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were likewise adininistered in a very be corrected, but diseased structure is liberal manner, without any injurious not alike capable of restoration. We consequences; on the contrary, the inost may regulate, but seldom can repair. It advantageous speedily ensued. It is is often in our power to retard the too more especially to the management rapid, or accelerate to a proper pace the of fevers, that the principles of Brown too slow and reluctant moreinents of the appear capable of a beneficial applica. vital machine ; but if any of its wheels tion, Whaterer might be the errors of his or springs be broken or worn out, we can theory, and the grosser errors of his neither mend nor.replace them. llere lies conduct, that physician, by introducing the important line of discnction betweeu into the treatinent of certain diseases a fevers and other maladies, where the ex. more fearless and energetic adminis citability only is deranged, and cases of stration of opium and wine, has given rise organic mutilation or destruction, amiast to an unequivocal and very important the number of which, phthysis pulmonalis improvement in the general practice of exhibiis SO melancholy a pre-endence. his profession.

On this account it is, that the idea of Notwithstandiing the alarm which cuing consumprion, when thoroughly usually attends a serious attack of established, is scarcely less wild and ema fever, there is perhaps no form of pirical, than that of re-animating a corpse morbid affection which is more com- or of re-organizing the dust! pleatly within the scope, and under the

J. REID. controul of the medical art. Diseased Grenville-street, Brunswick-square, action may in general, by skilful care, April 24, 1811.


the 20th of March and the 20th of April, extracted from the London Gazeties.

BANKRUPTCIES. [This Month 167.) (The Solicitors' Names are between Parentheses.) A DAMS J. and J. Spraer Creat it. Thomas Aponte,

tuners. Lamb. Alderfgate threet Atkinfo: G. leicefir, trocar laftale, Alexander,

and Huline, Neum, ad Pond, Leiceuer Auifcbrok T Ruilcone, Nuits, miller. (Rofs. Hall,

2 RCB, New Bofwell court, arcy firect, and Fox,

Bail W. and J. Fifierron Anper, Vilts. coopers.

(Heinner and lowdci), Clement siun, and Lampard,

War inter
Balmes W. Oldham, Lancaster. grocer. (Nurd, Temple,

20 Feainhead, Maa hifter
Barter W Wigton, Cumberland, manufacturer. Bat.

tie, Chanceylane, and Glaitter Wirton Barnet: 1. Shadwell, nopseller. (Howard and Abrahams,

fewry street
Bartictt R. Kinton, Warwick, dealer (Bellamy and

Shion- Stour, Worcester, and Kinderley
Long and Ince, Gray's inn
Batty W. Flapihaw lane, Wavef-d, York, cloth manu.

facturer. (Beaver Wakeheid, aud Evans, Hatton

Beard R. Swallow freet, Piccadilly, vietvaller. (Stevens,

510) Clicbereidens, Aldermaubury
Schronds C. Artilery Cut, Chitwell Areet, merchant.

(Grerfun and D x , Angel court, Ihrurmurto treat Belt Teylurn. York, writtapier. (Stott, Callie itreet,

Holborn and Word, leds
Black J. Lancaster, fpirit merchant. (Bell and

Bridrick, Buw lans, and Wiifon aba Jenkin fub. Las

El ckburne T. and G. Y. Bonner, King's Lyon, merchants'

(Goodwin, Lynn
Bramley H. New City Chambers, infance broker.

(Kearsey and purr. Withopisate treet Within Bramley) Halifax. York mechant. (Exl y. Stocker,

ind Dawion, Furnival's ill, and wi cox, Halifax Brewer H. Chetham Bois, Bucks, wire-worker. (Wate

fu! Clifford's int) Bruford F. Crewkerne, hutter factor (Ricardalt, Alex.

ander and Holme, Newton, and nurley, Crewkerne Budden W. and H. Pyefinch, Friday free, wholesale

6ocers. (Milton and fowualls. Knightrider frett Builder N. S. Brittel, woollen draper. (Buth and

Pridelux, Brito, and Blea (dale, Alexander, and Home, New Inn utres 1). Queen itreet, Bloomiputy 19uire. tar.

Rice and Abraham, Dutour's Place, Broad freet, Gol.

den fy u are
Cam tell' Upper Thames freet, ale and porter dealer.

Charlfly, Marklane
Carfun A. and . Diftcil Liverpool, merchants. (Lace.

Liverpool, B2TTOW, Threaduccdic Arcet, and Atkinfor
and Co. Chaucery iade

Carter w. Jun. Liverpool. merchant. (Chair bre, Cha.

pel fiect. Bedford row, and Stathams and Hurtesy

Chadwick T. Rochdale. Lancafer, woollen mann e r.

hu'ile wort!!, Rochdale, and Chippendale. Se jeant's

inn. Fletteet Chamberlayne T. and W. Will ains, Cumlerland $reet

Purtmalı iquare, coach makers King, Caft e rrett,

Chapinan W. Birmingham, tationer. Bean-1d, Hinde

court, Fleet ftice, and Mafiey, Bini han
Clift S Bolton - Mours, Lacar, mudin manufaturer.

(Windle, John ireet, bedfurd ruw, and Crois and

Rud.ton, Bolton
Coates W. and G. Cars, Puclle sbi ry, wire merchants.

(..wlers and Crore. St. Vildred's court. Poultry
Coley D. Jounirect Adiphi, druobiit. (Okings, New-

inrton Butts
Collert R. Leeds, York, grocer. (Battye, Chancery

Tane, and Wainwright, Lects
Collingwood W. Alu CK North mherland, fcrirener.

(LambertAlnwick, Flixwey, Gray's inn fyuzie Cooke W. Liverpool, merchant. (Lace, Liverpoul, and

Barrow, Threadneedle itrert
Cocper R. St. Mary Ic-dupe, dealer. (Pember, shire

Jane. Carey'rret
Cope B. Froddiam Chethire, merchant. (Chambre,

Redford row, and Stathams and Hughes, Liverpool
Cormack H. Watling ficet, underwriter. (Pafinore.

Warufordrint, 'Thcmurtun freet
Cortrell W. Conduit Atreet, builder. (Mayhew, Sy.

mond's ip
Cowley G. Brittol, ftatinner. (Whitcombe 103 King,

erjeant's inil, Flict Arect, and Frankie, Bristol
Criddle W. Wivelifcombe, Somerset, clo hier. (Ivie,

Criddle T. Wivelifcombe, clothier. (I vie, Taunton
Cundall W. Richmond, Surry, schooimalter. Griffith,

Curtis L. Briftit, broker. (Shephard and Adlington,

Beufird row, and Sheppard Bath
Dadd 5. Rochelt r precei Waiker, old Jewry
Dancer J Lamb's Conduit ftreet, lamp maker. (Lee,

Cantie freet, Holbun
Davey J. Trurn, repe maker. (Tarrant, Clarke, and

Richard, Chancery lane, and Habe field. Bristol
De Jongh M. and I Hurt ttreet. Crutched Friars, met.

Chants. (Dennects and Greaves, King S Arms yard,

Coleman ftreet
Delamain J. Sculcnates. York, merchant. (Walm fley,

Hull, and Egerton, Gray's inn
Delamore W. liverpool, corn and four dealer (Grif.

ith and kinde, Liverpool, and Windle. John erret,

Bedford row
Dell T. Macclesfield, Chetor, fitk manufacturer. Sher-

win, Great James arset, Bedford row, and Norburs,

Dewfnap 1. Belle's buildings, Salisbury Square, Blover

(Patten, Cross Grect, Hattun Garden


Lingard J. Manchefter, cottun merchant. (Heelis, Size

pie'sin, adabb, Manchester Macauley and ). Olufeld, Liverpool, merchants.

(stlifuni, Mudersfield, and Walker Lincoln's in Maclaret . EcoWare road, Tou founder Wilson,

Stapiz's inn Medley G. ollege hill, warehouseman (Pearce and Son,

within's lune, Cau treet Mernil C. Sackville trett, vintner. (Moore, Woodstock

it cet, Oxfo. Jitreet Mildrum G. Tiverton Devon. draper. (Rendall, Tiver.

ton, and Lys. Took's court, Chancery lane Mildruin T. K. Toit, Devon, line draper. (Srution

New Milimanttiect Brunswick 1quare, and Brutton

Exeter Morga. w. Neath, Glamorgan, innkeeper. (Heelis,

Staple's inn, ard Moran, Ncach Morris L. Caraiti, me chant. (Meyrick, Merthyr,

Giamorgro, and Jenkins, Jones, and Abbott, New

Dray J. Hythe, Kent, miller. Allcock, Corner, and

Lisocy, 5: Thuin 93 kreet, Bruxh Dann P. Liverpool laier. BlackIto Tepe Tent a ng P. 900 ti. Beaver, , manufactu.

rer: Hallead at Ai1wurin, Maicheiter, and

Mine and marry Tenple Fiela w Oxfora Atreet, rinige ant trimming manufac.

turer. Cranich Union court, r010 itrect Picta R Mancheiter der. (Ellis, Chancery lane, and

Knihand ma field Manchester Floundcrs Jand J. T. Muricy, Huddersfield, York,

linen drapers. (Williari Red Lion fquare, and

Mugall, Hull Forter D Balinghall ftreet insurance broker. (Colling.

Woud, St. Savior's Church yard, outlwark Potter M. Hanley Stafford, rucer. Kiimilter and

Challino, Leck, and Dewsbury, Couduit iiieet, Hauu.

ver quare Transiyoj. Uppingnan, Rutland, mercer. (Buldwin,

Linculy, and spener Lamb's Conduit treet Trauk. J. Lambeth, cabinet maker. Patton, Cross.

rect, Hat an arden Gar 2way D). W. Swansea, viualler (Whitcombe

ad King, Sarjeant's ins Fleet itrtet, and frankis,

Brittei Gafcoin J. Woudttock freet tai or. (Da w fon and Wrat.

tinaw, Saville Place Gates . Little June. Atree, Bedford row, ale ant porter • merchat. Powier, Burton on Trent and ca ce

d'a Sud. within slan, London Gibbo R jun. Monk wearmouth, Durham, coal fitter.

(Kidaun Bishopwearmouit, and Mergifuos and air.

tank, Hatton Garden Cibourn N. Judd Hirect, Brunswick square, grocer.

(Platt, Teniple Grays J. Charlotte freet, Fitzroy syuare, upholderer.

Baler, Newartrert Green G. and r Great Marlborough Areet, tailors. (Ha.

milton Tasitick TOU Greiwcf. heter, fiar-drefter. (Humphreys, Chester,

ar 13 axkck, Tuinpie Hack f. B: treet. t. George's in the Eait, carpenter.

tercd, Giedt tefeuitroei, Gopuin 's filds

• Stuielewill, Ruta Viltu alicr. Couns dan wal ter H. Spital que Haunper J. Hih treetSouthwark, bosier. (Searle,

Child's place empie Bar Harrs G. Pijmouth (cie. Jacobfon, Plymouth Hartfr , Shrewsbury, mercer. G ins, Great

Janes freet, Buurd row, and williaus, Shrews.

Hai serie di free

Murdock R. Falmouth. Thopkeeper. (Shephard and

Ad'ington, Bedford row, ane Jaines, Bristol Nicholls ) Lane Deph, Stafford victualier. (Barber,

Fetter lane na Atbury. Stune Nixon w.cartile. dyer. (Fothergill, Clifford's inn, and

Pety Konda! Northmure R. Bedminner, Somerset victu alter, Tar.

rant, Clarke ana Richards, Chaocery lane, and Haber

teld. Butto Oddie H. liverpool, merchant. (Blackftock, Temple,

and Wallworth, Liverp Oddy J. Leeds, York, clorhier. (Blackburns, Leeds

and Sykes and Kuowles, New inn Ogilvie (. and W. MacNeilie, Liverpool, foap manufac.

turers. (Avifon, Liverpool Parkiu T. and T. Scobel, Broad treet, London, mer.

chants. (Palmer, Tomlin fuds, and Thumfon, Cup

thall court Parry D. Liverpool, merchant, (Lace, Liverpool, Bar.

TOW, 7hreadneedle itreet, and Atkinson and Co. Chan.

cery lane Parry T. Saif rd. Manchester, cotton fpinner. (Cher.

tyre and Walker Manchester Patteron A, T. and J. N. Malleck, Liverpool, merchants.

(Stanistrert and Edel, Liverpool 1) Windic, Joha

ftrett, Bedford row Philips G. D't.rend, Birmingham, umbrella maker.

(Budild, Hinge court Ficet itreet, and Maudley

Birtingain Ph llips M. Worrning, wine merchant. (Harle, Cloak

lane, Clieaprice Powell ). Mulpas. Monmouth, timber merchant.

(liatt, Top, and rubcio, jun. W poit, Non

MOLA Price J. Rathbone place, tailor. (Wortham, Calle firect,

Holbot Proffer H, London, master inariner. (Pearce, Kirby

Atreet, Hatton Garden Pyer ). and J. Payoc riool druggiits. (James, Gray's

nn fuar, ang Cornich, Eritud Ratitonj. Greenwich Carpenter. (Pearfon, Temple Raworth w. Birmingham, Brucer. (Hurd, Tempic, and

brown. Bristol Ree J. Prendwick, Northunberland, dealer. Mag

Bilon and Fairbank, Hatton Gaiden, end Fenwick

Neucait cupon Type Sanderson w. King Street, Sampson's gardens, dealer.

(Highmour and Youn. But late, Caught Arect Schoes B. Daisy Lover, Lancafter, indkeeper: Boad

Tan, Boiton, and leadowcroit Gray's inn Sciti . Finxiey Nolta, butcher. Lambert, Gray's

inn fquart, and Cartwright, Bawtry Sharrock 1. Preiton, Lancatter, thopkeeper. (James,

Bilikler:bury Sheron E Great Grimsby, Lincoln, brandy merchant

Daubney, Grumsly, and Grey, Holboru court, Gray's


Hey and J. Hill. Borough HighAret, viner d:apers.

Steven, Sion college ardeus, Aldirmanoury Haywood T. real, fapkeeper (Sunati, Tukenhouse

yard, Luthbury Hey wouw Mancheiter, fmall ware manufacturer.

IC>x anki, Cutord's anu Hikeux J. Wurtning, araper. (Lane, Lawrence Pourt.

ney hill Hin 1. Ciayworth, Nottingham, butcher. (Finer,

Gaisburgh Lincul, and Wood, Cloak lane,

Lunden Hinton w Painfsick, Gloceter, grocer. (Meakings,

Terpie, a tardos, Cliccer Hobbs J. Pentsile. Tambei inerchant. (Patton, Cross

treet, tatton Garden Hockley J. LO 20e liquor merchant. (Lee, Callie

treet, Hoibon Hoscats G. Kington, Surry, corn dealer (Shearman,

Har: Trect, Biomsbury Hopper 1. Manchester. ..or.mechaut. (Eliis; Chan.

cery lane, aud Caseil, Manchi Houghton H KIKA3 yard, Colcmilliert, merchant.

(Seymour au Monirou, Margarit treet, Caieugih

1 arc Howiun J. Tickh.!! York, grocer. (Mafon, Doncader,

OK , Catac trec. Huidoru Homnicy J King's Is yurit. Colem' Areec, mer.

Chatit. Lynn 'ur and Montricu, Margaret Areet,

Cavendith Tyre Ingle T Oxtort trict, Dofier. (Hindman, Dyer's court,

A.dermatury Irace 1 an . l'or fea, flopsellers. (Isaacs, Bevis

Marks et. Vary Axe Jolanton .1. Wicherer, dripor. (Ellis, Chancery lane,

and Murra! ancheitir nes J. Wrexin, noi, matter. Kinderley,

Long and Int. Grays in and owne, Wrexham Jones J. Maar reet Leice ter helds, men's tercer.

Holmes and iowaa lc munt's in Jones J. o rbith, tobaccont i Fitzgerald, Lemon

t.eet, GO 112.'s fields Jones 3. Labico, M muh monkeeper (Jatt.

Temple, and Puthern, in Newport, Monouth Knight K aran'irr.

recer. (Davi ad Da. VIB Warinier, ar

d vies Lotnbury Knight 1. M. thout fini, che

(Lowers and rufse. st. Wired's CUU , Puity Lacy . Nynny. Some fet. linen draper. (Davies,

Litroury, a . Davies Illd avis atmintter • Lancare . En, itatay. (lungd. I aod Beckitt, ay's in

Ramon, Barn Laer j. R A Riherhithe, matt and fail inakers,

Cranch Ulton Curt, Bruanteet Levi L. Plynutt, navy *uent. (!1aacs, Buy freet,

St. Mary Axe . Lewiss. ide, aveny, Monmouth, cordwainer. (Platt

Temple, and satb, Chepfow.

Sherriticton H. G. and L. Corper and J. Young, Kcapy,

Luca , wh titi (Buaraman, Boltul, at J Med.

docroft, Gray'sira Schouinien j. et wurtis SufTex, faddler. (Hunt, Surry

Ic!! Strand Shutterworth w. Dar:furd, Kent, vic: ualler. (Bugty.

Symcnu's in Slaney M. Shittnal, Salop, money fcrivener. (Pre send

AD Muna Brwick foaie, and Yritchard, B10cy Sloper V. Eathwick Bone 1ct. (aylor, bighingor,

aud Young, Bud: lanc, Cannon ftreti, and W ate,

Bath Smalirure W, Ldbury. Hereford, malfter. (Pewt. 16,

Gray'a ini, anu Reece, Ledbury Spencer J. Colly hurti, Lancaster, brewer. (Hewitt 2014

Kirk, Manchester, and tus, Chancery lane Stapley T unbridce Welis, Latcher. (Blandford

'emple StoneW. Queen free!, Cheapfide, merchant. (Cup

pare and Rice, Je mynitreet Stonier). Hy park milh, Stafford miller. [Morris.

Newport, Salop, and beobow and Hupe, Lincoin's Stooke u. St. Pancras, baker. (Clelse, Exeter, and

Elakel: ck and Makinfon, 'Temple Stych ) Primfirter Carmarthen, woodA apler. (Healis,

tapler in and Burges, Brinet Swallow Crown court. 7 tadneedle itreet, Ruoa brue

ker. (Recks, wellcorc fquare
veite: P. Wantage Briks, Launer. [Rufien, Crowu
court, Alderfgate Arcet


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Thomas ?. Hatfield Areer, surry, finith. [Day and la DcI'ma? 3. art W. Binks, Poultry Matters, April 23 merton, ime tract


H . Calte treo, enda per ay 4 Topbain T. Macheter merchant. (hige, Hatton Gal. D: Tv W anterbury, victter, April.

den, Hewitt and Kirk, Mancheier, and Ridgers Duty T..dicheter, tacite, vay 7 Shesield

B.mvis T.C hera, bid, drabut, April 24 Turnell W. Lower Smith Atrert Northarpton fuae Ecule . Be erlay. York.con factor, apring

Mudiefex, con calir Ridei, Crnok, and Kand. Edvards. Main line, merchant, April 20 ley, St. James's Walk Clerkenweil

Lowards T. Duck's tout lant, Upper Tuanies Arect, corto Turner T. Walworth, builder. (Clutton, $:. Thomas's

nauutact pr. May 4 ftreet, Southwark

England w. Little Wa'lingham, Norfolk, fopkeepet, Venn Njun Walworth, upholterer. [Ware, Blackman tret, southwark

Evans T. Coventry ftreet, linen drarer, May 4
Vine T. j". Rrashion, grocer. (Crore. Alain Priars Fekonj. Wet Thurock. Elx, bacer, April 3
Webb 1. Sheerteis, Depoiler. (Sluetter, acerncis, and Ficovit H. Hanway Arce, Oxford Atreet, jewellet
Chilton, Chancery inne

April 29
Welisw.jul. Bradford, York, Brucer. (Shaw, Staple's Flinde s J. Nottingham, hofer, April 14

Francis i. and j. j. Rucheuer, plumbers, April 27 We R. Liverpool tiber denler. (Blackftock, Temple, Gardner J., E., and A. Cacnog uretty merchants, ana Clements, Liverpool

May 7, 11
Weftine J. Unper KitKit Hints, matter. [Slake, German ji derinantury, horiey May 4
Cook's curt. Carey Morrer, and Baldwin, Ringwoo

G R Lice er irrcei, victualer. April 17
Weito . iverpool, merchant. [shephard and Acling.

Gillain ;. Canbridgt, mercharit, May 6 ton, Bedford ruw, and Daltera and Topham, Liver.

Godwin W. Giport Daker, May 3.9 pool

Greaves T. Rull, ironmonger, May 14
Whitehen J. 3nd J. Liverpool, brewers. (Blackstuck, Green W. Brown's lane, pitalfields, dyer, April 20
Temple, and Wallworth, Liverpool

Green W. Vaxtall, dealer April 20 Whitworth w. Sowerby, York cotton manufacturer. Groum C Blacklian ireet, haberdather, May 7 (Cardale and Spear, Gray's in, and Edwards, Ha.

Hante in C. Wingfor, Jinch araper, May

Haibiry C. Catherine court, Tower hill, corn factor Wikins J. Barnet, tallow chandler. Cudkin, Clifford's

April 30

Hancock J. Sheffield, merchant. April 29 Wilkinfon G. Wapping fail maker. Annefley and Ben Harting ou T.Crown ftrce!, Sono ir Tik maker, M14 nett, Copthat couit. 'hromorton Atreet

Hayw'ud J. Wood treet, Chcapade, wollen draper, Willon F, Mirham, Sufiolk, miller (Chapman and Ste May 7 veni, St. Muidd's couit. Poultry

Hende. 100 W. Paternoner row, draper, April 30 Woodward J. Birmingham, harwareman. (Foulkes, Hey don J. York tirect, Covent Garden, Aprilia Langford, and Walford, Southampton Arect, Covent

Hitchen w. St. Peter'. Hill. whalitove mechant, May 21 Garden

Houk). Bermondiey New road, vict alier, April 20 Wright c. Wolverhampton, Stafford, maller. (Jemon, hom n E aid j. Chipping Camden, Gloucester Mire, walverhampion

ба ker May 9 Young J. Frame Selwond, Somerset clothier. [wil. I th J. Norwich, ipholder, Maya

liams, Red Lion syuare, and Willians and Buth, Fotkin R. Croydon, liner, draper, May 11 Trowbridge, Wilis

H C R. Borgh, tinco dr. Di, May 11

Hola a T. Tame, Oxford, Carrier, April 30

Huner: Liverpool, d aler and Chapman. April 13
Anderson J. Dean Areet, oh, pian' -forte maler, April zo Hudion. Newga cittee, teve: kiiper, Aprti 27
Andrew T. baring til treet, Blackweli hau factor, Ittighes T. and c. Strecke, Bithopsgate Ricet, drapers
April 27.

April 30 Arkins J. Norwood, dealer in cartie, Maya

Hulloh R . Moorfields, audiancer, May Akinfoo J. Rawn, York. Erocer, Apr 27

hiphrey M. Bric, lewe, April 2? Akifan . Clevely Mill, Lancabire, inter, May

kontenants. Queun icti, Gulden Square, tailor, Badcock J Parctivoiter rowe, Druiktiler, pritis

Je!} Bailey j. LOS Acre, lace maacturer, Aprili

Hunor . G. Illington under writer, May 7 Jos tie J. LOrroun, Climberland, daper, April 19

muntiman M. n. l.outd, Linco, machiners, May 1 Be fons. Gieville Atreet Hartun Garaci, painter, Huxley T C. Liverpool, grocer, May 18 May 4

· Ir. J. Billiter f are Terchant, May 4 Eevan j.swau feu, cooper, May 1

Irwin J. Church cuir, Clement's lineinerchant, May 13 Ellen G. Citytuad. inedicine vender, May

Jack W. Liverpool, Brucer, April)
Xir. ). and J. Luersen, Hoxton, Cutour inanufacturers, Jackiot J. W. Liverpool, dritter, May 7
May 7

Jarit, 6. Piccadily, Latter, Ray 4
Bird 1. Marcheter, cotton merchant. April 19

Jonc W. Y. Liverpol, Acur dc2.CT. Aprils » xam Sir M. Gract church iticei, bunker, April 15

kryte T. and C.F. Wyatt, lansbourne Ward Chambers brami M., T. W inton, and W. Blan, uracechurch

nerchan's, Aprili free, hinkis, April 16

King J. adw. z. Curent Garden, fik mercers, May 7 Fonner PR Fleet Itreet Aarioner, April 10

Xry. Oxtordirect.corch maker, March 30
Brne J. Piccadilly, bat nabrdani, May 4

Klijatrica J. Liverpoul, ICC May !
Boris B. Catherie cour, Tower hill, cori frator, April 30 Kit j. 3. Fort Atreet.cherinner, April 20
Wler Edgeware, baker. May 18

Lalit. C.610 venor place', baker Arts
Erley 4. Strand, mbrella maker, Arril:7

Lindcn. Lewenhall treet.lardware aii, May 4
Brockbank F. Ulveritone, D, Wilon, . Gilicfry, and J. 1.2ktur E. Mark lank', merchant, May 4
Taylor, Mary port, cution manufacturers, Aprai* 2

Lee 1. Lewes, linea craper, May : 5
Brock i. Stowniarket, cabinet maker, Apr 1 27

Le Neve G. L. Ipswich drape, April 27 Booker.C. Poultry, haberdasher, May 7

J.twis R.R. and J. Jackton, strand, stik mercers, April 30 +291 R. Frith street, uho, painter, May 4

Lichigary S. and M. Duostord, Balinghall rect, inerchants, Ciy R. Hackney, merchant, May 7 CD; pole I.. ha bam, neprelier, May 4

Like T. Old Brompton, builder, May 7 Coin I., and J. H. Tritton, Lombard reet, bankers, loat W. Lite ernong treet, Quan quare, plaider Узу

May 4 Celwitic. Leice er fuare, cabinet maker, May 18

Luxton J. Exeter, liren drape, April 27 Compere T. St. Albans. grocer, April 27

Lyon J. Richmod, Sury, lidics, Aptar 30 Cokel. Grave feud, carpenter, May 25

Maffct w. Moottut-under-Edge, Glucefar, linen draper Curbe L. Cheltenham, dealer, April 25

April 23 Cuwcher W. P. and T. Feithe, Clement's lane, Lombard

Maita'id D New Bridge areet, merchant, June it ut ect, dealer, May 4

M2 colm W. W'ating street, Warthouitnan, May 1B
Cox'n G. Church freet, Christ Church, Surry, millwright, Malu W. Birini ghian, tailor, April 27
May 4

Maining J. amprwich, Chethire, draper, May 16
Crawfora't. and w. Poplar. Aonemafors, May 18

Mark P. Plymouth Dock, unch craper, May 4. Cuiffet ). Eat ftreet, Red Lion fquait, upholcer. April 20 Markham E. Honeylane Market, butcher, Aprilgo Dane J. W. Williamson, and R. Clay, Arnoia, Nolts, holics,

Martinnat P. St. unes's .ree, warehouseman, May il April 4

Mayring. Mancheiter merchant, April o Davenpor! 1. Derby,liren draper, May 7

Miamley P. Liverpool, mercha 1, April.. Dave part ). and j. Finney, Alderdianbury, merchants,

M' onald J. Wowich, vict al er, April 30 April 30

Meeson E. Aldermanbury, wholesale inen draper, May 1 Davies J. Lembury, Hereford, earthenware man, May as

M'Nur A. Abchurch lant, merchant, April 13 Dauy M. Holt, Nitrilk, frucer, April 1, May is

Moon ('. Southampton, drei, May 1 Deakin R. Manchester, dealer, May 9.

Moure H. Bromiey, Kent, tur, April 30 De Charmily, P. T. V. Sumeriet Areet, Portman Square,

Morgan J. Coppice row, Clerkenweil. viet aller, April 30 Engl merchant, April jo

Mois Jijin. Newbury, Berks, timber acaler, April 23 Dennison w. winterbourne, Stapleton, Dorset, butcher, · Nicholloir G. Q een tree!, Blonibury, cealer, Julie il May 7

Nichollup J. St Giles's, bukselor, May 21 Dickenson w. fen, T. Goodall, and w. Dickenson, jun. - Nurburn W. High Holborn, i en draper, April 30 Dankers, May 18

Ogilvy W. jun. G. Mylne, and J. Chaliners, Jefrey's Dickms, T. Chapel place, South Audley Areet, tailor,

South Audley Brect tailor, fquare, merchants, May 7 April 13

Ord W. and J. Ewbank, Monk wearmouth Shore, Durham, Didier P. and w. Tobbert, $:. James's firect, booksellers,

inercers, April 29 April.o

Paget D. Leicelier, grocer, April 30 Dinsdale J. Hall, dealer, April 16

Pamel R. Carleton Rode, Nof Jk, miller, April 24 Dolcfua J. Lirerpool, merchant, April 27

Parker J. Gunthorpe, Norfunk, merchant, April 15

May 13


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Perkins c. Swansea, tropkeeper, May 4
PICK 001 G. Cloak lane winc merchant, April 13
Praut M. Darli' Bon, Durbain, drueriit, April 27

intia A. and T. Bagat, Liverpool, merchants,

April 13
Richardus J. and J. Sanderson, Kent, farmers, April 6,

May 7
Richarúton W., R., and C. S. Bell, Newcanle upon Tyne,

merchants. May is
Riddel torffer G. A. White Chapel, linen draper. May 4
Robinton W. Little Barnhurit, Stailord, butcher, April 39
Room W. Shaw Hill. Wii!s, serge maker, May 1
ROSH. Hull, merchant, April 16
Xutt T. Dalton, Middlesex, ftock broker, May
Sanders R. Croydon, cow keeper, April 20
Saryui A. J. Bury treet, merchaui, April 23
Scales W. H . merchant, May 14
Scott T. fen. and jun. and b. scott, Carthorpe, York, grocers,

April 27
Slater T. Leicefer, procer. April 20
Sainsby J. Coronill, wooles draper, May 19
Stricklad J. Stourport, Worcester, Akiner, April 19
@waine R. J., E., H., J., and H. Ramsbuttum, Halifax,

herchants, April 3
Taylor T. Great Tower Atreet, woolien draper, April 30
Toideinan W. (ca. and julio Portlinouth, tayera kcepers,

May 14

Till w. White Lion Atreet, Pentonville, merchant, April 20
Trostbeck C. Rathbone place, upholderer, April 30
Turpin J. Upper Tooting, Surry, corn dealer, April 30
Villars C. Conduit Arcet, New Bood Areet, milliner,

Antil 30
Walmsley S. Ormskirk, Lancafter, brewer, May 17
Wa d M. Gosport, fpirit merchant, May 3, 29
Ward R. Old itreer, victualler, April 27
Warmington W. Colyto , Devon, line-burner, April 30
Webb J. Great Port and freet, hatter, April 20
Webb T. Hereford, far drefler, Mayi
Whecler W.83th, carpenter, April 22
Whice T. jun. Stroud, Kent, coal merchant, April 30
Whittingham W. Lynn, Norfolk, printer, April 20
Wilcock J. and E. and A. 1 razer, Exeter, bankers, May
Williams A. Cheltenham, jeweller, May 18
Willis J., G. M. Juke, J. G. Jackion, and J. Langley,

Salisbury square, merchants, May 29
Wilton H., and J. Lightw!, No ti gham, hofiers, April 19
Winch N. J. Newcastle pon Tyne, merchant, Aprili.
Winnett B. Margaret itrect, Caver dith square, ftock broker,

May 25
Wollaston j. and F. Uplohn, Holborn bridge, diftillers, May
Wood J. Hexham, carrier, May 13
Wright R. Watiine Oreet, Warehouseman, May 18
Wright s. fen, Grange road, Bs mondicy, bricklayer,

April 13.


Containing official Papers and authentic Docunients.


Marshal Beresford, at the head of NIE last thirty davs have been dis. 25,000 British and Portuguese, has in

tinguished by a succession of car. the south-east advanced to Badajoz, and page in ihe countries the seat of war,

he there threatens the rear of the French highly flattering, however, to the courage, army employed in the hopeless siege of skill, and prowess, of the British armies.

Cadie. The french marshal Victor is The retreat of Massena out of Portu- indeed in danger of suffering the fate of gal, which he entered six months before Dupont's army in the mountains of Corat the head of one hundred thousand dova men, is an event which crowns with The Spanish nation, * efence of its glory the generalship of Lord Wellington. freedom, seems once more likely to render The French armies were reduced to its soil the grave of its invaders. Here 45,000 men, and were literally starved the best blood of the Carthaginians, Rointo a retreat. The British and Portu- mans, and Saracens, was expended in guese troops closely pursued thein to long and fruitless wars, and all Germany Guarda, on the Spanish frontier. In its and Italy was conquered with less loss military character the retreat was well to France than she has suifered in every conducted: but most disgraceful to the province during her, wanton and malige French general's army and character, as nant invasion of the Spanish peninsula,-far as regards the Portuguese inhabitants May the issue bring the French and other found in the route. These unhappy

governments to their senses; and may people, of all ranks, conditions, and ages,

the folly, misery, and wickedness, of war. have, it appears, been wantonly murdered fare and foreign conquest, be so felt as or mutilated, their houses have been

to lead to a speedy, solid, and lasting, burnt, their cattle, crops, and imple

peace, during which the nations may ments of agriculture, destroyed. In re.

heal their wounds, and forget their aniturn, little or no quarter was given to

mosities! the captured French, many hundreds of .

Downing.street, April 9, 1811. whum fell victims to the infamous policy Dispatches, of which the following are of their immanders, who have thus con.

extracts, were this morning received at verted the name of French soldiers into

Lord Liverpool's Office, addressed to his that of butchers of mankind.

Lordship by Lieutenant-General Visa Hitherto the French have had to con.

count Wellington, dated Olivera de l'Ho. tend with cowa dly and ill-disciplined pital, 21st March: Italians, with tar and spiritless Ger.

The enemy suffered much more in the afa mans, with brutal huussians, and Siberian

in fair of the 15th than I was aware of when I slaves; but they are now brought fairly

addressed you on the 13th instant; the firing into combat with freemen and disciplined

was not over till dark, and it appears cbac

great numbers were drowned in attempting warriors, the posterity of the victors of

to ford the Ceira. The enemy withdrew hio Cressy and Agincourt, and the conse- rear guard from that river in the course of quence is their disgrace and discomfiture, the 16tn, and we crossed it on the 17th, and MONTHLY MAG, No. 212,

3 B

kad our posts on the Sierra de Murcella ; the for the purpose of reconnoitring, I discovered enemy's army being in a strong position on the landing had already been effected, under the the right of the Alva. They moved a part cover of darkness and a fog, and chat the eneof their army on that night, but still main- my were advancing rapidly and in great tained their position on the Alva, of which numbers. On both wings the enemy now far river they destroyed the bridges. We turned out-flanked us, and I saw that if we contitheir left by the Sierra de Santa, the light nued to advance they would get between us division and the oth mancurred in their and our works; I instantly ordered a retreat, front from the Sierra de Murcella; these which was effected in good order, and with. movements induced the enamy to bring back out loss, although the enemy were within to the Sierra de Moita the troops which had pistol-shot of our rear, and seemed determinmarched the preceding night, at the same ed to enter our batteries by storm ; but Fort time that they retired their corps from the Yorke and Massareen batteries opened such Alva, and in the evening their whole army a well directed fire of grape and musquetry, were ass mubied upon the Moira, and the ad. that the assailants were ob iged to fall buck vanced posts of our right were near Arganil, and shelter themselves under the Sand Hills. those of our left across the Alva. The ene. As the day lightened we perccived that he my retired from the position of Moita in the enemy's flotilla, consisting of 18 gu -boats, night of the 12th, and have continued their had taken up a position on the south side of retreat with the utmost rapidity ever since; the island at point-blank shot, I ordered and I imajine their rear-guard will be at Ce- the signal to be made to the lartar and Shellerico inis day. We assembled the army drake that the enemy had langed, upon which upon the Sierra de Moita on the 19th; and these vessels immediately wrighed, and un. our advanced posts are this day beyond the der a heavy press of sail used every end avour Pinhancos.

to beat up the south side, but the extent of

Avril 9. shoals threw them out so many miles, that On the 27th of March the Danes in

it was some hours before their intentiou could

be accumplished. vaded the island of Anholt, but were re

The gun-boats now open.

ed a very heavy fire on our works, while a pulsed with great loss, in the way des

column of about 600 men crossed the island scribed in the following extract of a lej

to the westward, and look up a position on ter (roin Captain Maurice to Sir James the northern shore, covered by hislocks of Saumarez, dated Fort Yorke, Island of sand, by breaks and inequality of ground. Anholt, 27th March, 1811.

Another column made many attempts to Sir-I reported to you in my letter of the carry the Massureene battery by storm, bus 10th ult. moy having received information of were so often repulsed, and compelled to co. an intended attack on this island, by the

on this island. by the ver themselves under hillocks of sand, which Danes. On the 8th instant I received a core on this island are thrown up by every gale. Ioboration of this intelligence, but as every The column on the south side had now suce exertion had been made to compleat the ceeded in bringing up a field piece against us, works as well as our materials would allow, and Captain Holzoway, who had commanded and as picqucts were nightly stationed from at the advanced posts, joined us by water. I one extreme of the island to the other, in had been under great apprehension that this order to prevent surprize, I waited with con

officer had fallen into the bands of the enefidence the meditated attack.

my; but finding, after several gallant at. Yesterday bis Majesty's ship. Tartar an. tempis, that he was cut off fronı reaching chured on the north side of the island. The head-quarters by land, he, with the coolest enemy's fiorilla and army, consisting in all judgment, launched a boat, and landed bia of nearly 4000 men, have this day, after a party under Fort Yorke amidst the acclamaclose combat of four hours and a half, re, tions of the garrison. Immediately after ceived a most compleat and decisive defeat, wards Lieut. H. L. Baker, who, with Lieut. and are fied back to their ports, with the Turnbull, of the Royal Marines, and some loss of three pieces of cannon, and upwards brave volunteers, had in the whole of 500 prisoners, a number greater by 150 schooner, gooe on the daring erterörise of than the garrison I cominand.

destroying the enemy's flotilla in his ports, I am now to detail the proceedings of the bore down along the north side of the island. day. In the morning just before dawn, the Things were in this position when the columna out picquets on the south side of the island on the northern shore, which divided by the made the signal for the enemy's being in sight. Sasid hilis, had approa wed within 50 paces The garrison was immediately put under of our lines, made anoder desperate effort to arms, and I lost not a pionere in proceeding carry the Massareene battery by storm ; the with the brigade of howitzers and 200 in. column to the south east also pushed on, and fantry, accompanied by Captain Torrens the reserve appeared on tke hills ready to

who had hitherto acted as Major Cogisupport them; but while their Commander mandant to the battalion) in order to oppose was leading on his men with gallantry, a their landing. On ascending an elevation, musket-ball put a period to his lite. Panic

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