Abbildungen der Seite
[blocks in formation]

1 Adams and Concord st. 01 Fulton stand N. Jersey ave. 115 canarsie ave., near Ave, M. 2 47th st., near 3d Ave.

12 Brauford, near Liberty ave. 116 Kuickerbocker ave., corner 3 Hancock, near Bedford ave. 03 Hlinsdale, n'rGlenmore ave,

Grove st. 4 Berkeley pl., near 5th ave. 64 Berriinan and Belmont ave. 117 Stagg st, and Bushwick ave. 5 Duilield and Johnson sts. 65 Richmond,n'rRidgewood av. 118 691 st, and 4th ave. 6 Warren, near Smith st. 66 Osborn, near Sutter ave. 119 Ave. K and E, 38th st. 7 York, near Bridge st.

67 X Elliott pl., near Park ave. 120 Barren Island. 8 Hicks, Middagh & Poplar Sts 68 Bushwick ave., corner Kos- 121 E. 55th st. and Ave, C. 9 Sterling pl. & Vanderbilt av. ciusko st.

122 Ilarrison av. & Heyward st. 10 7th ave. and 17th st.

69 Ryerson st., near Myrtle av. 12 Irving ave. and Suydam st. 11 Washington, nearGreene av. 70 Patchen ave., cor. Macon st. 124 4th ave. and 13th st. 12 Adelphi, near Myrtle ave. 1 Heyward, near Lee ave. 125 Blake and Thatsord aves. 13 Degriw, near Hicks st. 72 New Lots rd. cor. Schenckst. 126 Meserole are. & Guernsey st. 14 Navy and Concord st.

73 McDougall, c. Rockaway ave. 127 7th ave., 78th and 79th sts. 16 3d ave, and State st.

74 Kosciusko st., n'r Broadway 128 21st ave.,830 & 84th sts. 16 Wilson, near Bedford ave. 75 Evergreen av., or. Ralpla si. 123 Quincy St., near Stuyvesant. 17 Driggs äve., cor, X, ötlı st. 76 Wyona, near Fulton st. 130 Fort Flamilton av. & E.5ihst. 18 Maujer, near Leonard st. 77 20 st., neur oth ave.

131 Fort Hamilton ave., 430 and 19 8. 21, cor. Keap st. 78 Pacific st., near Court st.

44th sts. 20 Union ave, and Krap st. 79 Kosciusko, n'r Sumner ave. 132 Manhattan and Met. ares. 21 Mekibbin, near llauhat. av. 80 W. 17th and W. 191h Sts., 133 Butlerst., bet, 4th & 5th aves. 22 Java, near Manhattan ave.

near Neptune ave.

134 18th ave, & Ocean Parkway. 23 Couselyea, i'r Humboldt st. 81 Harvay, near 25th ave. 136 4th ave., 40th & 41st sts. 24 Arion pl., cor. Beaverst, 92 4:11 ave. cor. 36th st.

137 Saratoga zv. & Buinbridgest. 25 Lafayette, near Sumnerave. 83 Bergen, cor. Scuenectady av. 138 Prospect pl., west of Nos26 Quincy, near Ralph ave. 84 Geumore, cor. Stone ave.

trand ave. 27 Nelson, cor, Hicks st.

85 Evergreen ave. cor.Cov't st, 139 Ave. C, E, 13th and 14th sts, 28 Herkimer, near Ralph ave. 86 Irring ave., cor. Harman st. 110 50th st., west of 4th ave. 29 Columbia, cor. Amityst. 87 Herkiner, cor. Radde pl. 141 Leonard, McKibbin, and 30 Conover, Sullivan & Wolcott 88 Thames st... Vanderv'rt pl.

Boerum sts. sts.

89 Newkirk ave., cor. E. 31st st. 142 Henry and Rapelye sts. 31 Dupont, n'r Manhattan ave 90 Bedford and Church Aves, 143 Havemeyer, N. 61&ith sts. 32 Hoyt, cor. Presideul st. 91 E, New York ave & Albany. 144 Howard ave., Prospect pl., 33 Heyward, near Broadway. 92 Rogers ave. & Robinsonst

and St. Mark's ave, 34 Normanave.and Eckfords!. New York av.& Herkimerst, 145 Central ave, and Nolist. 35 Decatur, cor. Lewis ave. 94 Prospect ave., opp. Reeve pl.! 146 18th and 19th sts., bet. 6th 36 Stags, near Bushwick ave. 95 Van Sicklen, near Neck rd.

and 7th aves. 37 S. 4th, near Berry st.

96 Ocean ave., near Neck rd. 147 Bushwick ave., Seigel & MC38 N. 7th, near Berry st. 97 Benson, cor. 25th ave.

Kibbin sts. 39 6th ave., cor. 8th st.

99 Ave. Z., cor. E. 26th st. 148 Ellery and Hopkinssts., near 40 15th st., near 4th ave. 99 Coney Island rd, & Elmave.

Delmonico pl: 41 Dean, cor. New York are. 100 W. 3d, between Park pl. and 149 Sutter ave., Vermont and 42 St, Mark's and Classonave. Sheepshead ave.

Wyoba sts, 43 Boeruin, near Manhat, ave. 101 Mitha st., nenr 18th ave.

150 Christopher ave. & Sack 44 Throop, cor. Putnim ave. 102 715 st. a 21 ave.

st., near Belmont ave. 45 Lafayette, near Classon ave. 103 14th ave., 530 & 54th sts. 151 Knickerbocker ave.. Halsey 46 Union, near Henry st. 104 st., cor. öth ave.

and Weirfield sts. 47 Pacific & Dean sts.,11'r 314 av. 105 Ft. Hamilton ave., bet. 58th Jamaica ave..opp. Enfield st. 48 18th ave. and 67th street.

and 591 h sts.

1527 Ave. G, E. 23 and 24th sts. 49 Maujer, near Graham ave. 106 Hamburg and Putnam aves. 15.37.4 ve. T. & E. 12th st..llonic'st 50 S. 4th, near Havemeyer st.

and Cornelia st.

1547 11th ave., Windsor pl. & Sher51 Meekerav.,cor Humboldi st. 107 8th ave, and 13t1 st.

Dan st. 53 Ellery, near Broadway. 103 Linwood, cor, Arlington ave. 1067 Eastern Parkway and Her53 Starr, near Central ave. 109 Dumont ave., Powell and

kimer st. 64 Walworth, near Myrtle ave.

Sackruan sts.

156t Sutter Ave., Barrett & Graí. 55 Floyd, near Tompkins ave. 110 Monitorst, and Driggs ave.

ton sts. 56 Sushwick ave. cor. Mad’nıst 111 Sterling pl., cor. Vanlerbilt 157+ Kent ave., near Myrtle are: 57 Reid ave,, cor. Van Buren st,


1587 Belmont ave., Ashiord aud 58 Degraw, near Smith st. 112 15th ave., 71st and 720 sts.

Warivick sts. 59 Leonard, near Nassau ave, 113 Evergreen ave. & Mottat st. 1691 Pitkin ave., Hemlock & (res60 4th Ave., cor, 20th st. 114 Remsen, cor, Ave. F.

cent sts. Truant School, + Under Construction.


Vostrani ave.
cor. Halsey st.
Erasmus llall.

Flatbush ave., near Church ave.
Putnam, cur. Starry ave.

Eastern District..... Marcy av., Roviney and Keap str. Annex Bedford anil Jefferson aves.


Albany ave., Beryen and Dean sts. Manual Training.. Jith ave.. Ati and 5th sts.

Training school for Teachers, Park pl., West of Nostrand ave. Erk KG SCHO018.-Night sessions are held for men and trys at schools Nos. 1, 5, 13, 17, 40, 43, 4, 106, 109, 198, 129, 136. For women and girls: Vog. 2, 15, 18, 92, 26, 64, 84, 190. 149. For men and hors, women and girls, Nos. 93, 100, 101, 108, 173 ; Eastern Evening High School for men held in P. S. No. 129; Brooklyn Evening High School for men, held in Boys' High School Building; Central Evening High School for women, held in Girls' High School Building; Williams), urg Evening Minh Shol for women, held iu Eastern District High School; Evening Technical and Trade school, held in Manual Training High School.

INDUSTRIAL AND ASYLUM SCHOOLS. Orphan asylum. 148-1425 Atlantic ave.

Industrial School Ass'n and Home for Destitute Children, R. C. Orphan Asylum, (Boys), Albany and St. Mark's aves. Sterling pl., Dear Flatbush ave. R.C.Orphan Asylum (Girls), Willoughby and Sumner aves. German Orphap Home, Grahain and Montrose aves. Church Charity Foundation, Albany ave. and Herkiner st. (Convent of the Sisters of Mercy, 273 Willoughby ave. Howard Colored Orphan Asylum, Dean st. and Troy Ave, Sheltering Arms Nursery, 157 Dean st. Industrial School Association, 141-133 S. 3d 8t.

Hebrew Orphan Asylum, Ralph ave., Near l'acific et.


Prominent Societies and Associations

(IN MANHATTAN AND BRONX BOROUCHS). Actors' Society, 114 W. 40th St. Mark Ellsworth, Holland Society, 99 Xassan St. H.L. Bogert, Sec Sec.

Home and Foreign Missionary Society ot A. Actuarial Society, Arthur Hunter, Sec., 346 E. Church, 61 Bible House. H. B. Parks, Sec. Broadway

Hospital Saturday and Sunday Association, 105 Amen Corner, 5th Ave. Hotel. J.W.McDonald, E.22d St. Geo. P'. Cammann, Sec.

Huguenot Society, 106 E. 220 St. Mrs. J. I. Am. Automobile Association, 1 Madison Ave. Lawton, Sec. F. H. Elliott, Sec.

Industrial Christian Alliance, 170 Bleecker St. Am. Bankers' Association, 7 Nassau St. J. R. Harvey G. Furbay, Sec. Branch, Sec,

International Order of the King's Daughters Am, Bible Society, 6 Bible House. William I. and Sons, 156 5th Avenue. Mrs M. L. Dickinson, Haven, John Fox, and II, 0. Dwight, Secs.

Am. Church Missionary Society, 281 4th Ave, Irish Emigrant Society, 51 Chambers St.

Thos Arthur S. Lloyd, Sec.

V. Brady, Sec. Am. Fine Arts Society, 215 W. 57th St. C. J. Irish Iud, Society, 56 Pine St. John Quinn, Sec. Miller, Sec.

Ladies' Christian Union, 49 W. 9th St. Los Am. Geographical Society, 15 W. 81st St. A, A. | Henry Bowers. Sec. Raven, Sec.

Loyal Aid Society, 239 Broadway. A. Leo.
Am. Institute, 19 W. 44th St. R. A. B. Dayton, Sec. Everitt, Sec.
Am. Institute of Bank Clerks, 30 Nassau St. Linnæan Society, Central Park West, cor. W.iach
George E. Allen, Sec.

St. C. G. Abbott, Sec.
Am. Missionary Association, 287 4th Ave. J. Manufacturers' Association, 299 Broadway.

P. W. Cooper and Chas, J. Ryder, Secs.

T. Tunison, Sec. American Motor League, 132 Nassau St. F. Mechanical Engineers' Library Association, 29 A. Egan, Sec.

W.39th St. H. H. Suplee, Sec. Am. Newspaper Pub. Association, 61 Park Row. Merchants' Association, 66 Lafayette St. S. C. Herman Ridder, Pres.

Mead, Sec. Am. Protective Tariff League, 339 Broadway. Methodist Historical Society, 150 5th Ave Jas. Charles A. Moore, Pres.

R. Joy, Sec. Am. Railway Association, 24 Park Place. W. Municipal Art Society, 119 E. 19th St. Wm. F. Allen, Sec,

Walton, Sec. Am, Scenic and Historic Society, 154 Nassau Nat'l'Association of Credit Men, al Park Row. St. E. H. Hall. Sec.

Chas, E. Meek, Sec. Am. Seamen's Friend Society, 76 Wall St. Geo. Nat'l Christian League for Promotion of Purity. McP. Ilunter, Sec.

6 E. 12th SL Mrs. E. B. Gran uis, Pres. Am. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Nat'l Citizens' Alliance, 41 Park Row. H. Animals, 26th St.& Madison Ave. R. Welling, Sec Nichols, Sec.

Am, Society of Civil Engineers, 220 W, 57th St. Nat'l Humane Alliance, 105 E. 22d St. H. G. C. W. Hunt, Sec.

Fiske, Pres. Am, Sunday School Union, 156 5th Ave. E. P. Nat'l Sculpture Society, 215 W. 57th St. J. S. Bancroft, Sec.

Hartley, Sec. Am. Tract Society, 150 Nassau St. G. L. Shearer, Nat'l Society of New England Women, 531 Sec.

5th Ave.

Mrs. E. Thorndike, Sec. Am, Water-Color Society, 215 W. 57th St. C. New England Soc. G. Wilson, Sec., 65 Liberty T. Chapman, Sec,

St. Art Students' League, 215 W. 67th St. Amelia N. Y. Academy of Sciences, Central Park West, Merritt Ives, Sec.

cor. W. 77th St. E. O, Hovéy, Rec. Sec. Association for Befriending Children and Young N. Y. Association of Working Girls' Societies, Girls, 136 20 Ave. Mrs. Wm. E. Fay, Sec.

209 E. 230 St. Mrs. Vernon C. Brown, Sec., New Association for Improved Instruction of Deaf Rochelle. Mutes, 904 Lexington Ave. Paul M. Herzog, Sec. N. Y. Association for Improving the Condition

Beethoven Maennerchor, 7th Ave., cor, 1241 of the Poor, 105 E. 22d St. L E. Opdycke, Sec, St. Karl Oberbach, Sec.

N. Y. Bible Society, 66 Bible House, Chas. W. Board of Foreign Missions, 150 5th Ave. Adna Parsons, Sec. B. Leonard and S. 0. Benton, Secs.

N.Y.City Church Extension and Missionary Soc. Charita Organization Society, 105 E. 22d St. E.

of M. E. Church, 150 5th Ave. F. M. North, Sec. T. Devine. Gen. Sec.

N. Y. City Mission and Tract Society, 105 Ed (hildren's Aid Society, 105 E.220 st. C. L. Brace, St. w. s. Coflin, Sec. Sec.

N. Y. Flower and Fruit Mission, 104 E. 20th St.
Christian and Missionary Alliance, 692 8th Ave. Miss F. L. Russell, Sec.
A. E. Fwk, Sec,

N. Y. Genealogical and Biographical Society,
City improvement Society. 571 5th Ave. 226 W, 58th St. H. R. Drowne, Sec.
City Vigilance League, 16. E. 220 St. T. L. Mc-

N. Y. IIistorical Society, 170 2d Ave. G. R. Clintock, Sec.

Schietselin, Cor. Sec.
Cooper Union, for Advancement of Science and

N. Y. Kindergarten Association, 522 W. 420 St. Art, 8th St, and 4th Ave. R. Fulton Cutting, Sec. James M. Bruce, Sec.

Domestic aud Foreign Missionary Society of the N. Y, Law Institute, 118 P.-O. Building. J. J.
Protestant Episcopal Church, 281 4th Ave. A, S. Rollins, Sec.
Lloyd and Joshua Kimber, Sees.

N, Y. Maennerchor Society, 203 E. 56th St.
Evangelical Alliance, 2:32 W, 230 St. Leander R. Sehvler, Sec.
Chamberlain, Pres.
Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick. Thos. F. Con. Dingwall, Sec.

N.Y. Practical Aid Society, 311 W. 45th St. Adam
way, Pres. , 32 Liberty St.
Gaelic Society, 621 Madison Ave., Jeremiah nal Law, 106 Fulton st.

N Y. Society for the Enforcement of the Crimi.

Edward Insley, Sec. Lawlor, Sec.

N. Y. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to
George Junior Republic Assoc. V. E. Macy, Sec. Children, 297 4ih Ave. E F. Jenkins, Sec.
German Society, 13 Broadway A, Belirens, Sec, N. Y. Society for the suppression of Vice, 140

Hebrew Benevolent and Orphan Asylum Society, Nassau St. A. Comstock, Sec.
Amsterdam Ave.,cor, W.1377St. A. Schiff, Sec.
liebrew Sheltering Guardian Society, Broad-ward A. Page, Pres.

N. Y. Society of Pedagogy, 400 E. 86th St Edway, cor. W. 150th St. Gustav Eckstein, Sec. N. Y. Sunday School Association, 105 E. 22d St.

Helping Hand Association, 229 E. 59th St, Mrs. J. T. Goodman, Sec.
G. Morgan Browne, Sec.

N. Y. Typographical Soclety, 39 Union Sq., E



N. Y. Zoological Soc., 11 Wall St. and E. 183d St., Society for the Prevention of Crime, 105 E, 220 cor, Southern Boulevard. M. Grant, Sec.

T. D. Kenneson, Sec. Ohio Society, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, Howard Society for the Reliet of Half Orphans and DesH. Nieman, Sec.

titute Children, Manhattan Ave., near W. 104th Old Guard, cor. Broadway and 49th St. Charles St. Mrs. J. R. Wheeler, Sec. A. Stadler.

Society for the Reformation of Juvenile Delin

quents, Randall's Island. E. J. Wendell, Sec. Oratorio Society, 7th Ave., near 56th St. W. B.

State Charities Aid Association, 105 E. 224 St. Tuthill, Sec.

Homer Folks, Sec. Orphan Asylum Society, office 287 4th Ave. J. Tummany soc., 143E. 14th St Thos. F. Smith, Sec. C. Bell, Sec.

Tree Planting Ass'n, 374 Broadway. Lincoln Philharmonic Society, Carnegie Hall.

Cromwell, Sec.
Prison Ass' u, 135 E. 15th St, S. M. Jackson, Unitarian Society, 104 E. 20th St.

United Heb.Charities, 356 2d Ave, F. L. Wachen-
Professional Woman's League, 108 W. 45th St. heim, Sec.
Mis4 Alice Brown, Sec.

University Settlement Society, 184 Eldridge St. Public Education Ass'n, I Madison Ave. Mrs. S. L. Cromwell, Sec. K. W. Smith, Sec.

Veteran Firemen's Association, 106 W. 31st St. Purim Ass'il. J. S. Isaacs, Sec. , 7 Pine St. William Scott, Sec. St. Audrew's Society, 105 E, 220 st, G. A. Morri- Women's Prison Association, 110 2d Ave. Mrs. 8011, Jr., Sec.

H. M. Guillendea. Sec. St. David's Soc., 105 E. 228 St. G. M. Lewis, Sec. Young Men's Christian Association, main of. St. George's Society, 108 Broad St Chas, W. fice, 215 W, 230 St. H. M. Orne, Sec. Bowring, Sec.

Young Men's Hebrew Association, 861 Lexing. St. Nicholas Soc. C. Isham, Sec. , 1286 Broadway. ton Ave. F. Younker, Sec. Society for Instruction in First Aid to the in. Young Women's Christian Association, 7 E. 15th jured, 105 E, 220 St, H. H. Truman, Sec.

St., 460 W. 44th St. Miss J. F. Bangs, Sec.

Parts in Brooklyn and Queens.

SHOWING SIZE, BOUNDARIES, AND VALUE. Prospect, 51644 acres, 9th Ave., 15th St., Coney Rainey, 6 acres, Vernon Ave., Pierce Ave., Island, Fort Hamilton, Ocean, and Flatbush Sandford'st. and East River. Aves., value $27,735,000.

Seaside, Coney Island, 15 acres, foot of Ocean Fort Greene, 30 acres, De Kalb Ave., Washington Parkway. Park, Ashland Pl., Willoughby St., Canton St., Bensonhurst Beach, 8 acres, Bay Parkway, and Myrtle Ave., value $2,890, 000.

Gravesend Bay, 21st and Cropsey Aves., value Bedford, 4 acres, Brooklyn and Kingston Aves., $38,000. Park Pl. and Prospect Pl., value $150,000,

Lincoln Terrace, 12 acres, Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn Heights, 5 acres, Columbia Heights, Buffalo Ave., President St., and Rochester Ave., fronting on Furman St.

value $120,000. Tompkins, 734 acres, Tompkins. Greene, Marcy, Canarsie, 40 acres. Rockaway Parkway and and Laravette Aves, value $100.000,

Jamaica Bay, value $105,000. City, 7% acres, Canton and Navy Sts., Park New Lots Playground, 3 acres, Sarkman St., and Flushing Aves., value $325.000

Newport, Christopher, and Riverdale Aves., value City Hall, 4 acre. junction of Court and Fulton $16,000. Sts., value $100,000.

Cooper, 7 acres, Maspeth and Morgan Aves., Carroll, 2 acres, President, Court, Carroll, and Sharon and Guilford Sts., value $55,000. Smith Sts., value $390.000,

Irving Sq., 34 acres, Hamburg and KnickerWinthrop, 84 acres. Nissau and Driggs Aves., horker Aves., Halsey and Weirfield Sts., value Monitor and Russell Sts., value $325.000.

$70,000. Highland, terminus of Eastern Parkway Exten- Saratoga Sq., 4 acres, Saratoga and Howard sion, 40 acres, Force Tube Ave. facing Sunny- Aves., Halsey and Macon Sts., value $121,000, side Ave., value $250.000,

Linton, 3 acres, Bradford St., Blake, Dumont, Sunset, 144 acres: 41st to 43d St., 5th to 7th and Miller Aves. , value $35.000. Ave., value $200.000.

Forest, 536 acres, between Jamaica Ave, and Red Hook. 6 acres, Richards, Dwight, Verona, Union Turnpike, Flushing and Myrtle Aves., and William Sts., value $150.000,

Richmond Hill, value $1,250,000. Bushwick, arres, Knickerbocker and Irving Fort Hamilton, 7 acres, 4th Ave., De Nyse St., Aves, Starr and Suydam Sts., value $150,000. Fort Hamilton Ave., and New York Bay.

Institute Garden, 50 acres, Washington Ave., Eastern Parkway, and Flatbush Ave., Value

PARKWAYS. $1,250,000.

Ocean Parkway, 54 miles, Prospect Park to Parade Ground, 40 acres, Coney Island Ave., Coney Island, value $1.000.000, Caton Ave.. Fort Hamilton Ave., and Parade Eastern Parkway, 24 miles, Prospect Park to Pl., value $1.290.000,

Ralph Ave., value $3,000,000. Coney Island Concourse, 55 acres, foot of Ocean Eastern Parkway Extension, 2/4 miles, Ralph Parkway. Atlantic Ocean.

Ave, to Highland Park, value $1,300.000. Dyker Beach, 144 acres, 7th Ave., New York Fort Hamilton Parkway, 49 miles, Ocean Bay, Bay 8th St., Cropsey and 14th Aves., value Parkway to Fort Hamilton, value $1,000,000. $300,000.

Bay Parkway.3 miles (formerly 22d Are ocean Kings, 11 acres, Fulton, Alsop, Ray Sts., and Parkway to Bensonhurst Beach, value $1,000,000. Sheldon Ave., Jamaica.

Bay Ridge Parkway (Shore Drive),3 miles, Fort Greenpoint, 43 acres, Perry St., Nassau Ave. Hamilton Ave., along shore New York Bay to and Lorimer St.

Fort Hamilton, value $3,500,000 McKinley, 944 acres, Fort Hamilton Ave, and Rockaway Parkway, 4 miles, Buffalo Ave. to 730 St.

Canarsie Beach.

National Guard, New York.
Headquarters, Stewart Building, 280 Broadway, Manhattan,

Major-General Charles F. Roe, Commanding. Assistant Adjrulants- General....Col. Frederick Phis. Commissary of Subsistence...... Lleut.-Col. Gilford terer and Lieut. -Col. George A. Wingate,

Hurry. Inspectors..... Col. Williain H." Chapin and Quarter-inaster.....Lieut.-Col. John N. Stearns, Jr. Lieut.-(ol, James W. Cleveland.


Col. Wm. G. Le Bontillier Julyke- Advocate.... ...Lieut.-Col. W. W. Lada Engineer....... Lieut.-Col. George W. Bunnell, Jr. Ordinance Officer and Inspector of Small - Arms Pric-Sigmal Officer..

Major Frederick T. Leigh lice..

Lieut. -Col. Nathaniel B. Thurston Aides-de-Cump.. Majors L. M. Greer, John B. HOL and Major William M. Kirby.


[blocks in formation]

First Co. Sigoal Corps. Park Ave. & 34th St., Man.. 6 89 Capt. 0. Erlaudsen....

Mon. Thur. Second Co. Signal Corps. 801 Dean Street, Brooklyn.. 4 80 Capt. E. Bigelow..

Monday. Twenty-second Eng... 67th St. & Broadway, Man.. 49 707 Col. W. B. llotchkin . Capt, R. J. Daly... Mooday. Squadron A

91th St.& Madison Ave., Man. 20 242 Maj. 0. B. Bridgman. Lieut.R.C.Lawrence Friday. Squadron C. Belford Av. & Union St., B'k 14 149

Maj.c. I. De Beroine.. Lieut, Chas. Carie.. Monday. First Battery 56 West 66.h St., Manhat'n. 5 94 Capt. John F.O'Ryan.

Tuesday. Second Battery.... 1891 Bathgate Ave., Bronx.. 6 101 Capt. D. Wilson....

Tues:lay. Third Battery 171 Clermont Ave., B'ko.. 5 90 Lieut. G. E. Laing ..

Monday. Thirteenth Coast Ar'y.. Sumner & Jefferson Avs.,B'k 53 1170 Col. D. E. Austen.... Capt. T. R. Fleming Tuesday. Field Hospital. 156 West 65th St., Manhat'n. 4 89 Maj. W.S. Terriberry

Monday. Total, City of New York, attached to Headquarters, September 30, 1907: Officers and Men, 2,926.

FIRST BRIGADE. Headquarters, Park Ave. & 34th Street, Manhattan. Brigadier-General George Moore Smith, Com.

manding: Assistant Adjudant-General, Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas J. O'Donohue. Headquarter Night, Monday.




Officers. Men,

Park Ave.& 87th St...


926 Col. D. Appleton.. Capt. D. W.C. Falls Friday. Eighth (Battalion).. Park Ave. & 94th St.,

89 661 Major E. F. Austin... Capt. E. 8. Acker... Mon, and Fri. Ninth 126 West 14th St...

38 671 Col. W.F. Morris..... Capt. L. M. Thiery. Monday. Twelfth ............ Columbus Ave. & 820 8.....

754 Col. G. R. Dyer....... Capt.R.A. De Kussy Daily. Sixty-ninth. Lexington Ave.& 6th St. Man

656 Col. E. Duffy.

Capt. J. J. Phelan.. Monday. Seventy-first..... Park Ave. & 34th St.

49 676 Col W. G. Bates.....Capt. C. Greene.... Tuesday. First Brigade, September 30, 1907: Oficers and men, 4,473.


Brooklyn and Queens,
Headquarters, Municipal Building, Brooklyn. Brigadier-General James McLeer, Commanding; Acting
Assistant Adjutant-Generul,

Headquarter Night, Monday.



Adjutant. oficers. Men.

Night. Fourteenth Bth Ave. and 15th St..

45 647 Col. Johd H. Fonte... Capt. T. F. Donovan Monday. Twenty-third 1392 Bedfori Ave..

58 721 Col. W. A, Stokes..... Capt.J.A.Ingraham. Monday. Forty-seventh Marey Ave. & Heyward St.. 86

636 Col. J. G. Eddy ...... Capt. W. F. Barnes. Monday. Second Brigade, September 30, 1907: Officers and men, 2,018. National Guard, City of New York, September 30, 1907, 9, 447; for National Guard, New York State, see Index at National Guard."

The Naval Militia of New York, headquarters, U.S.S. Newark, foot of 97th St., N. R. Manhattan, 18 commanded be Capt. Jacob W. Miller, N. M., N. Y., and on September 30, 1907, was composed as follows: Headquarters, 6 eficers; First Battalion, U.S. S. Granite State, Commander W. B. Franklin, N. M., N. Y., commanding, 26 officers, 814 men ; Second Battalion, foot 56th Bt., Brooklyn, Commander R. P. Forshew, N. M., N. Y., commanding, 17 officers, 915 men; Second Separate Division, Rochester, Lieut. E N. Walbridge, N. M.. X, Y., commanding officers, 74 men; Third Separate Division, Buffalo, N. Y., Lleut, E, C. Soraborger, commanding, 6 officers, 73 men. Total, Naval Militia, New York : Officers and men, 735

Art Galleries in Manhattan.

Lenox Library...
Metropolitan Museum of Art...
National Academy of Desigo.


American Art Galleries
Blake lre Galleries.
Clausen, Willam
Fishel, Aaron A.....
Keppel, , Fr...
Kinckner Art Gallery.
Knordler & Co..
Kraushaar, C. W...

6 E. 23.1 St., 7 E. 290 Street
853 Fifth Avenue,
881 Fifth Avenue.
S West 8th Street,
1318 Fifth Aveone.
4 East 39th Street.
7 West 28th Street
7 East 98th Street.
355 FWth Avenue.
960 Fifth Avenue.

1895 Fifth Avenue.
Fifth Avenue & 89d Street.

(Central Park). Amsterdam Avenue, Den!

109th Street.
868 Fifth Avenue.
320 Fifth Avenue.
115 Fifth Arenue.
996 Fifth Avenue
299 Fifth Avenue,

Noe Art Galleries ...
Oohme, Julius...
Schaus, Willlam...
Scott & Fowles.
Tooth, Arthur, & Sons...

District Leaders in New York City.

Ass'y Dist.
Ass'y Dist.

Ass'y Dist.
1-D. E. Finn.
18-John V, Coggey.

34-Arthur H, Murphy. 9--Thomas F. Foley.

Bart Dunn.

35-William E. Morris. 3-Timothy P. Sullivan,

19 - James Ahearn, John T Oakley. 20-Maurice Featherson

Asa Bird Gardiner. 4-John F. Ahearn. 21-James J. Walsh.

W. Bourke Cockran. P. J. Scully. 22-William H. Sinnott

Lewis Nixon, 5-C. W. Culkin. 23-Thomas F. McAvoy

Charles G. F. Wahle. 6- Benjamin Hoffman. 34-J. J. Dietz

Antonio Zucca. 7- Frank J. Goodwin. 25-George F. Scannell.

Thomas F. Grady. 8-F. J. Sullivan.

Joseph F. Prendergast. John C. Sheehan. 9-P. J. Dooling. 26-J. J. Frawley.

John T. Oakley. William Dalton. 27-Thomas F. McDevitt.

Daniel F. (ohalan, 10-Julius Harburger. 28--Nicholas J. Hayes.

William F. Grell. 11-T. J. McManus. 29-Thomas E. Rush.

John R. Voorhis. 1.-J. J. Murphy. 30 S-P. E. Nagle.

George E. Best. 13--John F. Curry. 30 N-Wallace s. Fraser.

Chairman-Thomas F. McAvoy, 14-William J. Boyhan, 31 - William J. Wright,

(George F. Scannell. 15-James J. Hagan, 32-E. J. McGuire,

Secretaries Thomas E. Rush. 16-Francis J. Lantry. T. H. O'Neill.

Thomas F. Smith, 17-Ross Williams, 33-Michael J. Garvin.

Treasurer-Philip F. Donohue.

Ass'y Dist.
Ass'y Dist.

Ass'y Dist.
1-George S. Husch.
14-John S. Shea.

27-B. W.B. Brown, 2--Joseph Levenson. 15--Harry W. Mack.

28-Frank Raymond. 3-James E. March. 16-Charles K. Lexow.

29-John Henry Hammond. 4-Jacob A. Newstead. 17-Abraham Gruber.

30-Frank K. Bowers, 5-Joseph T. Hackett. 18--Joseph E. Nejedly.

31 -Harvey T. Andrews. 6-Samuel S Koenig. 19-Wm. S. Bennet.

32 Upper-William S. Germain, 7-William Halpin. 20- John H. Gunner.

39 Lower--William H. Ten Eyck. 8-Charles S. Adler. 21-Moses M. McKee.

33- Edw. H. Healy. 9-Michael H. Blake. 22-Ambrose 0. Neal.

34-Headley M Greene, 10-Ferdinand Fidman. 33-Collin H. Woodward.

85 - Thomas W. Whittle. 11-George W. Wanmaker. 24-Morris Levy.

President-Herbert Parsons. 12-William Henkel. 25-Ezra P. Prentice.

Sec'y-Thomas W. Whittle
13--William Hahn.
36-Samuel Krulewitch.

Treas.-Otto T, Barnard.
Estimated Population of New ¥ork City


1900. 1890. 1880. 1870. 1860. 1850 1840. 1830. 1820. 1810. 1800. 1790 New York City. 3,437,202 2,507,414 1,911,698 1,478,103 1,174,179 696,115 391, 114 219,978 152, 056 119,734 19, 216 49,401 Manhattan

1,850,093 1,411,219, 1,64,673 942,292 813,669 615, 547 312, 710 202,589 123,706 96,373 60,515 33, 131 Bronx. 200,507 88,908 51,980 37.393 93,693 8, 032

5,346 3.023 2,782

2,967 1,755 1,781 Brooklrn.

1,166,582 838,547 599,495 419,921 279,192, 138, 889 47,613 90.535 11,187 8,303 5,740 4,495 Richmond.. 67,021 51,693 32,991 33,029 25,492 15,061 10,965 7,082

6,135 5,317 4.564 3,835 Queens 152,999 87,050 56,552 45,468 32,903 18,593 14,480 9,049


7,444 6,619' 6,159 The preceding table shows that the area comprised within the present limits of the City of New York had an estimated population of 49, 401 in 1790, which had grown to 696,115 in 1850, representing an iucrease of 646,714, or 1,509.1 per cent.

The population of the present city of New York had grown to 2,507,414 in 1890, or an increa se since 1850 of 1,811,269, or 260.9 per cent. Since 1890 there has been an increase of 925,788, or 37.1 per cent., the population in 1900 being 3,437,202.

New York Chamber of Commerce. ORGANIZED April 5, 1768., Incorporated by George III, March 13, 1770. Reincorporated by the State of New York April 13, 1784. Its object is indicated in the following words of the original charter: "Sensible that numberless inestimable benefits bave accrued to mankind from commerce; that they are, in proportion to their greater or lesser application to more or less opulent and potent in all countries; and that the enlargement of trade will vastly increase the value of real estates as well as the general opulence of our said colony," and "to carry into execution, encourage, and promote, by just and lawful ways and means, such measures as will tend to promote and extend just and lawful commerce"

During the decade 1760-1770, according to Lord Sheffield's Observations, the average yearly value of American Colonial imports from Great Britain was £1,763, 409, and of exports to the same country £1,014,591. Up to the evacuation of the city by the British and its occupation by the Americans, on the 25th of November, 1783, the New York Chamber of Commerce had had seven presidents, thirteen vice-presidents, eight treasurers, one secretary, and 135 members. In May, 1763, the Sandy Hook Lighi-House was lighted up for the first time. In 1786 the Chamber of Commerce first

suggested the construction of the Erie Canal, and in 1784 petitioned the New York Legislature (which so ordered) that duties should be levied under a specific instead of an ad valorem tariff-a system of which the Chamber of Commerce has ever since been the constant advocate.

As a society the Chamber of Commerce consists of fifteen hundred resident and two hundred and fifty non-resident members. Initiatory fees have varied between the sum of ten Spanish dollars. required in 1770, and $50, which is now demanded from every accepted candidate." Annual dues, $50 per annum. Non-resident members, $25 per annum.

The building of the Chamber is at 65 Liberty Street, New York. Officers: President, J. Edward Simmons; Secretary, George Wilson; Treasurer, James G. Cannon.

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