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torined before break of day for a new at- sity into the village. Still, however, tack, for which the enemy likewise made they found it impossible to maintain preparation on bis side, but with a ma- this post, into which the enemy kept nifest superiority in numbers. Prince continually throwing new reinforcements, Rosenberg resolved to attack the village which was of the utmost importance for of Esslingen with the Archduke Charles's covering his retreat, which he had al'regiment of infantry, to push forward ready resolved upon, and which he dehis other troops in battalions, and in fended with an immense sacrifice of particular to go and meet the enemy, lives. Prince Rosenberg therefore rewho was advancing in the open country solved to confine himself to the obstinate between Esslingen and the nearest arm maintenance of his own position, to seof the Danube. The village was already cure the left flank of the army, and to gained, and battalions advancing on increase the embarrasinent of the enemy the left, obliged the enemy, drawn up by an incessant fire from all the batte in several lines, to yield. The most ries. In the night between the 22d and violent cannonade was kept up inces- 23d the enemy accomplished his retreat santly on both sides, and it was sus- to the Lobau, and at three in the mornitained by the troops with the greatest ing his rear-guard also had evacuated fortitude. Favoured by a fog which Esslingen, and all the points which he suddenly came on, the enemy's heavy had occupied on the left bank of the cavalry ventured to attack on all sides Danube. Some divisions pursued him the corps formed by Sztarray's and closely, and took possession as near as Hiller's regiments of infantry. These possible of the necessary posts of obserbrave fellows received him with fixed vation. bayonets, and at the last moment pour- . Thus terminated a conflict of two days, ed in their fire with such effect, that which will be ever memorable in the anthe enemy was compelled to betake nals of the world, and in the history of himself to flight with considerable loss. war. It was the most obstinate and Five times were these attacks on Sztar- bloody that has occurred since the comray's and Hiller's regiments repeated, mencement of the French revolution.and each time they were repelled with It was decisive for the glory of the Ausequal courage and resolution. The ca- trian arms, for the preservation of the valry contributed all that lay in their monarchy, and for the correction of the power to the pursuit of the enemy and public opinion.' the support of the infantry. Cotury's, The infantry has entered upon a new the Archduke Louis's, and Czatorisky's and brilliant career, and by the firm tregiments belonging to the division of confidence it has manifested in its own Lieut.-Gen. Dedovich, stationed on the energies has paved the way to new vicright, renewed the exertions of the pre- tories. The enemy's cavalry has seen its ceding day with the saine distinction acquired, but hitherto untried, glory disand the same success. After this se- sipated by the masses of our battalions, vere conflict, the enemy seemed to have whose cool intrepidity it was unable to no inclination to expose himself to any endure. Cavalry and artillery have surfresh disaster, and confined himself passed themselves in valour, and in the merely to the operation of his superior space of two days have performed achieveartillery. About eleven A. M. Prince ments sufficient for a whole campaign. Rosenberg received orders from the Three pieces of cannon, seven ammuniArchduke, commander in chief, to make tion waggons, 17,000 French muskets, a new attack upon Esslingen, and a and about 3,000 cuirasses, fell into the Inessage to the same effect was sent to hands of the conqueror. The loss on Lieut. Gen. Dedovich, who commanded both sides was very great: this, and the the righe division of this corps. Prince circumstance that very few prisoners Rosenberg immediately formed two co- were taken by either party, proves the lumns of attack under the conduct of determination of the combatants either Lieut.-Gens. Princes Hohenlohe and to conquer or die. Rohan, while Lieut.-Gen. Dedovich The Austrian army larnents the death advanced against the citadel of the of 87 superior officers, and 4,199 subalplace, and the magazine surrounded terns and privates. with walls and ditches. The attack was - Lieutenant-Generals Prince Rohan made with redoubled bravery, and our Dedovich, Weber, and Frenel, Generals troops rushed with irresistable impetuo. Winzingerode, Grill, Neustader, Siegen. thal, Colloredo, May Hohenfeld, and achievements of the valiant troops who' Buresch, 665 officers, and 15,651 subal- were under their direction. Col. Smola, terns and privates were wounded. Of of the artillery, by his indefatigable acthese Field-Marshal Lieut. Weber, 8 tivity in the proper application of the officers, and 829 men were taken pri- ordnance, and his well known bravery, soners by the enemy.


reudered the most important services. The loss of the enemy was prodigious, (Here follows a long list of the naines and exceeds all expectation. It can of the officers who distinguished themonly be accounted for by the effect of selves on this occasion. The Gazette our concentric fire on an exceedingly concludes as follows: confined field of battle where all the Many individual traits of heroism are batteries crossed one another, and cal- not yet known, and consequently cannot culated by the following authentic data. be recorded. Thus Corporal Prayer of Generals Lasnes, D’Espagne, St. Hillaire, Zettivitz's, took prisoner one of the eneand Albuquerque are dead; Massena, jny's chefs d'escadron before the mass Bessieres, Molitor, Boudet, Legrand, of his battalion. Corporals Donnar and Lasalle, and the two brothers Legrange Horner, and the privates Pressich, Hirwounded; Durosnel and Fouler taken. mah, and Schmerha, of the battalion of Upwards of 7000 men, and an immense Prince Kinsky's legion; were cut off by number of horses were buried on the a fire of musketry from their corps, and field of battle; 5000 and some hundred surrounded by the enemy's cavalry; they wounded lie in our hospitals. In Vienna fought their way through, and rejoined and the suburbs there are at present their battalion. The oberjager Ficker29,773 wounded; many were carried to berger, and the unterjager Schaffer of St. Polten, Enns, and as far as Linz; the 2d. battalion of jagers penetrated 2,300 were taken. Several hundreds of into the French Emperor's guard, and corpses floated down the Danube, and seized one of the enemy's captains in are still daily thrown upon its shores; the midst of his ranks. The private many met their death in the island of Larda, of Duke Albert's cuirassiers, reLobau, and since the water has fallen took a 6-pounder which had fallen into in the smaller arms of the river, innu- the enemy's hands, and brought it back merable bodies, thus consigned by their with its equipage. Serjeant Pap, of comrades to everlasting oblivion, have Chastelar's, snatched the colours of his become visible. The burying of the suf- battalion from the hands of the dying ferers is not yet over, and a pestilential First-Lieut. Cazan, who had himself air is wafted from the theatre of death. taken it from the Ensign who had been His imperial highness, the generallissi- killed, and headed his troops with the mo, has indeed undertaken the duty, so most exemplary intrepidity. Among the dear to his heart, of acquainting the artillery there are few but what highly monarch and the country with the names distinguished themselves by deeds of the of those who took the most active share noblest daring, and contempt of every in the achievements of these glorious danger. days; but he acknowle lges with pro- . But a grateful country will not fail to found emotion, that amidst the rivalship hold in honourable remembrance the of the highest military virtues, it is departed herves who found death in the scarcely possible to distinguish the most arins of victory. In this number those valiant, and declares all the soldiers of particularly worthy of menţion are, Col. Aspern worthy of public gratitude. De Fiennes, of Bellegarde's; Major

Mis imperial highness considers the Danzer, of O'Reilley's; Maj. Gerdech, intelligent dispositions of the chief of his of Froon's ; Captain Charles Kaifer and staff, General Baron Wimpffen, and his Konovsky, of Rosenberg's; Capt. Surincessant exertions, as the foundation of geant, of Reussgreyz's; First Lieut. the victory. The officers commanding Cazan, of Chastelar's;, and Lieut Zacorps have rendered themselves deserve kazill, of the artillery, who displayed ing of the highest favours by uncommon the most extraordinary proos of valour, devotedness, personal bravery, warm at- and with his dying breath recommended tachment to their sovereign, and their his widow to the paternal care of his high sense of honour. Their names will Majesty. be transmitted to posterity with the

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FRENCH OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS OF self by his patriotic sentiments and THE WAR WITH AUSTRIA. his activity.—The Count de Metter.

nich has arrived at Vienna, he is to - SEVENTEENTH BULLETIN... be exchanged at the advanced posts

Vienna, June 8.-Colonel Gor- for the French legation, to whom goli, aid-de-camp to the Emperor of the Austrians, contrary to the law Russia, has arrived at the Imperial of nations, had refused passports, head-quarters with a letter from that and had sent to Pest. sovereign for his Majesty. He has This Bulletin is followed by the announced that the Russian army, details at length of the operations of which is marching upon Olmutz, the Duke of Ragusa's army in Dalhad passed the frontiers on the 24th matia; which state, that he gained of May. The Emperor, the day be-' a victory over the Austrians on the fore yesterday, reviewed his guard— 16th of May, at Kitta in Croatia, in Infantry, cavalry, and artillery: The which the latter lost 400 killed, from inhabitants of Vienna admired the 6 to 700 wounded, and 500 prisonnumber, fine appearance, and ex- ers. And in another affair, on the cellent condition of these troops. 17th, at Gradschatz, the French are The viceroy has gone with the army stated to have lost 300 men, and of Italy to Oedemburgh in Hungary. 'Marmont was himself wounded. AnoIt appears that the Archduke John ther victory is stated to have been intends to rally his army on the subsequently gained by the French Raab.-The duke of Ragusa arrived at Gospich, which they entered on with the army of Dalmatia, on the the 23d, and arrived at Fiume on the 3d of this month, at Laybach.-The 28th, after some skirmishes, from heat is very great, and persons ac- whence, he says, they were to march quainted with the Danube assure us on the 31st, to unite with the army that in a few days it will overflow. of Italy. In the whole of the acWe shall employ this time to finish tions, 6,000 Austrians, and Croadriving the piles, independent of the tians are said, in this account, to bridges of boats and rafts.-All the have been put hors de combat. The accounts which we receive from the loss of the French in the affairs subenemy state, that the towns of Près- sequent to the 16th, is stated at 400 burgh, Brunn, and Znaym, are full killed and wounded. of wounded. The Austrians them- EIGHTEENTH BULLETIN. selves estimate their loss at 18,000 Vienna, June 13.-The division men.-Prince Poniatowski, with the of Gen. Chastelar which had raised army of the duchy of Warsaw, is the Tyrol, proceeded on the 4th of pursuing the advantages he has gain- this month to the environs of Claed. After the taking of Sandomei, genfurth, in order to throw itself he took the fortress of Zamosa, where `into Ilungary. Gen, Rusca marchthe enemy suffered a loss of 3,000 ed against it, and a severe engagemen and 30 pieces of cannon. All ment took place, when 900 prisoners the Poles who are in the Austrian were made. Prince Eugene with a army desert. The enemy, after ha- large corps manæuvres in the cenving failed before Thorn, have been tre of Hungary. For some days vigorously pursued by Gen. Dom- past the Danube has risen a foot. browski. -The Archduke Ferdinand Gen. Graben, with a Dutch diviwill derive nothing from his expedi- sion, having marched to Stralsund, tion but disgrace. He must have where Schill had entrenched himarrived in Austrian Silesia with his self, carried the entrenchments by force reduced to one-third. The Se- așsault. Schill gave orders to burn nator Wibiski has distinguished him- the town to secure his retreat, but had no time. Schill himself was the 9th .hussars upon a battalion of killed in the great square, near the 400 men, 300 of 'whom were made Corps de Garde, and at the moment prisoners. On the 12th the army when he fled, and was endeavouring passed the bridge of Merse near Pato reach the port in order to embark. pa. The Viceroy from a height, --The Archduke Ferdinand evacua- observed the whole hostile army in ted Warsaw precipitately on the 2d battle-array. Gen- Montbrun deinst. so that the whole of the Grand bouched in the plain, and charged Duchy is abandoned by the enemy's the enemy's cavalry, which he comarmy, whilst the troops under the pletely overthrew, after having made command of Prince Poniatowsky many skilful maneuvres. The eneoccupy three-fourths of Gallicia. my had already begun to retreat ;

NINETEENTH BULLETIN. the Viceroy passed the night at Vienna, June 16.-The anniver- Papa. On the 13th, at five A. M. sary of the battle of Marengo has the army marched towards Raab. been celebrated by the victory of Our cavalry and the Austrians shewthe Raab, which the right wing of ed themselves near the village of the army, under the command of Szanach. The enemy were defeated, the Prince Viceroy, has obtained and we took 400 prisoners. The over the united corps of the Arch- Archduke John having united with duke John, and the Archduke Pa- the Archduke Palatine, took a fine latine. Since the battle of the Pi- position upon some heights, the ave the Viceroy has pursued the right wing rested upon Raab, a form Archduke John at the point of the tified town, and the left covering bayonet.--The Austrian army ho- the road of Comorn, another strong ped to canton itself on the banks of place in Hungary.--On the 14th, the Raab, between St. Gothad and at 11 P. M. the Viceroy drew up Kormond. On the 5th of June, the his army in order of battle, and Viceroy advanced from Neustadt, with 35,000 men attacked 50,000 and established his head-quarters at of the enemy. But the zeal of our (Edenburgh, in Hungary. On the troops was animated by the recol. 7th he followed up his movements, lection of the memorable victory and arrived at Guns. Gen. Lauris- which had sanctified this day. All ton, with his corps of observation, the soldiers shouted with joy when formed a junction with his left wing. they saw the enemy, who were On the 8th, Gen. Montbrun, with placed in three lines, consisting of his division of cavalry, effected the from 20 to 25,000 men of the repassage of the Raabnitz, near So- mains of the fine army of Italy venyhaga, routed 300 cavalry of which had already imagined itself the Hungarian insurrection, and masters of Italy; of 10,000 men undrove them towards Raab. On the der Gen. Haddick; 'of 5 or 6,000 9th, the Viceroy proceeded towards men of the remains of Jellachich's Sarvar. The cavalry of Gen. Grou- corps, and the corps of the Tyro! chy fell in with the enemy's rear which had joined the army through guard at Vasvar, and made some the passes of Carinthia; of 10 or prisoners. On the 10th, Gen. Mac- 12,000 of the Hungarian insurrecdonald arrived from Gratz at Kor-. tion.--The Viceroy placed General mond. On the 11th, Gen. Grenier Montbrun's cavalry, the brigade of came up at Karako with a column Gen. Colbert, and the cavalry of of the enemy's flank corps which Gen. Grouchy, on his right wing; defended the bridge. He, however, the corps of Gen. Grenier formed passed the river in force. Gen. De- two platoons, whereof Gen. Serres's broc made a brilliant charge with division was the right one--- In the

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advanced guard an Italian division, . TWENTIETII BULLETIN. commanded by Gen. Baraguay – Vienna, June 20.—When the news Hilliers, formed a third platoon. of the victory of Raab arrived at The reserve of Gen. Puthod formed Buda, the Empress immediately left the reserve; Gen. Lauriston, with it. --The enemy's army was pursued his corps of observation, supported during the 15th and 16th. It pasby Gen. Sahuc, formed the extre- sed the Danube over the bridge of mity of the left wing, and watched Comorn. The town of Raab has Raab,---At two in the afternoon the been invested ; we hope to be mascannonade began. At three our ters of it in a few days. We have second and third platoons were en- taken the entrenched camp of Raab, gaged. The fire from the musketry which will contain 100,000 men.was severe. The first line of the 'The enemy inundate the country enemy was overthrown; but, the with false reports ; this is part of second withstood for a moment the the system adopted for stirring up shock of our first division, which the lower classes.-M. De Metterbeing speedily reinforced, also over- nich left Vienna on the 18th. He threw the line of the enemy. The will be exchanged for M. Dodun enemy's reserve then appeared. On and the officers of the French legahis side the Viceroy, who followed tion, all his movements, advanced with Prince Gallitzen entered Gallicia his reserve. The fine position of on the 3d, in three columns. the Austrians was taken, and at TWENTY-FIRST BULLETIN. four the victory was decisive. The Vienna, July 22.-The enemy enemy, who were in complete dis- pleases himself in spreading his order, could not easily unite, so ephemeral bulletins, in which he that in no way was the movement always boasts of victory. " of our cavalry obstructed. Three General Marziani, who was made thousand prisoners, six pieces of prisoner in the battle of Raab, has cannon and four standards, are the arrived at the head-quarters. He memorials of this átchievement. The says, that since the battle of the enemy left 3,000 dead on the field Piave, the Archduke John has lost of battle, among whom is a major- two-thirds of his army; that he general. Our loss amounts to about afterwards received recruits, which 900 killed and wounded. Among scarcely filled the vacancies, and the first is Col. Thierry; and among who do not understand the use of the latter Brig.-Gen. Valentine and arms. He reckons the loss of the Col. Expert. --The field of battle Archdukes John and Palatine, in had long been pitched upon by the the battle of the Raab, at 12,000 enemy, who had determined to make mon; according to the report of a stand in that fine position. On the llungarian prisoners, the Palathe 15th he was closely pursued on tine was on that day the first to take the road of Comorn and Pest. The to flight. inhabitants of the country remain Some persons seem to wish to put tranquil, and take no part in the in opposition the force of the Auswar. The Emperor's proclamation trian army at Essling, estimated at has set men's minds reflecting. It 90,000 men, with the 80,000 men is, known that the Hungarian nation which have been made prisoners always desired its independence. since the opening of the campaign! The part of the insurrection which They have shewn very little reflecis now with the army was raised by tion. The Austrian army entered the last diet; it is in arms and does upon the campaign with nine corps duty. ''

of 40,000 men each, and they had,

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