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Manifesto, of Austria, in defence of Prayer, a whimsical one, 189— Con
The war against Fraoce, 45

sistent war one, 191~-jubilee, 323
Meinbers of parliament holding places, Price of the commoni necessaries of life,

in the years, 1760, 1809, 327
Message of the president, to both houses Privateering, Dr. Franklin, on the
of congress, 125.127

wickedness of, 416
Methodism, reniarks of the Editor, Proclamation, of the extraordinary con-
concerning, 260

sulta at Rome, 40-of Charles XIII.
Militia, abuse's in, 99.103

King of Sweden on taking the reins
Ministers, on their conduct of the war, of government, 42--of Prince Gale

litzin, commander of the Russian army
Mirrour, the, extracts from, 429

in Gallicia, 55-of Andreossy to the
Missionary societies for the spread of inhabitants of Vienna respecting arms

the gospel, impediments to their suc and ammunition, 83-by the president
cess, 465.

of the United States of America, 123
Moniteur, remarks of the, on the En -of the Marquis de la Romana to
glish papers, 312 ,

the Asturians, 128--of the Marquis

de la Romana to the Spaniards, 130
N. '

by the president of the United
States of America, with remarks, ,

200.202—of Joseph Bonaparte to the
Negociation between Britain and Ame-

Spanish soldiers, 224-of the Em-
rica, 120
Neutrals, on the rights of, 414.416

peror Francis, 290—of George Ill.
Nobility, French, of Bonaparte's crea-

før pardoning seamen, &c, 318.319

-to the army, by the Marquis de
tion, 254

Romana, 227-of Eugene Napoleon
to the Tyrolese, 396-of the Spanish
junta convoking the. Cortes, 444-

of the Emperor of Austria, on the re-
Oliver Cromwell, his opinions on the turn of peace with France, 449
subject of toleration, 387

Protestant Dissenter's Almanack, re-
Osborn's jubilee sermon reviewed, 454 viewed, 466

Public expenditure, 181
Public good, the concern of the whole

community, 55
Parliament, is not the same as at the Public officers, third report of, 20

revolution, 58
Proceedings in the Lords, 1-Cominons,

Parnell, Mr. his speech on public eco- Questions, sundry important ones to
nomy, 106.108

the enemies of peace, 57 ,
Peace, general, reflections on, 337– Queen Elizabeth, speech of, to her last

treaty of, between France and Aus- parliament, 322
tria, 351-treaty of, between Russia

and Sweden, 357
Penal code, remarks on our, 299
Pensions, and sinecures list of, 181-
to late foreign ministers, ib.-paid

Recruiting staff, ahuses in, 100.103
out of the four and a half per cent

Reform, Sir Francis Burdett's plan of,
duties, 182

85-advantages that would result
People, the, the fountain of law in En- .

from, 91--who would complain of it,
gland, 433

92—on the naiure and necessity of,
Perceval, Grenville and Grey, corres-

197-on the danger of, 265-remarks
pondence between, 283—his places

on a passage in the Edinburgh Re-
and pensions, 323

view concerning, 271.
Pope, deposed by Napoleon, 39

Reformers, sule object of the, 88.
Portland, death of the Duke of, 407

Religious orders in Naples suppressed,

Portugal, new regulations in the go.

290—world exposed, dangerous prace
vernment of, 443 -

tical notions in ibt, 544
Presbyterians, ancient Scotch, refused Report of the French war minister to
to encourage robbing by sea, 417

Bonaparte, 3-47

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Representation, state of political and Towgood's work on Dissent grossly mis-
moral effects of the, 370

represented by Mr. Biddulph, 460
Retributive justice of heavert, remarks: (nole)
on, 464

Truewan, Timothy, on the meaning of
Revenue, American account of, 251 the term allegiance, 132-son the
Review of Books, 203.291.35 2.453 duty of individuals to promote the
Rio Janeira, disturbances at, 235 public welfare, 191-195—on the
Rome, new government of, 234

Edinburgh Reviewers, 273.427 -
Roscoe, Mr. his humane conduct to Turkey, affairs of, 315
- wards six black slaves, 246_anniver. Tythes, debate in the Commons con
: sary of his election, 404

concerning, 1.
Royal, family, annuities to, 181-mili-

tary caoal, expence of, 100
Russia, affairs of,

Veljee Patell, his contest with a tigress;


Veritas, address of, to the real jacobins,
Sail cloth, manufacture of, 195
Santiago, taken by the British, 62 ' Vesuvius, Mount, eruption of, 316
Saxons-Anglo, manner of making laws Vienna, some account of, 64--siege of
among the, 430

• 65 .
Scotch judicature bill, 34

· Vote of credit bill, 11.26
See Papal, remarks on the downfal of Von Berchtold, Count, the German
che, 365

• Howard, death of, 316
Seminario Patriotico, a patriotic Spa- .
"nish paper, suppressed by the jupta,

Senegal, reduction of, 223

Walcheren expedition,
Shipley, Colonel, his motion respecting Wales, princess of, her debts, 245
the army, 2.

War, on the conduct of ministers in
Simplicity and luxury in a state, the

the late and present, 261--view of
effects of, 333

the horrors of, 418
Şinecure places, 102.182

Wardle, Mr. his motion respecting the
Soame Jenyns, a sinecure seeker, 193

medical board, 9-bis motion res
Spain, affairs of,
Speaker, the, speech on the seats in

in a specting public economy, 98-on the

conduct of the editors of some news.
parliament bill, 14
Staff of the army, abuses in, 100-103 papers towards, 277-action against

Messrs. Wright and Mrs. Clarke for
Stocks, price of, 408.488

a conspiracy, 487
Supplies sent to Spain and Portugal, 183

Wellesley, his 'reception at Cadiz, 230
Sweden, affairs of, :

Whitbread, Mr. his notion respecting
new constitution of, 235.412-414'

- parliamentary placemen and pen-

şioners, 27.35
1. T. .

White, Mr. Henry, petition of, 177

Winterbotham, Mr. his unjust treat-
Talavera. battle of, 147—return of the 'ment, 456

kilted and wodnded at, 151-evacua- Woodford, Mr. a refractory accoun-
. tion of, 213-general orders from the tant, 109.
, borse guards respecting the victory Wool, report concerning, 325

of, 239_official account of the battle Wright, versus Wardle, motion for a
of, by Cuesta, 304

new trial, 405
Taylor Bishop, bis just definition of .. .
beresy, 212

. 2.
Toasts at Cadiz, on the arrival of Mar-
quis Wellesley, 231

Zeal withinul Innovation, Rertew of, 205
Toleration, act, remarks on, 205.209
min England still imperfect, 210

• Zeal without Bigotry, Review of, 809

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