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Major Aboville, who commanded, was tered Nuremberg on the 28th of Junç wounded. The Emperor has made him with a corps of cavalry, and proceeded general of brigade. The chief of a squa- towards Bayreuth. He met the enemy dron of artillery, Granner, has lost an at Besentheim, charged himn with the arm. These intrepid artillerymen dis- first provisional regiment of dragoons, played all the power of this terrible wea- and cut in pieces all who opposed hiing

pon.-The horse chasseurs of the guard and took two pieces of cannon. I charged, and drove back on the day of TWENTY-SEVENTH BULLETIN.

the battle of Wagram, three squares of On the 10th the Duke of Rivoli beat infantry. They took four pieces of can- the enemy's rear-guard before Hollanon. The light-horse Poles of the guard brun. At noon on the same day, the charger a regiment of pikemen. They Duke of Ragusa, who had arrived or took the Prince of Auersperg prisoner, the heights of Znaim, saw the enemy's and captured two pieces of cannon.- baggage and artillery filing off towards The Saxon Hussars d'Albert charged Bohemia. Gen. Bellegarde wrote to the cuirassiers d'Albert, and took their him that Prince John of Lichtenstein colours. It was a very singular thing would repair to the Emperor with a to see two regiments belonging to the mission from his master, for the purpose same colonel fighting, one against the of treating for peace; and in couseother.--It appears that the enemy is quence desired a suspension of arms. abandoning Moravia and Hungary, and The Duke of Ragusa replied, that it was is retiring into Bohemia.--The roads not in his power to accede to such a are covered with the men belonging to proposition, but that he would acquaint the landwehr, and the levée en massé, the Emperor with it. Meanwhile he who are returning to their houses. The attacked the enemy, took from him an losses which desertion is adding, to those excellent position, made some prisoners, the enemy has sustained in killed, woun- and took two colours.-On the morning ded, and prisoners, are concurring to of the same day, the Duke of Auerstadt annihilate his army.--The numerous let- had passed the Taya opposite Nicolsters which have been intercepted are a bourg, and general Grouchy had beaten striking picture of the discontent of the Prince Rosenberg's rear, taking 450 hostile army, and the disorder which men of Prince Charles's regiment.--At reigns in it.-Now that the Austrian noon on the 11th instant, the Emperor monarchy is without hope, it would arrived opposite Znaim. The battle had evince being ill acquainted with the cha- begun. The Duke of Ragusa had atracter of those who govern it, not to tacked the town ; and the Duke of Riexpect that they will humiliate them- voli had taken the bridge, and had ocselves as they did after the battle of cupied the tobacco manufactory. In Austerlitz. At that epoch, they were, the different engagements this day, we as now, without hope, and they exhaus- had taken 3,000 men, two colours, and ted all their protestations and oaths.- three pieces of cannon. The general of During the day of the 6th, the enemy brigade, Bruyeres, an officer of very sent a few hundred men to the right of great promise, has been wounded. The the Danube to make observations. They general of brigade, Guiton, made a fine re-imbarked after having lost a few men charge with the 10th cuirassiers. killed or taken prisoners.--The heat was The Emperor, informed that Prince excessive on these days. The thermo- John of Lichtenstein, who had been meter was almost constantly at 20 de- sent to him, was arrived within our grees. There are great quantities of posts, ordered the fire to cease. The wine. In one village 3,000,000 pints' annexed armistice was signed at midwere found. It has happily no bad night, at the Prince of Neufchatel's. quality.

The Prince of Lichtenstein was preseňTwelve of the most considerable vile ted to the Emperor in his tent, at two lages in the beautiful plain of Vienna, o'clock in the morning. . such as are seen in the neighbourhood Suspension of Arms between his Majesty of a great capital, have been burnt du-'. the Emperor of the French and King ring the battle. The just hatred of the of Italy, and his Majesty the Emperor nation is loud against the guilty men of Austria. who have drawn upon it all these cala- Art. 1. There shall be a suspension mities.

: of arms between the armies of his MaThe general.of brigade, Laroche, en- jesty the Emperor of the French, King

of Italy, and of his Majesty the Empe- of Wagram, have been broken by the ror of Austria

effects of this rise; but the bridges at 2. The line of demarcation shall be Ebersdorf are solid and permanent; none on the side of Upper Austria, the fron- of them have suffered. Those bridges, bier which separates Austria from Bohe- and the works on the island of Lobau, mia, the Circle of Znaiin, that of Brunn, are the admiration of the military perand a line drawn from the frontier of sons of Austria. They avow that such Moravia upon Raab, which shall begin works are without example since the at the point where the frontier of the cir- time of the Romans. cle of Brunn touches the March, and de- The Archduke Charles having sent scending the March to its conflux with Major-Gen. Weissenyof to compliment the Taya; from thence to St. Johann the Emperor, and since that, the Baron and the road to Presbourg; Presbourg, de Wimpffen and Prince John of Lichand a league round the town; the great tenstein having come upon the same Danube to the mouth of the Raab; the courteous errand in his name, his MajesRaab to the frontiers of Stiria; Stiria, ty has thought proper to send to the Carniola, Istria, and Fiume.

Archduke, the Duke of Friuli, grand 3. The citadels of Brunn. and Gratz marshal of the palace, who found him at shall be evacuated immediately on the Budweis, and passed part of yesterday signature of the present armistice. at his head-quarters.

4. The detachments of Austrian truops The Emperor left his camp at Znaim which are in the Tyrol and the Voral- yesterday, at nine o'clock in the mornberg, shall evacuate those two countries, ing, and arrived at the palace of Schoenand the fort of Sachsenbourg shall be brunn at three in the afternoon. His given up to the French troops.

Majesty has visited the environs of the 5. The magazines of provisions and village of Spitz, which forms the tete-declothes, which shall be found in the pont of Vienna. Gen. Bertrand has countries to be evacuated by the Aus- been charged with the execution of diftrian army, and which belong to it may ferent works, which must be marked out be emptied.

and begun this day.--The bridge of piles 6. In relation to Poland, the two ar- at Vienna will be re-established with the mies shall take the line which they at least delay possible. His Majesty has present occupy.

named as marshals of the empire, Gen. 7. The present suspension of arms Oudinot, the Duke of Ragusa, and Gen. shall continue for a month, and fifteen Macdonald.-The number of marshals days notice shall be given before hostili- was eleven; this nomination will make ties re-commence.

it 14. There still remain two vacancies. 8. Commissaries on either side shall The places of col.-gen, of the Swiss, and be named, for the execution of the pre- col.-gen, of the chasseurs, are also vasent articles.

cant. The col.-gen, of the chasseurs, is, 9. From to-morrow, the 13th, the according to our constitution, a grand Austrian troops shall begin their evacu officer of the empire. His Majesty has ation of the countries marked out by testified his satisfaction with the manner this suspension of arms; and shall retire in which the surgery has been served, by daily marches. The fort of Brunn and particularly with the services of the shall be given up to the French army on principal surge vii, Heurteloup. the 14th of July; and that of Gratz on His Majesty passing through the field the 16th.

of battle on the 7th. caused a great numMade and concluded between us the ber of the wounded to be taken off';' and undersigned, charged with full powers left there the Duke of Friuli, grand marfrom our respective sovereigns.

shal of the palace, who remained all The Prince of NEUFCHATEL, day. The number of wounded Austrians

Major-Gen. of the French Army. in our hands amounts to 12 or 13,000.M. Baron WIMPFFEN,

The Austrians have had 19 generals killMajor-Gen. of the etat-major of ed or wounded. It has been remarked the Austrian Army.

as a singular fact, that most of the at the Camp before {nuim, July 12. French officers, whether of old France or

TWENTY-EIGHTH BULLETIN. . of the new provinces, who were in the The Danube has risen six feet. The Austrian service, have perished. bridges of boats which had been con- Several couriers have been intercepta structed before Vienna, since the battle ed, and among their letters has been


found a regular correspondence of Gentz dined several times with Count Chamwith Count Stadion. The influence of pagpy. this wretch in the leading determinations. The commercial boats, which the of the Austrian cabinet, is hereby mate- events of the war had scattered in various rially proved. Such are the instruments directions, have been collected, and which England employs, like a new Pan- repaired on the banks of the Danube. dora's box, to raise storins and spread They come every day laden with wood, poisons on the continent.–The Duke vegetables, corn, and flour,- The whole. of Rivoli's corps encamps in the circle army is encamped. of Znaim; that of the Duke of Auers

THIRTIETH BULLETIN, tadt in the circle of Brunn ; that of the Vienna, July 30.-The 9th army, Duke of Ragusa in the circle of Korn- which was commanded by the Prince of Neubourg ; that of Marshal Oudinot be- Ponte Corvo was disbanded on the 8th. fore Vienna at Spitz; that of the Vice The Saxons, who formed part of it, were Toy on Presbourg and Gratz. The im- under the orders of General Regnier. perial guard returns to the environs of The Prince of Ponte Corvo is gone to Schoenbrunn.

use the waters. In the battle of Wagram The harvest is very fine, and abund- the village of that name was carried on ant every where. The army is cantoned the 6th, between ten and eleven o'clock, in a beautiful country, and rich in pro- and the glory of this, successful entervisions of all kinds, wine particularly. prize is due to the corps of Marshal : TWENTY-NINTH BULLETIN

Dudinut. Vienna, July 22.-Generals Durosnel The house of Austria took the field and Foulers have returned to the head this campaign with 62 regiments of the quarters. All our surmises with respective, 12 regiments of grenadiers, four to the fate of the former, have proved free corps or legions, making in the erroneous. He was not wounded, and whole 310,000 men; 150 battalions of had no horse killed under hiin; but as militia (Landwehr), commanded by anhe was coming back from carrying to cient officers, exercised 10 months, mathe Duke of Montebello the order for king 150,000 men; 100,000 men of the concentrating his movements on account Hungarian insurrection, and 60,000 of the destruction of the bridges on the horse, artillery, and miners, composing 22d of May, he crossed a hollow, where in the whole a force of from 5 to 600,000 he found twenty-fiye hussars, whom he men. With this force, the house of Aus. fancied formed one of our outposts. He tria supposed herself to be sure of victory, did not perceive they were Austrians . She entertained a hope of skaking the until they had made him their prisoner. power of France, if even her whole force As we had been so long without hear- were united; but her armies are, noting from him, as well as from other pro- withstanding, reduced to one fourth part bable reasons, we thought he had been of theiroriginal strength, while the French killed.

army has been increased to double the The General of Division, Regnier, number it consisted of at Ratisbon. has taken the command of the Saxons, In the castle of Gratz twenty pieces and occupies Presburg. Marshal Mac- of ordnance have been found. donald is gone to take possession of the The castle of Saschenburgh, situated eitadel of Gratz, which it is expected he on the frontiers of Tyrol, has surrendered will enter to-morrow. The Marshal to Gen. Rurço. Duke of Ragusa encamps with his corps The Duke of Dantzic has entered on the heigths of Krems.

Tyrol with 25,000 men. He has occuHis Imperial Majesty passes his guards pied Loferr, and disarmed all the inhain review every morning. The velites bitants : he must by this time be at and foot grenadiers of the Italian guard Inspruck. are remarkable for their excellent order. General Thielman has entered Dress

Prince John de Lichtenstein, on his , den. The Duke of Abrantes is in Bayreturn from Buda, was presented on the reuth, and has pushed his advanced par 18th instant to his Imperial Majesty. ties to the frontiers of Bohemia. He was bearer of a letter from the Emperor of Austria.

Count Rubna, major-general and aid- Vienna, July 26.-.Prince John of de-camp to the Emperor of Austria, bas Lichtenstein, and the General Baron uke

Wimpfen have had a long interview with French army attacked the English with Prince Alexander. The first is supposed the utinost spirit and vigour. Some to have the most extensive powers for woods which covered their left wing did concluding a peace. The Emperor Na- not remain long in their possession, and poleon received him most cordially at the division of their army which occuthe audience which he was pleased to pied them was annihilated by the Duke grant him. We may reckon upon a of Belluno.-A regiment of one of the speedy, and what is still more gratifying, divisions of the first corps attacked an Ena durable peace. It is generally con- glish column with the bayonet, killed 1000 ceived, that the principal conditions are and made 500 priscners.--The loss susagreed upon. According to statements tained by the enemy is very considerable, worthy of credit, the Emperor of Austria and cannot yet be calculated. During the has declared that he wishes for peace, battle, the King was manæuvring on the that he has given the Archduke Charles right of the English, in order to cut off the most ample powers for concluding it, their retreat to Talavera and the Tagus. and that he will enter into no more en- Talavera, July 29. — The English gagements with England, be the offers army which was in Portugal, under made to him by the cabinet of London Gen. Wellesley, after having joined the ever so alluring.

insurgents under Cuesta, had marched

against the first corps, hoping, with Madrid, July 30.–Our court ga- triple numbers, to beat it, and effect its zette contains the following intelligence: junction with the troops under Vanegas.

Santa Olalla, July 26. Already had the English flattered "His Royal Majesty arrived here this themselves with getting to Madrid ; but day, at the head of his army, in pursuit the events that have passed during the of the remains of the enemy's army, three days that have elapsed, have a which had escaped from the battle of good deal deranged the plan of the camSanta Domingo. In consequences of paign. His Majesty, after the affair of the English haying pushed forward the the 28th, continued to pursue the enemy insurgents under the command of Cuesta, who arrived on the fine position of Talathe latter were almost entirely annihi- vera and entrenched themselves. His lated. Great numbers of them have been dispositions announced an intention of taken prisoners, among whom is Baron maintaining himself to the last extremity, Armendaers, colonel of the regiment of yet, after having been vigorously atVilla Viciosa, with several other officers tacked by the French army, having lost of the corps. The army is anxiously a part of his infantry, and a whole regidesirous to come up with the English. ment of cavalry, he abandoned his posi

" July 27.-Yesterday, at two o'clock tion. In these circumstances the French in the afternoon, his Majesty established have proved, as they have often done, his head-quarters on, a height, which that, whatever be the position and numcommanded the field of battle of Torrijos. ber of their enemies, they can overcome The enemy, who had taken shelter in a all obstacles. The English and insurwood, being alarmed by our sharp- gents sustained great loss. Ours is not shooters, endeavoured to gain the considerable. Gen. Latour Maubourg's plain. The French pursued them thi- division entered Talavera this morning. ther. The insurgents endeavoured to W e have received news from Marshal rally, but his Majesty advanced against Soult; he marched on the 25th in the them at seven, and the first corps having direction of Placentia. made a vigorous attack, carried death Paris, August 9.-We have letters and dismay into their ranks. At nine from Santa Olalla of the 29th ult. at O'clock this night, a field officer of the 10 P. M. which mention the new victory first corps arrived here with the intelli- gained over the English, Portuguese, gence, that in the course of the night, still and insurgents. The loss of the English more signal advantages had been obtained is enormous. We took eight hundred inthan the preceding day, and that the field fantry prisoners, and a whole regiment of battle was covered with the slain. of cavalry. This regiment was taken by

July 28.--His Majesty overtook at one of ours, which opened its ranks to length the English army yesterday, at receive the charge, and then cut off four o'clock in the afternoon, which, on their retreat. The rest of the English the point of being surrounded by our column, which constituted the whole Koops, drew up in line of battle. The force of the enemy, is in full retreat.

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N.B. The days omitted are Sundays, or Holidays. The blank spaces denote that nothing was done in that fund.

P. stands for Premium, and D. for Discount

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