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turci, May 25 Poultin, J. Liverpool, dry fatter, May at Partins, J. Bread ftreet Will, callenderer, June Venn, J. Leather larke, Gilard Co OnTran, May at Perkins, J. Lirming.un,, junes Vickilay, W. Exetur, linen diaper june 25 Powi, T. jun. Son hwark, linen draper, Jant it Prats, W. brutaley, Kent, viduellei, june. Pustel, S. Mik arcet, warehoufeman. May 21 Randall, T. Oxfore, linen draper, May Remington, J. St. Ives, liquor merchait, May 37. Richardson, T. Hal tax, dyer, May 21 Ridell, G. Berwick w.Tweed, grocer. May 24 Rley, A. Sorterhoufe, Halifax, cottur fpiover, May 15 Robinfon, H. Si. Jahn Atreet, Wes SmithSeld, irun-founder

May 14 Robi foo, C. Wood Creet, Chesplice, clo'n worker, Niy as Rconic, B, Great Carier line, Doc un' Cod mots, Jube 8 RO 1088, E. (ea, and jun. Surrockus, Ceaberland

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Archice, w. Neute nice, book and the maker, May 13
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Ayies, j. tratford, coal micha, May 13
Baillie. G. and J. Jaffray, finibary place, merchantey

Ball, J. Hutherse:(, Norfolk, epvineer, May 13
Bartlett, J. Colyt , 'Cron, ba; maker, June 6
Bell, M. Leeds srixe, May 5
Bennet, w. La xrence Pou ency hill, ter dealer, May 18
Ber!, R. Lincoln's Ina feds, merchant, April 30
Bekley. T. Conill, merchant, juc
Bhop, T. Binningha, plater, May 31
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Blundell F.F. Coleman ftreet, infrance broker, May 28
Bedding on, T. Northamptor, mercer Jones
Erumhead, w. Stamford, Lincoln, ironinenger, fund 8
Bronkman, J. Winchester, tanner, May 18
Bruce, R. Bartholomew lane, in rar.ce broker, May 18
Cade, I. and J. Stevens, Garlick hilo, wine merchants,

June is Capes, w. Gainsburgh, Lincoln. mercer, Augna , Carter, J. Crosby Iquare, bifhopigate Areet, merchants,

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June 18 Douran, 1, Bread freet, wareho: fernan, May 25 Duncan W. and A. Lirergo, drapers, May 21 Duons, J. and C. Robinson, Woou ftreet, factors, May is Dyer, R. Dudley, Worceter, proxcer. June 6 Batman, T. Chment's lane, Lordor, merchart, Tino Lalos, W. and R. ju. Duckierobu, 4soulerneng

May 21 Edwaras, E. Liverpool, hutcher, Tiine 4 Enis, C. Jermyn iretttallow chandler, Mey 29 Lucrington, T. Lawrence Pounincy lanc, brckor Jinni F.vans, R. Merthyer, tydvil. G'ainorxan, topkeepers, May 3 Farhuri, J. Minoties, bookse ler, May 19 Fearon, J. Cheaplide, Norwich-snawi inanufacturer, May 13 reton, J. and G. Moore, Rutherhutbe, sm th' iroumon.

Ecrs, May 18 Verrurin, J. BITT Preet, marirer, May 18 Frane, S. Liverpool, butcher, Jane 4 Franco, M. Pitalfquare insurance broker, June 15 yalford, J. Hou mili, Warwick, inisler, Junc 6 Gibson, T. Leiceller ftreet, Westminer, v druzlier, May 25 Goodwin, J. Ludlew, Salop, thopze-per, Jus Grant, c. Broad areet, merchant, May 25 Hall, R. Liverpool, grocer, June 5 Hancox, &. Ludley. banker, May 25 Harrison, F. Cainomile free, Rationer, June 2$ H all, W. Manchter, erccer, May 27 Hiwkiley, T. ArGod. Notis, Lerc.1206. June Handiags J. Worcerer, whitusmith, Maya Hentelis ) Hoibor, haterdaher, My 18 Wenzell. G. Little Lat Cheap undertaker, June 1 Hewleti, T. Southborough, Kent, fuo powder munnladu.

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Hauker, T. Marylebone fireci, grocer, May 25
Nowiand, r. Trime. Oxford, carrie. Juay
Humphrys, M. B11201, dealer and chapmon. June 4
Munter, J. Great Newpor area, babordather, Way 35
Ine!! ). Piliter finare, merchani, Asy 18
Jchatou, w.G. B0.d cut, Walt:ook. inerchact, Juut :
Tukes. G. M.Gorput, merchant, May 7

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Kirkby W. M18 chciter, mei chan, May a
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ton, L. Kitud! , 11 char Jn: 4 Swi.. 1 Hilmait and block maker, Nay 25 Sk. W. W Linn Bree!, Norton Faisate, feed-factor, Ty, I. Great Twer Sect, women drar er, May 18 The aw, .. . Chapel, Lancashire, coltm nfiltr

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Chant, ay !8 W ker J. Sckman Teet rer. draper, May 15 Wa.d, R adhesi, victualet, May 25 Veidai, 15. Oxto aftre e octaver, fune is Welties. T. Whitechapel. pajati ka 25 Whalley. T.10 ). w. Friéry ridet, warehou femen, Juae $ Vahineal, ).'wdex line, viatu Jupe : Wissens, S. Cluh air, th, De 8 Vilniale, c. . Philip and jacob, Gloucefer, coul mar

C& s, June 6 Willis .. . M. Juzes, J. G. Jackson, and J. Langley,

Salisbury igare incruh , Jur. 6 Wilfons Leak areci, Guias fare, men's merce. Just Wiwitr, I.. Lions C18 V .1, Solborn, Cich imit i s Wwde, E. Wallatione, ovucener, Iron manufa&urer,

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Wrigut W. New Road, Middlefex, coach maker, Myro Witit . White IG Want, Wlácolhapel Merch

hela, a


Clementi's Introduction (fifth edition) to ibe it the praise of glowing and striking

Art of Playing on tbe Piano-forte. Jes. 6d. passages, neither can we deny that the T HAVING in a former number en. ideas are sterling and well connected, 11 tered into the merits of this useful and that the real master is evident in work, it only remains for us to say, every movement. . that the present edition possesses ad- Favourite Airs end Duos, in the serious Opera ditional claiing to the norice of young of Zaira, as performed wib unbounded applause practitioners; that the national airs now at ibe King's Theatre, Haymarket. Arranged introduced are given in the best style for tbe Piano-forie or Harp, by Felice Resia and inost correct fingering, and ibat the

cati, esq. 1os. 6d. new exercises are most judiciously con. These airs with the merits of which Structed for the advancement of the the public are' so well acquainted, ars, unpracused finger.

arranged with taste and judgnient. The Appendix io tbe Fifth Edition of Clementi's Intros

accompaniment is given with every at. duction to ibe Art of posts: ag on ib« Piano-furle,

tention to the best possible effect, and Arranges and fingered by M. Clareti, cog. We text is as accurate in its pointing, 14.18,

as the style of the adaptation is elegant The preludes, exercises, national airs, and masterly: and variations, together with the other 4 favourite Military Divertimento for the Pianopleasing and instructive pieces, forming forle, witb an accompaniment for ibe ftute. the present Appendix to Clernenti's ince C omposed and dedicaied to Lady Cbarloita genious and valuable " Introduction to

Hood, by Osmund Sacery. 26. 6d. the Art of Piano-forle Performance,"

The martial and familiar cast of this offer to the juvenile student a body

composition will not fail to please the of practical lessons, fruin which, if pro

lovers of light, but striking, composition, perly attended to, he cannot but derive

Many of the thoughts are novel, and rapid and considerable improveinent.

the general effect bespeaks a taste and The fingering, the first object with those a gemius capable of higher efforts. who would acquire a graceful and facile "Sweet Home;" a Polacca, introduced in the execution, is strikingly accurate; and Opera of Ile Castle of AnJalusis, by Mi. it is but just to say that wheit it varies

Braba. Composed by 7. Coeke, '25.6d. from thic general mode, it is by its supe

“ Sweet Home". is an air with the rio:ity.

merit of which the musical world are A Greund, wiib Variations, for the improvement

well acquainted. Of its introduction of Young Performers on ibo Piano-forte, by 7'.

into the above justly-admired opera, and Cooke. 46.

the style in which it is liere offered to To this Ground, to which Mr, Cooke

the public, we cannot but approve. In has appended fifty-seven variations, is

the Castle of Andalusia, it was parprefixed a view of the piano-torie key ticularly appropriate, and is here tasto board, including the additional keys.

injonal key's fully ornamented, and judiciously acThe Ground consists of the descending companiedi, notes of the Octave, taken in C; and My Nannie 0;" 4 favourite Scats Ballad, the variations possess the nerik of pro

by Hurns Sing by Mr. Broadburst, al

Sudier'. Wells, inibe Pantomime of Dulce Do. ceeding by a nicely graduated scale of

mwin. Composed by W. Reeve. 18. 6d. difficuliy, from the most sinple, to a somewhat elaborate execution; and can.

Mr. Reeve has hit off this little ballad

with considerable felicity. not but greatly serve its evident object,

The style that of juvenile iinprovement,

is truly Scotch, and so appropriate to

the cast and sentiment of the poetrý, Grend Sonata for tbe Piano-forte, wilb on Accome

e as to be as interesting as it is pure and · paninoni for tbe Violin, ( ad lib. dedicated to Mr. Wociji, by F. Fiorillo. 58. . .

simple. Though, in our opinion, the piece The American Rondo, Composed and arranged before us is not calculated to delight for the Piano-forte, by Mr. Holsi. 15. the general, or uncultivated, ear, ser juse T he introduction to this piece is anatice demands that we speak of it in logous and ingenious; and the subject high terms of approbation. If its style of the Rondo is pleasing, though not is not open and florid, it is well-stodied strikingly novel. Of the force, or pje and scientific; and if we cannot allow quante style, of the passages we cannot


say much; but a consistent flow' of blest the Maid;" is an ingenious and ideas pervades the composition, and pleasant composition. Nothing great certainly ranks it above mediocrity. is attempted, conseguently nothing great Two Sonatas. Fantasia Fuga, and Polacca. is effected; but the qualities of ease,

Composed and dedicated to J. B. Cramer, esq. originality, and simplicity, (qualities by by Docior Cogen. 75.6d.

no mean

no means common,) are strikingly disa Though the second movement in the played, and evince considerable como first of these sonatas is not perfectly in mand of idea in this species of piano. the Scotch style, nor the air forming the forte composition. subject of the third movement coricctly « Robin. You'll come to Symmat :" o Pastoral given, we find in the work much to Cornic Song, sung by Mr. Lund, at Sadler's praise. A freedom, and someliines a Wells, in ibe Nielo Drama of ibe Red Rearrt? brilliancy, of conception, evince them

Written by C. Dibdin, juna composed by W. selves in the construction and turn of

Reeve. Is. 62. the passages, and the general effect be. This trifle will not be heard without speaks a cultivated taste, as well as con. pleasure by Those who are partial 10 siderable knowledge of the instruinent the light effusions of humour. The paso for which the pieces are written.

sages, though they cannot claim ibe « Le Carillon;" a favourile Divertimento, for

praise of originality, are consistent and

praise or on ibe Piano-forte. Composed and dedicated to connected, and the general result is an Miss Smith, by F. C. Panormo. 38.

effect certainly creditable to Mr. Reeve's « Le Carillo11,” in which is introdus

talent for this inferior species of ballad ced the celebrated airs of “ Hark! the composition, bonny Christ-Church Bells," and " How

REPORT OF DISEASES, Under the Care of the late Senior Physician of the Finsbury Dispensary, from the

201h of April to the 20th of May.

A RATHER curious Case of palsy in a large proportion of cases, have pre. A has, within these few weeks past, ceded and prepared the way for their fallen under the notice and care of the occurrence, and from the variety of cirá Reporter, in which the patient was him- cuinstances indicating a worn and debio self perfectly aware of all the circum- litated frame, which alınost invariably stances of the seizure: He felt as if the appears in concomitance with a paralytic ground were sinking from under his feet, or apoplectic attack, it would seem na. and all the persons and objects before tural to infer, that, although the babitual him, appeared to himn inverted; he sud- abuse of stimuli may have relped to denly became incapable of poving any bring on this deplorable state of the con: limb, or part of his body; at the same stitution, a recovery from it can be time his recollection and other faculties effected only by their temporary applie of mind, seemed not to be in any degree cation; and that, on the contrary, to bave impaired. Instead of bleeding, or any recourse in so extreme a case of actual other violent method of inanition, sti weakness, attended by a partial suspen. mulants being both externally and in- sion of the functions of life, to one of the ternally administered, the paiient was most direct and powerful means of pro. gradually aroused from his state of tor- ducing further exbaustion, is, in effect, por, and a resurrection took place of to keep down the drowning, and to tram, those powers which might have been ple upon the already prostrate. His irrecoverably extinguished by an un- long known sentiments upon this subject, called for and ill-timed expenditure of the Reporter cannot better countenance the vital fluid. Bleeding, being almost than by the authority of the late veneindiscriminately resorted to upon such rable Dr. Heberden; whose words upon occasions, may in a great measure ace a point so important, it inay not be im. count for the too general fatality that pertinent to extract. “ Eienim juniores aliends apoplectic and paralytic seizures. et robusti non lam obnoxii sunt bis mor. From the period of life at wbich such bis (apoplexy and palsy) quam pueri seizures are most apt wo take place, from infirini et effæti senes, in quibus vires the enfeebling habits or diseases which, nutriendæ sunt et excitandæ, potiùs


quam minuendæ; dum multa sanguinis most correct and sagacious observation profusio, quemadmodùm in submersis Thac experienced and highly accoina fieri dicitur, omnes naturæ conatus re- plished practitioner' has shewii, in this primit et tenues vitæ reliquias penitùs his legacy to the public, how much, and extinguit. Quod si consulamus expe- at the same time how lille comparan Tientiam, hæc, quantum possum judicare, tively is known in the practical part of testatur copiosas sanguinis inissiones medicine. A science woich, after the sæpe nocuisse, easque in non paucis lapse of so many centuries, is still justly ægrotis tutius fuisse prætermissas."* regarded as in its infancy.

The Coipmentaries of Dr. Heberden, "When will thy long minority expire ?"* from which the above quotation has been made, comprise the scanty hut invalu.


Grenville-streel, Brunswick-square, able results of a long life, of the most ex

May 25, 1811. tensive and diligent, as well as of the


** Heberden Commentarii, p. 300.


Containing official Papers and authentic Documents.


- Kingdom of Gallicia. DOSITIONS of the Er.glish, Spanish, This very extensive province, one of the I and French Armies, in Spain, in May most populous in Spain, with its very impor

tant sea-ports of Ferrol, Corunna, and Vigo, 1811.

is now in the peaceable a d exclusive pos. Frontier towards France.

session of the Spania:ds. The Spanish army Barcelona, Figueiras, l'ampelona, St. Sc. is commanded by General Mehy, and consists bastian, and Fuente. Arabia, possessed by the

of about 20,000 effective reguars, and would French, having been given up to them pre.

be more numerous wut tor want of drins and vious lo the revolution in March, 1808,

clothing. The irregular armed peasa istry is * Principality of Caralonia..

likewise very aumerous." Besides Barcelona and Figueiras, the towns. : Kingdom of drragon. of 'Lerida, Gerona, and Tortosa, are now oc- ., Saragossa, the capital, has seen occupied cupied by the French; the two latter having by the French since its surrender, sier the stood a long si-ge. Tarragona, and the ever memorable defence by Paiatox; out whule of the mountainous part of the pro- there are numerous Guerillas who act in it. wiuce. are still occupied by the Spaniards. and make incursions into Cascile to tae yr * The army of Spain in Catalonia is command- annoyance of the enemy; besides a anul! ed by General Campoverde, and amounts to army of 4000 regulars, commanded by the about 14,000 regulars. That of France is Marquis de Villiecampa actually under the command of Macdonald, The Kingdoms of Old and New Castile and but it has previously been commanded by

.. Leon, Augereau, St. Cyr, and Duhesme, all of Are for the most part occupied by the whom have successively been recalled in French, but they are greatly oarassed by the disgrace.

Guerillas.- There are no fortified places of The provinces of Navarre, Biscay, Santander, consequence in either of these provinces : and Asturias,

and the Guerillas continually molest them. Are at present all occupied by the French; Marshal Bessieres commands in Old Case but there is a small Spanish army still on tile, and General Belliaril'commands in foot in Asturias, commanded by the Marquis Madrid. The Spanish Guerillas in Castile: of Porlier, commonly called the Marquisito. are numerous; but the principal ones are : This force exceeds 3000 men. Several"First, that commanded by Juan Martin, Guerillas, or small flying corps in Navarre, alias El Empecinado, whose party is prin. continually harass the French army, in- cipally stationed in the province of Guada. tercept their convoys, couriers, and destroy laxara, and consists of about 3000 nuen. of Vreat numbers of them. The Commander of whom at least 400'are cavalry; he only wants The Guerillas in Navarre, is Espos y Mina; arms and ammunition to increase his force to and his corps consists of four battalions. 10,000, as he has 7,000 men ready,dis. Latrerly, on the 19th of February, he at. ciplined for the purpose. tacked and destroyed two Frencb divisiont, Secondly, the party of Francisquete in L. and made a thousand prisoners. The two Mancha; and rich vales at Roncal and Roncesvalles are Thirdly, that of Julian, in the province of still in the possession of the Spaniards.

Salainanca. .


Kingdom of Valencia.

General REDING died of his wounds 16 The French are not in possession of any one of the battles in Catalonia., part of this very rich, populous, and exten . General Vives died of fatigue at the first sive, province, except a small district on the defer.ce of Ciudad Rodrigo, when attacked in borders of Catalonia. The very inportant 1809. cities of Valencia, Alicant, Denia, and Pe- General MENACHO, killed in the defence, niscoia, are well fortified and garrisoned. of Bidajos. · The Spanish Commanders are :-- At Va. Ceneral ESPANA, killed in the same siege lencia, che Captain-General Bassecourt, with in one of the sorties. 12,000 regulars. The head-quarters are at - General O'RLILLY, died in Saragossa dur. Murviedro.

ing the siege. "At Alicant General Friarto commando. General PALATOS, taken as the defender The garrison consists of about 4000 men, reo of Saragossa, and carried to France, where he gulars and inilitia, besides 7000 regulars about died. to be organized by Majoi-GeneralRoche.' The General Sx. MANCK, also taken in Saramilitia of the kingdom is very nunierous, and gossa. may be estimated at 50,600.

Ceneral ALVARLE, Governor of Gerona. The Kingdom of viurcia.

It is uncertain wiiether he is still a prisoner This rich province is also still in the pose in France or dead. session of the Spaniards. The important General the Marquis of Romana, who paval argeral of Carthagena is garrisoned. died of fatigue in Porcejal. The number of troops is uncertain. The General ALBUQUERQUE, who died Spanish army in Murcia is about 20,000 lately in London. arong, of which only 15,000 are armed and General RIQUELMZ, killed in one of cloched, and is commanded by Geo. O'Don- the engagements in the kingdom of Leon. nell. There are four brothers of this name,

. . who are all General Officers.


The headquarters of the army are actually at Lorca. The French having retreated before The Kingdom of Granada

Lord Wellington out of Portugal, bis Is at present occupied by the French, who lordship laid siege to Almeida, the fron. have garrisons in the 66a-ports of Almeira, tier town. Early this month bey at · Nalaga, and Marbella, The French General to

rench General tempted its relief, but were repulsed Sebastiani commands the army, but is kept with considerable loss by the British in check by the Spanish army of Murcia,

': army, in the way described in the follow which lately made a movement to L : Mapcha, and since then to Lorca, which, in ing Gazelte Extraordinary the first instance, prevented his sending

Dcuning street, May 25, 1811, Succours to Victor before Cadiz.

Dispatches, of which the following are Andalusia

copies, were ibis day received at the Earl Comprehends the four kingdoms of Cordova, of Liverpool's ofiice, addressed to his Jaen, Seville, and Granada. All the principal lordship by Lieutenant-general Lord Towns, except Cadiz, Ayamonte, and Alge. Viscount Wellington, K.B., dated Villa sirasr are occupied by the French. The Formosa, 8th and 10th of May. French army occupied in the blockade of

Villa Formosa, May 8, 1811. Cadiz is com nianded by Marshals Victor and , MY LORD.-The enemy's whole army, Soult.

consisting of the 2d, 6th, and 8th, corps, and The Spanish Guerillas in the mountains of all the cavalry which couid be collected in Ronde are very Jurterous. Their Chief Castille and Leon, including about nine hups Commander is the Marquis of formerly dred of the Imperial guard, crossed the an officer of artillery ; and the French Agueda at Ciudad Rodrigo on the ed instant. armies are very much annoyed by them. The battalions of the 9th corps had been The army of General Ballasteros, consisting joined to the regimeprs to which they beof about 40,000 mell, is actually at Caso longed in the other three corps, excepting : tillejos, near Ayanonte.

division consisting of battalions belonging to ' Estremadura

regiments in the corps doing duty in AndaIs occupied almost entirely by the English lusia; which division likewise formed past of and Spaniards, who are supposed to be ad- the army. Tancing upon Seville. . .

As my object in maintaining a position be. The following are the names of some of tween the Coa and che Agueda, after the the Spanish Gencral who have either fallen enemy had retired from the former, was to in battle, or otherwise lost their lives, or blockade Almeida, which place I had learnt, have been made prisoners in this contest : from intercepted letters and other informa.

General ARVIDO, Commander in Chief of tion, was ill supplied with provisions for its the army of Asturias, at the battle of Es- garrison, and, as the enemy were infinitely pinosa, killed.

_ superior to us in cavalry, I did not give any Major-General Marquis de San ROMAN, opposition to their warch, and they passed the Lilled at tbc same bataie.


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