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meeting was opened with singing a bymn, and one of the pious apprentices delivered a suitable speech. When one party had taken their refreshments, consisting of tea and coffee, they went away, and the tables were filled with new guests, and so it was continued until late at night. The same entertainment was repeated the follow. ing evening, preceded by singing and suit. ablo addresses; it was a most pleasing and

interesting scene. Some of the first gentry of the town were present, as also the Rev. Alexander Smith and myself and family. Mr. Smith before he left delivered a most excellent speech. The number who attended the second tea meeting was above 300. All these addresses and prayers have, I trust, not been in vain, or failed to make good impressions on the hearts of many who were present.

HANKEY. i Mr, Williams, at the Hankey station, adverts to the subject as follows :

The first of December was a joyful day then rose successively, and spoke effecwith us.

In the morning at sunrise we held tively, and they were followed by three a prayer meeting, to seek the blessing of or four of the apprentices, who spoke God on the engagements of the day. As with much force and feeling on the subject soon as the apprentices came together, we of religion. One old man compared the hold another meeting, for the purpose of emancipated slaves to a flock of sheep let offering public thanksgivings that the yoke out of the fold without a shepberd, exposed of slavery was broken. In the afternoon & to many dangers ; and strongly recomthird meeting was held, at which Messrs. mended them to desire me to write their Walker and Backhouse, of the Society of Dames in a book so as to know them and Priends, spoke with much feeling and pro- watch over them in the Lord. All the appriety. In the evening I addressed the prentices in this part consider themselves as appronticos from 1 Peter ji. 15, 16, and belonging to my congregation, and take care aftor I had finished, observed that if any to make such agreements with their masters one present had any thing to say, they were as that they can attend the church and at Uborty to speak. Several of our people school on the Sabbath.

PAARL The concluding extract is from Mr. Elliott's communication, dated Dec. 29, in which the subject is thus briefly noticed ::

The conduct of the emancipated appren- had nothing to do. Instances of intoxica. tices on and since the first of December, tion have been unusually rare. The Mis · has exceeded the highest expectations of sion Chapel continues to be crowded to their best friends. Not the slightest dis- excess, even the pulpit being partly occupied turbance has taken place, the police has by hearers.

The blessing of the Great Parent of the universe, who hath made of one blood all nations to dwell upon the face of the earth, and whose tender mercies are over all his works, has manifestly attended and followed hitherto the great act of justice and beneficence on the part of the British nation, to the accomplishment of which attention has now been directed. But a great work yet remains to be performed in the exertions necessary to secure those higher and better results of which the civil enfranchisement of the Hottentot should only be regarded as the forerunner and the pledge. His new-born liberties and rising energies must be guided into a salutary and heavenward channel, and every effort must be made to preserve them from being led according to the course of this world.

The churches of Christ, especially, have additional duties and obligations now laid upon them, arising out of the altered state of society in this part of the African continent, as well as the West India islands ; for under God, it depends upon them whether the possession of liberty by the multitudes lately held in slavery in these quarters of the world, shall or shall not ultimately conduce to their highest interests and well-being. Never has the period presented itself when an unreserved use of the means, committed by God to his people for the instruction and salvation of the heathen, was so obviously and urgently needed as at the present time, for the instance now before us is only one of many equally conspicuous and proaning. But who can doubt that He, who has prepared such a trial of

aith and love for the members of his spiritual body on the earth, will enable them to meet and sustain it until all the purposes for which it is designed are fully accomplished ?

JOURNAL OF JOHN HALL, NATIVE TEACHER AT SALEM. Is transmitting, under date of September last, the journal of Missionary labour, from which the annexed extracts are taken, Mr. Walton observes :-" The ferFency of spirit displayed by the teacher, John Hall, has been particularly noticed by almost all the inhabitants of the large towns of Salem and Sheva Petta. Whenever he is out he hardly meets any one without telling them of the great salvation wrought out by our compassionate Redeemer for poor lost sinners, and inviting them to believe in him. On account of his kind, condescending, and earnest manner of speaking the truth as it is in Jesus, he goes by the name of Viragee. Not a few of the natives have been known and seen to welcome his coming among them, and to listen with attention to his preaching. His labours have been so far blessed by the Lord as to lead several to inquire and to come to the Mission House for further instruction, and to obtain books." The journal thus commences :

Conversation with an aged idolater. This was in consequence of the low caste Jan. 5.--Accompanied by Joseph Gill woman having accidentally touched the and Marienen, we proceeded to Aremapal- water-pot of the woman of high caste, lium, three miles south of Salem. A few which she said was polluted and insisted of the villagers came to the place where we that a new pot should be brought and given stood up to make known to them the glad

to her. Four or five men were helping to tidings of salvation. I read the 13th chap- settle the above dispute; I went and joined ter of Luke, and preached to them the

them, and endeavoured to compose the endoctrine of repentance; my text was, “Ex

raged mind of the offended party, by telling cept ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish."

her that we are all fellow-creatures; that Among the hearers there was an aged man,

the God who made us, in whom we Tho listened to all I said; after which, with live, move, and have our being, coman angry countenance, he expressed himself

mands us to love one another, and be of a thng"Is it come at last to this, that the forgiving mind. As the poor low caste gods of our forefathers, which have been woman whom she considered to be unworthy Forshipped from time immemorial, are use

of her association was of the same family less things, and unworthy of Divine homage?

with herself, and since God had made all Is there no good to be derived from nations out of one blood, this trivial fault worshipping images ? Are they merely might be easily forgiven, especially as it stocks and stones ? Pray (with a sneer he

not committed intentionally.-With asked) where did this new God of yours

these words I pacified the disputants, and come from? where is he?” I told him

went my way. that he is every where, without beginning

Idolaters instructed and exhorted. or end, and knows every thing; that He created the world, and all creatures, trees,

Feb. 24.-On my way to Salem, I met sea, &c.; that it is by his Almighty power,

with ten women, who were carrying rice to goodness, and mercy that they are main

sell at the Bazaar ; when they came near a tained and preserved, and it is His word

heathen temple they put down their baskets, I now make known to you, that you may

and prostrated themselves before the image exercise repentance towards God, and faith

of stone called the goddess Mareatta. After in the Lord Jesus Christ. Forsake your

they had arisen, I spoke to them of the bfeless and worthless idols which cannot great sin of idolatry; that the God who sare, and come with a willing heart to Him

created them is a jealous God, and he will who is able and willing to save us poor sin

not give bis glory to another, nor his praise bers from the wrath to come.--After he to graven images. They silently listened to heard my speech he went away not a little

what was said, and went away.

Feb. 27.-At Comaraswamy Petta, many

of the heathen assembled to hear the preachQuarrel about caste-peace made. ing of the Gospel. They said, “ All that you Feb. 1.--As I was going to visit the Se- state is true, but if we follow your doctrines poy Line School, I witnessed a dispute which our gods will be very angry with us, and took place between two women at the river. this will end in our destruction." I told

• Zealot.



them that the fear with which they were the washerman's stone and our gods are possessed was groundless, that it was out of alike? You have been preaching to the the power of those which are no gods to do people, tell us if they one and all consented them any barm. For instance, said 1—“Al- to what you said." " Let them alone," low me to throw down your god, and you said l; but do you tell me what is in will see that it cannot injure me; it

it will your mind regarding the truth you hare cannot more thence." I exhorted them all true that there is one God who made us and to forsake their idols, and to believe in the all things. Our Gooroos, the Bramins, Lord Jesus Christ, and they would be saved never instruct us, but they come often to and become a happy and blessed peoples ni es ask us for our money, which, when given, Influence of his presence at an 'idolatrous , : they, mutter something in an unknown lan. ceremony.

guage, which they do not understand." A

"heavy shower of rain fell, which broke up March 17.-This afternoon I went to the Chuckler's village, read and explained the shelter.

the conversation, and obliged us to seek for 24th chapter of Matthew to the villagers; " Instance of the decline of idolatry. while thus engaged, they began to murmur because a stop was put to their offering a April 11.-Early this morning we west sacrifice to their goddess Mareamma. As to Meolvadie. I read the 1st chapter ol I was present they found that they could Romans, and my discourse was founded on not go on so well with their heathenish

the 19th and 20th verses. The crowd d worship. Seeing this disposition, I expos.

hearers was great, and they listened very tulated with them on account of their attentively, with the exception of tot idolatry, and the sorrow I felt that my laa' weavers, who spoke rather angrily, becaus bours among them did not produce any good

we wanted them to become the faithful sub effect. As I was going to leave them, they 'jects of our King Immanuel. As I w came running after me, entreating me not going to purchase a pair of shoes, a few me to go away, but to pray to my God to for- me near the river; they informed me wha give them their sins. After speaking to they had heard in the morning bad mad them on the judgment, and praying for them some impression on their minds; that each in their presence, I returned home.

family had subscribed a rupee to make i

festival in honour of the gad whose temp! Opportunity of instruction improved.

is at the foot of the bit, and whose name i April 10.While I was walking into the Hyanar. We have non, said they, resolve town of Ahtoor, I found a few women quar- to do vo such thing, but to spend the mone relling with the washerman respecting their we have collected in buying provisions fa unwashed linen. I went up to them, and the support of our families. I commende told them that by sin we are all unclean. I them very highly for this their good resol asked the women to tell me what difference tion, and told them by all means to put there was between the washerman's stone on into execution; to forsake their vain god which be beats the dirty clothes and the and to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, wl stone gods whom they worship. " Ah!" would bless them not only in this world, by said one, It is it come to this at last, that in the world to come. It is

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940: ENLARGEMENT OF THE SOCIETY'S FUNDS. The annexed proposal has been made in a letter lately received by the Hom Secretary It is offered to notice not so much with the view of the specif plan it describes being carried into effect at the present time, as for the purpos of calling the attention of the friends of Missions generally to the important sul ject' to which it relates 1 T OTT "From the statements in the Magazine of


mini the want of funds, which compels the So. ters should make it known, and ciety to refuse so many who offer themselves upon their congregation that the Mond ás candidates for the Missionary field, allow evening should be a special prayer meetit me to suggest a very simple plan of raising on behalf of the Society, and that Tuesdi Fifty Thousand Pounds in one day. One be the day for colleeting the amount, wbt million persons giving ope shilling each, x.every person who can do so should take would of course produce the sum. I there. card and collect one shilling each of the fore propose that notice should be given; friends and peighbours ; and if the amou that cards be provided and circulars sent to is not raised in one day, I have formed every congregational or other minister in

wrong opinion of the

churches of Chris the United Kingdom favourable to the in- and their zeal in the

Missionary cause." erests of the Society; that on the first Sun.

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TUESDAY, MAY '7th.' A Meeting of the Directors of the Society, both Town and Country, will be held at the Mission House, Blomfield-street, Finsbury, at Three o'clock in the afternoon.

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Morning, Surrey Chapel. Rev. Thomas Binney, of London, to preach,
Evening, Tabernacle.-Rev. David King, A.M., of Glasgow, to preach.

The Morning Service to begin at Half-past Ten, and the Evening at Six o'clock.

THURSDAY, May 9th. Morning.--The PUBLIC MEETING will be held at EXETER HALL, in the STRAND.* The Chair to be taken, precisely at Ten o'clock, by Sir Culling Eardley Smith, Bart.

Erening.–St. Barnabas Church, King's-square, Goswell-street; the Rev. Henry Hatton, A.M., Incumbent of Woburn, and Chaplain to His Grace the Duke of Bedford, will preach on behalf of the Society.

Service to begin at Half-past Six o'clock.

FRIDAY, May 10th. Erening.- The Sacrament of the Lord's-supper will be administered at the following places of worship to those Members and Friends of the Society who are stated Communicarts, and who produce Tickets from their respective Ministers, viz. :Sron CHAPEL

Rev. Joseph Fletcher, D.D..... to preside. CRAVEN CHAPEL

Rev. John Leifchild, D.D. SILVER-STREET CHAPEL

Rev. Dr. Raffles, of Liverpool.. YORK-STREET CHAPEL, WALWORTH Rev. Andrew Reed, D.D... · CLAREMONT CHAPEL ....

Rev. Dr. Redford, of Worcester. Sr. THOMAS'S-SQUARE, HACKNEY.. Rev. Robert Halley, D.D. STOCKWELL CHAPEL

Rev. George Collison

Rev. J. J. Freeman
HANOVER CHAPEL, PECKHAM Rev. Dr. Wardlaw, of Glasgow..

Services to begin at Six o'clock.


• Admission to the Hall' will be by TICKETS, for the Platform, the Central Seats, the Raised Seats, and Western Gallery, respectively.

The Platform will be appropriated to the Directors of the Society, both town and country; to the Speakers ;-to the representatives of kindred Institutions, and to such other Individuals as it may be deemed proper specially to invite ; together with all Ministers who are Members of the Society.

Por the Central Seats, Tickets will be furnished :-
L&To Annual Subscribers of Five Pounds, or to a Family contributing Five Pounds or

upwards, either to the Parent Institution or to an Auxiliary Society-One Ticket. To Presidents, Treasurers, and Secretaries of Auxiliary Societies-One Ticket each. To Collectors of Five Pounds per annum, and upwards-One Ticket each, For the Raised. Seatą, and Western Gallery, Tickets of admission will be supplied to all other persons, Subscribers or Contributors to the Parent Society, or to its Auxiliaries and Associations, so far as the Hall will admit.

N. B. *No individual can be entitled to a Ticket in more than one

A Committee for the delivery of Tickets will attend at the Mission House, Blomfieldstreet, Finsbury, from Twelve o'clock till Three, on Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, and 8th days of May.

Ministers, who are Members of the Society, will be supplied with Tickets for themselves and friends, by their sending, on any of the above mentioned days, a list of such as are entitled to them, and who wish personally to attend,


SYDNEY. SINCE the reception of the gratifying intelligence from Mr. Williams, which was published in our last number, including a statement of the measures in progress at the time he wrote, for the establishment of an Auxiliary to the Parent Society, at Sydney, New South Wales, a further communication has been received from him, dated Oct. 11, announcing the accomplishment of this important and desirable object under circumstances of great interest and promise. Writing at the date now mentioned, Mr. Williams observes :—“We had a most delightful meeting last night, (Oct. 10,) and formed the Auxiliary. His Excellency Sir George Gipps and Lady Gipps were present, also Captain Bethune, R. N. of the Conway, who has been visiting the islands, and who bore testimony on the occasion to what he witnessed there."

The friends of Missions at home will participate in the feelings of satisfaction and devout thanksgiving unto Him who has all hearts at his disposal, which the Directors desire to cherish in reference to the event now under notice, peculiarly calculated as it is to cheer their hopes, to encourage their exertions, and to strengthen their faith as to the speedy approach of the period when the Gospel of the Redeemer shall be diffused among all the .nations of the earth.

The list of donations and subscriptions, with the names of the contributors, transmitted by Mr. Williams, is as follows:



Subs. £ 8. d. 8. d.

£ 8. d. His Excellency Sir G. Gipps 20 0 0

Mr. Foss ni.................. 10 0 0 5 0 0 Alex. M'Leay, Esq........ 10 0 0 5 0 0 Mrs. Foss John E. Manning, Esq. 5 5 0 2 2 0

Mrs. J. Stephens

1 0 0 C. Nicholson, Esq., M.D. 5 5 0

5 0 Captain Innes........ Mr. David Jones

50 0 0 10 10 0 A mite from a friend who Mr. Thomas Street

5 0 0
subscribed in England......

0 Mr. Samuel Peek ..............7

25 0 0 10 for 5 John J. Davies Mr. J. Hyndes

5 0 0

years. Thomas Jones Mr. G. Sutton

5 5 0

Mrs. Redman................
Rev. J. Saunders ...............

5 0 0
Mrs. Ironside....

1 0
Mr. Keys..............................
10 0 0 [years. H. K. Salting, Esq.

50 0 Mr. Wright.......................

50 for 5 Miss Jenkins.... Mr. J. W. Smart 10 10 0 2 2 0

Garrard, Esq.

10 00 Mr. Bourne......................... 10 0 0

5 0 0 The list had not been closed.

On the day he wrote, Mr. Williams was leaving for Parramatta, with the view of proposing the formation of a similar institution at that place. After returning to Sydney, he states it was his intention to sail immediately for the Navigators Islands, and having landed the brethren at their stations, to retrace his course towards the colony for the purpose of paying his first visit to New Caledonia, "so that," our brother remarks,“ before you receive this commmunication, I shall, I trust, have commenced the labours on which my heart has been long set.''

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MISSION AT RAROTONGA. The particulars inserted below are taken from one of the most recent journals of our brother, the Rev. Charles Pitman. They will serve, remarks Mr. Pitman, (adverting to these and other portions of the same communication,) to show in some measure what God is pleased to do for us in this distant island of the sea. One of the most cheering features of the present time, he continues, is the desire manifested by many of the young people to unite themselves to the Church of Christ. Several have been baptised and received into communion, and many more remain as candidates for both ordinances, Mr, Pitman then proceeds with his interesting narration :Conversation with an aged native.

“Well, my friend," I asked, "what is One day sitting in my study, an old man your business? walked in, or rather came creeping, and sat “I wish to give myself to God in bapdown at my feet. He is one of the oldest tism." warriors in the island.

“Is that the real desire of your heart?"

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