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of General Cabral by the forces of Baez in Oct. 7, The Brazilian Cabinet reconstructed San Domingo, near the south-western front- under Viscount St. Vincent; 23, Consternaier.

tion at Montevideo; attack threatened by the Central America.

Blanco party; 25, The siege of the city by the

Blancos began.
April 27, Revolution in Costa Rica. Presi.

dent Jiminez overthrown and succeeded by
Bruno Carranza. June 5, Great fire in Pana- Jan. 23, The United States corvette Oneida
ma. Business part of the city destroyed, was sunk by a collision with the British
with many lives.

steamer Bombay, near Yokohama, Japan.

Nearly all on board were lost, including ComSouth-America,

mander Williams. Feb. 27, Completion of The war between Paraguay and the allies the Bombay and Suez cable. Communicawas ended on the 1st of March by the defeat tion opened with London. March 9, J. Mc. and death of President Lopez, on the Brazi- Leary Brown was appointed ambassador

to lian frontier. The remnants of his army diso the western powers by the Chinese govern. persed, and his family, including his mistress, ment, in place of Mr. Burlingame, who died Madame Lynch, were taken to Rio de Janeiro in February. June -, India ravaged by the and sent to Europe. A provisional govern- at Tien' Tsin by a Chinese mob. July 21,

cholera; 21, Horrible massacre of Europeans ment for Paraguay was formed at Asuncion, Attack on the French Consulate, at Canton, under the protection of Brazil, and went into successful operation in March. The allied by the rabble. Sept. 1, Destruction of Samarmies returned to their respective

countries soun, Asia Minor, by fire; 2500 houses and 6 in April, and on the 2d of May the Count | Japan interviewed by Hon. William

H. Se

churches burned. Oct. 26, The Mikado of d'Eu, the Brazilian Commander-in-Chief, had a magnificent reception

at Rio de Ja- ward. Nov. 8, Tartar insurrection in Mongo

neiro. In September, a revolution occurred
at Asuncion. Rivarola was deposed, and

Senor Machain was made Provisional 'Gov-
ernor by a convention of deputies.

Feb. 9, Defeat of a negro army in Senegal March 9, Terrible tornado at Buenos Ayres; by French troops. During the year there the city submerged, and many lives lost. was general interest excited in Europe and April ii, Assassination of General Urquiza, America over the reports of the wonderful ex-Dictator of the Argentine Confederation; success of the miners in the diamond digginga 27, Capture of Caraccas, in Venezuela, by on the Vaal River, Transvaal Republic, in General Blanco; retreat of President Mona South-Africa. The effect was to attract thi. gas. May 1, Beginning of the Lopez-Jordanther a large number of emigrants from all rebellion in the Argentine Confederation. I parts of the world.




son Burlingame, Minister from China to Dec. 24, 1869, Edwin M. Stanton, late Sec. 48. March 1, Francisco Solano Lopez, Presiretary of War, at Washington, aged 55. Jan. dent of Paraguay, aged 43; ?, J. J. Paul, 1, 1870, Benjamin F. Hopkins, M.C., at Madi- Venezuelan Minister to the United States, at son, Wis.; 3, General Stephen McGroarty, Washington, aged 45; 12, Charles, Count of at Cincinnati ; 4, William L. Goggin, ex-M. Montalembert, in France, aged 60; 26, ExC., at Richmond, Va., aged 63; 9, John United States Senator Pierre Soule, at NewHuyler, ex-M.C., (murdered,) at Hackensack, Orleans, aged 69. April 3, Albert Rust, exN. J., aged 61; 14, Ex-Governor John A. M.C., from Arkansas; 11, General Justo José Barry, of Michigan, aged 68; 14, Ex-United de Urquiza, ex-Dictator of the Argentine States Senator Charles Durkee, at Omaha, Confederation, (assassinated,) in Entre Rios; Neb., aged 63; 15, Baron C. Von Becke, 22, Ex-Governor Austin A. King, of MisAustrian Minister of Finance ; 17, Ex-United souri, at St. Louis, aged 70; 24, Count F. de States Senator James S. Green, at St. Louis, la Billardiere, Grand Chancellor of the Leaged 63; 18, William Radford, ex-M.C., at gion of Honor, at Paris; 26, Alexandre Yonkers, N. Y., aged 57; 20, President Turin Thomas Marie, Ex-Minister of Public Works, Salnave, of Hayti, (executed,) at Port au at Paris, aged 73; 28, William Montgomery, Prince, aged 43; 26, Sir Charles H. Darling, ex-M.C., at Washington, Pa., aged 51; 30, late Governor of British Columbia, in Lon-William Clapp, at St. Albans, Vt., aged 59 don, aged 61; 27, Achille, Duke of Broglie, May 8, James Platt, at Oswego, N. Y., aged ex-Premier of France, at Paris, aged 85. 83; 8, Ex-United States Senator Lawrence Feb. 3, Ex-Governor' Allen Trimble, of Brainerd, of Vermont, at Montpelier, Vt., Ohio, at Hillsboro, O., aged 77; 5, True- aged 86; 9, General Robert Wilson, at St. man 'H. Hoag, M.C., of Ohio, at Washing. Louis, Mo., aged 68; 10, Abel François Villeton; 7, Governor Peter T. Washburn, of main, at Paris, aged' 80, 11, Count Ernest de Vermont, at Woodstock, aged 55; 23, An-1 Stockelberg, Russian Ambassador to France, at Paris; 11, General Juan E.Falcon, ex-Presi. Virginia ; 17, R. C. Gilliam, M.C., from Northdent of' Venezuela; 22, Signor L. Pasini, Carolina, at Oxford, N. C. 19, Ezekiel BaVice-President of the Italian Senate, at Flo- con, ex-M.C., from Massachusetts, (in Conrence; 23, Sir John Simeon, M.P., at London, gress from 1807 to 1812,) at Utica, N. Y., aged 55; 26, Ex-United States Senator and aged 94; 20, Hon. John Rolfe, Canadian Judge Richard S. Field, at Princeton, N. J., Statesman, aged 84; 29, Pierre Jules Baroche, aged 65; 26, John A. Granger, at Canandaigua, French Statesman, at St. Helen's,

Jersey, N. Y., aged 75; 29, General Lorda, Cuban aged 68; 21, Wilson Shaefer, Governor of Minister of War and Marine, at Los Guiros, Utah Territory, at Salt Lake City. Nov. 27, Cuba, June 1, John Cramer, at Watertown, Ex-United States Senator John H. Clarke, N. Y., aged 92; 2, Cornelius Holland, ex-M. of Rhode Island ; 27, Julius Avery, in IlliC., at Canton, Maine, aged 8?; 7, Pedro, nois; 28, James Stewart Wortley, M.P., in Marquis d'Olinda, Brazilian Minister of State, England; 30, Isaiah Blood, New-York State aged 80; 14, Thomas D. Eliot, ex-M.C., at Senator, at Ballston, N. Y., aged 60. Dec. 5, New-Bedford, Mass., aged 64 ; 17, Charles E. Hiram Walbridge, ex-M.C., at New-York, Costa. Senator of France, at Paris, aged 65; aged 49; 5, David G. Burnet, ex-President of 17, Ferdinand Barrot, at Paris; 18, C. c. the Republic of Texas, at Galveston, aged Crowe, ex-Governor of New-Mexico; 18, E. 83; 6,' Ex-United States Senator Bedford M. Holbrook, ex-M.C., (assassinated.) at Brown, of North-Carolina, in Tazewell Co., Idaho City; 25, David Heaton, M.C., from N. C., aged 75. North-Carolina, at Washington, D.D.; 26, Armand Barbes, French Republican writer

Lawyers. and politician ; 26. The Earl of Clarendon, British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Dec. 5, 1869, Judge Samuel S. Nicholas, at at London, aged 70; 28, Senor C. José Morales Louisville, Ky., aged 73; 21, Claude Alphonse Lemus, Cuban Agent in the United States, Delangle, at Paris, aged 72; 30, Judge John at Brooklyn, N. Y. July 2, Henry M. D'Arcy Olney, at Catskill, N. Y. Jan.'9, 1870, John Irvine, leader of the Orangemen, at Dublin; Tidd Pratt, at London, aged 83; 22, Right 15, United States Senator Daniel S, Norton, Hon. Edward Lytton, Master in Chancery, of Minnesota, at Washington, D.C.,

aged 41; in Ireland, aged 82; 24, Thomas Ruffin, sen., 16, General Thomas L. Price, ex-M.C.,

at Jef- ex-Chief-Justice of North-Carolina, aged 83; ferson

City, Missouri ; 16, Ex Lieutenant-Go- 25, Alfred Hennon, at New Orleans, aged 84; vernor Robert Campbell, at Bath, N. Y.; 16, 27, Ex-Judge Edward L. Hearne, at Far RockGeorge Ashman, ex-M.C., at Springfield, away, N. Y., aged 68. Feb. 1, Ex Judge James Mass., aged 66 ; 16, Gideon Hawley, at Al- Moncrief, of the Superior Court, at Newbany, N. Y., aged 85 ; 16, Andrew J. Fletcher, York, aged 48; Feb. 6, General Mimin Wharin Tennessee, aged 51; 19, John T. Stoddart, ton, at Philadelphia, aged 64; 21,

Ex-Chiefex-M.C., in Charles County, Maryland, aged Justice Joel Hinman, of Connecticut, at Che80; 20, 'Lucien A. Prevost-Paradol, French shire, Ct., aged 68. March 14, George R. J. Minister at Washington, aged 41; 21, Cheva- Bowdoin, American lawyer, at London, aged lier C. F. de Loosey, Austrian Consul-Gene. 61. April 25, Richard Yeadon, at Charleston, ral, at New-York, aged 60. Aug. 6. George S. C., aged 67; 25, Ex-Judge Abraham D. T. Cobb, of New-Jersey, killed by railroad ac- Russell, at New-York, aged 68; 27, Patrick cident in Virginia, aged 61; 8, Sir John Henry Aylett, at Richmond, Va. May 2, Thwaits, of the Metropolitan (London) Board William H. Dulaney, at Richmond, Va. 14, of Works, aged 65; 12, Major B. B. French, Franklin T. Backus, at Cleveland,'0. June at Washington, D. C. ; 12, General Lyman 26, Francis B. Cutting, at New-York, aged Edwards, of New-Jersey ; 19, John P. Ken- 65. July 12, John Alexander Kinglake, nedy, ex-Secretary of the Navy, at Newport, Sergeant and M.P., at London, aged 65; 12, R. 1., aged 75; 20, Joshua F. Bell, ex-M.C., Sir George M. Gifford, Lord Justice of Apat Danville, Ky. ; 22, Lieutenant-Governor peals, at London, aged 57; 19, Aaron VanA. J. Applegate, at Mobile, Ala.; 25, Mar- derpoel, at New-York, aged 72; 20, Ex. quis of Hertford, at Paris, aged 70; 29, Gus. Judge Robert M. Martin. of Maryland, at tave Struve, the German Radical writer, aged Saratoga Springs, aged 72. Aug. 14, Gren65.. Sept. 6, John L. Taylor, ex.M.C., from ville T. Jenks, of Brooklyn, N Y.,

at SaraOhio, at Washington, D. C., aged 70: 7, Colo- toga Springs; 14, Right Hon. John Hatchell, nel James Monroe, ex-M.C. from New York, Dublin, aged '87? 23. Sir Frederick Pollock, at Orange, N. J., aged 71; 7, Lord North ex-Chief Baron of the Exchequer, in Eng. broke, (lost in the Captain,) aged 44; 16, Hic land, aged 87. Sept. 21,

Judge W. Y. Ghol. ram Ketcham, at New-York, aged 78; 16, John son, at Cincinnati; 26, Robert C. Grier, ex. L. Dawson, ex-M.C., from Pennsylvania, Justice of the Supreme Court of the United aged 57; 18, Sir Henry F. E. Young, Go- States, at Philadelphia, aged 77. Oct. 11, vernor of Tasmania, at London, aged 62; 19, Thomas c. Perkins, at Hartford, Ct.; 12, Hezekiah D. Robertson, at Bedford, N. Y., Ex-Judge Gilbert Dean, at Poughkeepsie, aged 42; 27, Ex-Governor William F. Packer, N. Y.: 15, William Hume Blake, at Toronto. at Williamsport, Pa., aged 64. Oct. 3, Henry Nov. 28, H. R. Welch, at Hartford, Ct. Buck, of South-Carolina, at Saratoga Springs, aged 70; 5, Ex-Governor Samuel Cony, of

Soldiers. Maine, at Angusta, Me.; 9, Ex-Governor Mordecai Bartley, of Ohio, at Mansfield, O., Dec. 20, 1869, Marshal Regnault de St. aged 84: 17, Robert Ridgeway, M.C., from 1 Jean d'Angely, at Paris, aged 73; 20, General Sir David Capon, K.C.B., at Lon-phen Champlin, U. S. N., one of the heroes don, aged 77; 30, Napoleon Mortier, Duke of of the battle of Lake Erie, at Buffalo, aged Treviso, (son of Marshal Mortier,) in France, 85; 26, Admiral Sir Henry J. Leeke, K.C.B., aged 66. Jan. 7, 1870, Major-General Joseph aged 80. April 16, Commodore Richard W. A. Mower, Commanding Department of Meade, U. S. N., at Brooklyn, aged 63. July Louisiana, at New Orleans; 9, General Sir 12, Rear-Admiral John A. Dahlgren, U.S. N., De Lacy Evans, at London, aged 82; 17, at Washington, aged 60; 12, Admiral şir General Sir John A. Clark, K.C.B., at Charles Burrard, at Lyndhurst, England, Dublin, aged 74. Feb. 18, Lieut.-General aged 77; 16, Admiral Lewis Holmes, oldest Sir Charles A. Windham, Commander-in- survivor of Trafalgar, at Newport, England, chief of the British army in Canada, aged 60. aged 92. Aug. 11, Commodore "Junius J. March 1, Colonel Leopold Von Gilsa, late Boyle, U. S. N., at Norfolk, Va.; 14, AdU.S. A., at New-York; 16, Brig.-General miral David

G. Farragut, U. S. N., at PortsJames W. Ripley, U. S. A., at Hartford, mouth, N. H., _aged 69. Nov. 1, Captain Ct., aged 76; 29, Major-General George Napoleon B. Harrison, U. S. N., at Key H. Thomas, U. S. A., at San Francisco, aged West, Fla.,

aged 47. Dec. 17, Rear-Admiral 54. April 27, Ex-Confederate Major-General Samuel L. Breeze, U. S.N., at Philadelphia; Thomas H. Wilcox, at Richmond, Va. May 19, Commodore William H. Gardner, U.B.N., 3, Field-Marshal Hess, Austrian Army, at at Philadelphia, aged 70. Vienna, aged 82; 7, General Domingo de Goicouria, (executed,) the Cuban chief, at

Clergymen. Havana; 9, General of Division De Lawoes. tine, Governor of the Hôtel des Invalides, at December 18, 1869, Cardinal F. Pentini, at Paris, aged 84; 16, Major-General J. Egbert Rome; 23, Cardinal Charles de Reisch,' in Farnum, late U.S. V., at New-York, aged Savoy, aged 70; 24, Right Rev. James Prince 46; 17, 'General of Division M. A. Goyon, Lee, D.D., Bishop of Manchester, England, at 'Paris, aged 68; 30, Brigadier-General aged 66; 27, Rev. Baron Stow, D.D., at Caldwell R. Hall, late U. S. V., at Trenton, Boston, aged 68. Jan. 18, 1870, Right Rev. N. J., aged 31.' June 2, Captain Charles Carlton Chase, D.D., Episcopal Bishop of Duncan Cameron, (the Abyssinian captive) New Hampshire, at Claremont, N. H.; 22, at Geneva, Switzerland ; 21, Lieutenant Rev. James B. Hardenbergh, D.D., at NewGeneral E. D. H. Napier, British army: York, aged 70; 28, Right Rev. Hamilton July 4, Brevet Major-General Joseph E Verschoyle, D.D.,

Bishop of Kilmore, IreHamblin, late U. S. V., at New-York;, 19 land, aged 67. February 22, Right Rev. Brigadier-General W. T. H. Brooke, late Ashurst F. Gilbert, D.D., Bishop of ChichesU.S. V., at Huntsville, Alabama. Aug. 4, ter, England, aged 84; 26, Cardinal Lonis de General of Division Abel Douay, (at Weissem- Bonald, Archbishop of 'Lyons, at Rome, burg,) French army; 5, Major-General Ethan aged 82: 28, Right Rev. Thomas G. Hatchard, Allen Hitchcock, late U. S. A., at Hancock, D.D., Bishop of Mauritius, aged 52. March Ga., aged 72; 8, General Sir William Wood, 4. Rev. John McClintock, Þ.B., President of K.C.B., at London, aged 89;. 16-19, During Drew Theological Seminary, at Madison, the battles around Metz the following gene N. J., aged 56; 6, Very Rev. R. S. Baker, rals were killed : Generals Legrand and D.D., at Charleston, Š. C., aged 63; 16, Montain, of the French army; Generals Right Rev. Thomas Parry, D.D., Bishop of Dolring and Widel, Counts Westorp and Wes- Barbadoes, in England, aged 75; 22, Rev. dalen, Barons Kleist, Witzleben, and Grimm, Edward Thomson, D.D. Bishop of the Meof the German army; 26, Field-Marshal Sir thodist Episcopal Church, at Wheeling, Alexander George Woodford, G.C.B., Gov. W. V., aged 50;

31, Rev. Archibald C. Foss, ernor of Chelsea Hospital, aged 87; 27, at Clarens, Switzerland. April 4, Rev. NaBrigadier-Genera! Edward' G. Lee,


thaniel L. Frothingham, D.D., at Boston, c. 3. A., in Virginia. Sept. 2, Count Fla- aged 77; 5, Rev. Calvin Kingsley, D.D., hault de la Billarderie, at Paris, aged 85. Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church Oct. 12, General Robert Edmund Lee, late at Beyrout, aged 58 ; 10, Rev. Theron BaldCommander-in-thief of the Confederate win, D.D., at Orange, N. J.; 25, Right Rev: armies, at Lexington, Va., aged 63. Nov. 2, R. J. Eden, Lord Auckland, Bishop of Bath Brigadier-General W. F. Brantly, ex-Con- and Wells, England, aged 71; 27, President federate officer, (assassinated,) at Winona, John Young, Mormon Patriarch, at Salt Lake Miss. Dec. 2. General Lachariere, of the city, aged 78; 30, Mgr. Cook, Roman CathoFrench army, (battle of the Marne.)

lic Bishop of Three Rivers, Canada, aged

78. May 12, Rev. George C. Beckwith, D.D., Naval Commanders.

at Boston; 16, Rev. Thomas Dale, 'D.D.,

Canon of St. Paul's, London ; 24, Right Rev. Dec. 29, 1869, Admiral Sir Watkin Q. Pell, Jackson Kemper, D.D., Bishop of WisconBritish navy, at Greenwich, England, aged sin; 26, Rev. Isaac Collins, at Baltimore, 82. Jan. 3, 1870, Admiral Sir Thomas Hast- aged 81. June 4, Right Rev. Thomas Grant, ings, K.C.B., aged 80 ; 21, Admiral Sir George Roman Catholic Bishop of Southwark, at Francis Seymour, G.C.B., Admiral of the Rome, aged 54; 20, Rev. Bernard H. Nadal, Fleet, at London, aged 83; 24, Commander D.D., LL.D., at Madison, N. J., aged 55; 28, Edward P. Williams, of the United States The Venerable William Hale, Archdeacon of corvette Oneida, drowned near Yokohama, London, aged 75. July 1, Right Rev. John Japan, aged 40. Feb. 20, Commodore Ste- | Derry, D.D., Roman Catholic Bishop of

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Clonfert, Ireland; 8, Right Rev. Charles writer, at Salisbury, Eng, aged 53. Feb. 10, Leslie, D.D., Bishop of Kilmore, Ireland, Gangiran Nanteuil, the oldest dramatic auaged 59 ; 28, Right Rev. Niel McCabe, Roman thor in France, aged 96; 10, Rev. Charles Catholic Bishop of Ardagh, Ireland. Sept. Townsend, poet, the intimate companion of 9, Rev. Nathan Lord, D.D., ex-President of Scott and Wordsworth, died in England; Dartmouth College, aged 17; 25, Rev. Na- 17, William Willis, the historian of Portland, than Colver, D.D., at Chicago. October 10, Me. March 12, Robert D. Holmes, Masonic Cardinal Maria Mattei, Dean of the College writer, at New-York, aged 51 ; 14, William of Cardinals, at Rome, aged 78; 13, Rev. Brough, dramatist, at London, aged 41; 18, Stephen G. Bullfinch, D.D., at Cambridge, Gulian C. Verplanck, author and statesman, Mass. Nov. 10, Rev. D. Howe Lane, D.D., at New-York, aged 84. April 12, Auguste Liat Granville, O., aged 65; 26, Rev. B. P. reux, dramatic critic, at Paris, aged 60. May Stone, D.D., at Concord, N. H., aged 70; 15, Winthrop Sargent, at Paris; 20, John 29, Father Thomas Treanor, at New-York. Henry Parker, F.S.A., in England, aged 64; Déc. 9, Rev. Pryce Peacock, A.M., Archdea 23, Mark Lemon, Editor of Punch, at London, con of Limerick ; 23, Rev. Collins Stone, at aged 61 ; 23, G. S. Trebutien, at Caen, France, Hartford, Ct., aged 58;, 24, Rev. Albert aged 70. June 1, Cyrus Redding, in England, Barnes, D.D., at Philadelphia, aged 72. aged 85; 9, David Wilson, author of Solo

mon Northrop," at Albany, N. Y., aged 52; 9, Journalists.

Charles Dickens, at Gadshill, Kent, aged 58

11, William Gilmore Simms, at Charleston, Jan. 10, Victor Noir, of the Paris Marseil. S. C., aged 64. July 9, Augustus B. Longlaise, (assassinated,) at Paris, aged 20; 22, street, LL.D., author of “Georgia Scenes;" George D. Prentice, of the Louisville Jour- 29, Rev. Henry Griffin Williams, Arabic

Pronal, at Louisville, Ken., aged 68; 28, Charles fessor in the University of Cambridge, Eng. 0. Faxon, of the Louisville Journal, at Aug. 17, Rabbi Michael Lansberger, eminent Clarkesville, Tenn., aged 45; 31, Gonzalo German scholar. Sept. 17, John Edmund Castanon, of the Havana Voz de Cuba, (as- Reade, poet, at Salterton, Eng., aged 70;. 23, sassinated,) at Key West, Fla. Feb. 17, Henry Prosper Merimee, author, poet, and historian, E. Sweetser, of the New-York World, at at Cannes, aged 67. Oct, 22, Mrs. A. C. WakeNow-York, aged 83. March 11, Samuel F: field, author of "Over the River," at WinWilson, of the New Orleans Picayune, aged chendon, Mass. Nov. 15, Professor Edward 6); 19, George Wakeman, of the New-York W. Root, of Hamilton College, N. Y., aged 29. World, aged 33. April 11, Daniel Morrison, of the Toronto Telegraph, at Toronto; 27,

Scientists. Hugh Rose Pleasants, of the Richmond

Whig, at Richmond, aged 53 ; 27, Dr. John B. Brock, of the Richmond Enquirer,at Richmond, aged 60. April 30, Zerah Colburn, civil engineer,

March 13, Dr. James Swain, at Paris, aged 35; 27, Samuel A. Eaton, at Richmond, Va. May 10, Nestor Roqueplan, at Paris, aged 65; at Boston, aged 38. May 7, Sir James Y. 12, Captain J. H. Johnson, of the Louisville Simpson, Bart., M.D.,

at London, aged 59. Courier, (“Yuba Dam,") at Louisville, aged

June 14, Rev. Thomas Luby, mathemati

29, Professor James 39; 12, Howard C. Burr, of the New-York cian, at Dublin ; World. at Washington, D. C.; 16, Enoch B. Syme, anatomist, at Edinburgh, aged 70. Borden, of the Trenton, N. J., State Gazette; logist, at Lucca, Italy,, aged 64 ; 23,

July 13, Alexander H. Haliday, entomo22, Samuel Hazard, at Philadelphia, aged 86 ; Benjamin Thorpe, philologist, in Eng25, George W. Demers, of the Albany, N. Y; land; 26, Herr Grafe, celebrated German Journal, aged 34. June 6, Rev. David Reed, oculist. Sept. 7, Captain Cowper Phipps of the Boston Christian Register, aged 79. Cole, British navy inventor of turret Sept. 1, Lieutenant-Col. Christopher P. Pemberton, of the

London Times, (killed at se ships of war, aged 81, (lost in the Captain ;) dan ;) 12, Fitz-Hugh Ludlow, at Geneva, Swit- 12 Captain Hugh T. Burgoyne, British navy, zerland; 18, Jules Duval, of the Journal des lost in the Captain :) 16, Thomas Ewbank,

Debats, at Paris, aged 57; 24, Dr. Charles ethnologist, at New-York. Oct. 2, Baron c. H. Ray, of the Chicago Post. Oct. 5, De Witt A. Von Hugel, botanist and traveler, at BrusVan Buren, of the New-York Leader, aged sels, aged 75. 30; 8, Cornelius Wendell, formerly of Washington, at Northampton, Mass. Nov. 1, Dr.

Physicians. Charles T. Kell, of the Philadelphia Freie Presse ; 2, John Stanton, (“Corry O'Lanus,'') Dec. 20, 1869, Dr. John Grant Stewart, Diof the Brooklyn Eagle, aged 38; 15, Calvin rector-General of the Medical Department, W. Starbuck, of the Cincinnati Times. Dec. British navy. Jan. 3, 1870, Mrs. Charlotte 8, William Beals, of the Boston Post, aged 86. B, Lozier, M.D., at New-York, aged 36;.

25, Professor Benjamin W. Dudley, M.D., Authors.

at' Louisville, Ken., aged 83. Feb. 16, Dr.

John Bright, oldest Fellow of the Royal Dec. 23, 1869, Frederick S. Cozzens, at College of Physicians, London, aged 87. Brooklyn, N. Y., aged 51 ; Jan. 9, 1870, Rev. March 1, Dr. Thomas Dillard, surgeon U. 8. Gilbert Ainslic, D.D., Master of Pembroke army, at Philadelphia, aged 70. . May 22, Dr. College, Cambridge, Eng., aged 77; 18, Carrabus, famous French physician, at Paris. Rev. Rowland Williams, D.D. theological | June 29, Sir James Clark, physician to the


Queen, at London, aged 82. July 15, Dr. John Brougham, actress, at New-York. July James Copeland, eminent medical writer, in 6, James W. Lingard, ex-manager of the England. Sept. 5, Dr. Gunning S. Bedford, Bowery Theatre, New-York, aged 47; 12, Sen., at New-York, aged 64.

Claude Hamilton, at Washington, D. C. ; 13,

John Cooper, veteran actor, at Tunbridge Financiers.

Wells, England, aged 77; 22, James Duff, at

Brooklyn, N. Y.; 27, John Bates, Theatre Feb. 19, Baron Nathaniel Rothschild, at manager, at Cincinnati, aged 75. Sept. 2, Paris, aged 58. May 6, Edmund Antiobus, Henry Wallack, veteran actor, at New-York, Sen., of the house of Coutts & Co., at Lon- aged 70; 22, Charles T. Parsloe, Sen., pantodon.

mimist,' at New-York, aged 66. Nov. 3, Merchants.

Charles Peters, comedian, at New York,

aged 35. Dec. 20, George Holland, comedian, Feb. 3, Henry A. Wilmerding, at New. at New-York, aged 80; 25, Miss Fannie York, aged 68; 23, Samuel® May, at Stockton, vocalist and actress, at New-York. Boston, Mass., aged 94. April 7, James De Peyster Ogden, at New-York, aged 81;

Noted Women. 21, Tilden R. Selmes, at Quiney, III., aged 66. Sept. 7, Peter Parker, at Bus- Jan. 26, Fraulein Ida Pfeiffer, the traveler ton. Oct. 14, Abraham M. Bininger, at and authoress, at Berlin, aged 25. Feb. 14, New-York, aged 71. Dec. 22, 8. Morris Barbara Ubryk, the nun of Cracow, recently Wain, at Philadelphia, aged 63.

released after twenty years' imprisonment.

April 13, Mrs. Theresa A. L. Robinson, Artists and Composers. (“. Talvi,'') poetess, at Hamburg, Germany. Dec. 18, 1869, Louis M. Gottschalk, com- known teacher, at Troy, N. Y., aged 84. July

aged 73; 15, Mrs. Emma Willard, the wellposer, at Rio de Janeiro, aged 40.. Jan. 1, 29, Anna Cora Mowatt Ritchie, authoress 1870, Thomas Creswick, R.A., painter, at and actress, in England, aged 49. Nov. 6, London, aged 59 ; 9, Lefebure Wely, organist and composer, at Paris, aged 52. aged 91.

Mrs. Mary Ellet, authoress, at Philadelphia, March 8, Iguace Moscheles, composer, in Germany, aged 76. April 10, Edward J.

Royal Personages. Kuntze, sculptor, at New-York, aged 44; 13, Charles Augustus de Berlioz, composer and Jan. 30, Leopold II., ex-Grand Duke of pianist, at Brussels, aged '69; 25, Da- Tuscany, at Rome, aged 73; March 12, niel Maclise, R.A., painter, at London, Prince Henry of Bourbon, killed in a duel aged 59. Muy 19, David Octavius Hill, R.A. with the Duke of Montpensier, at Madrid, painter, at Edinburgh, aged 68.

July 11, aged 47. April 18, Caroline, Duchess of Gustave Simoneau, painter, in Belgium, Berry, mother of the Count of Chambord, aged 60; 30, James B. Pyne, landscape- (Henry V. of France,) in Austria, aged 72; painter, in England, aged 70. Oct. 3, Joseph 29, Prince Anatole Demidoff, at Paris, aged Mozier, sculptor, in Switzerland;_21, Mi. 58. Aug. 16, Henri XVI., Prince of Reusschael William Balfe, composer, in England, Schleiss, (at Mars-le-Tour:) 18, Prince Felix aged 62. Dec. 2, Col. W. D. 'Washington, 1 of Salm-Salm, aged 45, (at. Gravelotte.) painter, Lexington, Va.; 14, Robert E. Lau. Sept. 19, Princess Amelie, sister to the nitz, sculptor, New York, aged 64.

King of Saxony, dramatic and musical

authoress, aged "76; 20, Queen Dowager of Publishers.

the Sandwich Islands, relict of Kameha.

meha III., at Honolulu.
Feb. 14, Joseph W. Harper, of the house
of Harper Brothers, at Brooklyn, aged 70.

May 17, Eliakim Littell, founder of Littell 8
Living Age, at Brookline, Mass., aged 78; Jan. 22, John H. Stevens,

millionaire, at 26, Nathaniel Willis, (father of N. B. Wil- Newark, N. J., 82. Feb. 3, Horace Binney, lis,) at Boston, aged 90 ; 27, William W. Jr., President of the Loyal League of PhilaSpencer, at Boston.

delphia; 6, Scnor Oviedo, of "diamond

wedding” notoriety, in Cuba; 8, Matthew Actors and singers.

D. Green, prominent sporting character, at

New-York, aged 58 years; 14, John La Dec. 20, 1869, Rosa Cellini, opera singer, Mountain, aeronaut, at South-Bend, Ind., at New-York, aged 39; 26, John H. Oxley, aged 41. March 12, Henry H. Leeds, welltragedian, at New-York. January 15, 1870, known auctioneer, at New-York, aged 69; Pierre Levassor, comedian, at Paris, aged 62; | 14, Dr. John Radway, the patent medicine 17, Leigh Murray, comedian, at' London, man, at New-York, aged 45; 30, Col. Daniel aged 49; 23, Henry Placide, comedian, at E. Delevan, New-York local politician, at Babylon, L. I., aged 70. Feb. 15, Charles Danbury, Ct., aged 62; 31, Ex-Mayor Darang, veteran actor and author, at Phila- William V. Brady, of New-York, aged 69; delphia, aged 70; 24, John Nunan, of the 31, Seth Boynton, inventor, at Middleville, Bowery Theatre, New-York, aged 38. March N. Y., aged 82. April 1, Major-General Hon. 20, James G. Burnett, comedian, at Chicago, Charles Gray, Private Secretary to Queen aged 51.

April 4, Edwin N. Thayer, come Victoria, at London, aged 66; 10, Charles dian, at Philadelphia, aged 73. May 4, Mrs. I Green, aeronaut, at London, aged 85; 13, Don

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