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For SEPTEMBER, 1809,


EAST INDIA COMPANY. . been completed in consequence of

any such bargains, and upon which Report from the Committee of the satisfactory evidence has been pro

House of Commons appointed to in- duced, will be placed first; a second quire into the Existence of any Abu- class will be found of nominations ses in the Disposal of the Patronage which appear to have taken effect, of the East India Company. Or- but with regard to which, from the dered to be printed March 23, 1809. death of some of the parties, or from

The Select Committee, appointed deficiency of proof in other particu- , to inquire into the existence of any lars, your committee are unable to corrupt practices, in regard to the ascertain the names of the persons appointment and nomination of wri- who were sent out to India. It is ters or cadets in the service of the, a satisfaction to your committee, East India Company; or any agree- throughout the whole evidence, to ment, negociation, or bargain, direct remark nothing which traces any or indirect, for the sale thereof; and one of these corrupt or improper to report the same, as it shall ap- bargains to any director, or induces pear to them, to the house, together a reasonable suspicion that it was with their observations thereupon; done with the privity or connivance and who were empowered to report of any member of that court. Sevethe minutes of evidence taken before ral negociations which never took them; and their proceedings, from effect, will be found alluded to, or time to time, to the house,

detailed in parts of the evidence; Began their investigation by exa- which it was thought proper not to mining into a case brought before reject under the comprehensive dithem by George Woodford Thellus- rections“that your committee should son, Esq. a member of this house,“ enquire into any agreement, negoin which his patronage and confidence “ ciation, or bargain, direct or in. appear to have been grossly abused. “ direct, for the sale of such nomi

The whole evidence being given" nations;" and when such inforat length in the Appendix, your mation was received, they deemed it committee content themselves with inexpedient to withhold it from this inserting in this place, a short ab- house, though they are fully aware stract only of this, and every other that their desire of opening every transaction; giving the names of the channel of enquiry has led to an persons appointed, or of those by extent of examination, and to a whom they were recommended, and mass of evidence, from which much by whom their nominations were might be retrenched without detrisigned, together with the names of ment, if it had been easy to establish the intermediate agents in any of a satisfactory principle of omission the negociations where money was or abridgment, which might have paid or received.

W left nothing wholly irrevelant or triThose appointments which have fling, while it comprehended what



ever might be interesting, either to Mr. Thomas Kelly was appointed a this house, or to 'the East India cadet to Bombay, in April, 1808, by Sır. Company,

Theophilus Metcalf, Bart. at the recomWRITERS.

mendation of Mrs. Scott. It was afterMr. Edward James Smith was nomi

wards exchanged with Mr. Cotton, at: nated a writer to Bengal in the season

his request for a Madras cadetship. 1806-7, by Mr. G. W. Thellusson ; the

William Scott, tailor, the husband of appointment was given to his first cousin,

Mrs. Scott, sold this appointment to Mr. Mr. Emperor J. A. Woodford, who sold

Kelly, through the agency of David the appointment for 3,500). through the

Brown, who received for it 1501. Brown agency of Mr. Tahourdin, Solicitor, who

was paid 30l. or 401. and Mr. Southreceived 100l. out of that sum. The

comb, who introduced some of the parother persons, concerned in this negocia

ties to each other, received 10 goineas. tion were Mr. Wimbourn and Mr. Laing.

Mr. George Barker was appointed Mr. Fry Magniac was nominated

cadet for the Bengal infantry, in. Dewriter to Bengal, in the year 1807-8, by

cember, 1808, by Robert Thornton, Esq. Mr. G. W. Thellusson; this appoint

at the recommendation of Mr. Mee. Mr. Thent was also given to the same Mr.

Mee sold this appointment for 200 guiWoodford, and sold through the agency

neas, through the agency of John Anof Mr. Tahourdın. Mr. Beale was the ne

nesley Shee, who received 601. purchaser, and the sum paid by him was

Mr. George Teulon was appointed to 3,500 guineas, of which Mr. Woodford an infantry cadetship to Bengal, in 1808. received 3000l. Mr. Tabourdin 1501.

by Edward Parrý, Esq. in exchange for the remainder was divided between Mr.

a Madras appointment, given to Captain Donovan and Mr. Garrat.

Sealy, by Jacob Bosanquet, Esq.Mr. Henry Gardner was nominated a

Captain Matthew sold this appointment writer to Madras by Mr. G. W. Thel

for 1201. to Captain Holmes, for a friend Jusson in the season of 1807-8.---This of his. Amesley MʻKercher Shee was appointment was likewise given to Mr. employed as agent for Capt. Matthew. Woodford, and 3,000l. was received for who paid him 30). and Capt. Holmes it from Mrs. Gardiner by Mr. Tahourdin. paid him 101. for his own use; but upon an under

Mr. John Samuel Williams was aptaking that he is to procure the next pointed to a Bengal cadetship by Mr. · presentation of a living of the value of

Cotton, in 1808, in exchange for a Ma3001. per annurn for a friend of Mr. dras cadetship of Mr. Manships'.—This Woodford's. Mr. Boase, a partner in appointment was procured by Mr. Aberthe house of Messrs Ransom and Co. crombie, who was assisted with the was privy to the bargain between Mr. loan of a sum of money by Capt. Wil-... Tabourdin and Mrs. Gardiner Mr.

liams, the cadet's father. Mrs. ElizaGreenslade received an appointinent for

beth Morrison, and Amesley M‘Kercher Ceylon, in the way of exchange for his

Shee, were the agents employed. writership, which is the occasion of his

Mr. Benjamin Pratt was appointed å name appearing in the transaction.

cadet to Madras, Feb. 7, 1806, by SweCADETS.

ney Toone, Esq. at the recommenda- Mr. Henry Stoughton was appointed a

tion of Captain Kennard Smith, who excadet to Madras, January, 1808, by

changed it with R. C. Plowden, Esq. George Abercrombie Robinson, Esq. by

for a nomination of the next season. the recommendation of Mr. Morland,

Mr. B. Pratt was recommended to Mr.' who gave the appointment to Mr. Jones Plowden by Sir Nicholas Nugent. This for a relation of his. Mr. Jones, through appointment was purchased by Mr. the agency of John Annesley Shee, sold

Henry Foster, through Sir Nicholas Nuit 10 Mr. Stoughton, father to the person

gent, for the sum of 1401. A. M'K. appointed, from whom Shee received

Shee acted as agent for Mr. Foster, and 500 guineas; he paid 1801. to Mr. Jones, received 301. or 401. The original apand received of him an undertaking to pointment was to Bengal, and it was pay 3201. upon his procuring for Mr.

exchanged for Madras. Jones a Woolwich cadetship.--This ap-.

Mr. John Power was appointed a pointment has been vacated by the court

cadet to Madras, in 1804 or 1805, by of directors, in consequence of their ha

Lord Viscount Castlereagh, at the recomving discovered the means through which mendation of Lord Longueville, through it was obtained,

the Earl of Westmoreland.'

Mr. Power paid 2001. for his appoint- for it the sum of 300 guineas. One hunment, to Mathew Spillman Salt; A. dred pounds was divided between Mr. M.K. Shee was the agent for both par- Barber and Mr. John Henderson. J. ties, and received 501. from Mr. Power. A. Shee was agent for Mr. Cusac.

Mr.Braithwaite Christie was appointed - Mr. William Collett was appointed a a cadet to Madras, 15th July, 1807, cadet for the Bombay infantry, by the by James Reid, Esq. at the recommen- India Board, on the 3d of July, 1805. dation of his royal highness the Duke of This appointinent was in the nomination Clarence.

of Lord Castlereagh, who, at the reMr. Page, navy agent, in Great Rus- commendation of the Right Hon. John sell-street, paid the sumn of 2001. for this Sullivan, gave it to Richard Cadman appointment to A. M-K. Shee, who paid Etches, for a relation of his, on account 1501. to the Rev. Mr. Lloyd, chaplain of services perforined by Mr. Etches to his royal highness the Duke of Cla- for the government. Mr. Etches sold rence, for procuring the same

it to Mr. Chaplin, an attorney, for Mr. Thomas Maw was appointed a the sum of 2501. J. A. Shee was agent cadet to Bengal, in July, 1807, by Ro- for Mr. Patmore, an attorney, who rebert Thornton, Esq, at the recommen- ceived the money for Mr. Etches. dation of the Rev. Nicholas Corsellis, Mr. John Manson was appointed ca. for Miss Elizabeth Spinluit. Miss Spin- det for Bengal, on the 26th February, luff sold this appointment to Mr. Hewitt, 1808, by the India Board, at the rea relation of Mr. Maw, through the commendation of E. Cooke, Esq. Mi. agency of Mrs. Morrison and A. MʻK. Cadman Etches procured this appointShee, and received. 701. for it. Mrs. ment, through Mr. Cooke, for a relation Morrison thinks the sum paid was 1501. of his, on account of services performed or 1801, A. MʻK, Shee received 301. by Mr. Etches `for the government.

Mr Arthur Denny was appointed a Thomas Watson was employed as agent cadet to.Madras, on the 18th of Febrų- to sell the same, as mentioned in the ary, 1806, by George Woodford Thellus- next appointment. son, Esq. at the recommendation of the Mr. Robert Manson was appointed Coantess Dowager of Westmoreland cadet for Bengal, February, 1808, by and Mr, George. --This appointment was G. W, Thullusson, Esq. at the recomsold by Mr. George. Mr. Anthony mendation of Mr. Herbert. Thomas Stoughton, uncle to the person appoin- Watson sold this appointment, and reted, paid to John Anuesley Shee, whom ceived the sum of 500 yuineas of Messrs. he employed to procure it, the sum of Anderson, of Philpot-lane, for this and 250 guineas. David Browne was agent Mr. John Manson's appointment, who for Mr. George.

purchased the two for a friend of theirs, Mr. Henry Keating was appointed a for his two nephews. A. M.K. Shee cadet to Madras, on the 5th of June, received 35l. of Watson; and Lady 1805, by John Manship, Esq. at the Leigh received from Watson about 2001. recommendation of George Woodford for the latter appointment. Thellusson, Esq. in return for a Bombay Mr, Thomas Casey was appointed a nomination, of the season of 1804, given cadet by William Devaynes, Esq. on to Mr. Manship. The uncle of Mr. the 9th July, 1806, at the recommendaHenry Keating purchased this appoint- tion of Mr. Herbert, now abroad as ment of Mr. John Henderson, ship-bro- Purter of the Euphrates extra ship. ker, for gool. or guineas. Mr. John Mr. Herbert sold this appointinent to Annesley Shee received of Mr. Hender, Messrs. Hendry, Houghton and Co. of son about 45l. for his agency.

King's-Arms-yard, correspondents of Mr. Mr. George Boys was appointed a Casey's relations, who lived in Ireland, cadet to Madras, on the 25th March, for the sun of 250 guineas; Mr. John 1806, (of the season 1805) by Charles Henderson was agent for Mr. Herbert, Mills, Esq. at the recommendation of and received 50.guineas. Mr. now Sir William) Fraser. This ap- Mr. Thomas Locke was appointed a pointment was given by Sir William cadet for Madras, on the 3d February, Fraser to Mr. Thomas Cusac, who sold 1807, by John Bebb, Esq. at the reit to Messrs. Barber and Sons, Cowper's- commendation of James Pattison, Esq. court, Cornhill, and received of them in exchange for one of Mr. Pattison's the sum of 1501. They were employed Bombay nominations. This appointment es agents to Mr. Boys's father, who paid was purchased by the Ked. Dr. Locke

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of Farnham, for his nephew, of Thomas rectors, or committee or court of proprie. Watson, who sold it for Lady Lumm, tors have authority to examine persons and paid her: 2001.

on oath. The Report concludes in the Mr. Samuel Lewis was appointed a following terms] cadet in 1800, by Sweney Toone, Esq. If this house should, in its wisat the recommendation of Mr. Evans. dom, adopt any legislative meaThis appointment was passed from Mr. Surce for

: sures for the purpose of prevenEvans to Mr. Sanderson, Annesley M“Kercher Shee seems to have procured ting all traffic in the disposal of it of Mr. Wright, and received 300 gui- offices under government, it will, neas from the cadet's father. Mr. Sa- in the opinion of your committee, be muel Lewis being a mulatto, and there- proper to extend the same protection by disqualified, piocured a young man to patronage held under the East of the name of Phillips to personate hin- India Company; but they see no self and pass the previous examinations, for which he paid him 20 guineas.

> reason to recommend any special or A cadetship for Madras appears to

o separate provisions as applicable to have been purchased for a person of the their case, judging that the East Inname of Browne, in 1804 or 1805, dia Company has within its own which was sold by Mr. Herbert for power the most effectual means for 250 guineas; but your committee could accomplishing that end, It can never receive no satisfactory information by be advisable, without absolute ner whom the party was nominated, nor his christian name. Henderson and Shee

cessity, to add new offences to the were emploved as agents, and received long catalogue already enumerated part of the above sum.

in the penal statutes; nor is it wise A cadetship of the nomination of J. to diminish the sanctity of oaths by Manship, Esq. given by him to Mrs. resorting to them upon all occasions Welch, appears to have been sold; but Where solemn declarations have been

have habitually disregarded, little reliance been examined, state, that they are unable to recollect the name of the

can be placed upon the sanction of person appointed. The name of Mrs.

any other species of asseveration. InWelch does not appear as recommend- stances occur but too frequently, ing to any of Mr. Manship's cadetships where an oath comes to be considerin 1805 or 6. Another in the nomina- ed merely as part of the official form tion of Sir Lionel Darell appears to have by which an appointment is conferbeen given to and sold by the Rev. Tho. red; and the human mind, fertile in mas Lloyd; but Mr. Lloyd's name does

self-deception, accommodates itself not appear as recommending any of the cadets nominated by Sir Lionel Darell with wonderful facility to overcome in 1801, and the following year. . all scruples, or applies a perverse

It appears in evidence, that some ingenuity to evading all restrictions other nomination of this description had which stand in the way of present been purchased; but your committee interest. Little fear of detection is have not been able to discover and bring entertained. where transactions are before them some of the persons who in appear to have been parties of these

in their nature private and confidentransactions : particularly Sir Nicholas tial; and the appellation of honour, Nugent, Mr, William Lewen, Tugwell most improperly applied to negociaRobins, Mr. Joseph Home, Captain tions of this clandestine kind, atMatthew, and Captain Holmes.--A taches, by a singular perverseness, a further examination into some other stronger degree of obligation to the bargains is precluded by the death of performance of

performance of such engagements, Lady Lumm, Lady Leigh, and Captain Sealy.

upon the very ground that they are The report then details the measures illegal.. pursued by the company to guard against With a view to prevent all dealabusés.of this nature, but which appearings in patronage, the obvious and to have been ineffectual; counsel were natural mode will be to take away of opinion that neither the court of di- all inducement to traffic in it; and


this can only be attained by making directors, can put a stop to the con. the hazard of such speculations tinuance of these abuses, and pregreater than the temptation.

vent the chance of their recurring. The regulations of the company in the year 1799, when, in the are founded upon this true and effi- course of th investigation already cacious principle. But examples have mentioned, indemnity was offered to hitherto been wanting to demonstrate all those who would make a fair and the determination of the court of di- candid disclosure of all the circum. rectors to enforce their orders; no stances through which their situainstance of purchasing or procuring tions had been procured, though ina, by undue means, an appointment formation was gained with regard to in the civil or military service of the facts, no example could be made, in East India company, after such ap- consequence of such disclosure, of pointment had actually taken place, those who' were found offending: and since the court's resolution, of and it may be doubted whether such the 28th of February, 1799, having practices have been less prevalent been so far established, as to enable since that enquiry, than before. The the court to dismiss the party ap- deficiency of their power to compel pointed.

persons to answer, precluded the The immediate consequence of court of directors from discovering, the information contained in this re- if they punished, or from punishing, port must be, that a certain number if they discovered, the traffic which of persons in the service of the com- was the subject of complaint, pany will be instantly deprived of The oath taken by the directors their employments, recalled from In- seems as effectual as any thing which dia, and declared incapable of again can be devised for the purpose of receiving any appointment under the guarding against corruption, so far company. The money improperly as the directors themselves are im, given for procuring these situations, mediately concerned; and your com will be absolutely lost, without any mittee have already remarked, that possibility of recovery; and those no one case of corruption or abuse, who have either imprudently, or cor- which has been before them, affects. ruptly been concerned in obtaining any member of that court, It is, in what they conceived to be benefits the passing through several hands, for their relatives or friends, will which happens very frequently with find that they have done the greatest regard to the more numerous and injury to those whom they desired less valuable appointment of cadets, to serve, by inducing them to dedi- that opportunities for this sort of cate some of the first years of their negociation are presented, which, lives to an employment, which the without a greater degree of vigilance original defect, and corrupt prac- and strictness on the part of each din tices through which it was obtained, rector, at the time of making such must disqualify them from prose- nomination, it will be impractible to cuting.

prevent in future. Hard as some of these cases must The committee may perhaps be be, and innocent and ignorant as exceeding the limits of their promany of the young men nominated vince, in the further considerations under these circumstances probably to which this subject leads; but as are, of the undue means by which they decline recommending any spetheir appointments were acquired, cial legislative enactment, their views your committee are of opinion, that of the proper remedy for these abuses nothing but a strict adherence to may be incomplete, unless they pro the rule laid down by the court of

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