Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, Band 13

Institution of Electrical Engineers., 1884
Vols. for 1970-79 include an annual special issue called IEE reviews.

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Seite 439 - CE A Pocketbook of Electrical Rules and Tables for the use of Electricians and Engineers.
Seite 111 - Dr. Ure's Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, and Mines : Containing a clear Exposition of their Principles and Practice.
Seite 444 - Undertaker," and the thought struck me that this must be the place I was in quest of ; at any rate, I thought that a person advertising himself as an "undertaker" would not refuse to look into my invention with a view of obtaining for me the sought-for recognition or reward. On entering the place I soon convinced myself, however, that I came decidedly too soon for the kind of enterprise here contemplated, and finding myself confronted with the proprietor of the establishment, I covered my retreat...
Seite 443 - Gottingen under twenty years of age, who had just entered upon his practical career with a mechanical engineer, I joined my brother, Werner Siemens, then a young lieutenant of artillery in the Prussian service, in his endeavours to accomplish electrogilding, the first impulse in this direction having been given by Professor C. Himly, then of Gottingen. After attaining some promising results, a spirit of enterprise came over me so strong that I tore myself away from the narrow circumstances surrounding...
Seite 110 - Majesty to inquire into and consider the most effectual means of improving the Metropolis, and of providing increased facilities of communication within the same...
Seite 265 - GUILLEMIN. Translated from the French by MRS. NORMAN LOCKYER ; and Edited, with Additions and Notes, by J. NORMAN LOCKYER, FRS Illustrated by II Coloured Plates and 455 Woodcuts.
Seite 267 - Observations on the Dip and Variation of the Magnetic Needle, and on the Intensity of the Magnetic Force ; made during the late Voyage in search of a North-west Passage.
Seite 514 - Co. the machines almost pulled up the engine. As the speed began to increase, the lamp lit up intermittently, but in a few seconds more the machines dropped into step together, and the pilot lamp lit up to full brightness and became perfectly steady and remained so. An arc lamp was then introduced, and...
Seite 394 - It is not unusual, in fact we almost always find the upper stratum of air of the rooms in which we live heated to 120 degrees after the gas has been lighted for a few hours. We have grown accustomed to this state of things, and are not surprised that when we take the library ladder to get a book from the upper shelf we find our head and shoulders plunged in a temperature like that of a furnace, producing giddiness and general malaise. If you look again at the table you will see that each gas burner...
Seite 267 - Isabella and Alexander, in their late Voyage of Discovery, and caused by the Attraction of the Iron contained in the Ships.

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