the Rev. Mr. Green several pieces of sacred music which were wood, of Imingham.

much admired. At Bolton Percy, Robert Atkinson, esq.

LANCASHIR L. of Hornington, to Marianne, eldest daughter Mr. Roscoe, of Liverpool, has become a of William Laycock, esq. of Appleton Roea distinguished agriculturist, having undertaken buck,

to drain a moss, or bog, between Liverpool At York, Captain Lally, of the 4th Dra. and Manchester, of more than a thousand "goon Guards, to Mrs. Moore.

acres in extent, in which he is likely to preve At Guisborough, Henry, Clarke, esq. to successful. Miss Hutchinson.

Married ] At Liverpool, Mr. John WorAt Knaresborough, John Allison, esq. of rall, co Miss D. E. Matthews, daughter of Huddersfield, to Miss Ormond, daughter of the late Jacob M. esq. of Demerara.-Mr. the late David O. esq. of Trenewydd, Pem, Henry Billinge, jun. to Miss Eliza Meadows. brokeshire,

-Captain James Reed to Miss Isabella Pye. Mr. Thomas Champney, jum, of Nuttles,

Champney, jun. of Nuttles, - Mr. George Farrar, to Mary, only daugh. in Holderness, to Mary, eldest daughter of ter of John Brown, esq.-Lieutenant Wa. William Harland, esq. of Burton Pidsea. ker, R. N. to Mrs. Culcheth.

At Campsall, T. F.C. Mamwaring, esq. At Walton, John Formby, esq. eldest sos Captain in the royal navy, to Mary Ann, of the Rev. Mr. F. of Fornby, to Heles, fourth daughter of Bacon Frank, esq.

second daughter of William Harper, exq. of Dird.) At Wreiton, near Pickering, the Everton. Rev. Samuel Hodgson, 62.

At Warrington, Joseph Worrall, esq. to At York, Mrs. Rayson, wife of Mr. Tho. Miss Jane Kaye. mas R. -- Mr. Francis Carter, 48.-Robert Died.) At Lancaster, Mrs. Paget, 73.Stockton, esq. an aloerman of the corporation, Mrs. Mary Nicholson, 77 - Mr. Thomas and who served the office of lord mayor in Rawsthorn, a land wailer of this port. 1805.-Mrs. Brown --Mrs. Catharine Mor Ac Preston, Mrs. Greaves, relict of Tho. sit, fourth daughter of the lace Bacon M. mas G. esq. tanker and alderman, 59.-Mr. esg.

Richard Baines, father of Mr. Edwird b. At Beverley, John Coltman, esq. 67. printer of the Leeds Mercury.

At Hull, Mrs. Ely. SS.-Mrs. Mary At Milnthorp, Ms. Henry Smithies, 65. Jolincon, of the Cross Keys Inn, 71.- Mr. At Colue, che Rev. John Hartley, incum. john Vickerman -Benjaruin, son of Mr. bent curate of that place, and a justice of John Guy, 21.- Mr. Marmaduke Constable, peace for this county. -Mr. John Todd, 32.-George Bee, gent. At Little Lever, Mr. James Heywood, 65. 63.

At Warrington, Mr. Peter Jackson, surgeoa, At Patrington, Mr. Thomas Grindall, con- 88.

At Wyersdale, near Lancaster, Mr. Thomas May 12.- About five o'clock in the after. Thompson, 84.

noon, a destructive phenomenon appeared at A: Meanfield, near Broughton, in Furness, Bonsall, in the Peak of Derbyshire. A sido Mr. Edward Tyson, 100.

guiar motion was observed in a cloud, of a At Wavertree, Miss E. Menzies, 19. 'serpentine form, which moved in a circular Ar 'Ormskirk, Mr. John Piatt.

direction, from S. by W. to N. extending it. At Liverpool, Mis. Syers, 68. Mr. Ed- self to the ground. It began its operation's ward Budcicom, 28.- Mrs. Burton.-Mr. near Hopton, and continued its course about Michael Harris, 39 - John, eldest son of five or six iniles in len, th, and about four or Mr. Juha Cratshaw, 21.-Mr. Thomas Re. five hundred yards in breadth, tearing up mingion, 50.- Ann, caughter of Mr. Ed. plantations, levelling barns, walls, and minera' ward Ruslicon, 'bookseller, 19.--Mrs. Grace. cots. It tore up large ash trees, carrying them --Mrs. Maddox, wife of captain M. of Dube from 20 to 30 yards; and twisted the tops lin-Mr John Irvin, attorney, 41.-. Mr. from the trunks, conveying them from 50 10 James Mirsh, 86.-- Mr. E. Bradshaw, Mr. 100 yards distance. Cows were lifted from Josiah Fletcher - Mrs. Aan Anderson.-Mr. one field to another, and injured by the fall; Lee Wareing, 67.

miners' buddle-tubs, wash vats, and other At Manchester, Mrs. Harrop, wife of Mr. materials, carried to a considerable distance, H. proprietor and printer of the Manchester and forced into the ground. This was attend. Mercury.--Mrs. Clarke, wife of Mr. William ed with a most tremendous hail-storm : stones C. bookseller, 58.-Mrs. Heywood.- Aged and lumps of ice were measured from pine te 67, the celebrated Sieur Rea, a man whuse twelve inches in circumference. fame as a conjurer has long been trumpered Married.) ac Eyam, R. Clarke Hill, esa, from wake to wake, fair to fair, and race to of Stallington Hall, Stafford, to Sarah, young race, throughout the United Kingdom Forest daughier of the late Thomas Birds, esq.years he has contributed to che innocent mirth At Bradborne, Mr. John Goodwin, attor. and amusement of the Inds and lasses of the ney, to Miss Berestord, of Caster. holiday round, and while he has lengthened Died. Ac Derby, William Snowden, esq. their faces with wonder and astonishment, 64.- Emma, daughter of Mr. William Hol.. he bas lengthened his purse with the tribu. Tingshead. tary pence chat flowed from the tricks of At Somershall, Mr. Bladon, 55. the scene. He was, in his calling, esteemed At Thornbridge, Mr. John Morewood, 57. an honest man, and he had no deception but

NOTTINGUAMSHIRE. that which belonged to his cups and balls. The following return of the population, &c. CHESHIRE.

of Newark, has just been made ; 1483 houses, Married ] At Mottram, Mr. William Beat- inhabited by 1595 families ; 12 houses builde tie, of Liverpool, surgeon, to Hannah, ing, 18 houses uninhabited; 3319 males, and youngest daughter of the late Henry Card. 9917 females.--Total number of souls, 7256. i well, esq.

Married.] At Sutton supra Lound, Mr. The Rev. Harry Grey, vicar of Knutsford, Richard Bullivant, of East Retford, to Miss to Miss Ellis, of Grove House.

Haslehurst, daughter of George H. esq. of At Over Peover, Thomjs Drake, esq. Daws Hill. captain in the Knutsford volunteers, to Miss At Mansfield, Mr. Thomas Tipping, tă Banks, daughter of the late John B. esq. of Miss Johnson. New Hall.

At Nottingham, Mr. William Thurman, Mr. B. Brassey, of Chester, to Miss Davies, to Miss Revell, of Southwell. of Stapleford Hall.

At Lenton, Mr. Joseph Hill, to Miss Anna Died. At Chester, Mrs. Scholes, wife of Chambers. Richard S. esq. 76.– William Ilamilton, esg. Diod.] At, Nottingham, Samuel Stretton, 93.-Mr. Edward Spencer.

gent. 79.-Mr. Fleecwood Churchill, 38 At Macclesfield, Mr. W. Johnson,

Mr. John Stones.-Mr. Samuel Heard. -Mr. At Naniwich, Mr. Thomas Oraig, only Henry Silverwood -Mrs. Mary Wood, a son of Mr. C. bookseller, 25.

maiden lady, 87.-The Rev. G. Ingham, 72. Ac Cherton, Mr. John Pulsord.

-Edmund Dear, gent. 65.--- Mrs. Mason. At Frodsham, Mrs. Caldwell, wife of Mr. Mr. William Gillatt.--Mrs. Coller. ; James C. 69.

At Mansfield, Hollis Clay, gent. 72. A: Congleton, Mrs. Tolson, wife of Cap. Mr. W. Unwin, eldest son of Mr. Jabez l. win T. 23.

20.-Mrs. Rogers, 65. DERBYSHIRI.

At Baiderton, near Newark, Mr. John The Duke of Devonshire has inclosed the Austin. primcipal part of his mountain estate round At Wilford, Miss Dorothy Cumberland, 41. Buxton, un which he has erected several farm At West Retford, Anne, daughter of Mrs. houses, and other appropriate buildings, to Nelson, 22. .. the great improvement of a country, that for

At Car Colston, Mr. Thomas Turner, centuries had remained in a desert and barrea At Ratcliffe, Mr. Andrews.

A: Newark, Mr. $. Hunter, 80.- r.

Thomas Lane.--Mrs. Smalley.-Ann, relict whilst living, so they have ensured to hing of Mr. William Cleaver.

the regret, now dead, of every one who knew At Clipstone Lodge, Mr. S. Cutts, sen. 85. him. LINCOLNSHIRE.

At Gresthorp, Mrs. Beswick, wife of G. The following is a statement of the po. B. esq. 52. pulation of some of the towns of this county, At Gainsbro', Mr. Shipman, 81.-Mri. according to the last returns : Stamford. Johnson, 44.--Mrs. Everington, 77. Males, 2003; females, 9579. Total, 4582. At Aliord, Mr. John Allcock, 73.

Louib. 49.47 males, 2181 females. To At Barholm, in consequence of the wound: tal, 47 28. Births and deaths for the last ten he received from a highwayman about a years exactly equal. Brigg. 638 males, 793 month beiore, Mr. Nidd, 67. females. Total, 1361. 310 inhabited houses. At Grantham, J. C. Watson, esq. R. N. -Market Dieping. 166 houses inhabited, 6 late surgeon of the Princess Royal, So. uninhabited, and 4 houses building ; 18 fa- . At Great Ponton, Mr. Thomas Shepmilies employed in agriculture, 63 in trade, herd, 82. and 105 not comprised in the two preceding At Sleaford, Ms. J. Leak, 87.-Mrs. classes : total number of families, 191. Cropper. 426 males, 473 females; total number of At Boston, Mr. Whittington, 55.-Mrs. persons, 899. Births in ten years preceding Obbins, wife of Mr. O. sen. 78.-Mr. Toha 3801, 263; from 1801 to 1811, 273. Brown, of the Ram Inn.-Mr. Joseph 'Teas. Marriages in ten years preceding 1801, 55; dale, 72. from 1801 to 1811, 66. Deaths in ten years At Gayton, Mr. John Jacques, 80. preceding 1801, 194; from 1801 to 1811, At Lincoln, Mrs. Huddlestone, 87.-Mr. 941.--Horncastle. In the

Haldenby. Year Inhabited Houses Total Persons At Louch, Mr. Holmes, 76.-Mrs. Goode 1792 ........ 390 ........ 1834 hall, 28.--Mr. Stephen Holmes, 80.-Mr. 1801 ........ 403 ........ 2015 Anselm Ojlin, 72.-Mr. Stephen Pearson, 75.

1811 ........ 546 ........ 2622 At Stamford, Mr. Francis Weldon, 41 — The increase between 1792 and 1801 is 181, Mrs. Swantown, sister of the late Alderman and between 1801 and the present period Searson, 77. 607. The first increase may be attributed to At Partney, Mrs. Gill, 82. an open common with a number of com- Frances, wife of the Rev. Edward Jones, mon-riglit houses in tlie parish: the second jun. vicar of Greetham, Rutland, and eldest increase, to the navigation, which has mate- daughter of William Belgrave, esq. of Preston. rially increased the trade of the town. At Ketton, near Stanford, aged 78, Lady Grantbam. 673 houses, inbabited by 776 fdo Jane Edwards, relict of Gerard Anne Edwards, milies, 430 of which are used for trade ; 10 esq. and sister to Henry, late Earl of Gains.

houses uninhabited; 1677 males, and 1969. borough, also mother to Colonel Noel, of i females, making togther 3646 souls. Tlie Exton Park, Rutland. Her ladyslip was

total of males and females, in the year 1801, jusly revered in her neighbourhood, for loire was 3303, by which it appears that the in- ing, during the course of a long life, been in crease in the course of ten years is 313 – the invariable habit of doing good by acts of Boston. The number of- baptisms in the pa. Unostentatious charity and beneficence. While risk in the ten years, ending on the 31st of her noble and highly respectable relatives la. December last, is 3072; of which number ment her loss, they have the satisfaction to 1929 are males, and 1543 females. The know, that by her conduct she conferred dige burials in like period are 9-12 males, and 875 nity on her rank, and that in the fullness of females; total 1817 : so that the baptisms a good old age she expired, surrounded by exceed the burials as five to three. The those who esteemed her to veneration. marriages in the ten years are 790.

LIIC ESTERSHIRL. Married.] At Boston, Mr. Barnsdale, of Married.) At Sheepshead, Mr. Chester, of Brothertoft, to Mary, only child of George Black Brook Hall, Io Miss Smalley. Beedham, esq. of Langrick Ferry.

At Mountsorrel, Mr. Harrison, of BelAt Stamford, Mr. William Goodlad, of grave, to Miss Sarah Snow. Wansford, to Miss Sarah Clarkt, of Greece Ac Leicester, Mr. Alderman Read, to Miss ham.

A. Parsons. -- Neal, esq. of Sketfington, At Misterton, Mr. William Baynes, of to Miss Cowdell. Walkringham, to Miss Elizabeth Wressell, Died.] At Leicester, Ms. Thompson. of Stockwith,

Mrs. Hefturu. Mr. Thomas Cordeux, 89:Dic!) At South Ferraby, Mrs. Nelthorpe, Mrs. Burton, relict of Mr. William B. of wife of John

Cadeby, 75,--Mrs. Greenhall, wife of Mr. At Grimsby, Mr. Richard Nell, senior G. surveyor, 42. alderman, and seven times mayor of that At Loughborough, Mrs. Wallis, wise of town, 06. He dropped down in his house, Mr. W. surgeon, and daughter of the late and expired without speaking. Honesty and Dr. Pochin.-Mr. Robt. Blunt, solicitor, 45. punctuality were the characteristic traits of At Sapcote, Mr. Thomas Lovett, 73. his file, and, as they commanded the respect As Dessord, in bis 20166 year, Jobin Upton,


stocking maker. He had worked from a youth A t the Woodloes, near Warwick, Miss D. to the age of 95 for one house, that of Moore Hodgson, 93. and Co. of Leicester..

Ai Edge Hills, Miss Prentice. At Bayworth, Mr. Richard Wikes, parish. Ac Coventry, Birs. Goode, wife of B G. clerk

esq. mayor or that city.--Mr. James Hola Ac Great Wigstone, Mt. Samuel Freer. land. At l’arby, Mr. Harby, 73.

At Leamington Spa, Caroline, widow of A. Kigworth, Miss Alice Steele.

the Rev. Thomas Harris, of Braddon, near STAFFORDSHIRE.

Towcester, and second daughter of the late Married.) At Woolstanton, Mr William Rev. Dr. Marriott, of Cocesbatch, LeicesterHall, of the Ridge House, to Miss Sarah shire. Grocott, of Harley.

in London, Mr. Joseph Gibbins, banker of Mr. Wright, of Newport, Salop, attorney, Birmingham, a gentleman eminent for puncO Miss Masfen, of Cannock.

tuality and probity, 55. Mr. Elwell, of Heath House, to Ann, At Camp Hill, near Birmingham, Marga. youngest daughter of Mr. Willits, of Tipton. ret, wife of Mr. John Thompson, 54.

ac Wolverhampton, Mr. Joseph Hill, of 'At Foleshill, Mr. Benjamin Newland, 66. Bilstone, to Miss Susanna Lea, of Hales Ac Tettenhall, Dorothy Elizabeth, heiress wen.

of the ancient family of Lyttleton, of Studiey Died.] At Stafford, Margaret, daughter of Castle, in this county, and wife of Francis Mr. John Hughes, of the Star Inn, 30.- Mr. Holyoake, esq. of Tettenhall. Stephen Smith, 63.

SHROPSHIRE. At Newcastle, Mr. Thomas Eardley.

A most extraordinary tornado took place Ac Rough Close, Miss Jane Robinson. " early on the 25th of May at Plasyollen, the At Wolverhampton, Mr. Smith.

influence of which did not extend more than A: Wheutun Aston, Mr. E. Jarvis.

300 yards in length and so in breadth ; but Ac Breewood, Mrs. Hauuntun, 85.

its violence was so great that every thing, WARWICKSHIRE.

from the humblest vegetable to the loftiesc Married ) A: Biriningham, Mr. J. Shel. tree within its range, was totally demolished. fon, to Miss Elizabeth Bass.-Edmund Bald. Sycamores and oaks, which had withstood thie win, esq. to Alis: Charlotte joues, secund wintry blast of ages, though still in full vi. daughter to the late Thomas .esq. Mr. E. gour, were despoiled of all their branches, Lavinder, of Dudley, to Viss Esther Baxter. many of which, measuring more than three

Mr. Isaac Sprostun, of Tewkesbury, 10 feet in circunference, were twisted oft, and Martha, youngest daughter of R. Lambert, carried to a great distance, Con:iderable da. 'esq. of Ditchford.

mage was done in the gardens; a great num. At Aston, Mr. H. B. Timbs, of Worces ber of fine healchy apple and pear trees were ter, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late snapt asunder, and all the early crops of ve. James Richards, esq. of Camp Hill, near getables swept away. Birmingham.

In the afternoon of the 27th, this county At Nuneaton, Ms. John Wilson, to Miss 'was again visited by a storm, the effects of Elizabeth Harcourt.

which have been awfully felt. Owing to Richard Smith, esq. of Tibbington House, the fursting of a cloud, Meole and other Tipiun, to aligs Feresav, daughter of Samuel brooks, within ten or twelve miles, were so F. esq. of Ettingshall Park.

rapidly swollen, as almo:t in tantaneously to At Surcon Coldfield, Charles Clement Ad. overflow their banks to a 'most astonishing derley, eso. of Hams H., to Anna Maria, height, cx'encing for aniles over the adjoining eldest daugit:r 0: Sir Edmund Cradock Har- couritry, and tearing down and carrying off, topp, of fourocks Hall.

in their course, stock of every description. Ac Coventry, Mr. James Vale, to Miss Such was the force of this great body of water Martha Sanders.

rushing into the Severn from Megle Brook, Died.] At Birmingham, Mrs. Mary Shen that it actually turned the current of the rit01. rs. Parsonage, 33.--Mr. S. Toy.- ver, which rose four feet in ten minutes. Mrs. Hooper.--The Rev. Samuel Pearson, In the neighbourhood of Minsterley and Pon. sector of Weston-upon-l'rent, perpetual cu- tesbury, iwelve persons perished. At these rate of Osmaston, near Derby, and late of St. two last places, at Poutesford, &c. the ra. John's College, Cambridge.' He was one of vages of the torrent were without bounds. At the oldest members of the Antiquarian Socie. Mr. S. Heighway's, of Pontesford, the scene ty, and formerly lecturer of St. Martin's in was indeed lamentable; nut fewer than nine this town. Few men have passed through persons, inclu ing part of his own family, life more justly esteemed for their modest were swegt away, and among them his vene. worth and unassuming manners.

rable grandmother, Mrs. Elizabeth Heigh. At Caldicote Hall, Mary Elizabeth Louisa way, and two female servants. Another Rodney Bowes, lady of the Hon. Thomas B. part of the family made their escape by get. and only daughter and heiress of George Car. ting through the roof of the house. Ar Han. penter, exq. late of Redbourn, lleris. Wood, the bridge was carried away, and the mills of Mr. Blower, and his fainily, escaped Died.] Al Shrewsbury, Mrs. Knox, wise with the utmost difficulty. Mr. H. Wartee, of the Right Hon. George K. 28. -- Richard of Crock-meole, had 26 cows, besides other Plummer, esq. captain in the Shropshire mistock, carried away. In Coleham, the water licia, 26.- Mr. Phillips.-Alr, Edward Jones. began to rise about half past nine o'clock, Mr. Edward Pryce. and increased so rapidly, that persons had At Whitchurch, Mrs. Kent.--Mrs. Edge, pot time to remove their furniture. The of the Swan Inn. cellars and ground Aoors in Cote ham, and Af Mulford Hall, Mr. Thomas Smith, jun. that part of the Abbey Fpregate, Shrewsbury, At the Mosses, near Wellington, Mrs. near the church, were almost instantaneously Hooper, wife of Mr. W. H. filled with water, owing to the arches of the Ai Wellington, Mr. Joseph Turner. Bridge over the brook being for some time A t Ruyton, of the Eleven Towss, Mr. unable to take the body of water which rushed Read, surgeon. down. One of the privates of the North Ac Minsterley, che Rev. Mr. Williams. Shropshire local militia fell intu the water at Ac Pym's Farm, near Weras, W. West the farther end of Coleham bridge, and was Betty, esq. father of H. W. Betty, better instantly carried away by the stream. The known by the name of the Young Roscius. damage occasioned by the storm is estimated Ac Newport, J. Dickenson, esq. solicitor, at 20,0001. The bodies of the unfortunate Ac Terrick, near Whitechurch, Elizabeth, persons who perished have been found: the wife of Mr. John Smith. following are their names. At Pontesford, At the More, Lucy, eldest daughter of the Mrs. Heighway; Eliz. Thomas and Cathe- Rev. Herbert Oakeley. sine Nailor, servants to ditto; Richard Ben- At Cotton Wood, Mrs. Shone, 96. . Dett, clerk; Richard Simmons, Samuel At Bettun Strange, J. G. Scult, csq. Speake, Richard Hincks, and Jacob Bishop, " labourers ; Eliz. Reece. At Minsterley, Mr.

WORCESTERSHIRL, Hoggins, farmer; William Hulmes, labourer; On the 28th of May this county, among and Thomas Party, waggoner. Curiosity and others, was visited by one of the most tre. motives of humanity have led many persons mendous storms ever remembered At Wor. to visit the suffering cottagers, as well as to cester, hail stones, or rather pieces of ice, explore the hills whence the destructive cor- were picked up measuring five and six inches sent pouredo Beyond the Snailbatch lead in length ; and there is scarcely a window nines, there is a valley called the Crows. exposed to the S. E. which has not great part nest Dingle, on each side of which the Su- of its glass destroyed. At the House of Isperstones Hill rises; upon the right is that dustry 500 panes were broken; at the Infirpart called Castle Ring, and on the left is mary 150 ; the Bishop's Palace, Town hall, Lord's Hill Bank, or Gorsy Bank. The sides and chapels, in a like proportion; the china of these two points have several rents or manufactory of Messrs. Barr, Flight, and deep channels, from whence the waters is. Barr, 1900; and of Messrs. Grainger and sued; and nearly all these channels tending Co. to a very great extent; Mr. Freaine's to the Dingie, the waters tore themselves a cabinet warehouses,in Goose-lane,lost upwards bed wide and deer, and pursued the descent of 1000 panes ; and the painted eastern sine to Minsterley, &c. The water has made dow at the Cathedral has received serious perhaps a dozen holes in these hills, at con- injury. The greatly admired walks in San. siderable distances from each other, and the soin-fields, proient a lamentable consequence soil, with pieces of the rock, are worn away of this destructive hurricane ; many of me froin one to four yards deep. At or near the stately elin and chesnut trees have received spot from whence several of these channels irreparable damage; the gardens are despoiled are cut, small springs formerly issued; in of their fruit and herbage; the hot-bous s, one instance, several yards of marshy ground, green houses, &c. have been totally destroyed. which it was unsafe to pass across, are now A deluge of rain accompanied the hail, and perfectly sound and dry. If a stranger en- the Severn rose nearly twenty feet in less quired from whence the torrents came, the than twenty-four hours; in one hour ic rose inhabitants generally stated that the water six feet; this of course occasioned a severo “ gushed out of the slips” in the mountains. food, which has done incalculable mischiel. The generally attributed cause, however, of It is supposed that the reparation of the glass the phenomenon, was the sudden condensa. alone, at Worcester, will exceed the sum of tion, at these different points, of the skirts 50001. of one immense cloud, or of several smaller Married.) At Worcester, Mr. James Pool, ones.

to Maria, youngest daughter of Mr. Alles, Married.) at Broseley, Mr. R. Ferrington, sen. to Mary Anne, eldest daughter of Mr. John Died.] At Malvern, Mrs. Nagh, wife of Toye, of Brereton, Staffordshire,

the late Rev. Dr. N. of Bevere. At Shrewsbury, Mr. T. Davies, to Miss At Dudley, Mrs. Lee. ? Elizabeth Kilvert.

At Spetchley, Mrs. Berkeley, relict of RoAt Market Drayton, Mr, Pembertoa, of bert B. esq. Stafford, to Miss Besford,

At Hagley, Thomas Lea, sen. esq.75.

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