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Gall, James, haberdasher, Dundee.

Scarth, Pilans, and Co. merchants, Leith, and Jenkins, Peter, bookseller and stationer, Glasgow. Scarth, James, Maitland, Joseph, and Pillans, Jeffray, William, tea-merchant and accountant in Francis Scott, all merchants there, partners, as Glasgow.

individuals. Lancaster, Duncan, and Co. and Duncan, Archi Seymour, Francis, merchant, Glasgow, and ma

bald, and Co. merchants, in Glasgow, and of nager of the theatres of Ayr, Greenock, and Lancaster, Thomas, Duncan, Archibald, and Kilmarnock, and an individual partner of the Duncan, James, the partners of said firms, as firm of l'rancis Seymour and Co. theatrical individuals.

proprietors and managers, Glasgow.
MacDowall, David, and Co. merchants, Glasgow, Scott, William, merchant, or grocer, at Broughty

and MacDowall, David, individual partner Ferry.
thereof, and as individual partner of the com Sharpe, Thomas Peat, merchant, Glasgow.
pany carrying on business under the firm of Smith, William, merchant, East Kilbride.
Marshall, George, merchant and cotton-mill The copartnership which carried on trade as cat-
furnisher, Glasgow.

tle-dealers and graziers at Lochend, in the paMackay, James Duff, grain-dealer, merchant, and rish of South Knapdale, Argyleshire, under the

ship-owner, and also some time fish.curer and names of Campbell, John, and of Campbell, Ardealer in herrings, in Banff.

chibald, and of Campbell, Archibald, aforesaid,
Mackenzie, Alexander, sheep and cattle-dealer at surviving partner, as an individual.
Mill-bank, near Dingwall.

Thom, John, mason, builder, and road contrac-
MacNaught, John, and Co. merchants in Glasgow. tor, Oban.
Miller, Robert, bookseller and stationer, Edin. Thomson, James, banker, Sanquhar, now or

lately residing there, and formerly in Glenim. Perry, William, merchant in Glasgow.

Thomson, John, bookseller and stationer in EdinRussel, Robert, ironmonger and founder, Kirk. burgh. aldy.

Turner, James, lately innkeeper in Hamilton. Rankine, Charles, some time writer and mercan Waugh, John, miller and victual dealer, Redhall

tile agent in Glasgow, now mercantile agent in mills, near Edinburgh.

Weir, William, innkeeper, Broomielaw, Glasgow
Scot, Alexander, grocer and merchant, Dundee. White, James, merchant, Banff.
Scott, David, jun. grocer and merchant, Dundee. Wilson, James, grain-merchant, Renfrew.



June 30, 1829. At Burdwan, East Indies, the
lady of David Scott, Esq. jun. of the Bengal Civil
Service, of a daughter.

Sept. 6. At Poonah, the lady of James Brydon,
M.D. surgeon on the Bombay establishment, of a

18. At Bombay, the lady of the Hon. Sir James Dewar, of a son.

24. At Rome, the Marchioness of Northampton, of a daughter.

27. At Madras, the lady of Thomas Prendergast, Esq. of Hon. East India Company's Civil Service, of a daughter.

Oct. 8. _At Calcutta, the lady of C. Fleming Hunter, Esq. of a son.

14. At Calcutta, the lady of Capt. Allan Stewart, 3d Buffs, of a daughter.

Nov. 8. At Palaveram, Madras establishment, the lady of Major John Scott, 29th regiment of native infantry, of a daughter.

29. At Belize, Honduras, Mrs R. J. Andrew, of a son.

Dec. 17. At Ithaca, the lady of Major Parsons, of a daughter.

18. At Lisbon, Mrs Robert Munro, of a son.

Jan. 23, 1830. At Havre-de-Grace, the lady of Farquhar Jamieson, Esq. of a daughter.

30. At Forres, the lady of John Johnston, Esq. of a son.

Feb. 1. At Finlayston, Mrs Bontine of Ardoch, of a daughter.

- At Papple, Mrs Robert Walker, of a son.
2. At No. 11, Duke Street, Mrs Hardy, of a son.

3. At No. 17, Northumberland Street, Mrs Finlay, of a son.

5. At No. 5, East Claremont Street, Mrs Ro. bert Strachan, of a daughter.

6. At Hermitage Place, Leith, Mrs Harper, of a son.

At Ainslie Place, Mrs Snodgrass Buchanan of Cuninghamhead, of a daughter.

7. At Ravenscroft, near Irvine, Mrs Sillar, of

- At Netherdale, the lady of James Rose Innes, Esq. younger of Netherdale, of a daughter.

8. At Hartest Rectory, the wife of the Rev. James White, of a daughter.

9. At Early Bank Cottage, Mrs Colonel Farquhar, of a daughter.

- At No. 33, Howe Street, Mrs Robertson, of & son.

-The lady of Lieut. George Fraser, R.N. of his Majesty's ship Victory, of a son.

9. The lady of Dr Sutherland, of Parliament Street, London, of a son.

10. At No. 67, Great King Street, Mrs Lennox Blackie, of a daughter.

12. At No. 83, George Street, Mrs Espinasse, of a daughter.

– At No. 6, Broughton Place, Mrs Young, of a son.

13. At No. 40, Great King Street, Mrs R. A. Souter, of a son.

14. At Cockairny House, the lady of Lieut.-Colonel Sir Robert Mowbray, of a daughter.

At the Manse of Aberdour, Mrs Bryce, of a son.

15. At Glasgow, Mrs Honeyman, of a daugh. ter

16. At Boulogne-sur-Mer, the lady of Sir Alex. ander Ramsay of Balmain, Bart. of a daughter.

- At No. 51, 'Melville Street, Mrs Alexander Blair, of a daughter.

17. At No. 11, Archibald Place, Mrs Thomson,
of a son.

18. At Kelso, Mrs W. B. Mason, of a son.
21. At London, the lady of Colonel MacInnes.
of a son.

- At No. 70, Great King Street, Mrs John
Gardiner Kinnear, of a son.

22. Mrs Cook, Drummond Place, of a son.

- At No. 10, Fettes Row, Mrs Howden, of a son.

24. At Bishops Wearmouth, the lady of the Rev. Charles Grant, of a daughter.

At Moray Place, Mrs George Wauchope, of 25. At No. 39, London Street, Mrs Scott, of a son.

26. At No. 4, Scotland Street, Mrs MacAllan, of a daughter.

27. At Isauld, the lady of Captain Macdonald, R. N. of a daughter.

- At Sir John Hay's, Bart. Atholl Crescent, Mrs Fraser, Castle Fraser, of a daughter.

30. At Kingscote, Gloucestershire, the Right Hon. Lady Isabella Kingscote, of a son.

March i. At Jedburgh, Mrs Robertson, of a daughter.

3. the lady of Robert Warden, of Parkhill, Esq.
of a daughter.

4. At No. 1, Hillside Crescent, Mrs Steuart, of
a daughter.
- At Stewartfield, Mrs Veitch, of a daughter.

At Cambo House, the lady of Sir David
Erskine of Cambo, Bart, of a daughter,

a son.

a son.

a son.

a son.

5. At No. 48, Northumberland Street, Mrs 10. At Shawfield, the lady of Major Middleton, Dalziel, of a daughter.

42d, or Royal Highlanders, of a son. - At No. 28, South Castle Street, Mrs Thom 11. At Regent's Terrace, Mrs Francis Grant, of son of Bonside, Linlithgowshire, of a son.

a son. - At Melville Street, the lady of James E. 12. At 4, St Vincent Street, the lady of FredeLeslie, Esq. of a son.

rick L. Roy, Esq. W.S. of a daughter. 6. At No. 4, Fyffe Place, Leith Walk, Mrs 13. At 12, Coates Crescent, the lady of Thomas Greig, of a son.

Murray Allan, Esq. of Hav'ring, of a daughter. 8. At No. 50, Northumberland Street, the lady 14. At 22, Fludyer Street, Westminster, the lady of Dr Fife, of a son.

of Henry Hyndman, Esq. of a son. 10. At No. 4, Charlotte Street, Mrs Gillon of 16. Mrs Mercer of Gorthy, of a daughter. Wallhouse, of a daughter.

At 9, Newington Place, Mrs H. Pillans, of a - At Auchter House, Forfarshire, the Right daughter. Hon. Lady Helen Wedderburn, of a daughter.

At 2, Forres Street, the lady of Alexander E. 11. At 14, Brighton Place, Portobello, the lady Menteath, Esq. advocate, of a daughter. of Major Hugh M Gregor, of a son.

- At 51, Frederick Street, Mrs Keith, of a son. - At Almond Hill, Mrs J. Dudgeon, of a son. 17. At 28, Queen Street, Mrs Borthwick, of a

12. At Greenlaw Manse, Berwickshire, Mrs daughter. Home, of a daughter.

At Balgarvie, the lady of Lieutenant-Colonel - At Clapham Common, the lady of Mark Webster, of a son. Sprott, Esq. of Riddell, Roxburgh, of a son. 18. At Oxford, Lady Carmichael Anstruther, of

13. At Littlewood Park, the Hon. Mrs Forbes of a daughter. Brux, of a son.

19. At Douglas, Isle of Man, Mrs Henchy, of a - At Possil, Mrs Colin Campbell, of a son. son.

16. At White House, the Lady Lucy Grant, of 20. At Minto Street, Mrs M'Candlish, of a a daughter.

daughter. 17. At 26, Abercromby Place, the lady of Alex 21. At 2, Glenfinlas Street, Mrs Bruce of Langander Duncan, Esq. of Canandaigua, state of New lee, of a son. York, of a son.

At Vuefield, near Selkirk, Mrs Robert Hen18. At Durrisdeer Manse, Mrs Wallace, of a son. derson, of a son. - At Caen, France, Mrs Somerville MacAlester, 22. The lady of R. Duke, Esq. of a son. junior, of a son.

23. At 21, Fludyer Street, Mrs Richardson, of - In Atholl Crescent, the Hon. Mrs Ramsay of à son. Barnten, of a still-born child.

25. At James' Square, Mrs Renton, of a daugh19. At 30, Great King Street, Mrs Heriot of ter. Ramornie, of a daughter.

The lady of Captain Archibald Trotter, Esq. At 38, Albany Street, Mrs W. Ferrier, of a younger of Dreghorn, of a daughter. daughter.

26. At 3, Glenfinlas Street, the lady of Charles At Glasgow, Mrs Steuart of Steuarthall, of Fergusson, Esq. younger of Kilkerran, advocate,

of a daughter. 20. At 25, Heriot Row, the lady of Erskine 27. At Frederick Street, Mrs Rymer, of a daughDouglas Sandford, Esq. of a daughter.

ter. At Kirkcudbright, the lady of Bryce John At 36, Gilmour Place, Mrs William Reid, of stone, Esq. of a son.

23. At 23, Walker Street, Mrs Davidson, of a - At Dalswinton, the lady of James Macalpine daughter, still born.

Leny, Esq. of Dalswinton, of a daughter. 24. At Rosemount, Leith, Mrs John Wood, of 28. At Heathbank, Cheshire, Mrs Aytoun, of a a daughter.

son. At Jessfield, North Leith, Mrs Dall, of a son. May 3. At 3, Roxburgh Terrace, Mrs Whyte, 26. At Kentish Town, the lady of Captain Bry of a daughter an Broughton, of a daughter.

- At 77, Rose Street, Mrs Menzies Bayne, of a - Mrs Eddington, West Maitland Street, of a daughter, being her one-and-twentieth child. daughter.

Lately, At Charlottenburgh, county of Glen28. At Edinburgh, Mrs Burn Murdoch of Gar: garry, Upper Canada, the wife of William Stewart, tincaber, of a son.

Esq. surgeon, of a daughter. 30. At Thankerton, the lady of Captain Colin At Dalchosnie, the lady of Lieut.-Colonel Campbell of Ardpatrick, R. N. of a daughter. M‘Donald, 92d Highlanders, of a son and heir.

31. At 18, Hart Street, Mrs Alexander M. At London, the Marchioness of London Neill, of a daughter.

derry, of a daughter.
April 1. At Woolwich Common, the lady of
Michael. Tweedie, Esq. Royal Artillery, of a

At 131, Prince's Street, Mrs Lee, of a son.

At 17, Walker's Street, the lady of William Sept. 25, 1829. At Keitah, Lieut. John Halkett Clark, Esq. of Langhaugh, Lieut. R. N. of a son. Craigie, 20th native infantry, Bengal, to Caroline,

At Geneva, the Marchioness of Tweeddale, fourth daughter of Colonel Maxwell, C. B. comof a daughter.

manding in Bundlekund. - At 65, Laurieston Place, Mrs James Ritchie, Nov. 5. At Grenada, West Indies, Thomas of a son.

Spence, Esq. surgeon, to Harriet, daughter of the 2. At 25, York Place, Mrs J. F. Macfarlan, of a

late Robert Nicholson, Esq. daughter.

12. At Aisthorpe, D. C. Rait, Esq. Glasgow, to 3. At 23, Union Place, Mrs Alexander Douglas, Fanny, youngest daughter of John Milnes, Esq. of a daughter.

of Aisthorpe, Lincolnshire. 1. At Èskhill, Roslin, Mrs Merricks, of a son,

18. At Bombay, Archibald Spens, Esq. of the still-born,

Honourable East India Company's civil service, -- At Baberton House, the lady of Archibald

eldest son of Colonel Spens, Inveresk, to HenriChristie, Esq. of Baberton, of a son.

etta Ochterlony Valiant, eldest daughter of Colo- At 3, Lynedoch Place, the lady of Dr H, G. nel Valiant, 10th regiment of foot. Strachan, of a daughter.

Dec. 9. At Pictou,

Nova Scotia, Mr James Prim5. At Vellore, Mrs Pearson of Myrecairnie, of a

rose, merchant, fifth son of the Rev. John Primdaughter.

rose, Grange, N. B. to Ann, daughter of Mr John 7. At Edinburgh, the lady of William Ogilvie,

Gordon, merchant, Pictou. Esq. younger of Chesters, of a daughter.

25. At Devon, the Hon. Frederick John Shore, - At 124, George Street, Mrs Begbie, of a son.

second son of Lord Teignmouth, to Charlotte At Edinburgh, the lady of William Marshall, Mary, second daughter of the la

George CorEsq. proprietor of the Panorama, of twin sons. nish, Esq. of Salcombe Hill, Devon. 8. At Stoneridge, Mrs Hood, of a daughter.

At Gimmers Mills, Mr William Monro, He- At Milfield Hill, the lady of John Grey, Esq.

riot Bank, to Mary, eldest surviving daughter of of a daughter.

the late Alexander Maitland, Esq. of Gimmers 9. At Charleton, the lady of George Fullerton Mills. Carnegie, Esq. of Pittarrow, of a daughter.

Feb. 2, 1830. At London, Russell Elliot, Esq. 10. At Edinburgh, the Hon. Mrs Ferrier Hamil. commander, R. N. son of the late Sir Wm. Elliot ton, of a son.

of Stobs Castle, Roxburghshire, Bart. to Bethia,

eldest daughter of Dr William Ru scell, Portman 15. A t Glasgow, the Rev. David Fleming, of

Carriden, to Jane, only daughter of the late Wils
3. At Elgin, the Rev. Charles Fyvie, M. A. In liam Carlile, Esq. Paisley.
verness, to Miss Duff Macfarlane, youngest daugh 16. At Edinburgh, William Forbes Mackenzie,
ter of the late Right Rev. Bishop Macfarlane. Esq. younger of Portmore, to Helen Anne, eldest

At Glasgowego, James Brand, Esq. merchant, daughter of Sir James Montgomery of Stanhope,
London, to Jane, youngest daughter of the late Bart. M.P.
Adam Wilson, Esq. of Glasgowego, Aberdeen At Edinburgh, Mr John Mill, to Mary, se-

cond daughter of the late Mr Fraiter of Newstead.
5. At East Loch, Mr George Watson, Edin At 23, Castle Street, Capt. James Aitchison,
burgh, to Elizabeth, third daughter of the late of the Hop. East India Company's 28th regiment,
Mr John Purdie, farmer, East Loch.

to Miss Mary Turner.
At Greenfoot, Mr John Steven, Edinburgh, - At Edinburgh, William Bowie Campbell,
to Susan, youngest daughter of Mr John Graham, Esq. W.S. to Sarah Priscilla, only daughter of the
farmer, Greenfoot.

late J. Feranside, Esq. London.
11. At St John's Church, Newcastle, G. L. Sin - At Edinburgh, William Prittie Bayly, Esq.
clair, Esq. second son of the late James Sinclair, Capt. 92d Highlanders, son of the late Rev. Henry
Esq. of Forss, to Francis Ann, second daughter of Bayly, Rector of Nenah, to Amelia Elizabeth, on-
the late Jolın Boazman, Esq. of Acornbank, West ly daughter of Tho. Dallas, Esq. Royal Terrace.

18. Åt Leith, Thomas Oliver, Esų. Lochend,
- At No. 7, Ainslie Place, William Pitt Dun. to Susan, daughter of Adam White, Esq.
das, Esq. advocate, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter 19. At Smailholm, Roxburghshire, Mr George
of James Strange, Esq.

Richardson, Galashiels, to Elizabeth, only daugh-
— At Strathmartin, William Rowley Wynyard, ter of Mr James Cranston.
Esq. lieutenant, R. N. to William Elizabeth, only 23. At Springfield, William Forrest, Esq. of
daughter of the late William Butler Laird, Esq. of Trusbanks, to Jessy Craig Clark, only daughter

of the late John Clark, Esq. of Auchenwrath.
15. At Kilmarnock, the Rev. James Fleming, At Edinburgh, James Miller, Esq. advocate,
Troon, to Janet, youngest daughter of the Rev. to Isabella, daughter of Richard Prentice, Esq.
Andrew Hamilton, minister of the High Church, Princes Street.

- At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Gowan, ac-
19. At the Manse of Trinity Gask, Patrick countant, to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Mr
Smeaton, Esq. younger of Coul, to Janet, daugh Robert Neil, of the Stamp Office, Edinburgh.
ter of the late Ralph Taylor, minister of Monzie. 25. At St Paul's Chapel, Jas. Gillespie Graham,

- At Jedburgh, Mr Walter Gray, merchant, to Esq. of Orchill, to Elizabeth Marjory, eldest
Miss Christian Turnbull, youngest daughter of daughter of the late Major John Campbell, of the
the late Mr Thomas Turnbull, writer there. 76th regiment of Foot.

22. At 104, George Street, Mr Thomas Ireland, - At Fairlight Church, near Hastings, Sussex,
junior, bookseller, Edinburgh, to Mary, daughter Thomas Johnston Barton, Esq. of Battel Abbey,
of the late Wm. Wotherspoon, Esq. Edinburgh. Sussex, to Frances, second daughter of the laie

- At Edinburgh, John George Mactavish, Esq. Edward Morris, Esq. one of the Masters in the
of the Honourable Hudson's Bay Company, to High Court of Chancery, and grand-daughter of
Miss Catherine Aitken Turner, daughter of the the late Lord Erskine.
late Keith Turner of Turnerhall, Esq.

- At Edinburgh, Mr James Gray, of the North
23. At Old Aberdeen, John Leslie of Powis, British Advertiser, to Susanna Sophia, fourth
Esq. to Mary, eldest daughter of George Macin daughter of George Mordaunt, Esq. Lawn, South
nes, Esq.

Lambeth, Surrey; and on the same day, in Lon-
At London, Captain the Hon. Frederick don, the Rev. George Robert Kensit, Rode, So-
Spencer, C. B. third son of Earl Spencer, to Miss mersetshire, to Georgiana Mary, third daughter
Poyntz, second daughter of W. S. Poyntz, Esq. of of George Mordaunt, Esq. of the same place.
Cowdray Park, Sussex.

At Aberdeen, Mr William Littlejohn, Town
- At Dunoon, Mr D. Jackson, surgeon, to and County Bank, Aberdeen, to Janet, eldest
Margaret, youngest daughter of the late Donald daughter of Professor James Bentley, of King's
Fletcher, Esq. of Bernice.

25. At Kirkwall, William Traill, Esq. of Fro - At Amport, Sidney Henry Widdrington, Esq
toft, to Robina, daughter of Patrick Fothering of Hauxby Hall, Northumberland, Capcain in the
hame, Esq. Kirkwall.

53d regiment, eldest son of Lieut.-General Wid.
At Wyseby House, William Graham, Esq. drington, to Fanny Caroline, daughter of the late
junior, of Mossknow, Major, 12th Royal Lancers, Thoinas Strickland, Esq. of Kendal.
to Ann, only daughter of the late Hugh Mair, Esq. 30. At 101, George Street, James Gray, Esq.
of Redhall and Wiseby, Dumfries-shire.

Cupar-Fife, to Anne Christian, daughter of the
26. At Newburgh, Andrew Russell, Esq. of laté William Woderspoon, Esq. Edinburgh.
Grange, to Agnes, third daughter of the late Rev. 31. At Musselburgh, Mr James Lawrie, mer-
David Hepburn, Newburgh.

chant, Edinburgh, to Elizabeth, only daughter of
March 1, At Twickenham, George Edward Po Mr Hugh Peacock, merchant, Musselburgh.
cock, Esq. eldest son of Sir George Pocock, Bart. At Paisley, Mr Charles Lorimer Sawers,
to Augusta Elinor, eldest daughter of the late Hon. merchant, Dunbar, to Fanny Brown, second
Thomas William Coventry, of North Cray Place, daughter of Mr Francis

Orr, manufacturer there.

April 2. At London, Peter F. Aiken. Esq. alvo-
- At Charlotte Square, James Whitshed Haw cate, to Constance Elizabeth, only daughter of the
kins, Esq. of Dunnichen, county of Forfar, to late Captain John Chetwood, of the 73d foot.
Charlotte, third daughter of w. s. Dempster, - Al Edinburgh, Langford Lovell Hodge, Esq.
Esq. of Skibo, county of Sutherland.

of the Island of Antigua, to Anne Elizabeth Hart,
1. Mr David Whitelaw, baker, Musselburgh, to only daughter of Wm. Hart, Esq. Madras.
Janct, second daughter of the late Mr Andrew

Mr Hamilton Watson, earthenware-manu-
Alison, shipowner, Leith.

facturer, Prestonpans, to Mary, daughter of John
At London, Edward Binns, Esq. M.D. of the Wilson, Esq. merchant, Dalkeith.
Island of Jamaica, to Charlotte, youngest daugh 3. At London, Horace Twiss, Esq. M.P. and
ter of Michael Smith, Esq. of Gloucester Place, one of his Majesty's Under-Secretaries of Statc, to
New Road, London.

Mrs Greenwood, widow of Mr Greenwood, an
5. At Edinburgh, James Petrie, Esq. writer, to eminent Russian merchant.
Jane Margaret, daughter of the late William Arm. 6. At London, Henry Rutherford, Esq. mere
strong, Esq. of the royal artillery, Woolwich. chant, of Rotterdam, to Marian, eldest daughter

8. At Tadcaster, John Davy, Esq. M.D. physi of the late John Wilson, Esq. of Transy, Fifeshire.
cian to the forces, to Margaret, third daughter of 10. The Hon. Major Taylor, nephew of the Earl
the late Archibald Fletcher, Esq. advocate. of Chatham, to the Lady Sarah O'Brien, daughter

9. At George's Place, Leith Walk, John Shirley, of the most noble the Marquis of Thomond.
M.D. Lanark, to Agncs, second daughter of the 12. At Leith, Mr Daniel Robertson, accountant,
late Mr William Thomson, dyer in Edinburgh. of the Commercial Bank, Kirkaldy, to Ellen, se-

11: At 18, Atholl Crescent, Richard Dennistoun, cond daughter of Mr Thomas Al•Lachlan, Kirk,
Esq. W.S. to Hannah, only daughter of the late aldy.
Johp Meiklam, Esq. of Carnbroe, Lanarkshire.

At Lobersleben, in Şaxe Prussia, James

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