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SYSTEMS, LOCATION, AND Divisions, Mileage, and Operating



Minneapolis & St. Louis

Railrond. *Albert
Lea Route."
(Minnesota, Iowa, S. Dakota.) St. Paul, Albert Lea and Southern President, Edwin Hawley, New
For year ending Jhene 30, 1907. Divs., 971.lom. Western and Pa- York; Vice-President and Gen-
Total earnings...

$3,873,668 citic Divs.,217.52 m. ; Southwestern eral Manager, L. F. Day; SecreOperating expenses 2,557,131 Div., 153.50 m.; Des Moines & Fl. tary, Jos, Gaskell, General Othices, Net earnings..... $1,316,537

Dodge Div., 156.72 m.; M.D. P. Minneapolis, Minn.; New York Other income..

2:26.685 Div. 229.60 m. Total mileage,1,028.49. Ottice, 6 Broad Street,
Total net income. $1,543,222 EXPRESS Co. -Adams.
Total payments.... 1,305,388
Surplus...... 8337,834

Minneapolis, St. Paul

and Sault Ste. Marie Railway-"Soo Line." (Michigan, Wiscousin, Min- Michigan-Main Line. 208.18 m.; Br., nesota, North Dakota, South

42.79 m.;

Wisconsin-Main Line, President, Thomas Lowry; Price Dakota.) 263.91 m.; Br., 89.10 m.; Minnesota

President and General Manager For your ending June 30, 1907. Main Line 231.28 m.; Br.,395,65 m.;

E. Pennington; Secretary, c. F. Total earnings. $12,892,079 North Dakota- Main Line, 361 m.;

Clement. General Offices, MinneOperating expenses 7,433,548 Br., 749.72 m.; Sonuth Dakota -- Main apolis, Minn.; New York Offices, Net earnings. 85,458,531 Line, - m.; Branch Lines, 33.58 m.

69 Wall Street, 458 Broadway. Other income.... 52,076

Total mileage, 2,375. 19.
Total net income $5,510,607 EXPRESS Co.-Western.
Total payments.... 2,901,921
Surplus........... $2,608,686

General officers of the System

President, A. H. Joline, New
York; Vice-President, Chas. G.

Hedge, New York: Vice-PresiMissouri, Kansas and

dent and General Manager, A. A. Texas Rail way.

Allen, St. Louis, Mo., Traffic (Missouri,Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas & Texas Ry., 1,725 Maunger, C. Haile, St. Louis, Texas, Louisiana.)

m. : Missouri, Kansas & Texas Ry. Mo.; Secretary, C. V. Whitehead, For veco enting June 30, 1907. of Texas, 1,245 m.; Galveston, New York. Total earnings. $26.153,958 Houston & Henderson R. R. ,50 m.: Othcers of Missouri, Kansas Operating expenses 17.676,450 Denison, Bouham & New Orleans Texas Ry. ('o. of Texas-PresNet earnings..... $8,508,508

R. R., 24 m.; Wichita Falls Ry., 18 ident, A. H. Joline; Vice-PresOther income.

177,140 m. ; Dallas, Cleburne & Southwest- ident and General Manager, Total net income. 88.585,648 ern R. R. , 10 m. Total mileage, 3,072. A. A. Allen, St. Louis, Mo., 2d

Vice-President, J. N. Simpson, Total payments.... 5,523,338 EXPRESS CO.-American,

Dallas, Tex., Secretary, C. S. Surplus. $3,102,310

Sherwin, Dallas, Tex.
General Ofices-St. Louis, Mo.;

Parsons, Kan.; Dallas, Tex.; New

York Offices, 49 Wall Street, 309 Missouri Pacific Ry.

Broadway. (Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, TennesNee, Illinois) For year ending June 30, 1907. Missouri Pacific Ry., 1,841 m.; Mis- President, George J. Gould, New

York ;

Vice-Presidents, Frank (Including Iron Mountain souri Pacific Ry. Independent Br.

Jay Gould, New York; Charles Line.) Lines, 1,651 m.; St. Louis, Iron

S. Clarke, St. Louis, Mo.; Alex. Total earnings..... $48,703,343

Mountain and Southern Ry.,2,594 Operating expenses 32,516,070

G. Cochran, St. Louis, Mo. ; Secrem.; ('entral Br, Ry., 388 m. Total

tary, A. H. Calef, New York. mileage, 6,474. Vet earnings.....$16,184,272

General Offices, St. Louis, Mo.; Other income...... 3.283,382 EXPRESS Co.-Pacific.

New York Offices, 195 Broadway. Total net income$19,471,555 Total payments, .. 15,661,395

Surplus............ $3.807,230

Mobile and Ohio R.R.

Chairman of the Board, W. Butler (Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Main Line, St. Louis, Mo., to Mobile, Duncan, New York; President, Tennessee, Mississippi, Ala., 644.60 m.; Aberdeen Br.. 9 m.; W. W. Finley, New York; lst Alabama)

Suurkville Br., il m.; Montgomery Vice-President, A. B. Andrews, For year culing June 30, 1907 Div., 167.19 m.; Blocton Br., 11.82 Raleigh, X. C. Vice-President, Total earnings.. $10,769,519 m.; Columbus, Miss. Br., 14 m.; E. L. Russell, Mobile, Ala.; GenOperating expenses 7,643,087 Warrior Southern RR.. 13.60 m, : eral Manager, R. V. Taylor, Net earnings.. $3.116,432

Warrior Br., 9.51 m.;Millstadt Br. Mobile, Ala, Secretary, Henry Other income ...

7 m.; Mobile and Bay Shore Ry., Tacon, Mobile, Ala. 123,430

General Total net income. $3.239.863 EXPRESS Co.-dogthern 38.36 m. Total mileage, 926.08.

Offices, Mobile, Ala; St. Louis,

Mo.; New York Office, 80 BroadTotal payments. 2,518,622

way. Surplus...


SYSTEMS, LOCATJON, AND Divisions, Mileage, and Operating

General Officers FINANCIAL DATA,

Express. Naslı ville, Chattanooga Main Line, 320.21 m.; McMinnville and St. Louis Railway. Br., 94.60 m.; Sequatchie Valley R.

“Lookout Mountain R..68.10 m.; Tracy City Br. 31.17 m.; Route."

Centreville Br., 69.91 m.; Shelby- President and General Manager, (Georgia, Alabama, Tennes- ville Br., 8.01 m.; Lebanon Br., 29.21 J. W. Thomas, Jr.; Vice-Pressee, Kentucky.)

m.: Western and Atlantic R. R. ident and Traffic Manager, H. F. For year ending June 30, 1907. 136.82 m.; Rome R. R., 18.15 m.; Smith; Secretary, J. H. Ambrose. Total earnings.....$13,938,472 Huutsville and Gadsden Line, 80.08 General Offices, Nashville, Tenn. Operating expenses. 9,730,162 m; Fayetteville and Columbia Br., New York Office, 71 Broadway; Net earnings..... $2,508,310

86 35 m.; Paducah and Memphis General omces of Western and Other income....


Div., 254.20 m.; Middle Tenn, and Atlantic R. R., Atlanta, Ga.

Ala Div., 36.98 m.; West NashTotal net income $2,526,710

ville Br., 6.26 m. Total mileage, Total payments.... 2.439,330 1.230.05 Surplus

106.380 EXPRESS CO.-Southern.

New York Central and Hudson River

RR, 806.616 m.; West Shore R R.,

478.97 m.; New York and Harleni New York Central and R. R., 136,51 m.; Rome, Water

iludson River R.R. town and Ogdensburg R. R., 634.37 (New York, New Jersey,

Chairman of the Board, Chauncey m.; Beech Creek R. R., 165.88 m.; Pennsylvania, Massachu Beech Creek Extension RR., 126.46

M. Depew; President, William setts.)

H. Newman ; Senior Vice-Presi. m.; Mohawk and Malone Ry.,182.18 For year ending Dec. 31, 1906.

dent, W.C. Browu; Vice-Presi. m.; Carthage and Adirondack Ry., (For entire system east of 45.86 in.; New York and Putnam R.

dents, E. V. W. Rossiter; Edgar Buffalo, except Dunkirk, R., 08.88 m.; Fall Brook Ry., 91.51

Van Etten, Boston, Mass.: John Allegheny

and m; Pine Creek Ry., 74.96 m.; Syra-

Carstensen; Wm. J. Wilgus; Ira Pittsburgh R. R.) cuse, Geneva and Corning Ry.. 64.24

A, Place; Chas. F. Daly: ViceTotal earnings.. +92,089,768

President and General Manager, m.: Wallkili Valley R, R.,32.88 m.; Operating expenses 66,261,905 other roads. 44.20 m. : New York

A. H. Smith; Secretary, D. W.

Pardee. General Ofres. Albany, Vet earnings.....$25,827,813) & Ottava Line 138.40 m, : St. Lawy

N. Y. Operating Offices, Grand Other income... 7.707,737) rence and Adirondack Rp. 65.07

Central Station, Vanderbilt Ave. Total net income. 3., 535,650 m. Lines operated under trackage

nue and Forty - second Street, Total payments... 22,667,904 rights, 262.77 m.; Boston & Albany

New York.
R. R., 392.49 m. Total mileage,
Surplus....... $10,967,646 3,389, 82

Dunkirk, A. V. and P. R. R., 90.51 m.
EXPRESS CO.-American National

Express or West Shore R. R,
New York, Chicago and

St. Louis Railrond. (New York, Pennsylvania,

Chalrman of the Board, Chauncey Ohio, Indiana, Ilinois.)

M. Depew, New York; President, For year ending Dec. 31, 1946. Buffalo, N. Y., to Chicago, II., 523

W. H. Cannitt, Cleveland, O.; Total earnings... 89,902,309 m.

Secretary, D. W. Pardee, New Operating expenses 7.660,471 EXPRESS CO.-- National

York. General Offices, Cleveland, Net earnings $2,041,738

0.; New York Office, Grand CenOther income..

tral Station, 47.807 Total net income. $2,09,546 Total payments....

1.691,843) Surplus............


New York Div., 115 m.; Hartford New York, New Haveu Div., 146 m. ; Highland Div., 194

& Hartford Rallrond. m.; Midland Div., 154 m.; Air [Massachusetts, Rhode ISI- Line- Northampton,191 m.; Nauga- President, Chas, S. Mellen: Viceand, Connecticut, New

tuck Div., 61 m.; Berkshire Div.. Presidents, T. E. Byrnes. Boston; York.)

181 m.: Worcester Div., 193 m.; H. M. Kochersperger; E. H.MC. For year muding June 30, 1907. Plymouth Div.. 279 m.; Tannton Henry; E. G. Buckland, Provi. Total earnings.... $56.601,936 Div., 231 m.; Providence Div.. 82 dence, R. J.; B. Campbell; John Operating expenses 37,850,081 m.: Shore Div., 195 m. Total F. Stevens; Secretary, J. G. mileage. 2,006.

Parker: General Manager, S. Net earnings.....$17.761.855

New England S. S. Co. is composed Higgins. General Ofices, New Other income...... 6,338,901

of the Fall River Line, Providence Haven, Ct.; Vew York Ottices,
Total net income. B24,080,166 Line, Vorwich Line, New London Grand Ceutral Station,
Total payments....22.092,702 Line. New Bedford Line, New
Surplus........... $1,988,004

Haven Line, and Bridgeport Line.
EXPRESS Co.-Adams,

New York, Susquehanna

& Western Railrond. Main Line, Jersey (ity, N. J., to (New Jersey and New York. ] Stroudsburg, Pa', 98.1 m.; Wiikes- President, F. D. Underwood; 1st For year cuting June 30. 1906. Barre and Eastern R. R., 86 m.;

Vice-President, G. F. Brownell; Total earnings... $2.757.925

2d Vice-President, G. A. Richard Middletown Div., 34,2 m.; other Operating expenses 1,9:29,250 branches, 15.9 m. Total mileage,

son; 3d Vice-President and General

Tratlic Manager, H. B. Vet earnings.....


Chamberlain; General Manager, Other income

+3,054 EXPRESCo.- Wells, Fargo & Co. J. C. Stuart; Secretary, David Total net income. $$71,729 This road is now part of the Erie R. R.

Bosman. General Onlices, l1 Total paymeula.... 1.010,142 System.

Broadway, New York. Deficit.


SYSTEMS, LOCATION, AND Divisions, Mileage, and Operating


General Officers. New York, Ontario and Main Line, Cornwall, N. I., to Os

Western Railway. wego, N. Y., 271.75 m.; Delhi Br., (New York, Pennsylvania.] 16.84 m.; Wharton Valley R.R., 6.80 For year ending June 30, 1907. m. ; New Berlin Br., 22.38 m.; Útica Total earnings... $8,202,360 Div., 31.30 m.; Rome Br. , 19.78 m. : President, Thomas P. Fowler; ViceOperating expenses 5.661345 Scranton Div., 54.05 m. ; Ellenville

President, J. B. Kerr; ViceNet earnings..... $2,558,015 Br., 7.80 m, ; Pecksport Ry.. 3,69 m.;

President and General Manager, Other income..


Weehawken, N J., to (ornwall, J. E. Childs; Secretary, R. D.
NY.(trackage rights). 53.07 m.; EI-

Rickard. General ofices,

56 Total net income.. $3,011,731 lenville and Kingston R. R., 27.14

Beaver Street, New York. Total payments....


m. ; Port Jervis, Mont, and Sum. Surplus..

$1.654,722 R. R., 38.27 m. Total mileage, This road is controlled by 545.87.

the N.Y. ,N.I.& H.R.R. EXPRESS Co.-Adams, Norfolk and Western Railway.

Norfolk to Columbus, O., 703.76 m.: (Maryland, West Virginia, Lynchburg to Durham, 115.43 m.; President, L. E. Johnson; 1st ViceVirginia, North Carolina,

Roanoke to Hagerstow, 238.11 m.; President, Win. G. Macdowell, Ohio)

Roanoke to Winston-Salem, 121.30 Philadelphia, Pa. ; 30 Vice-PresiFor year ending June 30, 1907. m., Radford Junction to Bristol, dent and General Manager, X. D. Total earnings.....$31,164,31

110.75 m.; North Carolina Junction Maber; 3d Vice-President and Operating expenses 19,514,635 to Fries, 43.49 m.; Graham to Nor- Truthic Manager, T. S. Davant; Net earnings..

ton, 100.40 m,: Portsmouth Junction Secretary, E. H, Alden, Phila$11,649.846

to Cincinnati and Ivorydale, 105.92 delphia, Pa. Other income....

General Offices, 88,917

m. ; Columbus, Connecting and Roanoke, Va.; New York of Total net income, $11,739,793 Terminal R. R., 3.51 m.: branches, fices, 40 Exchange Place and 398 Total payments.... 11.067,341 318.21 m Total mileage, 1,860.88.

Broadway. Surplus...


EXPRESS Co.-Southern. Northern Pacific Ry.

6 Yellowstone Park St. Paul, Minn., to Portland, Ore Line."

Taconia and Seattle, Wash., 2,766 (Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakotal, Montana, Idaho,

11.; other divisions and branches, President, Howard Elliott; Vice

2,843 m. Total mileage, 5,609. President, James N. Hill, New Washington, Oregon. )

This company connects with the York; 24 Vice-President, J. M1 For year ending June 30, 1907. Great Northern S. S. Co. from Hannaford; 34 Vice-President, Total earnings.. $68,634,832 Seattle and Tacoma to China, Ji- Chas. M. Levey: Secretary, G. II. Operating expenses 40.063,035

pan and Manila, also with Boston Earl, New York, General Of. Net earnings. $2,471,797 SS.Co., between Tacoma, Seattle. fices, St. Paul, Minn.; New York Other income. 2,338,324 and Victoria and Japan, China, and offices, 34 Nassau Street and 319 Total net income.830,810 121

Manila, and from Seattle to Vic- Broud way.

toria, V. I. Total payments 24,112,945

EXPRESS (0.-Northern. Surplus..


Portland, Ore., to Huntington, Ore., President, E. H. Harriman, New Oregon Railroad and 405 m. Spokane Div..

245 m.;

York; Secretary, W. W. ('otton; Navigation Co.

other branches, 596 m. Total mile- Assistant Secretary, Alexander (Oregon, Washington, Idaho.] age, 1.246.

Millar, New York. General 01This road is now part of the Steamer Lines: Portland to As. fices, Portland, Ore.; New York Union Pacific System. toria and Oregon City.

Oflices, 120 and 287 Broadway. EXPRESS (0.- Pacific.

President, 'Edward II. Harriman,

New York; Vice-President and Oregon Short Line Rail.

General Manager, W. H. Banrond. Lines in Utah. 194.34 m.; in Wyo

croft, Salt Lake City': Vice-Presi. [Utan, Wyoming, Idaho, ming. 111.40 m ; in Idaho, 936.90 m.;

dent, Wm. D. Cornish, New York; Montana, Oregon.)

in Montana, 134.82 m.; Oregon, Secretary, Alex. Millar, New This road is now part of the 13,42 m. Total mileage. 1.392.84.

York. General Offices, Salt Lake Union Pacific System. EXPRESS CO.-Pacitic,

City, Utah; New York Office, 120

Eastern Pennsylvania Div., 1,242 33

m; estern Pennsylvania Div.,
630.06 11.; New Jersey Dív., 473.18

m.; Erie Div.,599.80 in.; Northern

('entrai Ry. Div., 462.70 m.; PhilaPennsylvania Railrond.

relphia, Baltimore and Washington President, James McCrea; 1st (New York, New Jersey,

R R. Div., 693.27 m; West Jersey Vice President, John P. Green;

and Sea Shore RR. Div., 334,31 m.; Pennsylvania, Delaware,

201 Vice-President, Charles E. Maryland, District of Co

Bulalo and Allegheny Valley Div., Prigh: 3d Vice-President, Samlunbia, Virginia, West

820.85 m.; Baltimore, Chesapeake uel Rea; 4th Vice President, Virginia, Michigan, Ke

and Atlantic Ry., 87.60 in, ; Barnes John B. Thayer, Jr. : 6th Vicetueky, Ohio, Indiana, Ilic gnt R. R.,7.73 m.; Cherry Tree and

President, Henry Tatnall; GenDixonville R R., 36.03 m.; Cumbernois]

eral Manager, W. W. Atterbury: For yrar ending Dec. 31.10.

Juund Valley R. R. lines, 1615 m.; Secretary, Lewis Neilson, Gen. Total earnings.

Long Island R. R. lines, 391.84 m.: eral Ofices, Broad Street Station, Operating expenses 101%u5...44

Maryland, Delaware & Virginia Philadelphia; New York Offices,

kw., 78 33 m.; Mouong hela RR 45 (edar Street. 170, 1354 Broad. Xet earnings. $46,434,2 lines, 57.49 m.; Puberton &

way, and 263 Fifth Ave. Loss fixed charges and

Heightstown R R., 94.37 m.; Rossdividends.

Imionvecting RR., 2.69 m.; Win-
tield RR., 9.16 m. Total mileage
lines past, 6.109.85. Pennsylvania
lines west of Pittsburgh, 4,867.90 m.
Total mileage, 10,977.73.
EXPRES& Co. -Adams.

SYSTEMS, LOCATION, AND Divisions, Mileage, and Operating

General Omcers.


Pere Marquette R.R.

Receiver, Judson Harmon, (Michigan, Ohio, Indiana.

Grand Rapids Dist., 1,013,21 m.; President, E. D. Underwood, New For yrar ending June 30, 1907.

Saginaw Dist., 555,43 m.; Detroit York: Vice-President, George F. Total earnings... .$14.214,194 Dist., 372.73 m.: lines to Canada

Brownell, New York; Secretary, (Butralo Division). 223.41 m. Total Operating expenses 9,977,351

Thos, J. Walsh, Cincinnati, 0; mileage, 2,164.78. Vet earnings ..... 84.236,843

Asst. Secretary, David Bosman, Other income....

EXPRESS Co.-United States.

New York: General Manager,

Cotter, Detroit, Blich. Total net income $4.375.820 This road is now controlled by the Total payments....

General Offices, Detroit, Mich. 3,943.60 Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton

and Cincinnati, O.: New York R. R. Surplus... $432,232

Oflices, 11,290 Broadway.


Philadelphin and Reading Railway.

Reading Div., 349.83 m. ; Philadelphia (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Div., 47.22 m.; New York Div., President, George F. Baer; 1st Delaware,

152.67 m.; Harrisburg Div., 106.36 m.; Vice-President, Theodore VoorFour year ending June 30, 1907. Shamokin Div., 226.08 m.; Wil- hees; 3d Vice-President, C. E. Total earníugs... .843,528,936 mington and Columbia Div., 117.45 Henderson; Secretary, IV. R. Operating expenses. 25,889,331 m.; otherlines operated separately, Taylor. General Offices, Phila

Net earnings. $17.639.605 477.51 m. Total mileage, 1,477.12. delphia, Pa.; New York Orlice, Total paynients... 11,595,179 EXPRESS Co. - United States,

143 Liberty Street, Surplus..... $6,044,420

C., X. O. & T. P. Ry. President, Queen and Crescent Route.

W.W. Finley, Washington, D. C. ; (Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee,

Vice-Presidents, W. J. Murphy

and T. C. Powell, Cincinnati, O.; Georgia, Alabama, Missis: Comprising the following lines: Cinsippi, Louisiana. )

cinnati, New Orleans and Texas Secretary, R. D. Lankford, New Fuveau' ending June 30, 1906.

Pacific Ry.,338 m.iNew Orleans and York; General Manager, Horace

Northeastern R. R., 196 m.; Ala- Baker, ('incinnati, O, New York (C., N. 0. & T. P. Ry.) Total earnings....

bama and Vicksburg Ry., 142 m. : $8.464.896

Onice, 80, 290 Broadway. Vicksburg, Shreveport and Pacitic Alabama Gt. So. R.R. - President, Operating expenses. 6,392,671

Ry.,171 m. : Alabama Great SouthNet earnings......

W.W. Finley, Washington, D.C.; $2,062,925 ern R.R. , 309.41 m. Total mileage, Other income....

1st Vice-President, A. B. An44.498 1.156.41.

drews, Raleigh, N, C.; ViceTotal net income $2,106,723 EXPRESS Co.-Southern.

Presidents, W. J. Murphy and Total payments.....1,968,955

T. C. Powell, Cincinnati, 0; Surplus........iii, $137,765

General Manager, Horace Baker,
Cincinnati, o.

Grand Junction, Col., to Ogden,

Utah, 328. 12 m.; San P'ete and
Sevier Br., 13:2.51 m.; Tintic Br., Chairman of the Board, George J.

43.73 m.; Pleasant Valley Br., 21.54 Rio Grande

Gould. New York; President, E. Western m.; Bingham Br., 14.26 in.; Little Railway. Cottonwood Br., 10.15 m.; Provo

T.Jetlery, New York: Vice-Presi[Colorado and Utab. ) Canon Br., 26 m.; Sunnyside Br..

dent, Chas, H. Schlacks; Secre. Financial report included in 17.38 m.; Park City Br., 32.28 m.;

tary, Stephen Little, New York. Denver and Rio Grande other branches, 89.75 m. Total

General Offices, Denver, Col.: R. R. mileage, 715.73.

New York Office, 195 Broadway. EXPRESS Co.-Globe; Wells, Fargo

& Co.

Rutiand Railrond. White Creek, Vt., to Canada Line,
(Vermont and New York. ) Que. , 161.42 m.; Chatham, N. Y., to
F) yedt ending Dec, 31,1906. Bennington, Vt., 57.21 m.; Benning-
Total earnings..... $2,799,209 ton, V.; to No. Bennington. 4.67 m.; President, W. H. Newman, New
Operating expenses 1.978,093 Bellows Falls, Vt., to Rutland, Vi.,

York; General Manager, George Vet earnings......

$821,116 5231 m.; Alburgh. Vt., to Ogdens. Other income..

T. Jarvis. General Ofices, Rut49,90 burg, N. Y., 121.60 m. ; (anada Line

land, Vt. Total net income. $871,066

to Voyan Jet., Que., 3.39 m.; LeicesTotal payments...

ter Jct., Vt., to Addison Jet., N.Y..
14.61 m).

Total mileage, 415.11.
Surplus............ $149,730 EXPRESS CO.-National.

San Antonio and Aran- Houston, Tex., to San Antonio, Tex.,

sas Pilsn Railway. (Texas.)

238 m.; Kenedy, Tex., to Corpus President, W. H. Melntyre; Vice

Christi, Tex., 88 m.; Rockport Br., President and General Manager, For year ending June 30, 1907. Total earnings. $3,664 418

21 m.; Lockhart Br., 55 m.; Alice W. M. Hobhs; 2d Vice-President,

Br., 43 m.; Waco Br., 171 m.: Korr. M. D. Monserrate; Secretary, Operatingexpenses 2,061,895

ville Br., 71 m.; Brownsville Br., Reagan Jouston. General On Net earnings. $1,504, 36.3 m). Total mileage, 723.7.

fires San Antonio, Tex.; New Total payments. 1,603,374 EXPRESS CO-Wells, Fargo & Co.

York Office, 120 Broadway, Surplus...




Divisious, Mileage, and Operating


General Omcers.

Neaboard Air Line Ry.
(Virginia, North Carolina,

President, W. A. Garrett, Norfolk. South Carolina, Georgia,

Va.; Vice-Presidents, L. Sevier, Florida, Alabama. ]

First Div., 370.35 m,; Second Div., Norfolk, Va.. General Manager. In year ending Jour 30, 1907. 386.61 m.; Tbird Div., 398.26 m.; T. F. Whittelsey, Norfolk, Vai Total earnings... $16,427,942 Fourth Div., 634.24 m.; Fifth Div.,

Secretary, D. C. Porteous, New Operating expenses. 12.948.041 462.44 m. ; Sixtb Div., 459.17 m. York, lieneralottices, Portsmouth Vet earuings..... $3,479,901 Total mileage, 2.610.97.

and Norfolk, Va.; New York 01 Other income.. 16,2901 EXPRESS Co-Southern,

fices, 34 Broad Street, 387 and 1183 Total net income..$3,496,197

Fixed charges. 3,954,497
Deficit........ $408,300

Lineg south of Portland and west of

Ogden and Rio Grande River-
Nevada and California Ry., 330.48

m.; Central Pacific Ry.,1,468.14 m.; Southern Pacific Coin- Oregon & Caliiornta RR., 666.17 m.;

pany.-"Sunset, Ogden South Pacific ('oast Ry., 100 36 m. i Wund Shasta Routes." Southern Pacific K, R., 3.193.11 m.; President, E. H. Harriman, New (Louisiana, Texas,

New New Mexico and Arizona R. R. 89.19 York; Vice-Presidents, W. D. Mexico, Arizona, Califor- m.; Sonora R. R., 202.60 m. Total Cornisa, New York, 1.c. Stubhs, nia, Nevada,Oregon, Utah, ) mileage. 6,110.04.

Chicago, , ; J. Kruttschnitt. Firupur enting June 30, 1907. Sunset Ceutral Lines - Morgan's (hicago. III.; Vice-President and (including water lines also.) Louisiana and Texas R. R and General Manager, E. E. Calvi; Total earnings...... $124.864,140 Steamiship (0., 360.96 m. ; beria San Francisco, ('al. ; Secretary, Operating expeuses 89,578,907 and Vermilion R, R., 21. 00 m, i Alex. Millar, New York. Gen. Vet receipts $42,585,533

Louisiana Western R R., 198.38 m.; eral Offices, San Francisco Cal.; Other income


Texas and New Orleans R. R., New York Offices, 120 aud 349

448.48 m. ; Galveston, Harrisburg Broadway.
Total uet income $15.950,898 and San Antonio Rs.,1,342.94 m.;
• Total payments. 32,086,175 Houston and Texas (entral R
Surplus ..... $13,861,723 R., 789.01 m.; Houston, E. and

W, Texas R., 190,84 m.: Honston
and Shreveport R. R., 39.78 m.

Total mileage, 3,381.38.
EXPRESS Co. - Wells, Fargo & Co.

Northern District: Washington Div.,
344.83 m., Danville Div., 229.88 m.;
Richmond Div., 180 m. Norfolk
Div., 437.18 m.; Durham Div., 241.25
m.; Winston-Salem Div., 379.01 m.

Total, 1,802.15 m.

Vinde District: Knoxville Div., Southern Railway.

360.93 m.; Knoxville and Augusta (District of Columbia, Vir

R.R., 27.97 m. ; Murphy Div., 1:29,60 Presideut, W. W. Finley, Washingginia,

ton), D.C.; Ist Vice-President, A. North Carolina,

m.; ('oster Dir.. 213.83 m.; Mem. South Carolina, Georgia, phis Div. , 332.13 m.; Asheville Div..

B, Andrews, Raleigh, NC.: 24 Florida, Alabama, Missis

349 m.; Knoxville and Bristol R,R., Vice President, V. (nlp. Washsippi, Tennessee, Kentucky,

39.84 m.; Nashville Div., 317.44 m. ington, D.;; Vice-President and Total, 1,561.63 m.

General Manager, C. II. Ackert, Illinois, I udiava. Misserij

Washington, DC; Vice-Presi.
For your culing Jhone 30. 1907. Eastern District : (harlotte Div., 462. 14
Total parnings.

för. 657.994
Columbia DIV., 391 71

dents, H. B. Spencer, WishingOperating expenses 44.6403 Charleston Diri, 211.76 m.; Jack

ton, D. C.; T. ( Powell, St. Louis, Hollville Div., 160.9 m.; Rock Hill

Mo.; Fairfax Harrison, l'asing. Vet earnings $11.9571 Div., 234.81 m). ; Spartanburg Div.,

ton, D. C. ; Serretary, RD, LA Other income.. 1.809,281 236.84 m. Total, 1.698.23 m.

ford, New York. Gieneralnice Total net income. $19,787.93 Wistern District: Birmiugham Div., Washington, D. C. New York Total payments.... 13.534.006

192 30 m.; Mobile Div.. 307,76 m.; Ottices, 80, 271, 1200 Broadway.

Selma Div., 260.71 m., Atlanta Div., Surplus..........,


379.41 m. ; Columbus Div., 200.28 m.
Macon Div., 285.40

ni. Total,
1,625.86 m
Si' Louis-Lodiarille Line, 517.35 m,

Southeri Riin Miss., 268.92 m.
Total mileage of stem, 7,474.12.
EXPRESS C0, Southern.


St. Joseph Anal Grand

Island Railway. (Missouri, kausas, and Nebrask2+. ]

Kansam (ity, Mo., to Grand Island, President, T. Van Fyrar muling Joo 30, 1907.

Brunt; Totalarning

Secretary, W' N. Purvis ; (ien. 1,734,067

Neb., 313 m.
Operating expeuses 1.143.631 EXPRESS CO. --Wells, Fargo & Co.

erul Offices, St. Joseph, Mo.
Net earnings...... $.91.012
Total payments..... 172.691



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