Aline: An Old Friend's Story


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Seite 223 - By my mother's soul do I entreat That thou this woman send away!' She said: and more she could not say: For what she knew she could not tell, O'er-mastered by the mighty spell.
Seite 149 - And stole to the other side of the oak. What sees she there? There she sees a damsel bright...
Seite 1 - ... Bright volumes of vapour through Lothbury glide, And a river flows on through the vale of Cheapside. Green pastures she views in the midst of the dale, Down which she so often has tripped with her pail ; And a single small Cottage, a nest like a dove's, The one only dwelling on earth that she loves. She looks, and her heart is in heaven : but they fade, The mist and the river, the hill and the shade : The stream will not flow, and the hill will not rise, And the colours have all passed away from...
Seite 224 - Why is thy cheek so wan and wild, Sir Leoline? Thy only child Lies at thy feet, thy joy, thy pride, So fair, so innocent, so mild; The same, for whom thy lady died!
Seite 8 - tis and ever was my wish and way To let all flowers live freely, and all die (Whene'er their Genius bids their souls depart) Among their kindred in their native place. I never pluck the rose; the violet's head Hath shaken with my breath upon its bank And not reproacht me ; the ever-sacred cup Of the pure lily hath between my hands Felt safe, unsoil'd, nor lost one grain of gold.
Seite 203 - MOTHER ! whose virgin bosom was uncrost With the least shade of thought to sin allied ; Woman ! above all women glorified, Our tainted nature's solitary boast ; Purer than foam on central ocean tost ; Brighter than eastern skies at daybreak strewn With fancied roses, than the unblemished moon Before her wane begins on heaven's blue coast ; Thy Image falls to earth.
Seite 42 - My spirit like a charmed bark doth swim Upon the liquid waves of thy sweet singing, Far away into the regions dim Of rapture — as a boat with swift sails winging Its way adown some many-winding river.
Seite 53 - For all the arts beneath the heaven, That man has found, or God has given, None draws the soul so sweet away, As music's melting mystic lay ; Slight emblem of the bliss above, It soothes the spirit all to love.
Seite 204 - O happy arms, where cradled lies, And ready for the Lord's embrace, That precious sacrifice, The darling of his grace ! Blest eyes, that see the smiling gleam Upon the slumbering features glow, When the life-giving stream Touches the tender brow ! Or when the holy cross is sign'd, And the young soldier duly sworn With true and fearless mind To serve the Virgin-born.

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