Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the High Court of Chancery, from the Year MDCCLXXXIX to MDCCCXVII, with a Digested Index, Band 18


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Seite 236 - Mote, as far as the rules of law and equity would admit, by the person or persons who, for the time being, should be entitled to the possession of the said mansion-house...
Seite 436 - There is no doubt that property may be given to a man until he shall become bankrupt. It is equally clear, generally speaking, that if property is given to a man for his life, the donor cannot take away the incidents to a life estate...
Seite 286 - ... there must be such an injury as from its nature is not susceptible of being adequately compensated by damages at law, or such as, from its continuance or permanent mischief, must occasion a constantly recurring grievance which cannot be otherwise prevented but by an injunction.
Seite 237 - ... all the rest and residue of my personal estate of what nature or kind soever I give and devise to my said wife and unto her father the Honble.
Seite 269 - ... but I take it, that Lord Thurlow changed his opinion upon that; holding, that, if the defendant was taking the substance of the inheritance, the liberty of bringing an action was not all the relief, to which in equity he was entitled. The interference of the court is to prevent your removing that, which is his estate.
Seite 150 - ... contract, or otherwise, after applying his goods and chattels, and the part of his personal estate, after bequeathed in discharge of such legacies and debts, as far as the same would extend; and he gave all the residue of his personal estate to his executors upon trust to apply the same in discharge of his legacies and debts. The bill was filed by the three grand-daughters of the testator Broom, with their husbands claiming their legacies of 150/.
Seite 273 - All loss which arises in consequence of extraordinary sacrifices made or expenses incurred for the preservation of the ship and cargo come within general average, and must be borne proportionably by all who are interested.
Seite 287 - If the thing sought to be prohibited is in itself a nuisance, the Court will interfere to stay irreparable mischief without waiting for the result of a trial ; and will, according to the circumstances, direct an issue or allow an action, and, if need be, expedite the proceedings, the injunction being in the meantime continued.
Seite 181 - ... coverts that shall die intestate, but that their husbands may demand and have administration of their rights, credits, and other personal estates, and recover and enjoy the same, as they might have done before the making of the said act.
Seite 439 - If Mr. Garrick was now living, would it be unreasonable that he should contract with Mr. Colman to perform only at the Haymarket Theatre, and Mr. Colman with him to write for the theatre alone? Why should they not thus engage for the talents of each other?

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