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U.S. Volunteer Life-Saving Corps.

(Incorporated and Organized in most of the States.) Oficers-James R. Howe, President; Ernest H. Liebbers, Jr., Secretary; K. F. Mehrtens, Assistant Secretary; Wm. P. Jackson, 'Treasurer; George A. Thormann, General Superintendent, 63-65 Park Row, New York,

The l'ulted States Volunteer Life Saving ('orps has 2,000 patroled stations and 22,000 enrolled members, all expert swimmers, yachtsmen and boatmen, with about 6,000 boats, from dories to expensive sall, steam, naphtha and gasolene launches. It has twenty life boats of its own in Greater New York, three in New York State, one in Connecticut, one thirty foot launch, two row boats and two canoes in Rhode Island, four dories in Massachusetts.

The corps is well organized in New York State, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, District of Columbia and Pennsylvania, with minor organizations throughout the other States as far west as California. It has saved 7,002 lives, has been giving free instructions in swimming in both male and female departments of all the Public Free Baths of Greater New York, and has built five life-saving stations throughout the Greater City.

The corps furnishes its various crews, free of charge, according to the funds available for the various districts and departments, ring life preservers, metallic life preservers, ice balls, medicine chests, flags, signs, charts and boats, and builds life-saving stations at the most dangerous points. It is supported wholly by voluntary contributions with the exception of the Departments of Greater New York, Yonkers and Rhode Island, which are aidea by appropriations from the cities and States, respectively.

The Department of Greater New York is particularly well organized, and is divided into sixteen commodores' and forty-eight vice-commodores' districts, containing 640 patroled stations, with 7,000 members and 1,200 boats devoted to its life-saving work.

LIFE-SAVING STATIONS IN CREATER NEW YORK. Officers in command of the Greater New York Districts are as follows:

BOROUGH OF THE BRONX. District N. 1-Tort Morris to Fort Schuyler on the Sound. Acting Commodore, Vice-Commodore Charles Stahl, 85 Russell Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.

District No. 2 - Fort Schuyler to City Line. Commodore Aug. G. Miller, Tremont Avenue and Theriot Street, Bronx.

District No. 3-All the Harlem River from Port Morris to Spuyten Duyvil, then to Mount St. Vincent or City Line on the Hudson. Vice-Commodore E. Harry Seixas, 7 Lincoln Street, Westchester; Vice-Commodore Chas. Garland, White House, Harlem River.

BOROUGH OF MANHATTAN. District No. 4-Spuyten Duyvil on Manhattan Island to 100ch Street on the Hudson) ('ommodore Edw. A. Trede, 4322 Broadway, Manhattan,

District No.5--100th Street on Hudson, south to Barge Office, including Governor's Island, Ellis Island and Bedloe's Island. Commodore James A. Lee, Elis Island Hospital; Vice-Commodore Robert P. Parrott, care Columbia Yacht Club, foot West 86th Street, Manhattan.

District No. 6-Barge Office to 100th Street, East River. Acting Vice-Commodore J. Dempsey, 12 Stone Street, Manhattan; Vice-Commodore Henry Mason, 318 East 9th Street, Manhattan; Vice-Commodore Emanuel Hirsh, 1912 Third Avenue, Mauhatian.

District No. 7-100th Street, East River through the Harlem River to Spuyten Duyvil on the Hudson River. 'Vice-Commodore Geo. Schmidt, 2920 81h Avenue, Manhattan; Vice-Commodore Fred Nobis, Dyckman Street and Speedway, Manhattan.

BOROUGH OF BROOKLYN. District No. 8-Broad Channel Station on trestle, Jamaica Bay, following the line of trestle (West side) (Hammels excepted) to Ramblers ville, then around the Bay, including all the rest of the Bay, Old Mill, Canarsie, Bergen Beach, Plum Island, Barren Island, Breakwater, etc. Commodo re John G. Torborg, 1043 Liberty Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.

District No. 9-Coney Island in its entirety, Vice-Commodore Jas. Brennan, foot West 320 Street, Coney Island.

District No. 10-End of Emmons Avenue and Knapp Street, on mainland side of Sheepshead Bay to 39th Street Ferry, Commodore Charles Huson, 16 Bay 230 street, Brooklyn, N. Y.

District No. 12-Newtown Creek, up East River through Hell Gate to City Line, including Little Neck Bay. Cominodore J. M. Finch, *137 Main Street, Astoria, L, I,

BOROUGH OF QUEENS. District No. 13-Jamaica Bay, east side of trestle to City Line, Rockaway shore excepted. Under direct supervision of Headquarters.

District No. 14-The Rockaways, from Hammels on the trestle, along shore Jamaica Bay side to Rockaway Point, around Point, along Ocenu side to point opposite Hammels ou trestle, Commodore William Matty, Kieley Avenue, Rockaway.

District No. 15--Both siores of Rockaway, east from Hammels to Far Rockaway or City Line, including Arverne, Edgemere, etc. Vice-Commodore W. W. Minnis, 36 Kane Avenue, Hammels, Rockaway.

BOROUGH OF RICHMOND, District No. 16-Staten Island in its entirety, Commodore John R. Ford, Port Richmond, Staten Island


Soldiers' Homes. NATIONAL HOME FOR DISABLED VOLUNTEER SOLDIERS. President of the Board of Managers... Maj. James W. Wadsworth, 346 Broadway, New York City, N.Y. Secretary..

..Col.W.P. Brownlow, Jonesboro, Tenn. There are branches of the National Home at Dayton, O.; Milwaukee, Wis.: Togns, Me.; Hampton, Va.; Leavenworth, Kan.; Santa Monica, Cal.; Marion, Ind., Danville, 11., Johúson City, Tenn. and Hot Springs, S. Dak. The aggregate number of members cared for is about 30,000.

REQUIREMENTS FOR ADMISSION. 1. An honorable discharge from the United States service during a war in which it was engaged. 2. Disability which prevents the applicant from earning his living by labor.

3. Applicants for admission will be required to stipulate and agree to abide by all the rules and regulations made by the Board of Managers, or by its order; to perform all duties required of them, and to obey all the lawful orders of the officers of the Home. Attention is called to the fact that by the law establishing the Home the members are made subject to the Rules and Articles of War, and will be governed thereby in the same manner as if they were in the Army of the United States.

4. A soldier or sailor must forward with his application for admission his Discharge Paper, and when he is a pensioner, his Pension Certificate, and if he has been a member of a State Home, he must be honorably discharged from that Home six months, before his application will be considered; which papers will be retained at the branch to which the applicant is admitted, to be kept there for him, and returned to him when he is discharged. This rule is adopted to prevent the loss of such papers and certificates, and to hinder fraudulent practices; and no application will be considered unless these papers are sent with it. If the original discharge does not exist, a copy of discharge, certified by the Waror Navy Department, or by the Adjutant-General of the State, must accompany the application,

There are State Homes for disabled volunteer soldiers provided by the States of California, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire New Jersey, New York, North Dakota Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Islaud, South Dakota, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.


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California.. Yountville.

Minnesota Minnehaha. North Dakota.. Lisbon. Colorado.. Monte Vista. Missouri

St. James Ohio..

Saudusky. Connecticut Noroton Heights Montana.. Columbus Falls Oregon


Nebraska Grand Island. Pennsylvania.. Erie.
Nebraska. Milford.

Rhode Island.. Bristol.
N. Hampshire. Tilton.

South Dakota, Hot Springs
Marshalltown. New Jersey Kearny.

Vermont Bennington. Kansas Fort Dodge. New Jersey. Vineland.

Washington.. Orting. Massachusetts.. Chelsea.

New York Bath.

Wisconsin Waupaca. Michigan. Grand Rapids. New York. Oxford.

Wyoming.. Cheyenne. UNITED STATES HOME FOR REGULAR ARMY SOLDIERS. The United States Soldiers' Home in the District of Columbia receives and maintains discharged soldiers of the regular army. All soldiers who have served twenty years as enlisted men in the army (including volunteer service, if any), and all soldiers of less than i wenty years' service who have incurred such disability, by wounds, disease, or injuries in the line of duty while in the regular army, as untits them for further service,

are entitled to the benefits of the Home. A pensioner who enters the Home may assign his pension, or any part of it, to his child, wife, or parent, by filing written notice with the agent who pays him. If not so assigned, it is drawn by the treasurer of the Home and held in trust for the pensioner, to whom it is paid in such sums as the commissioners deem proper while he is an inmate of the Home, the balance being paid in full when he takes his discharge and leaves the Home.

Inmates are subject to the Rules and Articles of War, the same as soldiers in the army. They are comfortably lodged, fed, and clothed, and receive medical attendance and medicine, all without cost to them. There are 1, 250 men now receiving the benefits of the Home.

Applications for admission to the Home may be addressed to the Board of Commissioners, Soldiers' Home, War Department, Washington City, D. C.,," and must give date of enlistment and date of discharge, with letter of company and number of regiment for each and every term of service, and rate of pension, if any, and must be accompanied by a medical certificate showing nature and degree of disability if any exists.

National Cemeteries. NATIONAL Cemeteries in which the soldiers of the Civil and Spanish Wars are interred are located at the following places:

Alexandria, La.; Alexandria, Va. ; Andersonville, Ga.; Annapolis, Md. ; Antietam, Ma.; Ar lington, Va.; Balls Bluff. Va.; Barrancas, Fla ; Baton Rouge, La.; Battle-Ground, D. C., Beaufort, S. C. ; Beverly, N. J.; Brownsville, Tex. ; Camp Butler, Ill. ; Camp Nelson, Ky. ; Cave Hill, Ky. ; Chalmette, La ; Chattanooga, Teon. ; City Point, Va.; Cold 'Harbor, Va. ; Corinth, Miss. : Crown Hill

, Ind. ;' Culpepper, Va. Custer Battlefield, Mont. Cypress Hills, N. Y. ; Danville, Ky. ; Dan. ville, Va. Fayetteville, Ark. ; Finns Point, N. J.; Florence, S. C.; Fort Donelson, Tenn. Fort Gibson, Ind. T.; Fort Harrison, Va. Fort Leavenworth, Kan.; Fort McPherson, Neb.; Fort Scott, Kan. Fort Smith, Ark. ; Fredericksburg, Va. : Gettysburg, Pa.; Glendale, Va.;

Grafton, W. Va. Hampton, Va., Jefferson Barracks, Mo. ; Jefferson City, Mo. Keokuk, Ia. Knoxville, Tenn.; Lebanon, Ky; Lexington, Ky: Little Rock. Ark., Loudon Park, Md, Marietta, Ga., Memphis, Tenn. ; Mexico City, Mex. ; Mill Springs, Ky.; Mobile, Ala. ; Mound City, III. ; Nashville, Tenn. Natchez, Miss. New Albany. Ind. ; New Berne, N. C. ; Philadelphia, Pa. Poplar Grove, Va., Port Hudson, La. : Quincey, ill. ; Raleigh, N. C.; Richmond, Va. ; Rock Island, Ill. ; St. Augustine, Fla. ; Salisbury, N. C.: San Antonio, Tex; San Francisco, Cal. : Santa

Fé, N. M.; Seven Pines, Va, i Shiloh, Tenn. , Soldiers' Home, D. C.: Springfield, MO.; Staunton, Va.; Stone River, Tegn.; Vicksburg, Miss.; Wilmington, N. C.; Winchester, Va.; Woodlawn, N.'Y.; Yorktown, Va.

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