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the celebration of the, in various Peace between France and Austria,
parts of the country, lxxxvi

remarks on, lix.lxi-xxvi-between
Junta, Spanish, weak and low state of Russia and Sweden, remarks on, lxv.

xlix-reports respecting the dissolu- Ixvi-manner in which it may be ob-
tion of the, l.lii-a disyrace to the tained, lxx
Name of government, \xiii

Perceval, Mr. account of his places and

sinecures, lxix

Perry, Mr. challenged by Cobbett, and

the Morning Post, on the subject of.
King, the, his private virtues little in-

linele in reform, lxxxiv

Pitt, Mr. Fox's character of, lxiii
Pluralists and non-residents, such per-

sons lightly esteemed by Christ, xxxvi

.. Pope of Ronie, called christianity a pro-
: L.

fitable table, vi

Popes generally vicious men, iii
Liberty, religious, in Bavaria, vii

Portugal, remarks on the war, lxi.lxiii
Lindsey, Rev. Theophilus his conscien. Power, spiritual and temporal, remarks
cious conduct, xxix

on the union of, i-Ví.

Prayer, the jubilee, Ixxiv

Prediction of the downfal of all civil

establishments of religion, 'v
Methodists, have done more good than Prelates, modern protestant, favoura-

the whole body of the established ble to the papal sce, iv
: clergy, xxxii

Priestley Dri his remark on the infide-
- Ministers, change of, li--squaboles of lity of the French clergy, vi (note)

the Morning Post and Chronicle con- Prophecies the most important, glori-
cerning, Isiv

ous fulfilment of, in the fall of the
Moniteur, the, on the peace between “ papal see, iv
France and Austria, lxxvi

Protestant governments, intolerance of,
Morning Chronicle, laments the want '. VII

of the most murderous of weapons,
and sports at human slaughter, sxvii.
xxviii--reviles che real friends of re-
form, hii

Queen Anne's bounty to the clergy, in-
Morning Post, infuriate ravings of the creased by the addition of 100,0001.
concerning peace between France

per ann. xxxii
and Austria, xii-vacillating opinions
of, respecting Lords Grenville' and

. R.
Grey, lvi.lvïi.lxxxiji - compelled to
confess that the cause of Spain is
hopeless, lxii

Romana, Marquis of, his ridiculous ra-
Moore, Sir John, remarks on his expe-

pouring respecting the will of Ferdi-
dition, xix

nand &c the increase of the Spanish

armies, I
Reform in parliament, absolutely ne-

cessary, lxxi.lxxii.

Religion, statc, always useless and ge-
. Naples, numerous assassinations in the

nerally hurtful, xxxii
city of, under the old governments, iii Review of Public Affairs for December
· Non-Residence, the peculiar scandal of Termination of the Walcheren er-
the English church, xXx

pedition - Mr. Perceval's letter to
members of parliamen-Lord Gren-
- ville's election for chancellor-Sub-

scription for Mr.Wardle, &c. lxxxvii
Palmerstone, Lord, appointed war mi xcviii

nister, bis insignificance, lxxxii" Ryder, Mr. appointed secretary of state,
Papal hierarchy, jmexultation on the bis insigoificance, lxxxji

fall of, i-évery, where on the de-
'cline, xlviñ.xlix

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Turkish empire, on the fall of the, s

Tyrol, visit of the deputies from, to
Shrapnell shot, the most murderous London, 1xxx.lxxxi - ridiculous re-

weapon ever invented, xxvii.xxviii ports of the enormities of the French
Siuecure church living, curious adver-

in the, Ixxxi '.
tisement of, xxxii (note.)

Walcheren, the expedition to, fatal na.
Spain, the natives of, indifferent to their ture of predicted, xv.xvi-the loss of

form of government, xvi.xviii-ree by the British predicted, xxviii

marks on the war in, lxi.lxiii.
Stuart, Sir John, remarks on his ope-

rations on the coast of Sicily, xlix .
Sweden, revolution in, remarks on the, War, political squahbles respecting the .

Ixiv.lxvi — peace with Russia and conduct of the, xix
Denmark, lxxix

Wellesley, Marquis, his embassy 'to
Swift, Dean, his striking description of Spain, xlvii-drinks success to the
war, xxviii

restoration of the pope, xlviii-his
name excites peculiar sensations of
horror, \xix-annihilates the liberty

of the press in India, Ixxxiii-Sir
Talavera, batiles of, remarks on, xxi. Arthur, his expedition to Spain and
! xxiv

Portngal, xx.xxvi-most undeserved.
Toleration, progress of, on the conti lycreated a peer, XXV--compelled to
nent, vii-imperfect state of, in

, retreat, xliy-sickness of the troops
Great Britain, ib. i

under, xliii.

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Anecdote, election, 258--Newgate, 416'.

of an honest ship-owner, 217
ADDRESS of the Duke of Sudermania, Animal cruelty prevention bill, 35

41---from the junta on the anniver: An Oldfashioned Cliristian's remarks on
sary of the battle of Baylen, 130-- the consecration of colours, 188.191
of his highness the French arch chan. Argus, English paper printed al Paris,
cellor, 308—from Nottingham to the extract from, respecting the Walcher
King, 323-of the French arch-chan ren expedition, 237

cellor, on the peace with Austria, 347 Ariny agency and cloathing, abuses in,
Addresses, Resolutions, &c, relative to

the recent inquiry in the house of Aspern, battle of, 63.75--plan of at-
commons respecting the conduct of tack at, 66-battle of the twenty-
the Duke of York, continued from first of May, 68-battle of the twen- .
Vol. V. Common council of Lon ly-second, 72
don, second meeting, 117--Middle Aspland, Robert, oration of, 389. .
sex, second meeting, 118 - South. Alkins, Westripe Beecher, his hard
ampton, 114mat Great and Little case, 110
Bolton, 310-cou'rt of common.coun. Austria, affairs of, 45-158-290-351
cil on Kemble's motion, 361-on the

letter of the Emperor of, respecting
· Walcheren expedition, 484

Chasteller, 81
Alfredi, King, 429
Allegiance, on the meaning of the :

- B.
term, 132
America, affairs of, 120—250_287– Bacon, Lord, on the freedom of an

316-400-humanc attempt to abo Englishınan, 428
lish privateering, 417 increase of Bank, national, balances iu the, 101
manufactures, 477

Battle, near the bridge of Si, Payo, 79 Burdon, Mr, on the common clainas of

-of Santiago, 62-of Cuxhaven, 63. public good, 55-on Sir F. Burdett's
139_of Aspern, 63.75-of Talavera, plan of reformi, 136.-on the oature
147 - of Enzersdorf and Wagram, and necessity of parliamentary re-
159-Banos, 221-of Belihite, 228' form, 197—on the best means of ops

of Almonazud, 229-of Tamames, pósing Bonaparte, 278-on the poli-
· 392-of Ocana, 474

tical and moral effects of the present
Bavaria, free toleration in, 83

state of representation, 370-on mi-
Beaumont, George, hard case and pe. nisters having seats in the house of
tition of, 9

commons, 439
Belsham's jubilee sermon, 375

Burke, Mr. on paper money, 325
Biddulph's violent jubilee sermon, 460
Blake, Gen. defeat of, 228
Bunaparte, bis decree for the deposi.

tion of the Pope, 39-detains geve-
ral Austrian princes as hostages for Codiri.

Cabinet dissentions, 283
the safety of Generals Durosnel and

Cadiz, rejoicings at, on the arrival of
Foulers, 81-protest against by the

Marquis Wellesley, 230

Canada, singular speech of the gover-
Pope, 199-excommunication of, 200

por of, to the legislative assembly,
-family of, 253-on the best means

of opposing him, 278~Kings of bis

Canning, Mr. his fetter to Mr Pinck
creation, 254-French nobility of his

'ney, 124
creation, ib.-his observations on the

Cavalry abuses, 99
folly and absurdity of the English

Chapman's jubilee sermon, review of,

ministry, 450—his answer to the ad-

dress from Rome, ib. views of reli. Chun, curious Chinese. 185
gious authority, ib. his speech at

Clifford, account of his action against

the opening of the legislative body,

opening of the legislative body, Brandon, 485

Cobhett, Mr. trial of, for an assault on
Britain, fighting against God, 465
Bounties, public, 102.103

William Burgess, 246-his advice to
Brazillian court, bigotry of the, 329

a magistrate a warm advocate for the

jubilce, S26
British supplies, appropriation of, 411. Cælebs in search of a Wife, extract
Buchan, Lord, extract from his life of

from, 341
Fletcher, 199
Bulletins, French, the 17th. operations

Coke, Lord, on the necessity of adle-
of the Duke of Ragusa's ariny, 76%

ring to the laws, 89
the 18th, death of Schill, ib.the

Collection of the revenues, abuses in,

100 .
19th. success of the army in Hunga- Collver. Dr. claims the title of clergy
Tý, 77– the 20ih, investing the town for dissenting ministers, 372
of Raab, 78—the 21st. defeat of the Commissariat department, abuses in the
Austrians at Raab, Essling, &c. ib.

100 ;
the 22nd. capitulation of Raab, 79- Commissioners for auditing the public
the 23d. order for the seizure of
Chasteller, 80-ihe 241h. restoration

accounts, 101-of naval revision sula

stance of the 11th, report of, 250
of the bridyes over ihe Danube, 158

Coinmon Council of London, confirm
the 25th. battles of Erizersdorf and

their thanks to Mr. Wardle, 147
Wagram, 159-the 26ih. farther pro-

their proceedinys relative to the Wal-
gress of the army in Moravia and
Hungary, 164-The 271h, suspension

cheren expedition, 477_address to
of arms between France and Austria, Comuinon Tall, proceedings of the live-

the King and answer, 484
ib.--the 281b. sundry régulations af
ter the suspension of arins, 165--the

ry relative to the Walcheren espedie
29th. return of Durosnel and Foulers, Conscription, report made respecting

tion, 481
166-the 30th. view of the Austrian 'the, 350
force at the commencement of the Conservative senate, French, address

canipaign, ib.
Burdett, Sir Francis, reviled by Mr. Constitution of Sweden, abstract of the

to che, 347

new, 412-414

Continental governments, reflections on the report at the India House, 174
the downfal of the, 441

proceedings at a general court re
Copenhagen Jackson, 317

specting the, 176
Cork, meeting of the Roman catholics East ludia patronage, gross abnses in,
s at, 406

Corrunna, evacuation of, by the French, Eclectic Review, recommends Cus-
61-of Banos, 221,

tapce's book in defence of bribery
Correspondence between the squab- and corruption, 302
bling courtiers, 283.284

Economy, necessity of, 183
Corruption, falsely decmed a necessary Edinburgh Review, on methodism and
part of the constitution, 86

missions, 260--on reform, 271-te-
Corruptions, political, dangerous tolia. viewed according to its own princis
berty, 254

ples, 273-427-on the conduct of
Cortez, account of the ancient Spanish, ministers in the late and present war,
252 .

261-423-remarks on a passage in
Coulthurst, Rev. Dr. his oration at the the, 438

consecration of the colours belonging Emperor, French, report made to the
to the Halifax volunteers, 189

Covent Garden theatre, disturbances Eruption of Mount Etna, 338
at, 247.324-settled, 487

Evangelical clergy enemics to reform,
Crown and Anchor, dinner at the, on 204

the anniversary of the acquittal of Evaus's jubilee sermon, review of, 382
Hardy, &c. 302

Expediuons, military, sent by England
Cuesta, General, his account of the to the continent of Europe since the
battle of Talavera, 304

year 1793, 409-411
Curwen, Mr. seats in parliament bill, Expenditure, public, 181

Custance's View of the Constitution of .
· Eugland, reviewed, 291.
Cuxhaven taken by the British, 63 -

Finance coinmittec, third report of, 34
Finances of Britain, statement of the,

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Folkestone, Lord, his motion respect.
Declaration of Russia of war against ing the disposal of the othces of state,
Austria, 54

Decree, for the deposition of the Pope, Flushing, seige of, 153-dreadful state'

39–of the governing supreme junta, of the English army at, 236.237.311.
respecting plaús of reforin, 38-of 400
Napoleon, respecting the erection of Foreign corps, abuses in, 99.103
an obelisk on the Ponte Neuf, 232- Forms, of a good constitution how far
royal, of the junta, respecting the in- ' useful, 87
ternal affairs of Spain, 288---for the Fortifications, extravagant expence of,
suppression of religious orders in Na- 100
ples, 390—of the Prince Regent of Fox, Charles James, culogium on, 279
Portugal to the governors of the remarks on a malicious attempt in
kingdom of Portugal and the Al Bell's paper to slander his character,
gatves, 448

Deserters, British, in America, 318 Foulers, General, kept as an hostage
Distress, warrants of, ordered against for the safety of Chasteller, 81

persons deficient in paying war taxes, Franklin, Dr, on the injustice of priva-

i teering, 416
Doctrine of political mixed motives,

exposed, 81



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Gardiner, Mr. a refractory accountant,

East India Company, report from the Germany, dejected state of the Enpress

comniiltee appointed to inquire into of, 82
the abuses of, 169-consideration of Greig's jubilee sermon reviewed, 455

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King, the degraded situation of, under

a corrupt representation, 90--re-
Hanover, the domains of, distributed marks on the private virtues of the,

by Bonaparte among his generals and 379.384
ministers, 234

Kings of Bonaparte's creatiun, 254 ,
Hawcis, Dr. remarkson corrupt bishops,
300-his striking account of priini.

L. ;
tive christianity, 207
Hody, Dr, on the aucient parliaments
of England, 431 -

Law, Rev. Mr. his remark on the ne-
Horse artillery, abuses in, 100

cessity of reformation in all churches,
House of Commons, the necessity of

excluding placemen and pensioners

Laws, important, unwritten, 429
from the, 368

Lay Preachers, the Apostles were, 207
Household troops, abuses concerning,

-modern defended, ib.

Leach, Stephen, on the necessity of
Hume, Mr. his encomiuni on the puri-

excluding placemen from the bouse

of Commons, 368-remarks on his
tans,' 212
Humphries, Rev. Mr. petition respect-

theory, by Mr. Burdon, 439
ing his salary, 27

Leges nor Scripta. See laws
Huskisson, Mr, bis spçech on Wardle's

Letter, of Sir A. Wellesley to the ge-
motion respecting public economy,

neral and chief of the French army,

226-answer of the Duke of Treviso,

ib. from General Don Francisco
I. J.

Vanegas, giving an account of the
battle of Almonazud, 229~from the

French minister for foreign affairs to
Iceland, some account of, 316

Gen. Armstrong, 287–of the Rus-
Individuals, on their duty to promote sian Emperor to Repiel, 290_X-
the public welfare, 19i .

tract of one froin an English officer
Intelligence, Foreign, 59 138.213.304. at Talavera, 309- from Napoleon to
392-domestic, 238.318.469

Alexander, 449.
Inverness, dreadful accident at, 245 Leud, a free nian, remarks on, 436.439
· Ireland, how far it will be benefited by List of the names of the 125 members
reform, 90

who voted for Mr. Wardle's address
Irish revenue, gross frauds on, 7.22.29

110 -ofthe minority on Mr.Perceval's
Ischia, capitulation of, 218

Inolion, 111-of the minority on Sir
Lsontoc, bis chop to the otficers of the Thomas Turton's amendment, 112—
Elphinstone, 187

of the speakers on Colonel Wardle's
Italy, affairs of, 39.290

motion, 112.113-of the minorily on
Iviiney's jubilee sermon, reviewed, 385. Lord Folkstone's majon. 1192
Jacobins, and war-lovers, address to, the minority on Mr. Maddock's mo-

57-have been the means of Bona. tion respecting Castlereagh and Per-
parte's exaltation, ib.

ceval, 113.114-of the minority on
Jamacia, incolerance in, 259,400

Folkestone's motion respecting Cor.
Jay's jubilee sermon. reviewed, 380 wen's bill, 114-of the minority on
Jubilee sermous, 372.373.374-392- Sir F. Burdeti's motion for reform, ib.

festival of, 376.453---proceedings in Local militia, abuses in, 99

the Londou cominon council respecto · Loyal Bavarian light horse, 401
t ing, 240.319-general orders concern-'.
ing, 322

Junta, the supreme governing, address

to the Spanish nation, 35-rovai,
order of, and answer.. 225---royal Maddocks, Mr. lis speech on parliam
order of, to Romaná, 227-address litentary reform, 94 "

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