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Coffen A. Kinghon, ironmonger, July,
Collins A. Miic-end road, thip owner, July 10
Colwill c. Leicester Square, cabinet maker, July
Coules J. Bread ftreci, merchant, Juae 25
Cox W. Birininghamn, grocer, finne 22
'rampton W. Beckinghain, Nutts, horse dealer, July 6
Crawford 1. and w. Poplar, fone masos, May 25
Crosbic w. jun, and J. Greenwood, Liverpool merchaats,

July 10
Croriley J. Halifax, and King Areet, London, merchant,

June 25 Cummins J. Liverpool, Noemaker, Julys Dawe. w. Xuble R. H. Croft, vid R. Barwick, Pall

Mali bankers, june # Deal y. To shattesbury, Dorfer, brewer, July 9 De Souza Pinto T. Morfelds, mercbant, June 3 Pingwall P. Ludgate hill, grucer, Jope 19 Dong worth J. ans T, Amer, Grove itreet, Commercial road,

bilders, June 15 Deucan T. Bread Preet, wart boufernan, June 8 Dukcans W. Thatched Hot Court, St. James's froet,

working jeweller, July 13 Dunn J. and C. Robertson, wood Areet, factors, Juae 25 Lara thaw R. Manchetter, cutton merchant, July 5 Luis W. Dure row, Hackney fields. Carpenter, Jdoe 22 Emtia A.G. Portsmouth. fhopkeeper, June S Evans >, Wolverhain pton Stafford, carpenter, June 24 Teuton J. and G. More, Rotherhithe, smiths, July 16 Yranklin J. Uppingham, Rutland, mercer, June 18 recmande J. J. Braidon, and J. Deforineaux, Goswell

Areer, iron founders, June 19 Gannon J. Wateringbury Kent, ipokeeper, June 18 Gunfoo J. Kincard road, flax drefer, July 13 Gardner T.Shereditch haberdader, Juna 18 Gedge W. Leicefter square, men draper, June is Gibion R. Leicester iticel, june 29 Goff M. Wandt worth inillwright, July 9 Gummer W. P. Bridport, Dorft, wine spinner, June 17 Haigla W. Halifax, crucer, June 9 Hain W. and w. Aft, Cow croft, brass founders, June is Hambly W. Falinowin, mercant, July 6 Wanock W. herfield, Biuler, lune 17 Harding T. Lock's Selds, Sirry, dealer in wie, June 23 Hairiott T. Bihopfgate itree, chinanan, July 9 Webley T. Abbey place, carpenter, June 18 Horitz J. Limehoute, timbur inerchant. June 18 Herbert T. Bcriard it rect, Rullellry are, merchant, June 19 Herbert T. Dowgare hill, cottun merchant, July 16 Herbert T. Arndel ftrect merchant, July 6 Hiams H. Lambeth road, merchant. Junc s* Witchop W. Sr. Teter's hill, Doctor's Commons. whalebone

merchant, May 18 Hodges T. Walchor, Kent, dealer, July 24 Hoes J. St. Leonid, Devoll, mechant. Ju y 4 Hola a J. Cheapfide, haberdasher, July 13 Hondale W. Riverhead, Kent, inch draper, June 22 Hook). Berinondry, New road, situadder, July 2 Hopkins T. J. Chigwell, E x, common brewer, June 16 Nollymao 8. Calne, Wits, victaller, July 4 Holkin R. Cruydon, lineu draper. junes Hyland C. Warnington), dresiu, juyo Huhes J. F. Wigmore ftreet, bookseller, Noy. 2 Mme J. Bath, buokse.ler, June 10 Hunt B. Brighton builder, July 2 Nchina G. Andover, Hants, victualler, June 24 Hutchinson J. Lamb's Cunduit ftreet, teid-aler, july 4 Inglis J. Biiliter square, merchant, junes Jackson G. Tottenham court, oil and colourman, july 13 ackfon W. R. Taylor, and J. Peafe, Newcastle upon Tyne,

oilmen, June zonifon J. Maidstone, woollen draper, june 11 Jones c. and B Loadsman, heffield, druerits, June 13 Beden T, Bath line draperly 21 Kering E. Hanley, Stafford, potter, june 8 Kopp F.C. Garden TOW, Cutler, june 19 Lansdown T. Wiveliscombe, clothier, june 17 Lawien J. fe, and juo. and ). Lawten, Athtog weder

Lyne, I ancaiter, corton manufacturers, june iu Lax T. Halifax, York, merchant, july 16 Lee S, Birchi': lane merchant, july 6 Ice G. Sunning hill Berks, junes Ieeds S. Great Mallingham, Noi tulk, miller, june 26 Lewis E Cardiff, Glamorgan, groser, july 6 Like T. Old Bruinpton, builder, juy 2 Lloyd ).ti. Tpco', bewer, i ne 13 Loida ej. €wion, Northumberland. cornfactor, june 15 Lurcock i. Sitringtourn, woollen draper. July 6 Lucklatrit T. Canterbury, araper, june is Lumity T. Ramis'te, jeweller, june 25 Micktizie A. Mincing lane, wine mechan! June 22 Mackenzie J. Old City Chambers, Bimoprale Atreet, mer.

chart, july MAC G T.. Tokcoho are yard, merchant, junes Makehamn J. Upper 1 hanesireel, check monger, june 18 Makin T. Peekam, quait actor, july 6 M4: din 1. Kochetter, linen draper, june 25 Maih c. Wolverhampton, Stafford, Brucer, june 24 M.. . Lite Hermitteartet, tail maker, july 16

Matthews W. Stone Stafford, and J. Phillips, Liverpool, boot

ad hoe makers, june 14 Meck 6. Crofs Keys yard, Bermondsey, paper and rag mere.

chant, june 11
Miller wijin. Liverpool, tailor, June 0
Morball T. Cheater and Shrewsbury, banker, June 29
Murris R. Lyng, 50incríet, cattle dealer, lut 14
Murphy G. Bread it.eot, colico printer, june 29
Nelion W.C. Fetterlane, wine inerchant june il
Newsan A. Frith treat, printer, jne 29
Nicholis W. Piccau ly, linen draper, june 15
Micholson J. High street, St. Giles's, boukfeller, June $
Ogden C. Haworth York, worted manufacturer, july
O'Neill T. Albion Atree, surty, july 6
Oom J. High treet, Solthwark, checseronger, july 2
Palmer T. Bristol. jeweiler. july 1
Pearso G. Friday itreet, warehouseman, July 2
Pepper J. W. Dal, bulcher junes
Philis R. Hay, Brecon, Atopkeeper july 4
Philips. j.C. Bank hours, Keighley, York, cotton spinner,

Pigeott'r, Roherhi he, common brewer, june 1
Polley J. New Bond street, furniture printer, july 13
Porters, Cberham, mealman, july 30
Potter J. Kenfi Eton, ritgeon, june i
Poulton C. Reading cabinet maker. ) .ly 2
Prance G. Swanfra, linen draper, June 19
Price C. strand, umbrela maker, june 18
Profler J. Slua e arcet, grocer, june 23
Pryon A. A. St. Columb, Cornwall, mercer, July
Rayner A. Unjou place, City road, dealer. juna
Reed w, Drury lane, apotecary. july 30
Kidcout T. Manchester, merchant. July 1 2
Rubi fon W. Mancheiter, cott n spinner, june !
Rolfe W. Lower E.drnunto, viet allef. Jurie 19
Rowlon w. and F. Morhall, Chester, bankers, je 9
Sanders R. Croydon, Cow keeper, July,
Sargent D. Southwark, Bri ith wine inerchant, june 18
Sault W. South Sioltoil freet, Hanover quare, calender

Shevill W. Burr free', Wapping, dealer, May 28
S con S. A, Britol, tace nechalit, june 11
Simnions J. Lannoerhurit, Kent, thupkeeper, june 23
Sinith J. and J. Hilminghamn, liter per june 14
Smith W. Cheapade warehouf man. july 2
Eouthcombe T. Great Quicen direct, Lincoln's inn fields,

Dierchant, june
Stephens J. Yeovil, somer ser, gardener, June 26
Stewart A. Broad street, Ratcliff, hoop binder, July 6
Stockley J. Banbury, shopkeeper, july 18
Stinchcombe W. Briftol cabmiet maker, june il
Strack W. Pancras laut, merchant, july 20
Stod B. Poole, li en drapr. june .6
Suddones J. Woud a rect, horier, ) ly 5
Swan J. Wapping Wall, block maker, June 15
Ta kard J. 2nd R. Biri gham, ta&turjuine


7 Taylor r. Great Totham, Etex Procer, juhend Thomas H. L. Thro mortuo Arect, infurance broke:

june 29
Thornton W. Cadiz, merchant, July 2
Tooke ), and A. lodd, wine merchants, July 13
Townsend E. Maiden lane, wine meichant, July 6
Trostbeck C. Rathbone piece, uphulterer, june 15
Trow R. fen. Gray's innlane, cow kveper, june 13

ruciao T. Bury Areet, mattress maker, june 23 Veale 0. and R. Parfops, Barnstapic, Devon, brandy mer

chat, july 6 Von Ellen, c. B. Gray's Ion Coffee house, merchant,

June 18 Vorley R. K. Th *pito, Northampton thire, maupkeeper,

j ne as wa eling E. Clare, Suffolk, bre xer, july 6 W.Iker J. Britul, fali merchant, July Walker 5. Bl.whart lane, Quecohithe, hoop berder, jude' Wath R. King's ruad, Chelica, India ribber manufacturer,

june 19 Walter B. New Romney, Kent, grazier June 13 Warwick J. Long Buckby Northampton, tailur, June 23 Watkins . Plymouth Dick, tavernke pti, June 7 Watnough. Liverpool, irominger, july 2 Webb T. Hereford, fax drefer, joe 19 Webby Britol, linen draper, uy 16 Wellings T. Church lane Whitechapel, painter, Julys whittain L. Newport market, potaroc merchent, j'me 13 Wicker j. andhrit, Kent, linen da ir, junes Wuxin. 1. and J. Wighton, Carcaton treet, woollen

draper, june 19 Willianis W. Valmith. er cer, july Wilton J. Beak Itreet. Golden Iquare, me 's mercer, june Willud W. Tenchurch ihrer, merchant, july 30 Winter W. Perley, Wilts ihopkeeper, jdy .6 Wod J. Linafic d. sutTex, vitualler, june is Woodward J. Derby, lace manufact Ter, juie? Young A. adj. Bacon, St. Mary at Hill, perchant,

July 16 Zagury's. Great Prescot kreet, Goodir as's fielde, merchant,



Contnining officiul Puners and authentic Documents.

SPAIN AND PORTUGAL. . pounders, was most pre-eminently conspia Copy of a dispatch from Lieutenant. cuous. The enemy now committed a Jose general Lord l'iscount Wellington, daring attempt, or rather an error, for whicha dated Quinta de Gramich), 300 Mas. they were severely punished. In spite of two

We invested Badajoz on the 25th inst on of vur guns, which bore directly for a few the right of the Guadiana, and, the ordnance paces on the road, three of their chosen regi. and stores for the sieve having been brought inents, 4th, 20th, and 26th, dashed through forward, we broke ground last night. The

the town, and formed rapidly on the Hank of enemy have retired their main body upon Llee the Sd dragoon guards, which corps, concealed sena, and hold tive advanced post of their ca

by a small hill, I verily believe they did not ralry at Usagre. I inclose the copy of the see, and in front of the 4th dragoons; them. report of Major-general the Honourable Wm. Selves presenting two fronts. A charge of Lumley, of a very gallant affair of the cavalrytie 3d dragoon guards, was at this tine or near that place on the 25th. The Niujor-ge. dered on the right, and a simultaneous movie. neral has reporied that he received very great ment of the 4th dragoons, directed most judi. assistance from Major Holmes, of the Sd dra. ciously by Brigadier-general Long, at the goon guards, who was acting in the depart same moment on the left, where I had rement of the adjutant-general, and from Lieu quested him to remain, decided the point. tenant Heathcote, of the royal dragoons, who

The enemy wavered before our cavalry reached wa: acting in the department of the quarter. them ; but almost in the same instant they master-general, as well as from the officers were overturned, and apparently annihilated, mentioned in this report.

The affair took place so near the brook and Cump near Usagre, 2 a m. May 26. bridge, which immediately leads into the SIR,--Having driven the enemy's rear guard town, and which I had forbid the cavalry to from Usagre, l occupied that post on the night enter, that it was impossible for them to pure of the 24th, by placing the Spanish troops in sue; it is difficult therefore to decide upon front of the town, with their Tiradores well the enemy's loss; many, severely wounded, in advance towards the enemy, and the Por- escaped through the town, others threw them. tuguese and British cavalry, with the four selves off their horses, and escaped over the six-pounders, in rear of the place; a small brook and through gardens; but, besides 78 brook, hollow and deep ravine, and narrow prisoners, 29 lay dead on the spot; many defile being on this side of the town. About were also observed lying dead on the bridge six o'clock yesterday morning it was reported and in the first street; and a peasant reports, to me, that the enemy's cavalry were advan that from 30 to 50 were sent off wounded to cing in force, and that there was reason to be their rear on horses and cars. I must not lieve they were accompanied by artillery and omit to state, that a portion of the Count de infantry. Conceiving reports might exag- Penne Villamur's Spanish cavalry gallanily gerate the fact, and not wishing to yield the supported the charge on the left of the 3d post to inferior numbers, the 13th light dra- dragoon guards, as I am informed Brigadiergoone and Colonel Otway's Portuguese brigade general Madden's brigade did on the right; ot cavalry were ordered across the ravine to but the dust caused by the charge was so the left of the town, through the narrow ford great, I was myself unable to observe on that and passes which had been previously recon. fiank, I am positively assured from the renoitred, and Brigadier-general Madden's bri. port of the prisoners, that the enemy bad 13 gade of Portuguese cavalry in like manner to regiments of cavalry in the field, which, the right, with orders to retire by the same though not exceeding from 2 to 300 wen each, passes if necessary ; the heavy brigade of gave them so great a superiority over the Brilish, with the guns, being still in reserve force under my orders, composed of three na. behind the town. Upon the nearer approach tions, many of them as yet but little known of the enemy, it was evident they were ad- to each other in cavalry movements, that I vancing with the whole of their cavalry, and feel tully justified in not placing a deep ravine five or six heavy guns (eight.pounders). This and defile in my rear, and attempting to de being ascertained, and, upon opening their first fend the town, which is only defensible by gun, the line was ordered to retire, which infantry, from an attack on the other side, they did slowly, isi excelient order, and with. I have the peculiar satisfaction to add, that out loss; the Spanish troops filing on the main the advantage gained Bas been almost bloede road through the town, which had been left less on our part, ali hough occasionally for 1 open for them. A stuart cannonade now few seconds, of necessity exposed to the range commenced from the opposite heights, 'the of artillery aird a charge made against a corps superiority of numbers and weight of metal elite of the enemy, who, on the other hand, cccidedly in favour of the 'enemy; but the visibly suffered from our artillery, in addition superior skill and well-directed ain of Cap. to those lost in the charge. min Lefevre and his corps, with only four six • [Hure General Lumley returns his 28


knowledgments to Brigadier-general. Long, no longer sufficient to nourish it: she found Brigadier general Loy (commanding the Span- herself, therefore, obliged to change the naish cavalry), Brigadier-general Madden, ture of it, and from an auxiliary she is become Colonel De Grey, Colonel Orway, Colunel a principal. All she has of troops of the line Lord Edward Somerset, and to Captain Le have been sent into the Peninsula. Ens Jevre.]

Jand, Scotland, and Ireland, are drained. Eng. The advantage gained will not only, in lish blood has at length flowed in torrents, ia some degree, lessen the enemy's superior ca- several actions glorious to the Frencb armis. valry, but will, I trust, still further tend This conflict against Carthage, which seemed to render him fearful and timid in all his as if it would be decided in fields of battle. movements. I am, &c.

on the ocean, or beyond the seas, will hencea

forth be decided in the plains of Spain! W. LUMLEY, Major-general.

When England shall be exhausted, when she

shall at last have felt the evils which for FRANce.

twenty years she has with so much cruelty On the 16ih instant, Bunaparte opened poured upon the Continent, when half her

the Legislative Body in a Speech as families shall be in mourning, then shall a follows:

peal of thunder put an end to the affairs of

the Peninsula, the destinie's of her armies, Gentlemen Deputies of Departments to

and avengo Europe and Asia by finishing this sbe Legislative Body, --The peace concluded with the Emperor of Austria has been since second ronis war. Cemented by the happy alliance I have con

GREAT BRITAIN. tracted : the birth of the King of Rome has fulfilled my wishes, and satisfies my people On the 10th instant the Prince Regent with respect to the future. The affairs of reviewed. thie' olunteers of the metro, religion have been too often mixed and sacri. polis, 20,000 in number, and nearly ficed to the interests of a state of the 3d or.

10,000 regulars, on Wimbledon Comder.. If half Europe has separated from the

mon. Church of Rome, we may attribute it especie ally to the contradiction which has never

On the 19th the Prince Regent gave a ceased to exist between ciie truths and the prin magnificent iece to 3000 persons at Carl. c'ples of religion which belong to the whole ton Hlouse, in houour of bis father's birth universe, and the pretensions and interests day. It had been deferred from tbe 4th which regarded only a very small corner of on account of increased symptoms of Italy. I have put an end to this scandal for his disorder, in which, however, the ever. I have united Rome to the Empire King is somewhat amended. I have given palaces to the popes at Roine and at Paris : if they have at heart the interests In the Houses of Parliament, interest of religion, they will often sojours in the ing debates have taken place, relative to centre of the affairs of christianity.' It was

many subjects of the deepest interest to thus that St. Peter preferred Rome to an

the rights and liberties of the people. abode even in the Holy Land.

A temporary Insolvent Bill has been car;" Holland has been united to the Empire;

ried by the great exertions of the Earl of slie is but an emanation of it: without her

Moira; but various important motions the Empire would not be complete.

"The principles adopted by the English relative to parlainentary reform, special government not to recognize the neutrality of Juries, severe sentences, military flogging. any flag, have obliged me to possess myself and capital punishments, moved and arof the mouths of the Enis, the Weser, and gued by Sir Samuel Romilly, Sir Francis the Elbe ; and have rendered an interior com. Burdett, Lord folkestone, Mr. Brand. munication with the Baltic indispensable to and Mr. Whitbread, with extraordinary me. It is not my territory that I wished to eloquence, have been rejected by large increase, but my naritime means. America ministerial majorities. i is making efforts to cause the freedom of her

The times continue to be distinguished flag to be recognized; I will second her.. by the most poignant sufferings of ruined The King of Spain is come to assist at this

merchants, manufacturers, and works last sulemnity. I have given him all that

men, of almost erery description, and was necessary and proper to unite the interests and hearts of the different people of his pro

the periodical number of bankruptcies vinces. Since 1800, the greater part of the seemis now permanently to quadruple strong places in Spain have been taken after what was ever experienced in any former memorable sieges. The insurgents have been period. Suill money has been borrowed beat in a great number of pitched battles. by Government on easy terms, and the England has felt that this was approaching ito minister assures the Parliament that the kermination, and that intrigues and gold WCEC country is in a dogribing condition !



Amount of tbe capital of ebe Funded Debt, on the 5th of January, 1811.

Great Britain 6742,239,101 19 54
Redeemed by

the Sinking? 195,576,403 16 9
Fund, &e.)

--£545,662,698 ? 88
Ireland........ 61,274,250 0 0
Redeemed ...: 7,729,682 0 0

55,544,568 0
Imperial...... 7,502,633 0 8
Redeemed ... 1,122,089 00

6,380,544 08
Portuguese .... 795,592 7.9
Redeemed ... 67,205 0 0

. 728,317

[ocr errors]

Capital stock funded and unredeemed £606,415,127 17 18
Unfunded Debt on the 5th of January,

Exchequer bills £ 38,286,300 0.0

Navy debt .... 7,395,838 11 55 .. '. Ordnance debt .. 1,089,411 112

- k 46,971,580 % . Total of the public debt unredeemed £653,387,707 19 94 Ar account of the Reduction of tbe National Debr. from tbe Ist of August, 1786, to be 10 of

May, 1811.
Redeemed by the sinking fund ...... £175,512,305
Transferred by land tax redeemed .... 23,782,945
Dito by annuities purchased ........ 1,380,563
On account of Great Britain .... 200,705,81%
Ditto of Ireland .................. 8,054,000
Pireo of imperial loan .............

Pitto of loan to Portugal ..........


Total .........

........ 5,209,989,133 The sum to be expended in the ensuing quarter is £3,276,230 43. 118. · Dispatches of which the following are here on the 19th, and found that Sir William extracis, have been this day received by Beresford had raised the siege of Badajoz,

without the loss of ordnance or stores of any sbe Earl of Liverpool, addressed to his

description; and collected the troops under Lordship by Lieutenant-general Viscount

his command, and had formed a junction with Wellington, dated Livas, Way 4*, Generals Castanos and Blake at Albuera, in 1811.

tbe course of the 15th instant. . On the night of the 15th instant, I re . He was attacked there on the 16th by the ceived from Marsbal Sir William Beresford, French army under the command of Marshal letters of the 19th and 13th instant, which Soult; and, after a most severe engagement, reported Marshal Soult had broken up from in which all the troops conducted themselves Seville about the 10th, and had advanced to in the most gallant manner, Sir William Bewards Estremadura, notwithstanding the re- resford gained the victory. The enemy recorts which had been previously received that tired in the night of the 17th, leaving be. Je was busily occupied in strengthening Se tween 900 and 1000 wounded on the ville, and the approache; to that city by ground. works; and that all his measures indicated. • Sir William Beresfrd sent the allied ca. an intention to remain on the defensive in valry alter them; and on the 19th, in the Andalusia.

morning, reinvested Badajoz. I therefore set out on the following morn. I enciose reports of Sir William Beres.ord, ing from Villa Fermosa ; and, having received of the 16ch and 18th instant, on the operafurther information of the 14th, from Sir tions of the siege to the moment of raising .. William Beresford, of the enemy's move- it, and on the battle at Albuera ; and I beg

nests, I hastewed my progress, and arrived to draw your lurdship's attention to the adility, the firmness, and the gallantry, mani- Ballasteros went from Monasterio to Montea fested by Marshal Sir William Beresford, molin to threaten his left. These maneu.' throughout the transactions on which he has vres had the desired effect; as soon as the written. I will add nothing to what he has enemy saw the advance of Lieutenant-colonel said of the conduct of all the officers and Colborne, near Azuaga, where he had 500 troops, excepting to express my admiration intantry and S00 cavalry, he abandoned pre. of it, and my cordial concurrence in the fa. cipitately the place, and retired to Guadal.. vourable reports by Sir William Beresford, of 'canal, which place the General Latour Mau. the good conduct of all.

: bourg, with the 5th corps, quitted in two All has remained quiet in Castile since I hours after the arrival of this detachment, ' quitted that part of the country.

and at eleven o'clock at night, retired neas The battalions of the 9th corps, belonging to Constantino. Lieutenant-colonel Colto regiments serving in the corps d'Arniée in borne performed this service in a most judiAndalusia, had marched from Saiamanca on cious and handsome manner. or about the 15th, and went towards Avila,

The weather having been some time fine, and and were to conse by Madrid.

the waters of the Guadiana having subsided,and I send this dispatch by Major Lieutenant- our preparations having by Lieutenant colonel' colonel Arbuthnot, the Secretary of Marshal · Fletcher's activity been nearly completed for Sir William Beresford, who was present in the siege of Badajoz, on the 3d of May ( the battle of Albuera, and can give your sent three brigades of infantry, a brigade of lordship any further information you can re. “Six pounders, and two squadrons of cavalry. quire; and I beg leave to recommend him to under the orders of Majur-general the Hon. your lordship.. .'

William Stewart, to invest more close Bada.

joz, on the south of the river, which he per. Extract of a letter from Marshal Be- formed, with his usual zeal and attention, on resford to Lord Wellington, dated Al the 4th. On the 6th instant, 1 directed the houera, May 16, 1811.

march of the remaining divisions on Badajoz,

one by Albuera, the other by 'Talavera, In conformity to your lordship's instruc, leaving the cavalry as before placed. O tions given to me on the 24th vlcimo, in con. the 7th I came before Badajoz with these disequence of the then state of the weather,, visions. General Castanos furnished also to and our means of communication across the co-operate in the siege 2000 men, under the Guadiana having been descroyed by the sudden command of Brigadier Don Carlos D'Espagne. flooding of that river, and leaving my cavalry On the 8th I directed the brigade of Briga. in Zafra, Los Santos, and Villa Franca, I dier general Kemmis, which had been pre.. placed the infantry with its head at Almen- viously placed on the Chebora, to proceed to dralejo, Azuechal, and Villa Alva, where, the Torre of St. Ingracia, about two miles were the divisions of Major-general the Hon. from Badajoz, on the Campo Major Road, William Stewart, and Major-general Hd- and to be joined there by the 17th Portuguese milcon; and the Hun. Major ger eral Cole's regiment, two squadrons of cavalry, and four division with Brigadier general Madden's six-pounders from Elvas; the force to meet brigade of cavalry in Merida, the infantry at three o'clock in the morning, and the brigade of it commanded by Brigadier-general whole to be placed under the orders of the Kemmis, and that was intended for the artack Hon. Major general Lumley, to invest the of Fort Saint Cristoval, at Montejo, and the north side, and to attack Fort St. Cristoval. light brigade German Legion under Major. By some accident to the bearer of the orders general Baron Alten, at Talavera Real, co Brigadier-general Kemmis, the officer did leaving the light battalion L. L. Legion in ; not arrive at his post till nine o'clock, the Olivenca, during the period of waiting the Hon. Major-general Lumley on the approach fall of the water of the Guadiana, and the re- of che light companies of the brigade, advana establishment of our bridge, it being of con- , cing towards the town, with the force he siderable importance to push the enemy from brought from Elvas, the garrison made a sorus as far as possible during the siege, as he tie upon it, but was immediately drove back, had on our obliging him to retire from Lle and the grenadiers or the 17th regiment para rena to Guadalcanal held the latter place.. ticularly distinguished themselves by charging

I directed a small column of 2000 men, the enemy, headed by Colonel Turner. composed of the 1st brigade 2d division, un. On the 8th, Lieutenant colonel Fletcher, der the command of Lieutenant colonel Col. to protect the further approaches, constructed borne, with two squadrons of cavalry and two batceries against the Pardalleiras and Pique. Spanish four-pounders, to proceed from rino, on the heights, commanding them, Almendralejo by Ribera and Maquilla, to though at a considerable distance; and CapAzuaga, to threaten his righi, sending at tain Squire, whom the lieutenant-colonel had the same time four squadrons of cavalry from sent to saperintend the works intended to be Brigadier-general Long, ac Villa Franca, to, erected against Saint Cristoval, began his Llerena, to support the Count de Penne Vil operations on the 8th. The breaking ground lamur, who was then with the Spanish ca. on that side immediately caused great jealousy valry of General Cassano's corpo, to make to the enemy, and he opposed it by a most him fear an attack in front, and General heavy fire ui shot and sell, and, on the


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