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application of telegraphic signals, and the mode of applying

the same.-Sealed 9th June-6 months for inrolment. James Anthony Emslie, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, civil engineer,

for certain improvements in pumps.--Sealed 9th June--6 months for inrolment. Stephen Bencraft, of Barnstaple, Gent., for improvements in the

construction of saddle-trees.-Sealed 9th June~ 6 months for

inrolment. Arthur Howe Holdsworth, of Brook Hill, Devon, Gent, for im

provements in constructing certain parts of ships and vessels, in order to arrest the progress of fire, and for regulating tem

perature.-Sealed 11th June—6 months for inrolment. Richard Garrett, of Leiston Works, Suffolk, agricultural imple

ment manufacturer, for improvements in the construction of horse-hoes, scarifiers, drag-rakes, and drills, for cultivating

land.-Sealed 13th June—6 months for inrolment. Thomas Banks, of Manchester, engineer, for certain improvements in the construction of wheels, and tyres of wheels, to be employed upon railways.--Sealed 13th June—6 months for

inrolment. Moses Poole, of Lincoln's Inn, Gent., for improvements in ob

taining the colouring matter from wool and woollens, dyed with indigo,-being a communication.-Sealed 13th June—6

months for inrolment. William Cotton, of Leytonstone, Essex, Gent., for an improved

weighing machine. -Sealed 13th June.—2 months for inrol

ment. Daniel Williams, of Oxford, slater, for improvements in covering

ridges and hips of the roofs of buildings.-Sealed 13th June

6 months for inrolment. Isaac Moss, of Macclesfield, silk trimming manufacturer, for

improvements in the manufacture of covered buttons, ornaments, and fastenings for wearing apparel.-Sealed 13th June --6 months for inrolment.

William Morrett Williams, of Fenchurch-street, lock manufac

turer, for certain improvements in the construction of locks and keys, which he proposes to call “ Williams' lock and key im

proved.”—Sealed 13th June—6 months for inrolment. Henry Hough Watson, of Bolton-le-Moors, consulting chemist,

for certain improvements in bleaching, changing the colour of, and otherwise preparing, purifying, and refining tallow, and certain other organic substances, mixtures, compounds, and

manufactures.—Sealed 21st June—6 months for inrolment. Joseph Bunnett, of Deptford, engineer, for certain improvements

in pavements for streets, roads, and other surfaces, and in machinery for producing and repairing the same.-Sealed 21st

June—6 months for inrolment. John Dickson, of Brook-street, Holborn, engineer, for improvements in rotatory engines and boilers, in stopping railway carriages, and in machinery for propelling vessels ; part of which improvements are applicable to propelling air and gases.

-Sealed 21st June—6 months for inrolment. Frederick Gye, Jun., of South Lambeth, Surrey, Gent., for im

provements in binding pamphlets, papers, and other documents.-Sealed 21st June—6 months for inrolment. Thomas Gaunt, of Dolby-terrace, City-road, Gent., for improvements in the means of applying any such power as is or may be used for propelling vessels or carriages, to produce loco

motion thereof.- Sealed 21st June—6 months for inrolment. Henry Bewley, of Dublin, licentiate apothecary and chemist,

for an improved Chalybeate water.-Sealed 23rd June-6 months for inrolment.


D. H. M.

D. H. M. 1 Cluck after the sun 3m. 22s.

Venus R. A. 10h. 18m. dec. 12. Drises 11h. 25m. A.

7. N. passes mer. 6h. Om. M.

Mars R. A. 7h. 24m. dec. 22. sets lh. 6m. A.

55. N. 3 O in Apogee.

Vesta R. A. 6h. 37m. dec. 22. 13 20 Her. stationary

6. N. Clock after the sun 4m. 17s.

Juno R. A. 15h. 47m. dec. 3. Drises lh. 29m. M.

49. S. D passes mer. 10h. 15m. M.

Pallas R. A. 4h. 4m. dec. 1. sets 7h. 2m. A.

56. S. 7 13 35 4's first satt. will im.

Ceres R. A. 5h. 55m. dec. 23. 7 Partial Eclipse of the Sun.

8. N. 16 53 Begins.

Jupiter R. A. 19h. 11m. dec. 22. 17 46 Greatest Phase.

42. S. 18 43 Ends.

Saturn R. A. 18h. 42m. dec. 22. Magnitude of Eclipse (Sun's

34. S. diameter=1) 0.801, on the

Georg. R. A. 23h. 54m. dec. 1. Southern Limb.

25. S. 12 43 in conj. with the diff. of

Mercury passes mer. 22h. 55m. dec. 0.4 N.

Venus passes mer. 2h. 26m. 19 42 g in conj. with the ) diff. nf dec.

Mars passes mer. 23h. 34m. 5. 11. S.

Jupiter passes mer. 11h. 18m. 8 7 1 Ecliptic conj. or new moon.

Saturn passes mer. 10h. 49m. 8 10 45 g in infr. conj. with the

Georg. passes mer. 16h. Om. 9 19 D in Perigee.

21 Declipsed, invis. at Greenwich 10 Clock before the sun, 4m. 55s. 22 10 57 Ecliptic oppo. or O full moon Drises 6h. 44m. M.

Occul v Capricorni, im. ilh. Dpasses mer. 2h. 12m. A.

34m. sets 9h. 20m. A.

23 Juno stationary
29 4 in oppo. to the O

23 14 8 21's first satt. will em.
6 7 in conj. with the ) diff. of dec. 24 13 50 2's second satt will em.
4. 39. N.

Obcul 6 Aquarii, im. 15h. 281a. 23 26 g in conj. with diff. of dec.

em. 16h. 34m. 5. 20. S.

25 Clock before the sun, 6m, 9s. 12 Occul e Leonis, im. 7h. 37m. em.

Drises, Sh. 50m. A. 8h. 34m.

D passes mer. lh. 56m. M. 14 10 5 Din or first quarter.

sets, 7h. 27m. M. 15

Clock before the sun, 5m. 33s. 8 37 2's first satt. will em.
Drises, lh. 48m. A.

9 Din Apogee.
Dpasses mer. 6h. 25m. A.

27 Occul 45 Piscium, im. 14h. 54m. sets 10h. 53m. A.

em. 16h. 15m. 16 12 14 4's first satt. will im.

27 2 46 Her. in conj. with the diff. of 17 11 15 21's second satt. will em.

dec. 6. 15. S. 17 18 9 % greatest Hel. Lat. S.

9 54 21's fourth satt. will im. Occul Scorpii, im. Sh. 6m. em. 13 21 2's fourth satt. will em.

9h. 21m. 19 5 34 § stationary

29 3 35 greatest Elong. 19. 28. W.

30 2 42 ) in o or last quarter 20 Clock before the sun, 5m. 58s. 30 940 Ceres in the ascending node Drises 7h. 7m. A.

Occul p in Arietis, im. 11h. Dpasses mer. 101. 54m. A.

32m. em. 12b. 28m. sets lh. 39m. M.

31 Occul 9 in Tavri, im. 12h. 14m. Mercury R. A. 6h. 50m. dec.

em 12h. 55m. 18. 55. N.


II 10

J. LEWTHWAITE, Rotherhithe.

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