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35 Geo. 3.c. hold on account of having sold, aliened, or dis29. Irish.

posed of any part of the freehold he shall have posed of a registered between the date of such registry and part of free

the day he shall offer his vote, if he shall have hold, if they retain as much retained thereof to the annual value sworn in as sworn to.

such registry None preclud § 39. Provided also, that no person shall be ed voting by virtue of a precluded from voting by virtue of a freehold rent-charge on account of its not being registered pursuant accrued by descent, &c. to the provisions of this act, if it consists of a within fifteen rent-charge, and shall have come to him by deanother free scent, devise, marriage, or marriage-settlement, hold so ac

within fifteen months previous to the test of the crued within nine months writ for holding the election at which he shall because not

offer to vote, or if it does not consist of a rentregistered. (See post, 37 charge, and shall have come to him in like manGeo. 3. c. 47. $ 4. by which

ner within nine months previous to such test. such rent. charges and other freeholds

§ 40. Provided also, that no rector, vicar, or are required to curate, shall be obliged to register his freehold be registered mot arising from his rectory, Vicarage, curacy, or obliged to re other ecclesiastical preferment, or be precluded gister ecclesiastical free

from voting at any election on account of his holds. not having registered the same. Clerks of § 41. And be it further enacted, that every certificates of clerk of the peace shall give to every person imregistry to freeholders as

mediately on the registry of his freehold, if he herein;

shall demand it, a certificate signed by himself,

certifying such person having duly registered on penalty of the same, and reciting his oath or affirmation

exactly therein, under a penalty of five pounds freeholders to for every neglect or refusal, for which certificate Certificate of he shall be paid by such freeholder the sum of equalithenti- three pence, and every such certificate, when ginal oath, &c. signed in open court by two justices, and counloss of the lat. tersigned by the acting clerk of the peace, shall



29. Irish

be, and is hereby declared to be, of equal 35 George authenticity with the original oath or affirmation, in case the same shall be lost or mislaid.

$ 42. And be it further enacted, that the Clerk to enter acting clerk of the peace shall, during every book,

freeholders in sessions, enter into a book in alphabetical order, according to the surnames of the persons registered, the substance of every such oath or affirmation delivered to him, in the form follow- in the form ing:


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And he shall in every county likewise enter the 35 Ged. Sac.

. 29. Irish. same, in like alphabetical order and form, into separate books, one for each barony or half- The like in barony, according to the barony or half-barony every county, in which such freehold shall be sworn or affirni- each barony or ed to lie, which books he shall attend with

half-barony, at every election for a knight or knights of shall attend the shire, and deliver in court to the sheriff

, knights of the previous to the commencement of the "poll, shire, making making oath at the same time before a justice truth of the of the peace, that all the entries in the said entries. books are truly and exactly made according to the directions of this act.

§ 43. And be it further enacted, that every Clerk to give clerk of the peace shall, from time to time, copies of regis. within ten days after every sessions, deliver to surer, to be the treasurer of the county a true copy of every the accounts entry of registry by him made at such sessions, of the coun. which copy shall be kept by the said treasurer ty; copies to amongst the accounts of the said county, and freeholders rethat, at the request of any freeholder of the 3d. per one said county to the clerk of the peace or trea- hundred surer, the said elerk of the peace or treasurer shall, within. ten days from such request, deliver to such person a true copy of the registry of all the freeholders which shall have been registered in such county at the time of such request being made, on receiving a sum at the rate of three pence for every hundred persons names contained in said copy.


$ 44. And be it further enacted, that if any Clerk of peace clerk of the peace shall omit or neglect to keep qe as hercin, any of the books hereby required, or to make to forfeit 100% due entries therein, in the order and form re- and to be dis

qualified ; quired, or to file any oath and affirmation delivered to him to be filed, and to preserve the

85 Geo. 3. c. same free from erasure, blot, interlineation, or 39. Irish.

damage, or shall omit to give the copies hereby required within the time limited to the treasurer of the county, he shall, for every such offence, forfeit the sum of one hundred pounds, and be

incapable of serving as clerk of the peace for for neglecting any county, and if he shall neglect or refuse to to attend at attend at any sessions whereat freeholders may sessions, &c. 501, be registered by virtue of this act, or shall

omit to give copies of the registry or any pollbook lodged with him within a reasonable time after demand, he shall forfeit for every such offence the sum of fifty pounds to any person

suing for the same. What adjourn. $ 45. And for the greater ease of registering ment of quar« freeholders, be it enacted, that the general or shall be deem. quarter-sessions may be adjourned from time to for the purpose time, to be held either at any usual place of of registering sessions, or at any market town within the freeholders.

county, and that every such sessions, and every such adjournment thereof, or adjournment of any adjournment, shall be deemed a sessions within the meaning of this act, for the purpose of registering freeholders, but that no special sessions held for any purpose of the militia, or for licensing persons to sell ale, beer, or spirituous liquors, shall be deemed a sessions within the meaning of this act, for the purpose of re

gistering freeholders. Oath to be $ 46. And be it further enacted, that every chargers and person who shall offer to vote as a freeholder, freeholders if shall, before he shall be admitted to poll at any fore they pon. election, declare whether his freehold arises

from a rent-charge or not, and if it arises from a rent-charge, he shall, before he shall be admitted to poll, take the oath hereafter following, intitled,

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