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REFERENCES: Globe Machine ana Stamping Co., Murray Engineering Co., Morgan
Machine and Engineering Co., Berkshire Specialty Co., Stewart Window Shade Co. Macon
Shear Co., Acme Canopy Co., Lippeneott Pencil Co., Salisbury Tire Association of America,
Inventors' and Investors' Corporation, Oakes Manufacturing Co., Cox Implement Co., Columbus
Buggy Co., National Index Co., By-Products Co., Alabama Brewing Co., National Offset Co.,
Antiseptic Supply Co., Richmond Electric Co., Railway Surface Contact Supplies Co.,
National Electrio Works.

Mr. Parker on November 1, 1903, after having been a member of the Examining Corps of
the U. S. Patent Office for over tive years, resigned his position as Examiner to take up the
practice of patent law.

Address 234 Dietz Building, Washington, D. C.

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ARTIFICIAL LEG Combines all the Latest Improvements. Acknowledged by all wenrers the most durable, comfortable, and easiest to walk on of any leg made. Our large illustrated catalogue, "THE MAKING OF A MAN," sent free on request.

Walk easy

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R. FULLER CO., 15.SOUTH AVENUE Branch Factories


23 W. Swan Street. 17 Bromfi-1.1 Street. 1930 Arch Street.


Trade-Mark, E-C. Copyright, 1904, by W. G. Brownson.
The following diseases are caused by acid in the blood, and are cured by this
ring, which takes from twenty-four hours to two weeks, according to disease and

circumstances. The ring and the acid create an electro-chemical action, removing the acid and curing the disease. Rheumatism -Articular, Inflammatory, Sciatic, Muscular, Gout, Lambago, Neuralgia, Heart, Fever. Rheumatic Paralysis-Typewriters, Pen, Operators, or wherever located. Asthma, Goitre, Blood Cancer, Varicose Veins, Varicocele, St. Vitus's Dance, Nervous Prostration, Acidity of Stomach causing Constipation, Bright's Disease, Sugar Diabetes, Diabetes, Dropsy, Prostatitis, Congestion of Kidneys, Catarrh of Bladder, Gravel, Gall-stone, Store in Bladder, Calculi, Salt-rheum, Psoriasis, Painful and Excessive Monthly Periods, Epilepsy, Chronic Dysentery, Bloody Flax, Nosebleed, and all Internal Hemorrhages. Price, $2.00. Gold-covered, $4.00. By Mail or by Express, Collect on Delivery. Send paper size of finger. Agents wanted at places not taken. Send for additional information. The $2.00 ring is sold on a three weeks' guarantee: ring can be returned and money will be refunded if not satisfactory. Not for sale by jewellers or druggists. Any person who uses our name or copies from our advertising is fraudulently trying to do business on the reputation of this ring.

This ring is not for sale by wholesale houses or any firm advertising cheap rings and can only be obtained from us and our authorized agents.

PEOPLE WHO ARE SUBJECT TO RHEUMATIC, KIDNEY. AND ALL ACID DISEASES HAVE EXPERIMENTED FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS, AND SPENT MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, TAKING AND APPLYING REMEDIES. The time will certainly come when intelligent people will not submit to be experimented with to see if a medicine can be made to cure acid diseases.

Any reputable physician will advise you that a permanent cure in that manner is impossible, as the acid is liable to accumulate again at any time after you quit using the best remedies known to the medical profession. That acid in the blood caused a limited number of diseases has always been admitted, but the knowledge of the fact that an excess of acid is the cause of so many diseases of bitherto unknown pathology has been a revelation to the medical profession, Electricity, if applied continuously, and in the proper proportion, will remove acid from the blood

and this is admitted by all who are good authority in acid diseases. By the use
of the Electro-Chemical Ring the best results are obtained by an electro-chemical
action, as it acts directly on the acid, reducing the intensity and quantity, until
there is no surplus, when the ring will quit working, and will work only when it is
necessary to keep the acid reduced.


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PLAIN, CHASED AND MOTTLED.-No. 12, $2.50. No. 13, $3.50, No. 14 $4.00,

No. 15, $5.00. No. 16, $6.00. No. 17, $7.00. No. 18, $8.00,

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GOLD MOUNTED, CHASED OR PLAIN BANDS.-No. 12. $3.50. No. 13, $4.50.

No. 14, $5.00. No. 15. $6.00. No. 16, $7.00.

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GOLD MOUNTED CAP, PLAIN OR CHASED.--No. 12, $3.50. No. 13, $4,50

No. 14, $5.00. No. 15, $6.00. No. 16, $7.00. No, 17, $8.00. No. 18, $9.00.

742 Marset Street, San Francisco,
The pen with

8 School Street, Boston. 209 state Street, Chicago: 136 st. James Street, Monireal. L, E. Waterman Company, 173 Broadway, N. Y.

12 Golden Lane, London, E. C.

the Clip - Cap

Watermans Ideal Fountain Pen

ferman Silver, 25c.; Sterling Silver, 50c.; 18 Kt. Gold Filled, $1.00; 14 Kt. Solla Gold, $2.00

CLIP-CAP, as shown on cut at left, adds to above prices:

writes differently. Each has some preference in the selection of a pen.” requirements, and the needs of the individual users differ greatly. Almost everybody a luxury, but a necessity; -“Probably there is no article that serves more varied

times, and there are so many places where it is indispensable, that it is no longer

one is lost without a fountain pen. It combines pen and ink so perfectly at all VERYBODY WRITES, and almost everybody should use a fountain pen. Now-a-days

A booklet, published by us, supplied by dealers or sent upon application direct

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GOLD MOUNTED MIDDLE BAND.-No. 12. $3.50. No. 13, $4.50, No. 14, $5.00.

No. 15, $6.00. No, 16, $7.00.

FILIGREE STERLING, BLACK OR CARDINAL.-No. 412, $5.00. No. 414, $7.00.

No. 415, $8.50. No. 416, $9.50. No. 417, $11.00. No. 418, $12.00.

ETCHED STERLING, WITH NAME-PLATE.-No. 212. $5.00. No. 214, $7.00.

No. 215, $8.50. No. 216, $9.50. No, 217, $11.00. No. 218. $12.00.

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