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§ 11. Provided always, and be it enacted, s5 Geo. 3. c. that every such removal and new appointment of a deputy, and such notice to a deputy to Removals, apclose the poll and deliver up his book, or to pointments of change from one bootlı or building to another

, tices to close shall be made publicly, and proclaimed in the the poll, and place where such deputy shall take the poll by deputies, to be the returning officer or officers, or some person claimed. to be for that purpose appointed by him or them.

$ 12. And be it further enacted, that if any Rioting shaw person or persons shall violently, riotously, or cuse for closoutrageously disturb or interrupt any election, ing the poll; or the proceedings of the pols

, such disturbance, riot, or misbehaviour, shall not be any excuse to the returning officer or officers, nor afford him or them any

pretence for closing the poll, or making a return; but the court shall but the court thereupon be adjourned for some convenient journed from time, as the occasion may require, and, if neces- time to time. sary, shall be further continued by adjournment from time or time, until such disturbance shall have ceased, when such returning officer shall again proceed in taking the poll; and every Riotously in. person who shall be by due course of law con- poll, or injurvicted of having violently, riotously, or out- ing the poll

book, &c. rageously disturbed the court, or otherwise misbehaved, so as forcibly to interrupt the proceeding of the poll; or having wilfully effaced, obliterated, torn, altered, or destroyed the whole or any part of the poll-book of the returning officer or officers, or any deputy, whereon any thing relative to the said election shall have been entered; or of having forcibly or or forcibly fraudulently taken or secreted the same, or any creting the part thereof, or the writ or precept for hold- same, or the ing such election, shall be adjudged guilty of cept, fclony,

35 Geo. 3. c. felony, and be transported for seven years to 29. Irish.

some part of his majesty's dominions out of punishable Europe, or be imprisoned for any time not with transpor- more than seven years, at the discretion of the prisonment, judge or judges who shall try such person. not exceeding seven years. No more to be § 13. And be it further enacted, that no rereturned than turning officer or officers shall, upon any prethe writ, &c. tence whatsoever, return more than the number

of persons he 'shall by his writ or precept be officers to have required to return, and that in case of an equaa casting voice; lity of voices for any two or more candidates

upon the close of the poll, he shall be obliged to give a casting voice, whether otherwise legally qualified to vote or not, or whether

he shall have voted or not, at such election; officer to for- and if any returning officer or officers shall he return more return more than the number of persons who than the num- shall by the writ or precept be directed to be reand to be inca. turned, such returning officer or officers shall pable of vot- forfeit the sum of two thousand pounds to the

person who shall first sue for the same, to be recovered as hereinafter directed, and such returning officer or officers shall be rendered incapable of ever after voting at any election for a member or members to serve in parliament.


No fee or re § 14. And be it further enacted, that no fee, ward to returning officer.

gratuity, or reward whatsoever, shall be given, paid, received, or taken, by any sheriff or returning officer or officers of any county, city, town, or borough, for making out, or for the delivery, return, or execution of any writ or

precept for the electing a member or members Contract to returning of

to serve in parliament; and that all contracts, ficer for mak- promises, bonds, and securities, to be made or or for payment given to any sheriff, or other returning officer of gratnity for the same, void.

29. Irish.

or officers, for making a return of any member 35 Geo. 3. c. to serve in parliament, or to pay such sheriff or returning officer or officers any sum or sums of money, by way of gratuity or reward für making such return, or otherwise in respect thereof, shall be and are hereby declared to be nulland void; and whosoever shall make, give, or persons giving accept of such contract, promise, bond, or other or accepting security, or any gift or reward to procure any the amount false return, shall forfeit a sum equal to the va

and 2001. lue giverı or intended to be given or accepted in such contract, promise, or other security, gift, or reward, and also the further sum of two hundred pounds to any person who shall first sue for the same, to be recovered as is hereinafter directed.


$ 15. And be it further enacted, that if any Officer or dereturning officer or officers, or any deputy who puty causing shall be appointed pursuant to this act, shall delay to forfeit unnecessarily and wilfully protract the poll, or be guilty of any wilful and unnecessary delay in taking the same, every such returning officer or officers, and every such deputy so offending, shall forfeit the sum of five hundred pounds to any person who shall first sue for the same, to be recovered as hereinafter directed.

§ 16. And be it further enacted, that in all Place of freeelections at which any person shall vote as a &c. and abode freeholder, the returning officer or officers, and of freeboider, every deputy, shall enter in the poll-book the to be entered; place of every such person's freehold, and the barony or baronies, or half-barony or half-baronies wherein such freehold lies, and also his place of abode, as he shall declare the same severally at the time of offering or giving his vote, and also shall enter, sworn or affirmed (as also sworn or


35 Geo. 3. c. the case shall be) against the name of every 29. Irish.

elector to whom any of the oaths or affirmations by this act required or authorized shall be tendered, and by whom the same shall be taken,

distinguishing the nature of the oath or affirmasheriffs to deli- tion; and that every sheriff presiding at any ver poll-books election for a knight or knights of the shire, within twenty days after shall, within twenty days next after any elecknights of the

tion for a knight or knights of the shire shall shire, verified have been closed, faithfully deliver over unto on oath to the the clerk of the peace of the county all the pollpeace. books of such election, verifying upon oath that

he delivers them without any embezzlement, obliteration, erasure, or alteration, to be carefully kept and preserved amongst the records of

election for

the county.

At general elections officers to make

§ 17. And be it further enacted, that in the

case of a general election, every returning ofreturns of pre- ficer who shall hold an election by virtue of a before return precept, shall make due return of such precept of writs; six days at least before the return of the writ

by virtue of which said precept shall have issued; sheriffs to and that all and every sheriff and sheriffs who of writs to the shall receive any writ for the election of any

member to serve in parliament, shall make due before the day return of such writ to the clerk of the crown,

clerk of the


on or before the day on which such writ shall be returnable.

on which returnable.

Return of a

§ 18. And be it further enacted, that in all writ during session or pro- cases where a writ shall be issued during a sesrogation to be sion or prorogation of parliament, the return be days after test; made thereof to the clerk of the crown within if election held forty days after the test thereof, and if by virby precept, return to be tue of such writ the election shall be held by within thirty precept, the return of such precept shall be days after the made to the sheriff within thirty days after the

date thereof; and every sheriff and other return- 35 Geo. 3. č. ing officer making default therein, shall forfeit to any person who shall sue for the same the date, on pesum of one hundred pounds for each day such nalty of 1ool. default shall be made, to be recovered in man

per day, ner hereinafter mentioned.

$ 19. And be it further enacted, that no per- No money, enson to be hereafter elected to serve in parliament tertainments, for any county, city, town, or borough, shall, ades, &c. or after the test of the writ of summons to par- after test of liament, or after the vacancy shall have hap- the writ; pened to supply which the election shall be held, by himself, his friends, or agents, or any person or persons employed in his behalf, directly or indirectly, give, present, or allow to any person or persons having a vote or votes in such election, any money, meat, drink, enter- . tainment, or provision, cockades, ribbands, or to voters in any other mark of distinction, or make any pre- to place in gesent, gift, reward, or entertainment, or shall neral, in order at any time hereafter make any promise, agree or for being ment, obligation, or engagement, or give or al- elected ; low any money, meat, drink, provision, present, entertainment or reward, to or for any such person or persons in particular, or to any such county, city, town, or borough, in general, or to or for the use, advantage, benefit, employment, profit, or preferment of any such person or persons, place or places, in order to be elected, or for being elected to serve in parliament for such county, city, town or borough; and that every person and persons so giving, presenting, or al- persons so givlowing, making, promising, or engaging, doing, de: the same, acting, or proceeding, shall be, and is, and are in order to be hereby declared to be disabled and incapacitated capacitated to to serve in parliament upon such election for serve upon

such election such county, city, town, or borough.

for such place.

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