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From 154th Street and 8th Avenue, a two-track subway under 8th Avenne and the
Harlem River to East 162d Street, near Ogden Avenue; thence at a lower level along
East 162d Street to Anderson Avenue to Jerome Avenue, to East 165th Street,

Beginning at Jerome Avenue and East 161st Street, thence a four-track subway through Jerome Avenue to Woodlawn Road, opposite Woodlawn Cemetery.

Beginning in East 1530 Street, near Cromwell Avenue; thence a two-track subway through East 153d Street, under Cromwell Creek to Jerome Avenue, near East 165th

Street. Route 16—(Bronx Avenue "L"')., A three-track elevated road on Jerome Avenue, from Clarke

Place to Woodlawn Road, opposite Woodlawn Cemetery. Route 17—(Bronx and Crosstown). A two-track subway beginning at 138th Street and 3d Avenue;

thence west through 138th Street to Gerard Avenue, to Jerome Avenue, at Clarke Place,

to a connection with an elevated line, as well as a subway line under Jerome Avenue. Route 18-( Mount Vernon Extension). Beginning at East 177th Street at West Farms Road, at

which a connection can be made with present subway; thence a two-track elevated Road across Bronx River; thence a three-track elevated road on West Farms Road, Morris

Park Avenue, Bronx Park East, and White Plains Road to East 241st Street. Route 19-(Westchester Extension). Beginning at Lincoln Avenue and East 138th Street, a three

truck subway on 138th Street to Southern Boulevard, thence a three-track elevated road on Southern Boulevard to Westchester Avenne; through the Village of Westchester, to

the intersection of the westerly side of the Eastern Boulevard. The McAdoo syndicate now merged into Pennsylvania RR. interests, is building two sets of twin tubes under the Hudson. One is from the Pennsylvania terminal at Montgomery Street, Jersey City, to Cortlandt Street, Manhattan, where a twenty-twostory terminal is now going up. These tubes are to

connect, underground, at Cortlandt

Street, with the Broadway suhway. LONG

The other set of twin tubes is being

bored from Jersey City, from a point HUNTERS


between the Erie and Lackawanna ISLAND POINT

terminals, to Morton Street, in Man

hattan. The tubes to Morton Street CITY


are bored. Those to Cortlandt Street,

are under way, and more than half GREENPOINT

finished. In Jersey City they come

to the surface south of the Heights WILLIAMSBURG

and connect with the Pennsylvania

Railroad. There is to be a subway in EZEM

Jersey City, joining the two sets of McAdoo tubes there. It is said nothing heavler than steel trolleys will be operated in either set of tubes, the trolleys to connect in Jersey with the various steam and electric lines.

The McAdoo syndicate is also building a subway in Manhattan, to connect its upper set of tubes with traffic over there. The subway has been

built through Christopher Street to gr.v.C. & KR. 4.R. CITY

and some distance up along 6th Avenue, whence it is to end at the

Pennsylvania Railroad terminal at waan

31st Street. A branch is to be constructed from Christopher Street through 9th Street to 4th Avenue, where it will connect with the Inter

borough subway, une partie

The Pennsylvania is tunnelling the Hudson and the East Rivers at 31st

Street, and is connecting the river JERSEY

tubes with a subway across ManhatTURN WEST

tan which will enable it to run trains CITY

direct from Jersey under this city to HOBOKEN

Long Island City, and thence north hy an immense bridge over the upper East River to the Bronx, and so on

north and east. The tubes under the TUNNELLING OPERATIONS IN NEW YORK.

Hudson and those under the East (Tunnels under construction are shown in heavy black lines.) River are completed.

The Subway in New ¥ork City. The following table shows the length of road, cost, time of building, etc., of the portion of the Subway extending from the City Hall to 145th Street: Length of road..

20.81 miles. Steel beams and girders.. 62,000 tons. Miles of track.


Average number of employees. 4,000.
Road in operation.

9 miles.
Year of first plan..

Viaduct road.
51 miles. Ma vor Hewitt's bill.

1888. Tunnel..

4 miles.
First commission..

Subway proper
11% miles. Present commission.

1894. Total cost. $40,000,000. Contract awarded.

Jan. 15, 1900, Cost of equipment. $19.000.000 Work started..

Mar. 24, 1800. Time of building 4 yrs. 7 mos. Opened.

Oct, 27, 1904, Deaths by acoidents.


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Hack and Cab Fares in Manhattan Borough. THE legal rate of fare, of which an official copy shall be furnished by the Bureau of Licenses, api carried by every licensed cabinau, shall be as follows:

Mileage rates charged for general driving.
For one mile or any part thereof....

SO. 50
For ench additional half mile or part thereof..

0. For any stop over tive minutes in a trip, for every fifteen minutes or fraction thereof... Coaches

For one mile or any part thereof.

For any stop over tive minutes in a trip, for every fifteen minutes or fraction thereof... Honrly Rates. --These hourly rates, except by special agreement, are to apply only to shopping or calling, and shall not include park or road driving, nor driving for more than three miles from the starting point: Cabs - For one hour or any part thereof, $1.00; For each additional half hour or part thereof 50e. Coaches--For one hour or ab; part thereof, $1.50; For each additional half hour or any part

No hack man shall demnand more than the legal rates of fare or charge for one stop not over five minutes in a single trip.

No hack shall be driven by the time rate at a pace less than five miles an hour.

Line balls, for one or two passengers, $2 for tirst mile or part thereof, and $1 for each additional mile or part thereof. Each additional passenger, 50 cents.

One piece of baggage, not to exceed 50 pounds in weight, shall be carried on a hack without extra charge. Auditional baggage carried, 25 cents per piece.

In all cases where the hiring of a hack is not specified in advance to be by time, it shall be deemed to be by distance, and for any detention exceeding fifteen minutes the hackman may demand additional compensation at the rate of $1 per hour.

REGULATIONS. Any carriage kept for hire shall be deemed a public hack, and a carriage intended to seat two persons inside shall be deemed a cab, and a curriage intended to seat more than two persons inside shall be deemed a coach, and the term hackman shall be deemed to include owner or driver, or botb.

Every license hack, except such as are specially licensed, shall be provided with a suitable lamp on each side, and shall have securely fastened across the middle of the outside of each lampa metal band not less than two inches in width, out of which the official number of the license shall be ent after the manner of a stencil plate, the component figures of such numbers to be not less than one and one-half inches in height, and the style of the whole to be approved by the Mayor or Chief of the Bureau of Licenses. Every licensed hack shall have the official number of the license legibly engraved or embossed upon a metal plate and alli xed inside, as designated and approved by the Mayor or Chief of the Bureau of Licensus, and no licensed hack shall carry or have affixed to it, inside or outside, any number except the official number as aforesaid.

Every licensed hackman, immediately after the termination of any hiring or employment, must carefully search such hack for any property lost or left therein, and any such property, unless sooner claimed or delivered to the owner, must be taken to the nearent police station and deposited with the officer in charge within twenty-four hours after the finding thereof; and in addition & written notice, with brief particulars aud description of the property, must be forwarded once to the Bureau of Licenses.

Every licensed hackman shall have the right to demand payment of the legal fare in advance, and may reluise employment unless so prepaid, but uo licensed hackman shall otherwise refuse or negleet to convey any orderly person or persons, upon request, anywhere in the city, unless previously engaged or unable so to do. No licensed hackman shall carry any other person than the passenger first employing a hack without the consent of said passenger,

Distances in Manhattan. - Battery to City Hall, 94 mile; City Hall to Houston St., 1 mile; City Hall to Nineteenth St., 2 miles; Avenue Blocks, 20, Street Blocks, 7, are deemed 1 mile.

Disputes as to rates and distances may be settled by the police, or complaints may be made to the ELECTRIC TAXAMETER SERVICE.-Hansom or Coupó may be hailed and engagei on the street when the flag is up. First half mile, 30 cents; each quarter mile thereafter, 10 cents; each six minutes waiting. 10 cents; for sending cab to address, per mile or traction, 20 cents. Othe Eighth Avenne and Forty-ninth Street, New York, License Fees in Manhattan and the Bronx.

(BUREAU OF LICENSES, CITY HALL, NEW YORK.) Hoist, General... 2.). 00 Driver.

$0... Juuk Buat..

$5.00 renewal.. 12 50



1.00 Stand, Elevated R.R...... 10.00 Junk Cart

5.00 Ticket Speculator.. 50.0) Common Show.


renewal 25.00)
renewal.... 12.50 Special Hack Stand

25.00 Peddler, Horse & Wazon. 8.00 Shooting.(allery.

5.00 Special.

renew'i 4.
renewal. 2.501

renewal, 2.30 Push Cart. 4.00 Bowling Alley. 5.00 Public Coach..

3.00 renewal. 2.00 renewal.. 2.50

renewal. 1.50 Basket.... 2.00 Billiard Table.. 3.00 Special Cab...

3.00) renewal.... 1.00

renewal... 1.501

renewal...... 1.50 Express

5.00 Gutterbridge .. renewal..

2.00 1.00 Public Cab. 2.50 land Organ


renewal... 1.00 Public Cart... 2.00 Public Porter 1.00 Hack Driver.

50 renewal.. 1.00 renewal... 25 renewal.

25 Dirt Cart... 1.00 Pawnbroker

500.00 Stand, Newspaper..... 5.00 renewal........ 50 Second-hand Dealer.... 25,00


10.00 Express Driver ......

renewal. 12.50

Newsp'per & Fruit 15.00 renewal... 25 Junk Shop...

Bootblack, Chair.. 5.00 renewal.



Bridges in and About the City of New Xork.

BROOKLYN BRIDGE. The bridge connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn over the East River from Park Row, Manhattan, to Sands and Washington Streets, Brooklyn, was begun January 3, 1870, and opened to traffic May 24, 1853. Total cost of the bridge to December 1.1897, about $21,000,000.

The tolls are: For foot passengers, free; railway jare, 3 cents, or 2 tickets for 5 cents; one horse, 3 cents; one horse and vehicle, 5 cents; two horses and vehicle, 10 cents; each extra horse above two attached to vehicle, 3 cents; bicycles, free. On July 1, 1898, the bridge railway was leased to the elevated railroad companies (now operated by the Brooklyn Rapid Transit), paying therefor $250 per day; trolley cars, 5 cents per round trip. About 120,000 surface cars cross the bridge each month. The carriageways are under control of the Bridge Commissioner, and about $60,000 per annum is derived from this source,

The following are the statistics of the structure: Width of bridge, 85 feet. Length of river span, 1,595 feet 6 inches. Length of each land spun, 930 feet, Length of Brooklyn approach, 998 feet. Length of New York approach, 1,562 feet 6 inches. Total length of carriageway, 6,016 feet. Total length of the bridge, with extensions, 7,580 feet.

Size of Manhatian caisson, 172 x 102 feet. Size of Brooklyn caisson, 168 x 102 feet. Timber and iron in caisson, 5, 253 cubic yards. Concrete in well holes, chambers, etc., 5, 669 cubic feet. Weight of Manhattan caisson, about 7,000 tons. Weight of concrete filling, about 8,000 tons,

Vanhattan tower contains 46,945 cubic yards masonry. Brooklyn tower contains 38,214 cubic yards inasonry. Depth of tower foundation below high water, Brooklyn, 45 feet. Depth of tower foundation below bigh water, Manhattan, 78 feet. Size of towers at high water line, 110 x 59 feet. Size of towers at roof course, 1:36 x 53 feet. Total height of towers above high water, 278 feet,

Clear height of bridge in centre of river span above high water at 900 F., 135 feet. Height of floor at towers above high water, 119 feet 3 inches.

(irade of roadway, 34 fret in 100 feet. Height of towers above roadway, 159 feet. Size of anchorige at hase, 129 x 119 feet. Size of anchorage at top, 117 x 104 feet. Height of anchorages, 89 feel iront, 85 leet rear. Weight of each anchor plate, 23 tons,

Number of cables, 4. Diameter of each cable, 1534 inches Length of each single wire in cables, 3,578 feet 6 inches. Ultimate strength of each cable, 12,000 tous. Weight of wire, 12 feet per pound. Each cable contains 5,296 parallel (not twisted) galvanized steel, oil-coated wires, closely wrapped to a solid cylinder, 1534 inches in diameter. Permanent weight suspended from cables, 14,680 tons.

NEW YORK AND NEW JERSEY BRIDGE. Commissioners-F. W. Devoe. R. Somers Haves, Isidor Straus. Assistant Secretary-Charles H. Swall. Commissioners' office, 29 Broadway, Manhattan. The Commissioners of the New York and New Jersey Bridge and the Sinking Fund ('ommissioners of the City of New York selected a location midway between 49th and 51st Streets, Manhattanl. And the State Commissioners have located a freight approach along the marginal wharf or place, 5 feet west of the westerly line of West Street, with power of the Dock Department saying what docks and turnouts shall be built upon in order Hat cars can be loaded from ships without extra handling. The maximum length of span is 2,731 feet, Guaranteed cost of the bridge is $20,000,000, and will be a double-deck bridge, as approved by the Secretary of War July 30, 1900, for trolley and steam traflic. The law provides that the bridge inust be completed within ten years. The Union Bridge Company has made a coutract with the companies to construct the bridge within six years from the time it commences work, and gave a bond of $1,000,000 for the faithful performance of the contract. It is intended to begin work of construction when the freight approaches to the bridge have been approved by the Sinking Fuud Commissioners of New York City.

WILLIAMSBURG (NEW EAST RIVER ) BRIDGE. The tower foundations for the bridge in Manhattan are at the foot of Delancey Slip, and in Brooklyn at a point between South Fifth and Sonth Sixth Streets. The bridge ends at Clinton Street in Manhattan, aud at Havemeyer Street in Brooklyn. The dlinensions of the bridge are as follows: Main span, 1,600 ft.; entire bridge, between terminals, 7, 75 fl.; width of bridge, 118 it.; minimum height of bridge above mean high water, 135 ft.; height of centre of cables at top of towers above mean high water, 332 f:. 4 in; width of carriage ways, each 20 fl.; width of two font-walks, each 1024 ft; width of two bieyele paths, each 7 ft.; width of four trolley-car tracks, centre to centre, 9% it.; width of twn elevated railroad tracks, centre to centre, 11 ft. New York side--North calsson, 55 ft. below low water mark; south caisson, 66 it. Brooklyn side-North caisson, 107.5 ft. below low water mark; south caisson, 91.9 ft. The tower foundations are 43 ft. ahoye high water mark and the towers that are placed on top of them are made of steel. The cost is about $12,000,000, exclusive of real estate. The bridge was opened to the public in December, 1903.

PROPOSED BRIDGES OVER THE EAST RIVER. Manhattan Bridge (No. 3). Work of construction of tower foundation in Brooklyn commenced August 29, 1901. The construction of the anchorages, the towers, cables and the suspended superstructure is now under way. Title to land vested in the city September 14, 1901.

Blackwell's Island Bridge (No. 4). Plans approved by the War Department, February 23, 1901. Ordinance providing for the issue of stock to the extent of 8550.000 signed by the Mayor, May 21, 1901. Title to land vested in the city December 22, 1901. Work of constructing the piers commenced July 19, 1901. The construction of the cantilever spans is in progress.


........ Over IIarlem River W. 173d St. (High B'dge Aqueduct), Second Avenue.

Over Harlem River Third Avenue.

W. 181st St.(Wash. Bridge). .. Park Ave, and 1330 St...

Fordham Heights...... Madison Avenue


Ship Canal LPDOX Ave., 145th St.

West 22-1th Street....Over Spuyten Duyvil Creek Macomb's Dam...

Broadway Eighth Ave.

King's Bridge. High Bridge, over which the Croton water of the old aqueduct passes, is 1,460 feet long, supported by 13 arches ou granite piers, the highest arch being 116 feet above water level. Washington Bridge, ai 10th Avenue and West 181st Street, is 2,400 feet long and 80 feet wide. The central arches are 510 icel each, and 135 feet above high water,

Fire Department in New Work City.

(December, 1907.) TABLE showing number of firemen in active service in New York City, and the salaries they receive:

[blocks in formation]

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 790, Chapter 466, laws of 1903, Greater New York Charter, all uniformed members of the Fire Department are entitled to retire at the expiration of twents years' continuous service on a pension equal to one-half of the salary they may be receiving at the time of their application. The Fire Commissioner also has the power to retire members of the de partment who, from any cause, are found to be unable to perform active duty in the department. If the disability occurs from injuries while in thv discharge of duty, the pension must equal one-hall of the salary; if from natural causes, the Fire Commissioner can decide upon the amount of the pension,

Fire Engine Companies, Manhattan and Bronx.

(Headquarters, 157 and 159 East Sixty-seventh Street.) 1-165 W. 29th St.

27-173 Franklin St. 151 Ft. E. 99th St. (Boat). 67-518 W. 170th St. 9-530 W. 430 St. 29-504 E. lith St.

62-Riverdale Ave., near 64--1116 Ogden Ave. 3-417 W. 17th St. 29-160 Chambers St.

Spuyten Duyvil 69--2330 St., near Ka4 119 Maiden Lane. 30-280 Spring St.


tonah Are. 0-340 E. 14th St. 31 - Elm, cor. White St. 53-175 E. 1040). St.

70-Scofield Ave., Cityisl, 6--113 Liberty St. 32-108 John St. 54-304 W. 47th St.

71--159th St. & Park Ave. 7 - Duane St.near B'way 33-43 Great Jones St. 05-363 Broome St.

72- E. 13th St. 8-165 E. 51st St. 34-440 W. 33:1 St. 56-120 W. 830 St.

73–152d St. and Prospect 9--55 E. Broadway. 35-223 E. 119th St. 57-Pierl N.R.(Fire Boat) Ave. 10-8 Stone St. 36-1819 Park Ave. 59-81 W. 115th St.

74207 W. 77th St. u 437 E. Houston St. 37-83 Lawrence St. 59--150 W. 137th St.

15-Jerome Av. & 1830 St. 19-261 William St. 38-1907 Amsterdam Ave. 60-606 E. 137th St.

76 -105 W. 1020 St. 13-99 Wooster St. 39-157 E. 67th St.

61-Main St., near Arno 77-Foot of Main St., 14 14 E. 18th St. 40-176 W. 68th St.

Place, Westchester. Bklyn, temporary 15-269 Henry St. 41-572 E 150th St.

63-White Plains Ave., 78--Foot Gansevoort St.. 16--223 E. 25th St. 43-1192 Fulton Ave. near Juliana Si., 79-Briggs


near 17-91 Ludlow St. 43-Sedgwick Ave., opp.


200th St. 18-132 W. 10th St.

Burnside Ave. 63-WestchesterAve, bet, 80-503 W. 139th St. 19-355 W. 25th St. 44-921 E. 75th St.

Fulton St. & White 81- Albany Road, near 10--47 Marion St. 45-1187 Tremont Ave.

Plains Ave., Wake- Bailey Ave, Kings. 22-216 E. 40th St. 46--E. 176th, n. Park Ave. field.

bridge, 22-159 E. 85th St.

47-502 W'. 113th St. 64-12th St., Unionport, 82-Intervale Ave., Dear 23 235 W. 58th St. 48-2504 Webster Ave.

bet. Aves, C & D.

E. 1690h St. 24-78 Morton St. 49-Blackwell's Island, 67-33 W. 43( si.

83-East 138th St., near 2n -3425th St.

50-749 E. 166th St., near 6.-Ft. Grand St., E. R. Cypress Ave. 26-20 W, 37th St.

3d Ave.

(Fire Boat).

84-513 11.161st St.

Hook and Ladder Companies, Manhattan and Bronx. (Headquarters, Second Division, 185 Lafayette Street; Eighth Batallion, 160 East Thirty-third Street.) 1-104 Duane St. 11-749 5th St. 120-157 Mercer St.

127-717 E. 176th St. 2-1 E. 50th St. 12-243 W. 20th St. 21432 W.30th St.

29-350 W.1434 St. 3--108 E. 13th St.(Water 13-159 F.87th St.

22--766 Amsterdam Ave. 2.--896 E 138th St. Tower No.2). 14-120 E. 125th St.

23-K01 W.140th St. 30--104 West 185th St. 4-789 Bch Ave.

16-Old Slip, bet. Water 24-113 W, 334 St.(Water 31-1213 Intervale Ave, 5-96 (harles St.

and Front Sts.

Tower No. 3 and 32-459 East 166th St. 6---77 CanalSt. 16-159 E.67th St

Searchlight No.2), 33-23033 Jerome Ave. 717 E. 28th St. 17 - 689 1.143 St. 35-205 W. 77th St,

34-515 West 161st St. 8-N Moore St. C. Varick 19-S4 Attorney St. 26 -62 E. 114th St.(Water 36 -142-144 West 630 St. 999 Elizaneth St. 19-886 Forest Ave.

Tower No.4). 10-1.1 Fulton St.

Army of the United States
Allantic Division Headquarters-Governor's Island, New York Harbor.

Major-General James F. Wade, U. S. Army, Commanding.
Aides-de-Camp-Capt. W. J. Glasgow, 13th Cavalry; Capt. John P. Wade, 2d Cavalry.

Chief of Staff-Col. Enoch Crowder, G.8.

Assistant-Major Edwin St. J. Greble, I. G. Assistant

Warren P. Newcomb, A. Ć. Miliary Secretary-Lt.-Col. H. E. Robinson,

Major Adelbert Cronkhite, A. c. huspector-General-Col, Stephen C. Mills, I. G. Engineer Officer-Col. Amos Stickney, C. E. Assistunt-Major G. H. G. Gale, I. G.

Department of the East Headquarters, Governor's Island, New York Harbor.

Major-General Frederick D. Grant, U.S. Army, Commanding.
Aides-de-Camp-Capt. W.T. Johnston, 15th Cavalry; Capt. A. J. Bowley, Artillery Corps.

Military Secretary--Col. H. 0. S. Heistand. Chief Surgeon-Col. Charles B. Byrne.
Judge- Advocule-Lieut.-Col. John A. Hall,

Chief Paymaster Col. Wm. H. Comegys.
Chief Quartermaster-Col. J. W. Pullman.

Chief Ordnance Officer-Col. Rogers Birnie. Chief Commissary-Col. James N. Allison.

Chief Signal Officer-Lieut.-Col. G. P. Scriven. Army Building, 39 Whitehall Street, Manhattan, New York City : Quartermaster's Depot-Col. Wm. S. Patten, Q.M.D. Subsistence Depot-Col. A. L. Smith, D. & P. C. Medical Depot-301 Washington Street, Manhattan, New York City ; Deputy Surgical General-Lieut.-Col, Louis Brechenin ; New York Arsenal -Governor's Island, Lieut, -Col. John E. Greer, 0. D. Posts in and near New York City, as garrisoned November 15, 1907: Forts. Location. Commanding Officers.

Troops. Fort Jay .............. Governor's Island......... Col. L. C. Allen, 12th Inf.

Headquarters, Band and

20 Batt, 12th Infantry: Fort Hamilton.. Narrows, Long Island..... Lt. Col. H. H. Ludlow...... 5th Band, A. c. and 4

cos Coast Artillery. Fort Hancock Sandy Hook, V. J..........Col. H. L. Harris, A.C..... 6 cos. Coast Artillery. Fort Schuyler. Throg's Neck, N. Y.. Lt. - Col, A. C. Blunt, A. C.3 cos. Coast Artillery. Fort Wadsworth. Narrows, Staten Island....Lt.-Col. Samuel E, Allen. ..5 cos. Coast Artillery. Fort Wood. Bedloe Island.

Capt. G. C. Burnell, s.c....Co. G, Signal Corps. S Willet's Point, WhiteFort Totten

Col. G. N. Whistler, A.C... 5 cos. Coast Artillery. stone, N.Y.

Sandy Hook Proving Sandy Hook, N. .........Col. Charles S. Smith, A.C.Ordnance Detachment.

Piers in Manhattan.

Pier No.
Pier No.

Pier No.
Pier No.

Street, A, New 1

40 Clarkson.

74 W.34th,

New 89 W. 49th. Battery Pl. & Old i

41 Leroy

81 W.42d.

Old 89 W.59th. Battery PI. & 42 Morton, 2 & 3

84 W. 44th.

91 W. 51st. Morris.

43 Barrow. 4 Morils. 44 Christopher.

East Rivre. 5, 6, Morris & Rec. 45 W. loth. & 7) tor. 46 Charles,

3 Moore,

(New 32 Pike. 8 Rector.

47 Perry.
4 Broad.

33 Oliver. Old 9 & Rector & Car- 48 W. ilth.

5,6,7,8, Coenties Slip New 33 Pike & Rutgers. 10 lisle. 49 foot Bank.

9 Coenties & Old Slip. Old 34 Catharine. New 10 Albany. 50 Bethune&W.19th 10 Old Slip.

New 34 Rutgers. Old il Carlisle.

51 Jane.

11 Gouverneur Lane. 35 Catharine. New 11 Cedar

52 Gansevoort.
12 Wall.

36 Jefferson. 13 Cortlandt & Dey. 63 Bloomfield.

13 Wall.

37 Clinton. 14 Fulton. New 64 W13th.

14 Maiden Lane.

38 Clinton & Mont15 Vesey & Barclay. Old 54 W. Ath.

15 Fletcher & Burl

gomery ing Slíp.

45 Rutgers & JefTerOld 16 {Liberdy & Cort- Old 56 W, 25th landt. New W 14th. 16 Burling Slíp.

son. and Old 56 W. 26th.

17 Fulton.

46 Jefferson.
Park Place.
Gansevoort & 18 Beekman.

49 Clinton & Mont17 Park Pl. Old 56% Bloomfield. 19 Peck Slip.

gomery. 18 Murray New 57 W 15th.

20 Peck Slip.

50 Montgomery. 19 Warren. Old 57 W 27th.

22 Roosevelt.

51 & 52 Gouverneur. 20 Chambers. New 58 W. 16th,

Old 97 Dover.

53 Jackson. 21 Duane. Old 58 W. 28th. New 27 Catharine.

54 Corlears, 22 Jay New 59 W. 18th,

Old 28 Dover & Roose- 55 Grand. 23 Harrison. Old 59 W, 29th.


60 Rivington. 24 Franklin

60 W. 19th.

New 28 Catharine & Mar- 61 Rivington & Stan25 North Moore. 61 W. 21st


ton. 26 Beach

62 W. 22d.
old 29 Roosevelt.

62 Stanton.
27 Hubert.
Old 64 W. 34th.
New 29 Market

66 E. 18th. 28 Laight. New 64 W. 24th.

30 Pike & Market. 67 E. 19th. 29-30 Vestry. New 65 W. 25th.

31 Pike.

70 E. 22d. 31 Watts. New 61 W. 26th.

Old 32 James Slip. 32, 33, 34 Canal. Old 67 W.37th. 35 Spring New 67 W, 37th.

RECREATION PIERS. 36 Spring & Charl- New 68 W. 28th. ton. New 69 W 29th. Foot of E. 3d.

Foot of Barrow. 37 Charlton.

71 W 31st.
Foot of E. 24th.

Foot of W. 50th.
38 King

72 W. 32d.

Foot of E. 112th. Foot of W. 129th. 39 W. Houston.

73 W. 33d,

Foot of Pike.

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