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At Canonbury, Bernard Bedwell, esq. 86., without issue, March 25, 1791, the titles of

In South.street, Finsbury-square, Mrs. Baron of Belturbet, Viscount Fermanagh, and Cbild, 77.

Earl of Verney, became extinct; but the Ac Morden College, Blackheath, Capt. estates devolved to his niece, Mary Veney, Ilenry Coupar, many years an active com. only daughter of his elder brother, the Hon. mander in the New York trace, 78.

John Verney, who, as before stated, died in In Panton-square, Lieut. Robert Tryon, of his father's life.time, without issue male. H.M.S. the Phipps, of a wound which he Mary Verney was created Baroness FermaIeceived in boarding an enemy's vessel. nagh in 1792, about a year after the extinc

In the Temple, Storvart K'yd, esg. barrister, sion of the antient titles of her ancestors; but, author of several valuable publications on the deceasing unmarried, the title of Fernanagh laws of England.

becomes again extinct, making tbe tweltch In Great Ormand-street, in his 75th year, Irish Peerage which has failed since the Union Atkinson Busb, esp. a gentleman of great in in January 1801, for default of male heirs. Auence in the county of Middlesex, and well (Fureber particulars of Mr. Levis, wbose known so far back as the days of " Willies death is recorded at page 78 of our last Num. and Liberty," when he was an active and ber.] This gentleman, as a comic accor, was eloquent supporter of that arch.patriot. certainly at the head of his profession for • At Lady Saltoun's, New Cavendish-street, the whole of the period of which he was on after only a few hours illness, in bis 24th the London stage. He had acquired consi. year, the Hon. Simon Fraser, son of the late, derable fame as a comedian, before be veqo and only brother of the present, Lord Saltous, Cured upon the boards of the great metropolis and a banker in Lombard.streer, at the head of the British empire. He made his first ap. of the house of Fraser, Perring, und Co. Ms. pearance in London at Covent Garden Thie Fraser was at the opera only the preceding atre, about the year 1774, in the part of the evening.

West Indian, which he represented with sa Mr. Joseph Smart, sen. formerly an eminent much ease, sprightliness, and humour, that printer and bookseller at Wolverhampion, be fixed his seputation on his first appear. Staffordshire:

ance, and made such a progress in public Mrs. Coke, wife of the Rev. Dr. C. gene tavour, cbat he was, during she whole of his ral superintendant of the Irish, Welch, West career, the popular comedian of his day. India, Nova Scotia, and New foundland, mis. From the characters which he generally assions in the Methodist connection.

sumed, and from his well-bred manners in At Greenwich, in his noch year, the Roo. private life, he soon acquired the designation Nevil Maskelyne, D.D. F.R S. rector of North of Gentleman Lewis, to distinguish bim from Runcton, Norfolk, and Astronomer Royal, Lee Lewes, who generally represented parts of of whose life a Memois will be given in cur a less elegant description. Mr, Lewis came next.

upon the London boards just as poor Wood; At Paddington, his Excellency the Duke ward was closing his career, and he was the do Albuquerque, ambassador extraordinary sightful inheritor of that excellent actor's from Spain to this country. His disorder, a range of characters; and was indeed capable derangement, brought on by grief and disap- of assuming parts which Woodward would · pointment, was of so violent a nature as to have been incapable of representing; such, prove mortal in a few days. From the mo- for instance, as Faulkland in the Rivalı, a dient he was seized to that of his death, he part which Mr. Lewis rendered very pro. scarcely ceased to exclaim, Moriar Napolcen! minent in that admirabie comedy, and which

The lale Mary Verney, Baroness Fermanagb, be supported with all requisite case and sen. (whose death we have already noticed iší sibility. There was an original spirit, page 92 of our last Number,) was born oc- gaiety, and whim, in Mr. Lewis's mannet, Lober 23, 1757, the posthumous and only which not only enabled him to display the child of the Honourable John Verney, eldest general round of stock characters, as they son of Ralph Viscount Fermanagh, Baron qfare called, of the legitimate drama, with Belturber, and first Earl of Verney, to which great skill, but which induced O'Keeffe, and Falcer honour he was promoted after his son's other dramatic writers of the present day, tu des decease. Her ladyship’s great-grandfather sign parts entirely for the purpose of drawing was Ralph Viscount Fermanagh, in which forth his peculiar talents, and affording scope title he was succeeded by his son Ralph, cre- for the exuberance of his humour. Indeed it aled Earl of Verney, as before-mentioned, may be truly said, that many productions of who died Octuber 4, 1752, and was succeeded the present day were indebted for the favour 'lov his second, but eldest surviving son, Ralph, with which they were received wholly to the second Earl, who was one of his Majesty's most whin, gaiety, and original humour, with 'honourable Privy Council, a fellow of the which he supported tbe principal characters, Royal Society, and successively M.P. for But the powers of Mr. Lewis were not conWendover and Carmarthen. This lord mar. fined to comedy. He was a very respectable ried Sept. 11, 1740, Mary, daughcer and heic actor in the tragic province; and we are as*ress of Henry Herring, of Egham, Surry, a sured that the excellence which he displayed director of the Bank of England; bur dying in Mrs. Hannah More's tragedy of Perey,


procured him the warm approbation of Gar a naturally good understanding, a clear pere rick himself. But though Mr. Lewis dis ception, a sound judgment, a pious and be. tinguished himself so much in what may be nevolent heart, and a strong desire to be use. called the dashing characters of comedy, his ful to others, she succeeded so well in the private life was marked by every domestic task which she had undertaken, that while the virtue. He was an affectionate husband and extreme hurnility of her mind prevented her' father, and he was rewarded by the posses. fruri wishing or seeking for fame, her chasion of an estimable wife, and amiable and racter became known and applauded, not only accomplished offspring. The immediate in every part of her native country, but also cause of his death was a fever on his chest; in some of its most distant colonies. Het and he had only been confined to his bed a remains were deposited in the family vault week, before his family and numerous train at Ealing, on Saturday, January 5, and a of friends, had the misfortune to be deprived funeral serion was preached at New Brent. of him. As a member of society he was dis- ford, January 6, by Mr. Haverfield. A cortinguished for probity, and a strict performance rect list of Mrs. Trimmer's publications is of all his engagements. It is so seldom that here subjoined: 1. A Little Spelling-book the world is deprived of a man of his emi. for Young Children. 2. Easy Lessons; a nence in the rank of society to which he be- sequel to the above. 3. Sixty-four Prints looyed, and to whom the public were so taken from the Old Testament, with a Demuch indebted for so many years of harmless scription, in a set of casy Lessons. 4. Six. pleasure, that we have deemed it an act of ty-four Prints from the New Testament, duty and gratitude to a man of worth and and Description. 5. Sixty-four Prints of talents, to give this testimony to his profes- Roman History, with Description. 6. Sixtysional excellence and personal merits. He four Prints of English History, with Descripwas in possession of his faculties till the last tion. 7. A Comment on Dr. Watts's Di. moments; and his latest words testified vine Songs for Children. 8. An easy Intro. affection for his family, and resignation to duction to the Knowledge of Nature, and his face. . It was generally supposed that Mr. Reading the Holy Scriptures. 9. An Abridge Lewis was a native of Ireland, but he was ment of Scripture History, consisting of LesDorn in the principality of Wales.

sons from the Old Testament.' 10. An (Furtber particulars of Mrs. Trimmer, whose Abridgment of the New Testament, condearb is mentioned at page 91 of our last sisting of Lessons composed chiefly from the Number. This excellent lady was summoned Gospels. 11. A Scripture Catechism, controm a world of trouble and sorrow, by one taining an explanation of the above Lessons of the most gentle calls that ever was sent in the style of familias conversation, in from Heaven to a human being: while sitting 2 vols. The four last articles were written in her chair, perusing the letters of a de originally for children in the lower classes of Ceased friend, she sank as it were into a tran- life ; but they have been adopted into many quil slumber; and so peaceful was her end, schools and families, for the instruction of that the moment when the soul was separated those of superior condition. 12. An Attempt from the body could not be exactly ascer to familiarise the Catechism of the Church tained. It is an erroneous opinion among of England. 13. An Explanation of the many persons, that Mrs. Trimmer desired and Office of Baptism, and of the Order of Con. prayed that she might be removed from this firmación in the Common Prayer-book. world in the very manner in which she re. 14. The same, with Questions for the Use ally was. This, however, was far from being öt Teachers. 15. A Companion to the Book the case; it is true, that she always wished of Common Prayer, containing a practical to be spared the pain of a lingering illness, Comment on the Liturgy, Epistles, and Gosand had great diead of her faculties being pels. This work, though principally inimpaired by age : she was, however, so fully tended for young persons, has proved satis. aware of the many imperfections and errors factory to persons of maturer years. 16. The to which human nature is liable, that it wa's game in two vols. with Questions for the Use her earnest desire to have some time allowed or Teachers. 17. Sacred History, selected her to prepare for death. Though Fortune from the Scriptures, with Annotations and bad lasished ne extraordinary gifts upon her, Reflections. This work is executed upon a the poor ever found in Mrs. Trimmer, a peculiar pian, and was composed with a view 'Friend who was always ready to supply their of exciting in young minds an early caste for Wahrs, Without those superior advantages divine subjects, and of furnishing persons of of education which the females of the present maturer years, who have not leisure for the day possess in so eminent a degree, she has, Works of mure voluminous commentators, by her own diligence and application, cont. with assistance in the study of the Scriptures, Mibated in a most wonderful magirer to the The historical events are collected from the improvement of tile rising generation, through various books of which the sacred volume is the means of those works which are approved composed, and arranged in a regular series; or and admired by the most learned and dis. many passages of the prophetic writings, and Traguitbed persons of the age. Possessed of 'of cae Psalms, are ins:r woven with the re


spective parts of the history to which they taken with the pious arid benevolent design relate; and the whole illustrated by anno. of assisting young mothers in the education tations and reflections, founded on the best of their children, and was continued through authorities. 18. Fabulous Histories, de- twenty-eight rumbers; when the fatigue signed to teach the proper treatment of ani. which atcended so laborious à task, and 2 mals. 19. The Guardian of Education; in multiplicity of other avocations, obliged 5 vols. This was a periodical work, which the venerable editor and authoress to reline was published at first in monthly, and after: quish it. wards in quarterly, Numbers. It was under:


WITH ALL THE MARRIAGES AND DEATH6; Arranged geographically, or in the Order of the Counties, from North to South.

". Communications for this Department of the Monthly Magazine,'s

thenticated, and sent free of Postuge, are always thankfully received. Those are more particularly acceptable which describe the Progress of Local Improvements of 'any Kind, or which contain Biographical Anecdotes or Facts relative to eminent or remarkable Characters recently deceused.

Dixon, clerk to the collector of excise in this NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURIAM.

fown, 32. He went to bed in perfect bealth, ACCORDING to a public notice given by and was found dead the next morning As the Trinity House, the Low Light which Middleton Hewitson, esq. has been erected on the Ferne Island, was to. At Berwick, Mrs. Adamson, wife of Capbe exhibited for the first time, on Friday the tain A. paymaster of the Aberdeenshire mi. ist of February, 1811, and continued every litia.-Mr. Thomas Scott, 72..Mrs. Jackes, night from sun-set to sun-rise, for the benefit 77. of navigation. This light is not seen 'except . At Tweedmouth, Mrs. James, 84. in a northerly direction, and when kept on At Sunderland, Mrs. Éleador Rochestet; the bearing with the High Light, as described 77.--Mr. Michael Dunn. in the printed instructions, will serve as a : At Darlington, Mrs. Smith, wife of Mr. leading direction through the sound, between Henry S.-Mrs. Crow. the Goldstone and thic Plough, near Holy At Alnwick, Mr. Thomas Strother, 64, Island.

Mrs. Hudson. Married.] At Berwick, William Hay," At Durham, Mary Ann, daughter of Mrs. esq. to Margaret, fourth daughter of Charles Methold, and grand-daughter of Sir John Ogilvy, esq. of Zetland. ----Lieutenant John. Eden, bart. Mr. George Longstaff, 88. sön, of the Aberdeenshire militia, to'Miss William, son of Mi. Thomas Ainsley, 18. Stevenson, daughter of John'S. esq.

Mr. Henry Wilson, 60.-Mts. Hutchinson, · Ac Hexham, Mr. William Parker, of the relict of Timothy H. esq. of Egglestone, 79. Westwood, to Miss Twéddell. . "

-Mr. William Aynsley, of Crook Hall • At Newcastle, Mr. Richard Geodlad, tó Mill, 79. Mrs. Jane Clark. - Mr. Thomas Adams, to . At Stockton, Mr. George Wright.-Henry Miss A. M: Gallon-Mr. Daniel Heatley; Hutchinson, sen. esq. 77.-In consequence to Mrs. Ann Taylersen.-Mr. F. Thistle of her cloches taking fire, Elizabeth, eldest waite, to Miss M. Moody.

daughter of George Hubback, esg. of Acomh, At Wolsitgham, Mr. Jobo Green, to Miss near York.. fåne Collinson.

At Norton, at the house of her son-in-law ! At Durham, Mr. Thomas Ewbank, to Miss Henry Stapylcon, esq. Mrs. Gregory, widow Colling...

of Captain G. of the royal navy. AC Cóxhow, Lieut. William Hawkins; * At Monk wearmouth Shore, Mr. Joseph Ease York militia, to Ann, daughter of Ms. Lee, agent to the late Sir Hedworth Wil. Andrew Lee, of West Salton.

liamson, 76. Died.Ac Newcastle, Mri Huntingdon. At Ford, the Rev. W. Warkman, rectos

Mrs. Tane Burleigh, '80.-Mr. William of that place. . Bell.-Mrs. Brown. --Mr. Ayre.--Mr. Wil. At Morpeth, Mr. Thomas Robson, 61. liani Farrer, of Stockton, 12.-Mr. David At Fatfield, Mr. George Dumble, 92. Crighton.-Mr. William Bass, of Gainsbo- At Low Stubbick, near Hexham, Mr. Johs sough, 45. He wàs drowned by falling down Middleton, 91. a staith into the Tyne.-Mrs. Roper. -Mr. At Rase, near Alston, Mr. William Wale C. Pigg, mang years surveyor for the corpo. ton, 75. ration, 72.-Ms. George Clask. M, D. Af Bishopwearmouth, Mrs. Butler, 57.



CUMBERLAND AND WESTMORELAND. Fletcher. -Mr. John Benn, formerly master 'A society has been recently established in of a vessel from this purt, 84.- Mr. John Carlisle for the purpose of assistiog the so- Kane, second mate' of the Derwent, Captain ciety in London for promoting Christianity Osborn. He was drowned in this harbour, among the laws. The number of subscribers, in attempting, it is suppoged, to get on board. 29 One penny per week, has become so nue the vessel. He was a native of Chiton, near merous, that the annual sum raised by this Workington. means will not, it is supposed, be less thau At Kendal, Mr. George Brethwaite." from 401. to 501.

At Workington, Mr. John Garrett, 78. The following is the number of baptisms, At Bromwell, in Kirkiingron, Mrs. Mary burials, and marriages, in the parishes of Graham. Workington and Harrington, in the course of At Moorhouse, Mrs. Ruth Armstrong, 90, the year 1810;

At Longburgh, Susannah Pattinson, 96. Workington

Harrington. At Cowenbridge, near Kirkby Lonsdale, Baptisais 214 Baptisms


Mr. Henry Gifford, 101. Burials 149 Burials

At Kirkland, Kendal, Mr. William Poss Marriages 66 | Marriages 14 tlethwaite, formerly a partner in the house of

From the statement published by the com Wilson, Cartmell, and Co. mittee of the Carlisle Dispensary, it appears At Drig, Mr: John Bonn, 27. : that the expences of that institution from the In the Isle of Man, at Ballaugh, in con 5th of February 1810, to the 3th of Febru. sequence or'a fall from his borse, Mr. Daniel ary 1811, amount to 2471, 9s, 7d, exceeding Corlett, attorney.-At Oatlands, near Doug. the receipts by 11. 179. The number of pa- las, Mrs. Oats, reliçt of James 0. esq. tieng admitted during the last year was 848. At Castietown, Mr. Richard Davis, of White. Oi there, 620 have been cured; 57 relieved; haven. $0 irregular, and dismissed by advice ; 148 At Moriand, Westmoreland, of which have died; and 93 remain on the books. place he was vicar near 40 years, the Rev. ' Married. At Carlisle, Mr. Joseph Thomp, John Jackson. He was a native of Sebergson, to Miss Elizabeth Barnes.--Mr. C. Hodg. ham, Westmoreland, greatly respected by 990, to Miss Catharine Fisher. -Mr. R. Boak, his parishioners, and eminent for his taste in of the royal artillery, to Miss Elizabeth horticulture, particularly in the cultivation Parker, of Wigton.

of choice fruit-trees. At Penrith, Mr. Robert Scockdale, to At Botcherby, Ann Anderson, widow, 90, Miss Jane Smith.Caprain Wm. Buchanan, At Breckenbrough, Hesket in the Forest, R.N to Miss Harrison, daughter of che laie John Elwond, 89. Dr. H.

At Snouts in Bewcastle, Mr. Mattheir Ac Kirk Braddan, Isle of Man, Mr. Oliver Armstrong. . Peckett, to Miss Aon Clark, second daugh At Sleetbeck, Mr. George Armstrong, 58. ior of the late Captain C, of the royal pavy. Ac Carleton House, near Ravenglass, in

At Douglas, Isle of Man, Mr, Thomas her 73d year, Mts. Burrow, a maiden lady, Garrett, to Miss Elizabeth Skillicorn. daughter of the lare Rev. Mr. B. rector of

At Heversham, near Kendal, Mr. Timothy Drig and Irton, and sister of the late Dr. Bu Brown, of Bury, Lancashire, to Miss Jane many years master of Rnghy schyol. Crosfield.

· At Bewcastle, John, son of the Rev. Mi. At Whitehaven, Captain Fraser, of the Lauder, dissenting minister, 23. Ballons, to Miss Holmes,

• At Maryport, Miss Mary Lucas. Died.] As Carlisle, Elizabeth, daughter

YORKSHIRE of Mr. Saul, solicitor, 16.-Mrs. Peascad. On Monday, Feb; 4th, a most territ:e ace Mr. Lawrence Benson, SO.Mrs. Jane Mac- cident happened at Providence Mill, in 6nipa donald, '90,-Mrs. Sarah Renny, 97.-Biri ley, near Bradford. About a quarter beforç John Pagan, 29.-Captain William Green- one o'clock, when preparations were making well, on hall, pay, 60. Margaret, third for the work people to renew their labour daughter of Mr. john Horesby, 23.-Mys. after dinner, the boiler of the steam-engine Margaret Henderson, 74.-Mr. William burst with a tremendous explosion ; it was Creighton, surgeon, 35. Ac Miss Gwyler's carried eight or nine yards from its seat against boarding-school, Miss Isabella Johnston, 18. the mill, to which it did considerable injury :

Mrs. Routledge. Jane, daughter of Mr. but what is much more lamentable, five young William Anderson, 25.- Sarah, daughter of persons who were near the sput, were so Mr. John Tweddell, 16.

dreadfully wounded, that four of them died Ac Penrith, Mrs. Elizabeth Sutton.Miss the same evening, and the fifth on Wednes. Todd.—Mr. Joseph Lee.

day, all surgical aid proving ineffectual, At Whitehaven, Mrs. Selkirk, wife of The cause between the Rev. Basil Wood, Captain S. of the Worsley of this port. of Bath, rector of Thorp Basser, in the Eassa Ms. William Bragg, 50.--Mrs. Wares, relict riding of this county, and his parishioners, of Captain William W. and one of the oldest respecting the riches of that parish, was. inhabitants of this town, 89. Mr. Ellwood, heard in the Court of Chancery on the wife of Mr. John E. 55.-Mrs, Abigail 7th of February, when a decree was made in MONTALY MAG. No 210,

2 A


favour of the rector, establishing his right Shields, esq. one of the acting magistrates for co tithes in kind; and the defendants were the county of Durham, to Miss Scaniey. ordered to account with the rector for four AC Hull, Mr. J. S. Radford, to Miss F. years, the time of his incumbency, and to' Hall. pay the costs of suit. The defence set up At Pontefract, Thomas Crowder, esq. of was, that awards for money payments, ac- Liverpool, to Eliza, second daughter of the companied with allotments of land, made in late John Perfect, esq. 1695 and 1718, amounting to a composition Died.] At York, John Romans, esq. for. real, sanctioned by the then Archbishop of merly attorney at law, 83.-Mrs. Hardy, 82. York, the diocesan; the Earl of Carlisle, Mrs Hall, 85.-Mrs. Wiikinson, relict of lord of the manor and patron; and the Rev. Mr. Sheriff w. 79,-Mrs. Alice Preston, 75. Bernard Lewis, the then rector; and con- ---Mrs. Lever, relict of Mr. John L. of Man. firmed by a decree of the Court of Chancery chester - Mrs. Jenner, wite of William [. in 1722, were binding on future rectors. By esq.-Mrs. Watson, 57. Mrs. Hardy, 68, the present decree it is completely established, Mr. Thomas Bowlby, 47,". ebat no myard or decree as to an existing At Hull, Mrs. Yeoman, 62. Mr. S. Kirk. rector, or any composicion real, since the man.-- Mrs. Smith, of Sam's Coffee House, stature of the 13th Elizabeth, can deprive a 46.-MrWilliam Smith, of the Humber future incumbent of his common-law right Tavern, 53. Mr. Joseph Lyel, tide-waiter, ho tithes in kind.

45.-Hannah, wife of Mr. George Watsen, The Hull Dock Company's dividend for 54.-Mr. A. T. Gritton. last year was 851. 15. 8d per share : this is . Ac Sheffield, Mrs. Archard.-Miss Mal. independent of the property tax, before the linson.-Mrs.JHannah Dickinson, 56; and, a dedection of which the dividend stands few days afterwards, her sister, Mrs. Elizabeth 571, 5s. 2d. being an increase of 131. 10s. 5d. D. 61. Mr. J. Smith. Mrs. Ratcliffe. on the dividend of the preceding year. in Mr. George Wood.-Mr. Harrison. . A few days since, as J. Deering, esq. ac At Crookhouse, near Barnsley, Mr. Jere. companied by a friend, was shooting in his miah Swift, 88. grounds in this county, they observed a large At Richmond, Diana Glenton, 104.-Miss bird in the air at some distance, which, when Bowes, 4.5; and, a few days afterwards, her they approached, was discovered to be a father, Mr. Matthew B. surgeon, 84, a dili. hawk. With some trouble they contrived gent and successful practitioner in that place to shoot it, and, upon examination, the craw for more than half a century. was found to contain, in addition to numerous At Kirk Hammerton, near York, Richard, bones of small birds, a large piece of blue eldest son of Mr. Atkinson, 19. cloth, in which were sewed up two guinea Al Leeds, Thomas Pease, esg. formerly of pieces, a seven shilling piece, and two six. Darlington, Durham, 68, William Cookson, pences.

esq. an alderaran of this borough. The Rer. Married.] At Beverley, Lieut. Harden, Miles Atkinson, vicar of Kippax, minister of 31th regt. to Miss Lundie. -Mr. Wilkinson, St. Paul's, and near 48 years curate and lec. attorney, to Miss Hornby.

turer of the parish church of this town, 70. At Wakefield, Joseph Hargreaves, esq. to "At Hetton, near Skipton, Alice Parker, Maria, fourth daughier of Thomas Hardy, 101. esq.-Mr. J. Simpson, of York, to Miss At Everingham, the Rev. Thomas Gurnell. Mary Wood.

· Ac Wakefield, Mr. Thomas Shackleton, At Tadcaster, James Upton, esq. to Miss 42. Mrs. Stocks, wife of Mr. Matthew S. Sisson.

and daughter of the late Rev. Andrew Hal. . At York, Mr. D. Forster, of Otley, to ley, minister of Lundie, near Dundee. Bella, third daughter of the Rev. G. Brown, At Fulford Cottage, near York, Mrs. Mr. Craggs, bookseller, of Hull, to Miss Theakston.

At Malton, Mrs. Brand, 30. · Ac Wasthill, Mr. Benjamin Staveley, of At Aberford, Mrs. Wood, 34. Stockton on the Forest, to Miss Hutchinson, At New House, near Huddersfield, Mrs. daughter o: G. H. esq.

Bradley, relict of J. B. esq. 86. At Leeds, Mr. Edward Coupland, to Frances, At Low Row in Swalc Dale, Ralph Parke, second daughter of the late Mr. Tlumas Wil. esq. 77. kinson. -Mr. William Naylor, eldest son of Al Bridlington, Mrs. Mary Sever, 71.William N. esq. of Belle Vue, near Wake Mr. B. Sedman, 70. held, to Eliza, eldest daughter of Edward At Pool, near Otley, Mrs. Milthorpe, 96. Brooke, esq. of Chapel Allerton.

At Cortingham, Mr. Ringrose, surgeon. Ac Sionington, William Shepherd, esq. of At Kellington, near Ferrybridge, of which Douthwaite Dale, to Miss Grundon.

place lie had been vicar upwards of 40 years, Ac Barmby-Dunn, Thomas Gresham, esq. the Rev. Francis Paddey. to Gertrude Eliza, only daughter of the late ! At Patrington, Mr. Richard Simpson, John Hepworth, esq all of that place. forty-two years chief constable of the south At Doncaster, Joseph Bulmer, of South division of Holderaess, 76.



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