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may be influential in diffusing a similar spirit among those who occupy the same rank of life. The spiritual claims of the heathen, the injunctions of our Divine Saviour to supply those who are ready to perish, with “the bread that cometh down from heaven,” press equally on the poor and the rich, all being required to give according to their ability. It is of supreme importance that this sentiment should be deeply fixed in the heart of every disciple of Christ at the present time, and that an enlarged exhibition of its influence should speedily be made. To accoinplish all that still remains unachieved and unattempted, every band must be put to the plough; every talent, the least as well as the greatest, brought into requisition and zealously exerted, till in the strength of the Lord victory be obtained. The letter referred to is as follows:-

To the Directors of the London Missionary Society, I wish to inform you, that one of your Missionary Collectors lent me, a short time ago, the Missionary Magazines for June and July, 1839, to read. I read about the General Annual Meeting you had in May, and the Special Meeting you had to receive those six poor Christian refugees who have fled for their lives from Madagascar. I have been a penny a week subscriber for fifteen years or more to the London Missionary Society. I believe God has greatly blessed me for it, but from reading the above-mentioned Magazines, I came to this conclusion, that I would give five pounds to the Missionary Society more than my penny per week. I now send the five pounds to you, with my poor prayers that God would bless all the nations of the earth, and every poor heathen with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. CHESHIRE.


ORDINATION OF MR. WADDINGTON. On Wednesday, the 9th of October, Mr. J. Stringer, of Idle; W. Eccles, of HopJoseph Waddington, late student at Aire- ton; T. Taylor, of Bradford; W. Scott, of dale College, was ordained to the work of a Airedale College ; J. Waddington, of StockMissionary in Berbice, at the College Cha- port; J. G. Miall, of Bradford ; and W. B. pel, Bradford, Yorkshire. The following Clulow, classical tutor of Airedale College. ministers took part in the service ; Revs.

RETURN OF REV. S. DYER FROM MALACCA. On the 19th of September our brother, the gapore. Mr. Dyer visits bis native land Rev. Samuel Dyer, with Mrs. Dyer and with a view to the employment of means for family, accompanied by two Malay child. the renovation of Mrs. Dyer's health, which ren, having left his station at Malacca, 6th for some time previous to the departure of of May, arrived in London by the ship our friends from Malacca, had been in a John Dugdale, Capt. M'Gowan, from Sin- declining and precarious state.

RETURN OF MR. SLATYER FROM JAMAICA. On the 14th of October, our brother, the tions made to him concerning the health of Rev. William Slatyer, arrived in London Mrs. Slatyer, (who reached this country in by her Majesty's packet, Peterel, Lieut. December last,) have chiefly led to his reW. Crooke, from Jamaica. Communica- turn at the present time.

ARRIVAL OF MRS. LOWNDES AT CORFU. We have the pleasure to state, that Mrs. by the ship Saucy Jack, Capt. Farrant, Lowndes and her daughter arrived in after an agreeable passage of twenty-eight safety at Corfu, on the 9th of September, days from London,

EMBARKATION OF REV, J. SCOTT, FOR DEMERARA. On the 11th of October, the Rev. James Merritt, for George Town, Demerara, to Scott and Mrs. Scott embarked at Graves- resume his labours on the West Coast in end in the Catharine Elizabeth, Captain that Colony.

SOMERSETSHIRE AUXILIARY MISSIONARY SOCIETY, Tke Anniversary of this Auxiliary was were delivered by Thomas Thompson, Esq., held at Wellington, on Tuesday, the 3rd of of Poundisford-park, and Rev. Messrs. September; the preceding evening was de. Luke, Davies, Crisp, Taylor, and others. voted to prayer. The Rev. Matthew Hodge, The attendance at all the services was of Wiveliscombe, preached in the morning, highly encouraging; the collections were and the Rev. Edmund Crisp, Missionary good, and it is expected the Parent Institufrom India, in the evening. In the after- tion will this year receive from Wellington, noon a public meeting was beld, when W. double the amount transmitted last year. C. Pym, Esq., filled the chair; adJresses


TO THE OFFICERS OF AUXILIARY SOCIETIES AND OTHERS. In consequence of the greatly increased demand for the Society's Annual Report this year, the supply, though larger than last year, has been found insufficient. The Directors will therefore be obliged by the officers of Ausiliaries, and other individuals, in town or country, forwarding to the Rev. John Arundel, Mission House, Blomfield-street, any copies of the Annual Report, or of the Abstract for 1839, which the parties to whom they have been sent may be able to spare, in order that the wants of other Auxiliaries may be fully met.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. The thanks of the Directors are respectfully pre- Coast Chapel, Demerara; to the Ladies of Dr. sented to the following, viz. : - To the Ladies at Wardlaw's Church, Glasgow, for a box of valuable Arundel, per Mrs. Dobbin, for materials for work articles for Mrs. Murkland's school, Demerara; to at the native school, Calcutta; to the British J. J. and to C. D., for numbers of Evangelical and School, Dorking, for a parcel of useful articles, and other Magazines. two gross of thimbles, for Rarotonga; to "G.," Mr. Geo. Bennet presents his personal thanks, and Whit-haven, for a box of books, magazines, &c.; the acknowledgments of the Society, to the Rev. to Miss Love, Dartmouth, for a box of useful arti- Thomas Jackson, of Stockwell, and the Ladies of cles for Rev. W. H. Drew, Madras; to the Ladies' his congregation, and other friends there, for a Working Society, Sherborne, for a box of useful and large case, and a bale containing a most liberal fancy articles for the use of the School under the donation of various useful and valuable articles, care of Mrs. Cox, Trevandrum ; to Anonymous, and a large quantity of printed cottons, for the Paari Hampshire, for a box of useful articles for Penang: Missionary station; also, similar cordial thanks to to the Female Working Association in connexion Mrs. Charles, Miss Morley and Brothers, Mrs. with the Kelso Relief church, ( Rev. Mr. Jarvie's,) Smith, of the Ivy-house, and Mrs. Arnold, all of for a box of useful articles, for Mrs. Stronach's Hackney, for their very handsome donations of school, Singap"re, value 211.; to Mr. Joseph Ro- valuable and useful articles for the same important bins, Sevenoaks, for six packets of farii.aceous station, under the superintendence of the Rev. food; to a friend, per Rev. I. Anthony, Hertford, Wm. Elliott. for a pair of shoes for Rev. J. Read, Kat River; All the above were shipped for the Cape two to 'Mrs. Alexander and other Ladies in Leith, for months ago.--Hackney, Oct. 14, 1839. a box of useful articles for Mrs. Scott, for West

From the 1st to 31st August, 1839, inclusive-(continued.)

£ 8. d.

£ s. d. Muir of Rhynie 7 12 0 Society

2 0 0 Mr. R. Troupe............ 10 0 0 Inch Juv. Society

2 0 0 Culsalmond, Col.......... 8 0 0 Mrs. Agnes Wright, per Duncanston, Col. and Pr.

Rey. D. Morrison 60 00 Meeting

13 19 0 Peterhead, Rev. Mr. Mas. Col. by Agnes Morrison 150 sie's

..... 10 0 0 Mary Ronald

0 13 6 Rev. Mr. Scott's.......... 1 18 0 Jean Wilsop............. 011 2 Huntly, Ladies' Aux. Soc. 12 12 0 Margaret Leslie ......

0 11 9 Missionary Society...... 3 0 0 Margaret Anderson . 0 16 0 Public Meeting

0 0 Jane Smith

1 0 0 Aberdeen, Rev. Mr. AnAgnes Anderson...... 0 18 6

50 0 Mr. G. Watt......

1 0 0 Rev. Mr. Stirling's...... 5 14 6 Kennethmont, 0. T. Juv.

Rev. Mr. Thomson's... 10 10 of

£ 4. d.
Rev. Mr. Beckett's...... 3 0 0
Silver-street Meeting... 5 14 0
Rev. Mr. Penman's, in-

cluding 11. from Kem-
nay, and 11. from a

5 10 0
Rev. Mr. Kennedy's 21 16
Ditto, Public Meeting 30 2 10
Printfield Chapel......... 2 18 5
Rev.Mr. Modro's, Ban-

7 7 0 Missionary Soc. by Mr. G. Brown

25 00 Femalo Aux. Soc. ...... 23 1 10

...... 11

gus's ...


£ 8. d.
£ s. d.

£sa. Female Aux. Soc. Pub. Lecumpher, for Nat. Tea.

Somersetshire. Meeting

6 1 7

to be called Lecumpher 10 0 0 Bridgewater, Ladies' AsLegacy by Miss Hay 19 0 0

soc. per Mr. E. Jeffries 33 1 4 Mrs. Leslie's Mis. Box 0 7 5

Bristol, Bridge-st. Rev. Juv. Society, Rev. Mr.

From 1st to 30th September, H. I. Roper (included Thomson's 2 17 2

in a previous remitMr. M'Combie, Alford 1

1839. 1 0

tance) Two Family Mis. Boxes I o 9 A Friend ................. 150 o Collection by Rev. Dr. Mr. Ironside, New Deer 1 0 0 W. B...........

1 0 0 Harris

160 Mr. J. Pordyce, Forgue 0 10 0 The Voluntary Principle 50 o Collected byMajor Youngsen......... 1 0 0 Hackney, Association in

Mrs. Barber......

6 12 @ Tough Soc. for propaaid of the medical

Miss Bartlett

3 127 gating the Gospel 2 70 branch of the Chinese

Miss Burnell

1 5 0 Part proceeds of Mr. Mission, per Mrs. B.

Miss Copping

2 3 4 Leigh's soiree ....... 4 11 0 Smith....

.......... 31 0 0
Miss Ellison............

5 1 19 A few Friends in Cabrach 3 0 0 St. Thomas's-square, Col

Miss Edwards.......

1 14 8 New Machar Reli. Soc. 35 0 lection after sermon

Miss Frost

013 Banff, Collection............ 21 5 0 by Rev. Dr. Harris... 30 10 2 Mrs. Gloyne...

1 1 $ Keith, Rev.Mr. Kennedy's 3 6 7 New-Court, Carey-street,

Miss Green

1 11 6 Elgin, Rev. Mr. Pringle's 2 4 4 on account

73 6 Mrs. Gibson Rev. Messrs. Somervile Stoke Newington, special

Miss Harris ...

2 0 1 and Lind's ............ 5 1 7 effort 2280 Mrs. Lasbury

6 86 Rev. Mr. M'Neil's .......

4 11
2 Legacy under the will of

Mrs. May.......
Forres, Rev. Mr. Stark's 6 8 6 the late G. Hammond,

Miss Martin..

1 1 S Nairn, Parish Church 4 6 6 Esq. one fourth of re

Mrs. Morgan

2 67 Rev. Mr. Dewar's

.......... 13457 8 1 Miss Mitton...

3 10 5 Monthly Pr. Meeting 0 13 6 Misses Devenish, for Or

Miss Newell......

+ Inverness, East Church. 10 0 6

phans at Benares called

Mrs. C. Price

6 11 6 Rev. Mr. Kennedy's ... 4 0 0 Sarah Chisman and Mat

Miss Price

6 14 4 Rev. Mr. Scott's........... 3 10 0 thew Devenish

6 0 0 Miss Eliza Price.

6 1 Two Friends

6 Mrs. C., per Mrs. Plan.

Miss C. R. Price.

4 10 @ ders, for the South Sea

Miss R. Price ............

3 14 © Less exps. 91, 7d. ...... 855 7 3 Ship

1 0 0 Miss Parker ......

Miss Prosser
East Lothian Society
Near Middlewich, a Work-

Miss Perks

1 12 6 Mr. P. Begbie, Cairn

ing Man

5 00 Mrs. Roper .............. dinnis

1 0 0
Miss Russell ...........

5 la Mr. J. Dall, Sen. North Mylor, Mrs. Richards,

Miss Roe ...................

1 10 Berwick

1 0 0

(L. S.)
....................... 10 10 0

Miss S. Roe...............

10 4 Messrs. Banks and Son 1 1 0


Miss Saunders ....

5 7 A Shepherd, in Garvald

Miss Stivens
On account of collections

S 14 9 Parish .... 0 100

Miss Smith ...........
Mr. J. Howden, Garle-

by Rev. J. Edward, and
Rev. J. W. Richardson 155 00

Mrs. Thomas

3 5 1 10

Miss Thomas ..........***

1 14 5 Proportion of Balance 0 6 0


Miss Turner ...............
41. 18s.
Aux. Society, on account100 0 0

Miss Tribe ..........
Glasgow Aux. Society-

Miss Williams.........

3127 A Friend, per J. Wyld, Newton Abbot............... 14 15 7 Miss Weaver

10 Esq. ....... 5 0 O A Friend, for a pair of

Mrs. Weaver ............ 50 4 4 A Friend, R. S. .... 1 0 0 Globes for Rev. E. Da

Missionary-boxes, Cols. Rev. D. Henderson and

vies's School, Penang... 5 0 0 &c. ........................... 20 110 others, Executors of

Plymouth, S. Derry, Esq. Miss L. Crawford,

for Nat. Sch. mistress 5 0 0 Less exps. 61. 152. 62. 370 1 + late of Dalry.

10 17 8 Kilmarnock, Soiree

13 5 0

8 3 0

Surrey. Kilpatrick (Old) Relief

Walworth, Legacy of late

Watford, Col. by Rev. R.
4 0 0
Knill, &c. ..............

9 1 0

Mrs. Anne Borstman, Messrs. M'Dowall, and

901., S) per Cent. Red. Robertson....

0 10 0
Isle of Wight.

less duty
Mr. R. Roberton, Car-
Legacy of the late Miss

Wiltshire. munnock

1 0 0

S. J. G. Harvey ......... 16 18 4 Per Mr. R. WaylenWellington-street Cong.


Market Lavington Society 10 0 0 Tonbridge, in addition to

Corsham ..........

6 19 5 41. 48. paid in March

Devizes................... 99 5 4 Less exps. 178. 4d. 44 15 4 Collections

5 11 10 Subscriptions, &c. ..........

2 6 0

Less exps. 2 years, Grahamston, for Nat. Tea.

194 10 11

11. 138. 10d........... John Craig ................. 1000 Less exps. 125. 6d....... 7 5 4

Buchan, for Nat. Tea. Deptford ............. 28

7 0
Whitby, Collections ......

50 S2 Adam Lind 10 0 0 Lancashire.

Scarborough, including 1l. For Fem. Education 5 0 o Rochdale

55 0 0

from Mr. Ald. Tindall, For the Malagashy. 4 0 0 Darwen, Ebenezer Cha. 396 6 0

for Nat. Schools ......... 63 ! 4 West Lancashire Aux.

19 0 0 Soc. on account........1273 7 6 Aberystwith, Mr. R. Da-

5 @ @
Highgate, Friends at....... 3 13 0

SCOTLAND. Stewart's Town, Col. by

Two Sun. Scb. Child.. 07 6 Peebles, Rey. T. Adam Miss Hall, for Nat. Sch. 70 o Chiswick, Rev. E. Miller

and Congregation, to be Belfast, T. Sinclair, Esq.

and Congregation, first

at the disposal of Rev. per Rev. R. Knií 10 0 Ol payment

5 0 0 H. Calderwood .......... 17 00


ton ....


W. Tyler, Printer, 5, Bolt-court, London.

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