The Medical Times and Gazette, Band 1

J. & A. Churchill, 1852

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Seite 197 - The duty of the journalist is the same as that of the historian — to seek out the truth, above all things, and to present to his readers, not such things as statecraft would wish them to know, but the truth as near as he can attain it.
Seite 276 - Enquiry illustrating the Nature of Tuberculated Accretions of Serous Membranes, and the Origin of Tubercles and Tumours in different Textures of the Body.
Seite 254 - The following gentlemen, having undergone the necessary examinations for the diploma, were admitted Members of the College at...
Seite 267 - ... work, to the new procedure under the Judicature Acts. Solicitors know that the difficulties in the way of satisfying the different clerks at Somerset House are frequently great, and there is nothing so likely to tend to simplicity of practice as Mr. Coote's book.
Seite 90 - Dispensary, or Lying-in Hospital, not supported wholly by voluntary Contributions, or in any Lunatic Asylum, Gaol, Penitentiary, House of Correction, House of Industry, Parochial or Union Workhouse or Poorhouse, Parish Union, or other public Establishment, Body, or Institution, or to any Friendly or other Society for affording mutual Relief in Sickness, Infirmity, or old Age, or as a Medical Officer of Health...
Seite 291 - The lungs contained eight or nine nodules, varying in size, from that of a millet seed to that of a pea.
Seite 90 - That nothing in this Act contained shall extend, or be construed to extend, to prejudice, or in any way to affect the trade or business of a Chemist and Druggist, in the buying, preparing, compounding, dispensing, and vending Drugs, Medicines, and Medicinable Compounds, wholesale and retail...
Seite 249 - A cut not less then four inches should be made midway between the last rib and the crest of the ilium...
Seite 43 - ... entirely opposed to the spirit of rational medicine. From Wohler and Liebig's discovery that uric acid is decomposed by peroxide of lead into urea, allantoin, and oxalic acid, it has been pretty generally assumed that the oxalic acid of the urine is due to an oxidation of the uric acid; the oxalic acid, in this case, not being converted into carbonic acid, as usually occurs in the healthy organism.
Seite 143 - I ever seen ulceration of tho os and cervix uteri except of a SPECIFIC character, and especially scrofulous and cancerous...

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