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canal bridges were entirely destroyed, and six miles of tracks and streets were badly washed and damaged.

I will be so engaged in repairing these damages and preparing for our Exposion, which opens on November 8th, that I cannot spare the time to attend the meeting in Washington. I know this meeting promises to be very interesting and instructive, and I am sorry to miss it. I wish you all a pleasant and profitable meeting

[From MR. HENRY M. Watson, President, Buffalo St. R. R. Co.,

Buffalo, NY.] My reason for not attending the coming meeting of the Association is that I have been ill at the Massachusetts General Hospital, in Boston, for six weeks with peritonitis, and on Sunday last underwent an operation for removing an abscess which had formed in the abdomen. I am now doing well, although still unable to sit up at all, but hope to make rapid progress toward recovery. I wish you all a very enjoyable and profitable meeting.

[From MR. WILLIAM White, President, Dry Dock, East Broadway sw Battery

R. R. Co., New York.] I very much regret that, by reason of the illness of my wife, I will not be able to attend the meeting this week.

I trusted to have paid my regards to your worthy President, and to have congratulated him upon his attitude toward that miserable class of sharks who are so litigious toward our corporations.

"Millions for defence, not one cent for tribute," was a device upon a coin current some years ago, and aptly expresses the feeling he has, and in which I fully sympathize.

Many other faces I would have been glad to photograph in my mind, as showing the kindly way that age is dealing with those who have heartily taken

my hand.

I would have been recompensed for the journey in hearing the enthusiastic Richards orate with electrical surcharge.

What scintillations and corruscations he will display, showing himself a real, indubitable “ Progress of Electric Motive Power."

And then The Lowry” is to have a hearing, and the discussion of other topics will make it an occasion long to be remembered.

This is to be specially marked in our history as a “ Ladies' Meeting,” very properly so, as it is to be held in the finest city in the Union.

Please make my sincerest regards to my confrères who, I trust, will long be favored with the continued services of yourself as its Secretary.

[From MR. JAMES F. PEAVEY, President, Sioux City St. Ry. Co., Sioux City,

Iowa.] I regret extremely the inability of any officer of our Company to attend the annual meeting to be held October 17th. I shall be pleased, however, to receive particulars of the meeting.

[From MR. HENRY M. LOVERING, Treasurer, Taunton St. Ry. Co.,

Taunton, Mass.] I desire to acknowledge the receipt of your notification of the Seventh Annual Meeting of the American Street-Railway Association, and regret that our Company will not be able to send a representative to the meeting.

[From MR. JAMES GUNN, Secretary, Toronto St. Ry. Co., Toronto, Can.] Your favor of the 18th ult., notifying us that the annual meeting of the Association will be held on the 17th of this month at Washington, D. C., was duly received, and would have been answered at once, only we wished to be certain whether this Company could be represented on the occasion. Our President, Senator Smith, had his mind fully made up to be present at this year's meeting, but at the last moment exceedingly regrets to find that he cannot get away on account of business in connection with our railway tracks, coming up in court the very days of the meeting.

We wish you a pleasant and profitable meeting.



The following letters were received from Companies that are not members :

[From MR. JOHN H. BARNARD, Superintendent, Asheville St. Ry.,

Asheviile, N. C.] Your kind invitation of the 18th inst. just received. I have presented it to the President, Secretary, Treasurer and one of the Directors, and will as soon as possible present it to the others. I am very much afraid that it will prove impossible for any of them to attend. For my part, and those most actively interested in our road, the work of construction will prevent absence from home at that time. We wish you all a pleasant and profitable meeting.

[From MR. T. C. THOMPSON, President and General Manager, Birmingham

Union Ry. Co., Birmingham, Ala.] Your favor of the 18th at hand and in reply, beg leave to say that it will be impossible for our Company to be represented at the annual meeting of the American Street-Railway Association, however much we might desire to do so. You have our best wishes for the success of the meeting.

[From MR. J. E. WHITESELLE, President, Corsicana St. Ry. Co., Corsicana,

Texas.] I regret exceedingly that the distance from our section of the country is so great that it will be impossible for me to attend the nieeting of the Association, although I assure you it would be a pleasure to do so.

[From MR. C. R. Mitchell, President, Arkansas City & Geuda Springs

Rapid Transit Co., Geuda Springs, Kan.] We have not yet completed our line ; have simply got the right of way and other matters in shape to build it, and expect to commence work within the next twenty days.

We will not be able to send any representative to the Association this year, but in the future wish to meet with you.

[From Mr. Jas. McMillen, President, Johnstown Pass. Ry. Co.,

Johnstown, Pa.] I thank you kindly for invitation to attend the annual meeting, etc., but I must nevertheless say that our Company will not be represented at this year's meeting. It would afford me the greatest pleasure to be present myself, but it will be impossible for me to do so.

[From Mr. F. THOMAN, President, Lansing Transit Ry. Co., Lansing, Mich.)

Yours enclosing invitation to attend the meeting of the American Street-Railway Association, to be held at Washington, was duly received.

Please accept thanks therefor. I am sorry to have to deny myself the pleasure of participating, but business will not permit me. I trust that all may have a very enjoyable and profitable time.

(From Mr. W. C. JEMISON, President, Tuscaloosa Belt Ry. Co.,

Tuscaloosa, Aia.] I regret that it will not be convenient for the Tuscaloosa Belt Railway to be represented at the meeting of your Association in October.

[From MR. A. W. Austin, Manager, Winnipeg St. Ry. Co., Winnipeg,

Manitoba.] I beg to acknowledge receipt of yours of 19th inst., announcing the annual meeting of the Association, to be held in Washington, October 17th, and we regret very much that the time of meeting is held in a season that prevents our being represented. We wish your Association success in every way.

The President addressed the Association, as follows:

Gentlemen of the Association :—The time-honored custom of our body gives the President the privilege of saying a few words upon the calling of the Convention to order, and I gratefully improve the opportunity to tender you my sincere thanks for the honor bestowed upon me one year ago, at your meeting in Philadelphia, in electing me to the Presidency of the Association.

Matters beyond my control prevented my attendance at that meeting, and my surprise upon learning your choice was equaled only by my wonder, because your lists are crowded with names of men whose long experience and ripe wisdom render them far worthier of this honorable position ; but whatever may have been the reason, or lack of reason, for your action, I am truly grateful to you. Permit me, also, to express my gratitude to our worthy Secretary for his untiring devotion to the varied interests of the Association. As our car wheels cease not to revolve from the beginning to the end of the year, so he has known no rest, but has ever been vigilant and progressive. My acknowledgments are also due to the members of the Executive Committee for their wise oversight and intelligent action.

And now, gentlemen, permit me to welcome you, one and all, from every part of our wide land and the sister dominion of Canada, to the feast of reason and the flow of soul, and the stores of experience which have always characterized these gatherings, and which we hope to find in full measure in this Convention; and in it all, and through it all, let us renew the friendships and strengthen the bonds of mutual good-will and helpfulness so deeply and happily planted in former days.

Perhaps all of us have at some time in our lives climbed to some lofty mountain top, and looked in joyful wonder upon the outspread scene : the crowded city, the quiet hamlet, the green hills, the valleys of beauty, the majestic river and the silver creeks, all bathed in the sunlight of the Eternal, and have descended filled with lifelong sense of the vastness and beauty of the earth. What such a standpoint and such an outlook is in the realm of nature, this National Capital, to which we have come from all parts of our land, is to you, gentlemen, who think and plan, and give your lives and your best endeavors for all the people. [Applause.]

Looking from such a standpoint, we are impressed at once with the national importance of the vast interests here represented, and this feeling grows deeper and broader as we consider the financial relations of our calling with the millions involved ; the varied, useful and indispensable relations it sustains to the well-being of every person in every city and every town of any importance in the whole land ; the mighty factor it has become in making or unmaking values in properties of all kinds ; and especially does this feeling become almost overwhelming when we consider to what grand proportions this industry has grown during the lifetime of the youngest of our members.

And when we behold the present hour, throbbing with the mighty energies of newly-discovered forces, and leaping with exultant progress, who dares look into the future and attempt to draw the limit lines to which this business of yours and mine shall yet attain. What comforts for the weary and over-burdened, what newness of strength and of hope for the vast populations of the coming years ; what material prosperity and individual well-being !

Let us, then, address ourselves with earnestness to the themes to be presented, and let every member contribute the riches of his experience, and the result of his ripest thought to the fund of information and inspiration ; and while we consider practical subjects, while we seek to find that fine economy which reduces the cost of each revolution of every wheel ; while we search for the reliable and the useful, and the attainable among the multiplex forces we would seek to use ; while we seek for the most of physical comfort and swiftest speed ; while we probe for every opening to discover the ways and means of securing the largest returns upon the capital entrusted to our care, let us never forget, but ever strive to promote the comfort, hope, liberty and manhood of that vast

army of worthy men, whose happiness and the happiness of whose families is so largely in our keeping, involving responsibilities, the height and depth, and length and breadth of which, can be measured only by Omniscience.

I thank you, gentlemen, for your kind attention, and will no longer detain you, especially as our Executive Committee has prepared a report which recites the history of the past year, and touches upon the manifold interests of the Association.

We will now listen to the report of the Executive Committee. [Applause.]


The Secretary read the report, as follows :


Gentlemen:-Your Executive Committee respectfully reports, as follows :

STREET-RAILWAY BUSINESS. As has usually been the case in the year of a Presidential election, the streetrailway business, indicative, as it always is, of the general state of trade, is more or less depressed and unsettled by reason of the coming election, and has not shown the increase in receipts which has marked other years. The expenses of operation have been no less, and as regards labor, in many cases, increased. So far as supplies generally are concerned, their cost has been a trifle more than heretofore, and hence the cost of operation has been somewhat increased. Notwithstanding these conditions, street-railway properties, in most cases, have continued to maintain the high consideration as an investment, which they have in recent years enjoyed. We also take occasion to note the manifest increase during the year over any preceding year, in the construction and equipment of new street-railway properties, as well as in the extension and development of heretofore existing roads.


At the commencement of the meeting in Philadelphia the membership of the
Association numbered 152 Companies. At that meeting and during the year, it
has been increased by the addition of the following Companies :
Sandusky Street Railway Company, Sandusky, Ohio.
St. Clair Street Railroad Company, Cleveland, Ohio.
Capitol, North ( Street and South Washington Railroad Company, Washing-

ton, D. C.
Pavonia Horse Railroad, Jersey City, N. J.
York Street Railroad Company, York, Pa.
Citizens' Railway Company, Baltimore, Md.
Mt. Auburn Cable Railway Company, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Christopher and Tenth Street Railroad Company, New York City, N. Y.
North and East River Railroad Company, New York City, N. Y.
Hoosac Valley Street Railway Company, North Adams, Mass.

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