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Dravest warriors. Grief at their loss of men which he had, from principles of will at last create in the inind of the prudence, left in reserve. Iwice did he British people a just horror and detesta- apply for succours, and twice were the tion of those men who have dared to contingents which he deemed necessary denounce the threat of eterpa) war. It furnished with rapidity. Our moderawill awaken a longing for a general tion had thrown a veil over our strength, peace, which every man of sense can but our moderation is desirous now of see is not far distant, should the English manifesting our strength. Let us put continue to wrestle with us on the con- an end to an error so fatal to our enes sinent I am, with respect, &c, mies, and which may become still more The Minister at War,

disastrous to them! When they shall COUNT D'HUNNEBOURG be well acquainted with our resources,

they will, no doubt, be convinced that a REPORT OF THE MOTIVES OF THE PRO- frank and solid peace is the only part,

JET OF THE SENATUS CONSULTUM, the only post in which they can find safeRELATIVE TO A LEVY OP 36,000 Con ty. It belongs to weak governments to SCRIPTS, ON THE CLASSES OF 1806, seek for security in the concealment of

1807, 1808, 1809, AND 1810, BY THE their weakness, and the exaggerations of · Count DE CESSAC, ORATOR OF THE their strength. It is the duty of France COUNCIL OF STATE.

to make known to her friends and eneThis Report, after many adulations on mies her true situation; that situation is the genius of the Emperor and King, and such as to inspire the former with more a bigh-coloured panegyric on the loyalty energy, and to warn the latter, that, in and exertions of the French nation, pro- taking up arms, they must expose themceeds to explain the causes of the levy: selves to certain loss. The following,

"The enemies of France," says the senators, is the precise state of the conOrator, “ observing that we levied the scriptional force of France, and I can classes of 1809, and 1810, before the pledge myself for its accuracy: The period in which they were to be called class of 1806 consisted of 423,000, acinto action, thought, without doubt, that cording to the lists of conscription. we had recourse to that mode, because That class comprising pone of the resources of former years 15 months. .. 423,000 were left to us. How great was their That of 1807 ..... 352,003 mistake! If the French government had

1808. . . . . 361,000 adopted that line of conduct, it was be

1809,.... 862,000 cause it could never be brought to think

1810.. 362,000 that the English government had determined to wage perpetual war with

1,867,000 France; it was because it conld never Of these classes, until the present mon be brought to think that the Austrian ment, there have been raised bug government, to which peace was so im- 520,000 men, portant, so necessary--that that govern

1806. .... 102,500 ment, to which a liberal and unexpect

1807 . .,. . 102,500 ed peace had been granted, had a'right

1808. .... 102,500 to cope again with the French armies di

1809. .... 102,500 rected by Napoleon the Great, and elec

1810..... 110,000 trified by his presence. Our Emperor, therefore, calculating upon a speedy and

520,000 long peace, was willing to divide the Theie consequently remain still at home, weight of the war among several classes, of the five classes, 1,317,000 men.” in order that it might press the lighter The orator next proceeds to shew the upon each of them. He was also desi- great facility with which the new levy rous that the French, who constituted must be raised, leaving an immense these two classes, and who, according number still behind, - and argues that to the proper estimate of public duties, such resources will be the most effica. might have been deprived of their share cious means of reducing the English to of military glory, should be furnished the necessity of demanding a peace, with an opportunity of acquiring it. Dis- which, however necessary to France, is appointed in his first expectations, the indispensable to them, because their very Emperor had recourse to those supplies existence may perhaps depend upon it!

· FRANCE AND AUSTRIA. Prince John of Lichtenstein, Knight

of the order of the Golden Fleece,

Grand Cross of the order of Maria, TREATY OF PEACE. . Theresa, Chamberlain, Marshal of Napoleon, by the Grace of God, the Armies of his said Majesty the and the Constitution of the Empire, Emperor of Austria, and ProprietaEmperor of the French, King of ry Commander of a Regiment of Italy, Protector of the League of the Horse in his service :-Who having Rhine, &c.

previously exchanged their full pow: Having seen and considered the ers, have agreed upon the following treaty concluded, determined, and articles :signed at Vienna, on the 15th of Art. I. There shall, from the day of this month, by the Sieur Nompere. the exchange of the ratifications of the de Champagny, our minister for fo- present treaty, be peace and friendship reign affairs, in virtue of the full

j hetween his Majesty the Emperor of the

" French, King of Italy, Protector of the powers to that end given him by us, League of the Rhine, and his Majesty. and the Prince John of Lichtenstein, the Emperor of Austria, King of Hunmarshal of the armies of his Majesty gary and Bohemia, their Heirs and Sucthe Emperor of Austria, equally cessors, their States and Subjects reprovided with full powers—which spectively, for ever... treaty is of the following tenor: II. The present peace is also declared His Majesty the Emperor of the

e to be common to his Majesty the King

of Spain, his Majesty the King of Hola French. King of Italy, Protector of land, his Majesty the King of Naples, the League of the Rhine, Mediator his Majesty the King of Bavaria, his of the League of Switzerland ; and Majesty the King of Wirtemberg, his his Majesty the Emperor of Austria, Majesty the King of Saxony, and his King of Hungary, and Bohemia, Majesty the King of Westphalia, his being equally animated with a de Most Eminent Highness the Prince Pri

mate, their Royal Hignesses the Grand sire of putting an end to the war

Duke of Baden, the Grand Duke of which has arisen between them, Berg, the Grand Duke of Hesse-Darmhave resolved to negociate forthwith stadt, the Grand Duke of Würtzburg, a definitive treaty of peace, and for and all the Princes and members of the that purpose have appointed as their League of the Rhine, the allies, in the plenipotentiaries namely :His Mapresent war, of his Majesty the Empejesty the Emperor of the French, ror of the French, King of Italy, Pro

tector of the League of the Rhine. King of Italy, Protector of the

the. III. His Majesty the Emperor of League of the Rhine, the Sieur Austria, King of Hungary and Bohemia, Jean Baptiste Nompere Count de cedes, as well for himself, his heirs and Champagny, Duke of Cadore, Grand successors, as for the Princes of his Eagle Bearer of the Legion of Ho- house, their heirs and respective sucnour. Commander of the Order of cessors, the principalities, lordships, do

mains, and territories, herein after menthe Iron Crown, Knight of the Or

tioned, and also all titles, which may der of St. Andrew of Russia, Grand

accrue from the possession of the same; Dignitary of that of the Two Sicilies, and all properties, whether manorial Grand Cross of the Orders of the or held by thein under an especial title, Black and Red Eagles of Prussia, lying within the said territories. of the Order of St. Joseph of Wurtz- 1. He cedes and transfers to his Majesty burg, of the Order of Fidelity of the Emperor of the French, to form

a part of the league of the Rhine, ar.d Baden, of the Order of Hesse Darm

to be placed at his disposition for, stadt, bis said Majesty's Minister

the interest of the Sovereigns of the for Foreign Affairs; and his Majesty

league: the Emperor of Austria, King of The territories of Saltzburg and BerchHungary and Bohemia, the Sieur tolsgaden; that part of Upper Aus.. tria, situate on the further side of a The district round Cracow, upon the line running from the Danube, at the right bank of the Vistula, shall, in village of Straas, therein comprehend the direction of the Podgorze, have ing Weissenkirch, Wedersdorff, Michele for its circumference the distance from bach, Greist, Muckenhoffen, Helst, Podgorve to Wieliczka. The line of and Jedina; thence in the direction demarkation shall pass through Wielof Schwandstadt, the town of Schwand iczka, and to the westward touck stadt on the Aller, and thence ascend upon Scawina, and to the eastward ing along the bank of that river, and upou Beek, which falls into the Vis the lake of the same name, to the tula at Brzdegy. point where the lake touches upon Wieliczka and the whole of the territory the territority of Saltzburg.


of the Salt-pitz shall belong in comIlis Majesty the Emperor of Austria mon to the Emperor of Austria, and

shall only retain in property the woods the King of Saxony. The Austrian belonging to the Salz-Cammer-Gut, Salt from Wieliczka, in its convey and forming part of the manor of ance over the Vistula, and through Mondsee, with liberty to cut and car the Duchy of Warsaw, shall not be ry thence the brush-wood, but without subject to any toll-duties. Corn of

enjoying any right of Sovereignty upon all kinds, raised in Austrian Gallicia, - that territory.

may also be freely exported across 2. He also cedes to his Majesty the Em- the Vistula.

peror of the French, King of Italy, 5. Ile cedes and makes over to his Ma-
the county of Goritia, the manor of jesty the Emperor of Russia, in the
Montefalcone, the government and easternmost part of Gallicia, a tract
city of Trieste, Carniola, with its de- of territory containing a population
pendencies on the Gulf of Trieste, of 400,000 souls, the city of Brodi
the circle of Willacha in Carinthia, being, nevertheless, not therein
and all the territories lying on the
right bank of the Saave, from the IV. The Teutonic order having been
point where that river leaves Carniola, abolished in the States of the League of

along its course to where it touches the Rhine, his Majesty the Emperor of · the frontiers of Bosina; namely, a Austria, in the name of his Imperial

part of Provincial Croatia, six dis- Highness the Archduke Anthony, abditricts of Military Croatia, Fiume, and cates the grand mastership of that order the Hungarian Littorale, Austrian Is. in his states, and recognizes the dispost

tria, or the district of Castua, the tions taken with regard to the property. • islands depending on the ceded terri- of that order, locally situated out of the

tories, and all other territories, low- Austrian territory. Pensions shall be -soever named, upon the right bank assigned to those who have been on the

of the Saave-the middle stream of civil establishment of the order. " the said river serving as the boundary V. The debts funded upon the terribetween the two States.

tory of the ceded provinces, and allowed Lastly, the lordships of the Radzuns, by the states of the said provinces, or ac lying in the Granbunderland.

cruing from expences incurred for their S. He cedes and makes over to his Ma- administration, shall alone follow the - jesty the King of Saxony, the territory fate of those provinces. • of Bohemia depending upen, and in VI. The provinces which are to be

cluded in the territory of the kingdom restored to his Majesty the Emperor of of Saxony, namely, the parishes and Austria, shall be administered for 128 villages of Gundersdorit, Tauban- behoof by the Austrian constituted aufranke, Gerlochsheim, Lenkersdorf, thorities, from the day of exchanging Schirgis, Winkel, &c.

the ratification of the present treaty: 4. He cedes and makes over to the and the imperial domains, wheresoerer

King of Saxony, to be united to the situated, from the 1st of November

Duchy of Warsaw, the whole of Wes- next. It is nevertheless understood, a ter or New Gallicia, a district round that the French army in this country

Cracow, on the right bank of the Vis- sball take for their use whatever articles tula, to be hereafter ascertained, and cannot be supplied by their magazibes the circle of Zamose, in Eastern Gal- for the subsistence of the troops and the licia.

wants of the bospitals; and also what

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ever shall be necessary for the convey- respective periods within which the vaance of their sick, and the evacuation rious provinces restored to his Majesty of the magazines."

the Emperor of Austria shall be evacus. VII. His Majesty the Emperor of the ted. The said convention shall be adFrench, King of Italy, engages to give justed on the basis, that Muravia shall no obstruction to the importation or ex- be evacuated in fourteen days; that portation of inerchandize into and from part of Gallicia which remains in posa Austria by way of the port of Fiume; session of Austria, and the city and disthis, nevertheless, not being construed trict of Vienna, in one month; Lower to include English goods or manufactures. Austria, in two months; and the reThe transit duties on the goods thus im- inaining districts and territories, not ceported or exported, shall be lower than ded by this treaty, shall be evacuated those of all other nations, the kingdom by the French troops, and those of their of Italy excepted.

allies, in two montlis and a half, or An inquiry shall be instituted, to as. earlier if possible, from the exchange of certain whether any advantages can be the ratifications. allowed to the Austrian trade, in the XIII. The prisoners of war taken by other,ports ceded by this treaty. .. France and bei allies froin Austria, and • VIII. The titles of domains, archives, by Austria from France and her allies, plans, and maps of the countries, towns, that have not yet been released, shali and fortresses ceded, shall be given up be given up within fourteen days after within two months after the period of the exchange of the ratifications of she the ratification.

present treaty. IX. His Majesty the Emperor of Anis XIV. His Majesty the Emperor of tria, King of Hungary and Boheinia, the French, King of Italy, Protector of engages to discharge the yearly interest, the League of the Rhine, guarantees the arrears, and capitals, invested in secu- inviolability of the possessions of his rities of the government, states, bank, Majesty the Emperor of Austria, King lottery, or other public establishments, of Hungary and Bohemia, in the state by subjects, companies, or corporate in which they shall be, in consequence bodies, in France, the kingdom of Italy, of the present treaty. and the Grand Duchy of Berg.

XV. His Majesty the Emperor of Measures shall also be taken to com- Austria recognises all the alterations pletely liquidate the sum due to Mont St. which have taken place, or may subse, Theresa, now Mont Napoleon at Milan. quently take place, in Spain, Portugal,

X. His Majesty the Emperor of the and Italy. French engages to procure a full and XVI. His Majesty the Emperor of complete pardon for the inhabitants of Austria, desirous to co-operate in the the Tyrol and Voralberg who have ta- restoration of a maritime peace, accedes ken a part in the insurrection; so that to the prohibitory systein with respect they shall not be prosecuted either in to England, adopted by France and person or property.

Russia, . during the present maritime His Majesty the Emperor of Austria war. His Iinperial Majesty shall break equally engages to grant a full and com off all intercourse with Great Britain, plete pardon to those inhabitants of the and with respect to the English governterritories of Gallicia, of which he re- ment, place himself in the situation he turns into possession, whether civil or stood in previous to the present war. military, &c. which inhabitants shall XVII.' His Majesty the Emperor of not be prosecuted in their persons or 'the French, King of Italy, and his Maproperty.

jesty the Emperor of Austria, King of XI. Within six weeks from the ex Hungary and Bohemia, shall observe, change of the present treaty, posts shall with respect to each other, the same be erected, to mark the boundaries of ceremonial in regard to rank aud other Cracow, upon the right bank of the points of etiquette, as before the present Vistula.

war. The same measures shall be adopted XVIII. The ratification of the present within the same period upon the fron- treaty shall be exchanged within six tiers of Upper Austria, Saltzburgh, Wil- days, or sooner if possible. lach, and Carniola, &c.

Done and sigued at Vienna, Oct. 14, 1809. XII. A military convention shall be J. B. NOMPERE DE CHAMPAGNY. forthwith entered into, to regulate the Joun Prince of LICHTENSTEIN.



** We have ratified, and hereby ratify Adige, and the Lower Po; head the above treaty, in all and every of the quarters Mantua—the fourth, of the articles therein contained; declare the

Reno, Rubicon, Panaro, and Cros

Reno Bu same to be adopted, confirmed, and established; and engage that the same

tola : head-quarters Bologna-the shall be maintained inviolable. I

fifth, or the departments of the McIn confirmation whereof we have here. tauro, Musone, and Tronto; headunto affixed our signature, with our own quarters Anconia,--the sixth, of the hand, being countersigned and sealed departments of the Bocchiglione, with our Imperial Seal.

Brenta, Piave, Tagliamento, AdriaGiven at our Imperial Camp at Schoen• brunn, Oct. 15, 1809.

tic Sea, and Passeriano; head-quar

ters Venice.

By the Emperor,
Minister for Foreign Affairs.

11. 'B. Maret,

Minister Secretary of State. ADDRESS TO THE JUNTA. The Arch Chancellor of State,

[Some time ago the Supreme Council EUGENE NAPOLEON. of Spain and the Indies presented an

address to the Supreme Junta on the The official paper of Milan of subject of a Regency, and of which a Oct, 21, contains two decrees, da- copy was lately received from Gibraltar. ted Schoenbrunn, 14th October. The Thuis inportant document has not beeg

suffered to be published in Spain. Of first is as follows:

the introductory part an abridgement : - Napoleon, by the grace of God

only has been published. It is as fol and the Constitution, Emperor of lows:-1 the French, King of Italy, and Pro The Supreme Council of Spain and tector of the Confederation of the the Indies, in which are now united Rhine, we have decreed, and do de- those of Castile, the Indies, Orders, and cree as follows:

Finances, has addressed a most energe- The circle of Villach, Carniola,

tic representation to the supreme junta,

upon the expediency, nay, the absolute the provinces of Istria formerly Aus- necessity, of establishing a regency, trian, the provinces of Fiume and composed of three or five members, Trieste, the countries known by the agreeably to the laws of the kingdom. name of the Littorale, the part of The council begins by reminding the Croatia, and all that has been ceded board of the order issued by Ferdinand, to us on the right bank of the Save. at Bayonne, for the immediate convo

cation of the Cortes. Dalmatia and its islands, shall here

This order was unfortunately kept seafter bear the name of the Illyrian

cret from the council, which would cerProvinces.

tainly have enforced its execution in .. The substance of the second de- spite of every obstacle; and in this circree is, the Counsellor of State, cumstance originated the anarchy which Dauchy, is appointed Intendant Ge- followed on the assumption of the suneral of the Illyrian Provinces, ceded preme power by the particular juntas of by the treaty of Vienna. .

the different provinces, an anarchy

¿ which paved the way for the progress of Another decree, of the 10th of

the French armies, and would probably October, directs that the kingdom bave ended in the complete subjugation of Italy shall be divided into six mi- of the kingdoin, if the remnants of the litary divisions. The first will con Spanish troops collected in the most dissist of the departments Agogna, Ko- taut provinces, the unshaken loyalty of pa. Lario, and Adda, and the head- the natives, and the enemy's want of quarters will be at Milan--the sen coudence in the dispositions of the ca

pital and of the provinces which they cond of the departments, Mella; Sel

occupied, had not checked their imperio, and Upper"Po the third, of tuous career, and prevented the full atthe departñients of the Mincio, the tainment of their guilty ends. Thus un

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