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4. At 15, Keir Street, Lieut. John Smith, half 14. At Raecleugh, near Moffat, in the 91st year pay of the 45th regiment.

of his age, Mr William Tod, late farmer of Cha- At Archibald Place, James Wardrop, Esq. pel, much respected. late of Torbanehill.

At East Mousley, aged 73, Admiral Sir Ed. 5. David, third son of the late Mr George Stu mund Nagle, K.C.B. one of the Grooms of his art, Old Bridge End, Musselburgh.

Majesty's Bedchamber. - At Lerwick, Zetland, Mr A. C. Irvine, mer. - At London, Colonel William Duncan, late chant, deeply lamented by his friends.

of the Bengal military service. At Naples, the Hon. Reginald Ashburnham. 15. At Edinburgh, Margaret, youngest daugh

At St Andrews, Fifeshire, Mr Thomas Mil. ter of Mr Alexander Abernethy, printer. lar, half-p"y, R.N.

16. At London, Sir Robert Townsend Far. - At London, Lady Augusta de Ameland. quhar, Bart. M.P. many years Governor of the Her ladyship, it will be recollected, was married in Mauritius and its dependencies. 1793, at Rome, and again at St George's, Hano - At London, Thomas Beck with, Esq. ver Square, in the December following, to his - At 14, St Andrew Street, Mrs Cockburn, Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex, by whom aged 75 years, relict of the late William Cock she has left issue, Augustus, a son, and a daughter buro, Esq. named Augusta. To dissolve this second mar. 17. At Rothsay, Isle of Bute, Christian, second riage, a suit was instituted in the Prerogative daughter of Major Shairp, younger of Houston, Court, by which the marriage was declared null

in her 19th year. and void in August, 1794. The family name of 19. At Haddington, aged 62 years, Mrs Margaret her ladyship was Murray, she being the fourth Kay, relict of the late Mr Adam Scoular. daughter of John Murray, fourth Earl of Dun At Belhaven, near Dunbar, Mrs Stiell of more, which she exchanged for that of De Ame. Belhaven. land, in October, 1806, by royal license, out of 20. At 31, Clerk Street, Andrew Mutter, third respect to her descent from that ancient family. son of the late Mr Andrew Mutter, farmer, Ar--London Paper.

niston Mains. 6. At 3, Charlotte Square, Mrs Watson, wife of - At Dall, in Perthshire, in the 86th year of Walter Watson, Esq. of Southfield.


age, Alexander Robertson, Esq. of Strowan. - At London, Elizabeth, third daughter of 21. At Allan Park, Stirling, Archibald Sawers, William Irving, Esq.

Esq. of Shirgarton. - At 50, Queen Street, James Scott, Esq. ac - At Berne, M. I. R. Wyss, Professor of Phicountant.

losophy. 7. At Pathhead, Fifeshire, Mr Henry Rait, reed 22. At 7, India Street, Mrs Margaret Wood, manufacturer.

wife of Mr John Luke, merchant, Edinburgh. - At 22, Broughton Place, John Balfour, Esq. - At Balboughty, John Clark, only son of Mr in his 74th year.

John Clark, factor to the Earl of Mansfield, 8. At Dysart, Mrs Watson.

Scone. - At Edinburgh, the Rev. James Watson, 24. At Brighton, the Lady Mary Anne Sotheby, minister of the Associate Burgher Congregation, wise of Admiral Sotheby. and clerk to the Associate Synod, having just - At Edinburgh, Mr Andrew Craig, spirit-mer. completed the 48th year of his age and 25th of chant, 198, Canongate. his ministry.

- At Rose Bank, Broughton Road, Mr Robert -- At Oxwellmains, near Dunbar, William Ren Alexander, late watch and compass maker, Leith, nie, Esq.

aged 81 years. 9. At Gibraltar, in his 38th year, Capt. John 25. At Rose Park, Barbara A. Hamilton, wise Macdonald of Arisaig, Inverness-shire, paymaster

of Professor Dunbar. in his Majesty's regimentof Royal Welsh Fusileers. - At Rosehill, near Aberdeen, Alexander Du

9. (O. S.) At St Petersburg, Mr John Glen, thie, Esq. of Ruthrieston. senior, aged 68.

26. At Edinburgh, William Soper Dempster, 11. On board his Majesty's ship Blonde, port of Esq. of Skibo. Constantinople, Mathew Caponi, Esq. surgeon of 27. At London, nged 20, Augusta Maria Selina, that ship.

daughter of the late Charles Head Greaves, Esq. - At London, William Hay, Esq. in his 88th At Jersey, Robert Fraser, Esq. of Struy, in year.

the 35th year of his age. - At 58, Northumberland Street, David Pear. - At East Wemyss, Mr George Edington, son, Esq.

fourth son of the deceased Mr Edington. 12. Ai his house in Pall-Mall East, London, At Dunfermlinc, Andrew Peebles, Esq. mer. the Hon. Douglas Kinnaird. Mr Kinnaird was chant. brother of the lat?, and uncle of the present, Lord

28. At London, Mr James Small, late grocer Kinnaird, was a gentleman of considerable taste and spirit-merchant, East Richmond Street, Edin. and attainments, and had the peculiar quality of burgh. blending with the lighter and more agreeable - At Marine Terrace, Isle of Man, in the 51st pursuits of society, an indefatigable zeal and atten year of his age, Dugald Campbell, Esq. late of the tion to his professional avocations. He was in 91st regiment, and member of the House of Keys his 13d year, and had been, for a considerable in that Island. time, confined by severe indisposition. He was a

- At 29, Northumberland Street, Marion, partner in the long-established banking firm of daughter of Mr John Hannay. Ramsay and Co.

29. At London, Major Rennel, in the 88th year - At Fountainbridge Street, John Stewart, of his age, after severe suffering for twelve weeks, Esq. formerly merchant in the island of Jamaica. in consequence of a distressing accident that be

- At 53, Albany Street, John Veitch, Esq. fell hin by the fracture of the neck of the thighW.S. third son of Henry Veitch, Esq. of Elliock.

bone. - At 12, Raebum Place, Lilias, second daugh - At 7, Saxe Cobourg Place, George Muir, son ter of Mr James Grahame, writer.

of William Campbell, Esq. 13. At Rose Villa, near Hamilton, of inflamma - At 46, Melville Street, Susanna Moncreiff, tion, arising from a wound received at the battle youngest daughter of William Paul, Esq. of Waterloo, Capt. Donald Macintosh, late of the At South Lodge, near Stirling, James M. 42d regiment, or Royal Highlanders.

Gibbon, Esq. of Easter Greenyards. - At Mount-Annan, Francis, fifth son of Lieu 30. At Carlsruhe, at the age of 67, the Grand tenant-General Dirom of Mount-Annan, in his

Duke of Baden. 18th year.

- At Edinburgh, Mr James Fraser, late of the - At 79, Potterrow, aged 80 years, Mr Cot. Bank of Scotland. ton, senior, formerly tobacco-manufacturer, Edin. - At Edinburgh, Richard L. Massiah, Esq. burgh.

late of Barbadoes. - At Dawlish, Heriot Isabella Octavia, daugh. 31. At Greenwich Hospital, Lieutenant Robert ter of Archibald Speirs, Esq. of Elderslie.

Aitchison, R. N. in the 80th year of his age. 14. At 59, North Frederick Street, Mr Joseph - At Kirkwall, William Sinclair, Esq.oi Breck, Grandeau, late of Lyons, aged 69.

sheriff-clerk of Orkney. - At Haddington, Mrs Margaret Blake, wife - At Drimdrissaig, Argyllshir, Hector Mac, of Mr Robert Roughead, Haddington,

Neill of Drimdrissaig, Esq.

31. At 11, Montague Street, Mrs Anne Burlin, 19. At Edinburgh, George Rose, Esq. surgeon, wife of Mr William Braidwood, merchant, Edin

some time of the Honourable East India Com. burgh.

pany's service. - At Corbienan, Betsy Douglas, and on the 2d - At London, Mrs Stirling, wife of William inst. Archibald Haddow Douglas, son and daugh Stirling of Content, Esq. ter of James Douglas, farmer, Lanarkshire.

- Ai Eskside, Musselburgh, James Thomson, April 1. At Langholm Manse, William Elliot Esq. Lockhart, youngest son of the Rev. William B. 29. At George Square, Mrs Gracie, senior. Shaw, aged nearly four years.

- At St Andrews, Charles Kinloch, youngest 2. At Rome, the Most Noble the Marchioness son of Thomas Mylne, Esq. of Myinefield. of Northampton.

- At 139, George Street, Elizabeth, daughter At Inverary, Miss Elizabeth Campbell, daugh of the late Rev. James Brown, minister of Nester of the late Mrs Campbell.

battle. - At Musselburgh, Thomas Farquharson, Esq. 23. At Duke Street, Leith, Mary, eldest daugh3. At Dublin, the Right Hon. Anne, Countess ter of the late Mr Anthony Laird, cooper and of Ormonde, relict of John, late Earl of Ormondo. fish-curer there.

4. At Southfod, John Stenhouse, Esq. of South - At London, Lord Gray, only son of the Earl fod, in his 81st year.

and Countess of Wilton. - At 14, Henderson Row, Mr Adam Steele. 21. At 71, Clerk Street, Mr John Wilson, sur

At Portobello, Mrs Catherine M‘Lean, relict geon and druggist. of the late Mr Alexander Shaw, Union Street, 25. At Wellfield, in his 20th year, Alexander, Edinburgh.

son of the late John Rait, Esq. of Anniston. - At Edinburgh, John Macdonald, Esq. of 28. At St John's Hill, the Rev. William Mar. Glenaladale, in his 78th year.

shall of Mannor, Peebles-shire, 12 years minister 5. Marianne, the infant daughter of Lord Mon of that parish. crieff.

Mayʻl. At Edinburgh, Miss Mary Young, - At Glasgow College, aged 28, Duncan Mac daughter of the late Rev. John Young, Kincare farlan, jun. Esq. advocate, eldest son of the Rev. dine, Principal Macfarlan.

Lately, At Gibraltar, Alexander Farquhar, Esq. 7. At London, George, Earl of Pomfret, aged 63. the oldest resident British merchant there.

- At 8, Hart Streel, Miss Agnes Veitch, daugh At Runfurley House, Rosstreevor, Ireland, ter of Mr John Veitch, surgeon.

in his Soth year, James, Lord Viscount Lifford. 8. At Edinburgh, Matilda Stabilini, daughter At Cincinnati, Father Hill, of the Catholic of the late Mr Stabilini, professor of music, and Church, brother to Lord Hill. wife of William Lamond, writer.

At Londor, General Sir Hew Whiteford - At Stenhouse, Jane, only daughter of the Dalrymple, Bart. late Thomas Peacock, Esq. of Stenhouse.

- At Paris, Richard Chenevix, Esq. Mr Che- At the Manse of Kinnaird, the Rev. David nevix was a fellow of the Royal Society, and a Spence, minister of that parish, in the 80th year member of most of the scientific and literary inof his age, and 16th of his ministry.

stitutions of Europe. - AB Paisley, Andrew, youngest son of the At

Calverton, General Sir John Coape Sher. Rev. Professor Symington.

broke, G.C.B. - At Culross, Christian Geddes, Esq. in his 83d At 33, Regent Terrace, Colonel Udny Yule, year.

C.B. Hon. East India Company's service. 9. At Balgreggan, Eglantine Amabe', third At Creteuil, near Paris, aged 77, John Wildaughter of Sir William Maxwell of Monreith, liam Ker, Esq. brother of the late James Ker, Bart.

Esq. of Blackshiells. - At Brussels, the Right Hon. Alexander Mur. - At Aberystwith, in his sixth year, James ray, Lord Elibank. He is succeeded in his titles Herbert Wemyss, second son of Lieut-Colonel and estates by his son Alexander, at present on Wemyss, late of the 38th regiment. military service in the East Indies.

At the North Muir of Forfar, Peter Smith, 10. At Leith Fort, Lieutenant Francis Dawson, aged 103 years. royal artillery, aged 37 years.

THE LATE John BOKTHWICK, Esq. OF CROOK- At London, Mr John Rose, late of Shake STON.-We deeply regret to announce the death speare Square, Edinburgh, in his 69th year. of this gentleman, which took place at his resi.

11. At Johnston's Place, Stockbridge, Alexan dence at Lauriston on Saturday, 24th April, in his der Legget, Esq. deacon of the incorporation of 78th year. Any tribute to the memory of this exskioners, in his 41st year.

cellent and respected individual, may, in adhering 13. At his house, Salisbury Road, Patrick San. to truth, appear to adopt the language of pane derson, Esq. banker.

gyric. But those only who had the benefit of be- At Hastings, Helen Maria, only daughter of ing intimately acquainted with Mr Borthwick, the late Alexander Fraser Tytler, Esq. of the could duly appreciate his unimpeachable integriHonourable East India Company's civil service. ty, his warmth of affection, his unwearied labour

- At Northumberland Street, William Bett, to serve his friends whenever they required his aged three years, third son of E. D. Alisov, Esq. assistance, his modest yet sincere piety, his admi.

14. Anne Loch Irvine, daughter of Patrick Ir. ration of what was good in others, his peculiar vine, Esq. of Inveramsay, W.s.

aversion to censure, or even to speak of their 15. At 32, Royal Circus, Mrs Dunlop.

foibles and faults, whilst he abhorred (but prefer. 16 At Perth, George Condie, Esq. writer. rel rather to despise than to resent) whatever was - At the Royal Terrace, Neil Ryrie, Esq. mean and dishonourable. Though fond of retire.

- At George's Place, Leith Walk, Mrs Mar ment, and unassuming in his manners, his persongaret L. Hardy, wife of Mr Robert Wight, Swe al appearance and demeanour always indicated dish and Norwegian Consul at Leith.

the high-bred gentleman, and never failed to come 17. At Edinburgh, Miss Williamina Fleming, mand respect. Men of far inferior mental endow. daughter of the deceased William Fleming, Esq. ments, who, either from taste or accident, hare of Barrochan.

been led to become partisans in the noisy, but - At Alva House, James Raymond Johnstone, often frivolous occurrences of the world, may, in Esq. of Alva.

their fleeting day, have been more seen or spoken 18. At Cousland, George Dickson Wilson, of by their contemporaries ; but as one who, with. youngest son of Mr Alexander Wilson, merchant, out the smallest display or pretension, underDalkeith.

stood and promoted the welfare of his country- At Grangemouth, Mr James Dow, many as a husband, a father, a relation, a friend, a years of the customs, and collector of light duties landlord, a master, there is no person whose loss at that port, aged 71.

will be more deep felt lainented, or whose - Ai Glasgow, Susan, daughter of the Rev. memory will be longer remembered and revered, Archibald Lawson, late minister of Kirkmahoe. than that of the late Mr Borthwick or Crookston.



48 F. Bt. Maj. Agnew, from h, p. Malta Rert. Gage, 7 F.

Capt. vice Greville, ret. 16 Mar. 1830 Daniell, 75 F. 53 Lt. Allez, from 17 Lt. vice Binstead, h.

Lieutenants. p. 71 F.

do. Lord Graves, Coldst. Gds. 56

Li. Moorhouse, from 13 F. Lt. vice Cameron, 3 F.
Humfrey, h. p.

do. Kerr, 66 F.
75 Capt. Hammond, Maj. by purch. vice Simpson, h. p. 25 F.
Browne, prom.

26 Feb. Ray, h. p. 45 F. Lt. King, Capt.

do. Bowen, n. p. 103 F. Ens. Suitton, Lt.

do. Bruce, h. p. Rifle Brig. G, Collier, Ens.

do. Ross, h. p. Cav. Staff Corps 83 Lt. Colquhoun, Capt. by purch. vice Shenley, h. p. Unatt. Nice, ret.

16 Mar.

Cornets, 2d Lieutenant, and Ensigns.
Ens. Blakeney, Lt.


Gascoigne, R. Horse Gds.
Ens. Pringle, from 92 F. Ens. do. Stanley, h. p. 87 F.

R. Cross, Ens. by purch. vice Pringle, Armstrong, h. p. 104 F.
85 F.

do. MacMahon, h. p. Cape Regt. 95 J. J. Whitting, Ens. vice Northey, dcad


do. Hilson, Staff. Rifle Brig. Lt. Lawrence, from 1 F. Lt.vice Whyte,

Assistant Surgeon: h. p. 1 F.

17 do. Fitz Patrick, h. p. 31 F. 1 W. I. R. M. Gen. Sir P. Maitland, K.C.B. Col.

Hospital Assistant.
vice Gen. Lord C, H. Somerset, 33 F. Balmain, h. p.
22 Feb.

Capt. Ashe, from h. p. 59 F. Capt. yice
Wemyss, ret.

16 Mar.

Lieut. Palmer, 20 F.

Ensign Cochrane, 30 F.
Ordnance Department.

Willocks, 39 F.
R. Art. Capt. and Bt. Maj. Story, Lt. Col. vice

Durnford, dead 10 Dec. 1829

Lieut. General.
2d Capt. Molesworth, Capt. 20 Jan. 1830

Cookson, from R. Art. Devon 18 Mar. 30
Furneaux, from Unatt. h. p. 2d



Duncan, E. I. Comp. Service, London 14 Mar. 30 R. Eng. Capt. Thomson, Lt. Col. vice Figg,

Madan, h. p. Independents
26 Dec. 1829

2d Capt. Kelsall, Capt.

1st Lt. Tait, 2d Capt.

16 Feb. 1830
Figg, R. Eng. Montreal, Upper Canada

25 Dec. 29 2d Lt. Chaytor, Ist Lt.


Captains. 1st Lt. Vicars, 2d Capt. vice Cooper,

Lintott, 13 F. Dinapore, Bengal 9 Aug. 29 ret.

15 do.

Douglas, late 3 Royal Vet. Bn. Sierra Leone (as 20 Lt. Aldrich, 1st Lt.

Barrack Master)

17 Noy. Unattached. Chisholm, h. p. 12 F. Inverness

9 Sept. Shaw,

h. p. 5 W. I. R. Maj. Browne, from 75 F. Lt. Col. by Duke, h. p. Unatt.

30 Jan. 30 purch.

16 Mar. 1829 Gesenius, h. p. R. Art. Ger. Leg. Hanover Li. Ainslie, from 1 Dr. Capt. by purch.

14 Feb. do.

Licutenante. Weston, from 4 Dr. Capt. by Vallancey, 31 F. on the Ganges, below Cawnpurch. do. pore

2 Sept. 29 M·Intosh, late 9 Roy. Vet, Bn. 22 Feb. 30 Exchanges.

Spence, h. p. 5 Dr. Gds.
J. Smith, h. p. 45 F.

1 Mar. 30 Capt. Cuthbert, 2 Life Gds. rec. diff. with Capt. Pilkington, h. p.

Hannaghar, h. p. 47 F.

Gordon, h. p. 92 F. Edinburgh 22 Jan. 30
Lieut. Segrave, 6 Dr. rec. diff. with Licut. G.
Vandeleur, h. p.

Edwards, h. p. 5 Gar. B. 99 F.
Ritterholm, h. p. Bruns. Inf. Brunswick

1 do. - Burrow, 1 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Law.

De Ilten, h. p. 1 Huss. Ger. Leg. Harburgh rence, h. p.

3 Nov. 29 Saumarez, 5 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Poore,

20 Licutenant and Ensigns.

Robeson, R. African Corps, at Sea 10 Feb. 30 Fitz Gerald, rec. diff. with Lieut. Web

Cromie, Royal Eng. Kingston, Upper Canada ster, h. p.31 F.

15 Jan.

13 Mar. Retirements.

Sloane, late 10 Royal Vet. Bn.

Dep. Inspector of Hospituls.
Downing, h, p.

1 Mar. 30 Smart, R. Eng.


Gunther, b. p. 4 Line Ger. Leg. Nieuburg,

10 Jan. 30 Pilkington, 2 Life Gda. Greville, 48 F.

Assistant Surgeon. Mee, 83 F.

Coleman, 40 F. Hobart's Town, Van Diemen's Wemyss, 1. W. I. R.


1 July, 29


h. p.


Retirements, 8c

Cornets and Ensigns.
Mahon, h. p. R. Wagg. Train
M.Bean, h. p. 84 F.
Bulwer, h. p. Unatt.

Assistant Surgeon.
Stewart, h. p. 12 F.


Generals. Sir H. Dalrymple, Col. of 57 F. Governor of Blackness Castle

9 Apr. 1830 Mann, Roy. Eng. Insp. Gen. of Fortifications, Lewishams

27 Mar.

Fletcher, late of 6 Dr. Fishergate 12 Jan. 30

Sir W. Parker, Bart. W. Suffolk Mil. Bury St

21 Apr. 30
Stanhope, h. p. 56 F. Farnham

Apr. 30
Gregory, h. p. 1. Gn. Bn.

8 Mar. 3 Kuhlman, hi p. Roy. Art. Ger. Leg: 19 do.

Brodrick, 29 F. Cape of Good Hope

Jan. 30
Campbell, 83 F. Glasgow
Barlow, h. p. Roy. Art. Woolwich

7 do.

23 Apr.

Croasdale, h. p. 5 F. Ozicrbrook near Frank

Quarter Masters. fort 11 do. 30 Morrison, late 7 Vet. Bn.

14 Mar. 30 Robertson, h. p. 54 F. near Perth 20 Mar. Thompson, h. p. 6 Dr. Gds.

8 Apr. Gregory, h. p. 5 Gn. Bn.

Dawson, h. p. 19 Dr.

1 do.
Bradbury, h. p. Pem. Fen. Cav.

9 do. Moses, 37 F. Omagh, Ireland

7 Mar. 30 Armbrecht, h. p. 5 Line Bn. Ger. Leg. 15 Mar. Dawson, Roy. Art. Leith Fort

10 Apr.

Assist. Commissary Gen. Davie, late of Sapp. and Min. Woolwich 22 Mar. Ermatinger, h. p.

3 Feb. 30 Stanford, late 3 Roy. Vet. Bn. Jersey 30 do.

Dep. Assist. Commissary Gen. Rose, h. p. R. Wagg. Train, Mangalore 28 May, 27 Nugent, h. p. Pau

13 Dec. 29 Browne, do.

20 Mar. 30

Surgeons. Burns, h. p. 8 F. 22 Jan. Farnan, 34 F. Mullingar

13 Apr. 30 Hendly, h. p. 17 F.

Panting, h. p. Staff, Wellington, Shropshire Else, h. p. 35 F. Newark 8 do.

28 Mar. Waldron, h. p. 56 F. Trowbridge

13 do. Wetzig, h. p. 1 Line Bat. Ger. Leg. Hildeshein Schaffe, h. p. Bruns. Cav. 24 F.

6 Feb. Ensigns.

Assistant Surgeons.
Cathrow, 1 F. Bangalore
26 Oct. 29 Finlayson, h p. 99 F.

Apr. 29
Marson, h. p. 13 F.
Feb. 30 Nelson, h. p. Staff

25 Mar. 30 Duff, late 3 Vet. Bn. Elgin

10 Mar.

Burman, Kingston, Jamaica

28 Feb. 30 Heazle, 33 F. Spanish Town, Jamaica 6 Mar. 30 Constable, h. p. Prior Park, near Clonmell Dudden, h. p. 32 F. Omagh, Ireland 23 Mar. 30

24 Dec. 29 Kerr, h. p. 62 F.

5 Feb.

12 Apr.

ALPHABETICAL List or English BANKRUPTCIES, announced from the 23d of Feb. to

the 22d of April, 1830, extracted from thc London Gazette.


Atkinson, H. Doncaster, druggist.

Dicken, T. and E. Bromby, Drayton-in-Hales,
Arnold, W.J. Great Tower-street, wine-broker. bankers.
Armstrong, W. Birkenhead, draper.

East, S. Lavenham, innkeeper. Armitage, G. Almondbury, woollen-cloth-manu Edwards, B. Yeovil, currier. facturer.

Evans, D. Lanwennog, grocer. Atlee, J. Liverpool, merchant.

Evans, J. Manchester, timber-merchant.
Adlington, J. Chesterfield, mercer.

Flutter, T. Henrietta-street, linen-draper.
Bryant, E. South Bank, Regent's Park, surgeon. Friedabergh, M. Paternoster-row, medicine-vend.
Bristow, W. Horstead, builder.

er. Baker, J. Birmingham, grocer.

Foster, E. Blackroad, Lancashire, shoemaker. Bowling, T. Gunthorp, and M. Bowling, Kent Fancourt, J. Marshall-street, victualler. street, Southwark, merchants.

Field, T. Blackfriars-road, flour-factor. Bagnall, T. Westwell, baker.

Fox, J. Margate, merchant. Barron, P. Preston, money-scrivener.

Fourdrinier, C. J. Lostock Gralam, chemist. Bell, J. W. Pinner's Hall, merchant.

Flinn, J. Hoxton, commission-agent. Brown, T. Prince’s-place, Commercial-road, dra Gibbons, D. and G. Christopher, jun. Bristol, per.

millers. Binney, T. Wakefield, Binney, R. and Binner, Green, B. Field-end, York, miller. M., Morton, corn-factors.

Gonalez, F. Copthall-court, merchant. Burden, T. Gloucester, grocer.

Gough, W. Windsor, coach-maker.
Barret, J. C. Northampton, corn-factor.

Gelson, G. Blackfriar's-road, timber-merchant.
Buckley, J. Manchester, and C. Nunn, Old Guerrier, S. Pentonville, bookseller.
Change, gingham-manufacturers.

Garlick, J. Balsall, flour-dealer.
Berguer, L. T. and E. Blaquiere, Pickett-street, Gooch, T. Crawford-street, linen-draper.

Goulden, J. Hackney-road, carpenter. Bilton, H. Woolwich, druggist.

George, M. Margate, draper. Brownell, J. Reading and Oxford-street, straw Garraway, R. Poplar, shipowner. hat manufacturer.

Groves, T. Chelsea, white-lead-manufacturer. Baster, C. Abingdon, money-scrivener.

Golding, J. Walworth, bookseller. Blake, R. St Mawes, twine-manufacturer.

Goodrum, T. Redenhall, bombazine-manufacBryer, J. Bath, grocer.

turer. Blakeley, T. Bath, haberdasher.

Godson, S. jun. Coventry, grocer. Bristow, J. sen. Poole,

Godson, R. Southwark; grocer. Clacket, H. Dover, grocer.

Holt, G. Walton-on-the-Hill, schoolmaster. Clarke, R. and J. Tucker, Blackfriar's-road, oil Holt, w. Kearsley, shopkeeper. and colour-men.

Hardy, W. Kirby, Moorside, tailor. Cruickshank, W. and E. L. Whitehead, Lewis Hyams, J. P. brandy-merchant. ham, corn-dealers.

Harton, R. Hoyland, iron-master. Clayton, J. Goldington, miller.

Hindle, R. F. Boroughbridge, innkeeper. Crumpton, T. Shrewsbury, cordwainer.

Howarth, J. and G. Spotland, worsted-manufacCattell, J. W. Huggin-lane, silk-shag.manufactu turers.

Hyde, J. and H. New Biriningham and GainsboCunliffe, J. Rainhill, miller.

rough, common carriers. Coleman, C. W. Bond-street, auctioneer.

Heighington, G. Sheffield, wine-merchant. Chambers, J. West Kent, draper.

Hyde, J. Manchester, cotton-manufacturer. Calvert. J. Wrestle, cornfactor.

Hibbard, J. West, West Kincald Ferry, woodCassel, J. Plymouth, builder.

dealer. Clarke, T. Dover, master-mariner.

Holmes, M. Leeds, builder. Cole, W. and R. K. Vorley, Suffolk-lane, hop. Hayton, J. B. and T. F. Bell, Kingston-upon-Hull, merchant.

brokers. Clark, J. Blyth, miller.

Hosking, V. Claines, builder. Corren, J. Strand, glover.

Herbert, w. Ratcliff, wine-merchant. Dandy, G. Tarlton, corn-dealer.

Holden, P. Prescott, innkeeper. Deans, J. B. Bath, grocer.

Hawke, R. Penzance, baker. Dawson, J. Keswick, ironmonger.

Holland, J. Upper Thornhaugh-street, cheeseDench, H. Seymour-place, upholsterer.

inonger. Davies, T. Glandlyar, linen-draper.

Heatley, J. Manchester, corn-dealer. Davis, F. W. New Windsor, silk-mercer.

Hutson, H. Spilsby, tailor. Davies, O. Maentwrog, innkeeper.

Harvey, W. Bearfield, cattle-salesman. Dangerfield, W. Cheltenham, victuallcr.

Harrison, J. Blyton, brick-maker.



Hodgens, W. Newgate-street, glass-dealer.

Rose, J. Old Jewry, auctioneer. Haraden, J. R. Cambridge, upholsterer.

Roberts, C. Leeds, clock-maker. Howard, J. Warrington, sail-canvass-maker. Raven, G. Greville-street and Sidmouth-street, Huskisson, W. Hagger-ton, chemist.

apothecary: Hussey, T. High Holborn, hat-manufacturer. Ryan, T. T. Hoxton, merchant, late of New Hatton, T. sen. Ashby-de-la-Zouch, plumber.

York. Isaacs, L. and J. Manchester, furriers.

Robson, W. and G. Gray, Gateshead, shipIsherwood, J. Bolton, victualler.

builders. Ireland, T. Manchester, dyer.

Robinson, T. Wigton, saddler. Jones, E. Liverpool, victualler.

Richmond, W. Gutter-lane, factor. Johnson, H. Trowell, coal-dealer.

Ramon, H. de, (formerly of Paris) London, merJenner, J. Lindfield, wine-merchant.

chant. Johnson, 0. T. Huddersfield, wool-stapler. Randal, T. Halifax, ironfounder. Jackson, T. Walworth, master-mariner.

Ridgway, R. Manchester, brewer. Jacobs, L. Chelsea, broker.

Ridley, W. Gateshead, dealer in marine storcs. James, I. Merthyr Tydvil, victualler.

Rose, R. Coventry, grocer. Jenkins, H. Tunbridge Wells, grocer.

Rogers, J. Knightsbridge, victuallır. Johnson, J. N. Liverpool, colour-manufacturer. Smith, T. Bride-lane and Lambeth, wine-merJones, G. Tenterden-street, livery-stable-keeper. chant. Jones, W. C. Shrewsbury, mercer.

Smith, H. T. and J. York, drapers. Johnson, T. Leeds, victualler.

Sutton, E. P. Clement’s-inn, money-scrivener. Joseph, N. Minories, tailor and draper.

Shephcard, J. Beaumont-mews, corn-dealer. Kay, H. Leeds, victualler.

Sampson, P. S. Brighton, bookseller.
Kirkhous, T. Merthyr Tydvil, grocer,

Simon, J. Regent-street, hosier.
Kennedy, T. Keswick, woollen-manufacturer. Steel, J. Southwark-bridge-road, builder.
Kirk, B. Leeds, victualler.

Smith, E. Nottingham, baker.
Lawson, W. J. Lombard-street, bill-broker. Somerfield, P. Walsall, victualler.
Lloyd, H. George-street, jeweller.

Sweet, G. Uplowman, maltster. Lees, I. Oldham, cotton-spinner.

Sambruck, M. Fishguard, draper. Lees, J. Newton-moor, cotton-spinner.

Sherrin, J. Street, innholder. Lonsdale, J, and A. Manchester, silk-warehouse Skyrme, A. J. Hereford, tanner.

Simpson, H. Warmfield-cum-heath, boardingLauriere, J. St James's-street, jeweller.

house-keeper: Lade, J. S. Maidstone, cornfactcr.

Salmon, J. Banbury, miller. Lilley, J. Tibberton, corn-dealer.

Sharp, W. Ramsey, paper-manufacturer. Lloyd, D. Brecon, tanner.

Sampey, S., M. Feild, and E. Feild, New BondMorris, G. jun. Norwich, slater.

street, milliners. Moulton, W. Warwick, grocer.

Stodart, G. Somer's-town-terrace, maste!- nari. Moulton, T. Warwick, grocer.

ner. Mortlock, J. Bury St Edmund's, innkecper. Thompson, W. Rochester, glass-dealer. Mellor, J. Almondbury, dyer.

Thredder, H. V. jun. Barking, smack-owner. Mullowny, J. Bristol, merchant.

Thom, G. and T. Livingston, Cheapside, biscuits Morris, E. Wrexham, tower.

bakers. Martin, W. Bath-street, cordwainer.

Thompson, C. Earl-street, bookbinder.
Maccornack, Pontefract, tea-dealer.

Tye, J. Chalford, draper.
Miller, T. Tottenham-court-rcad, stable-kceper. Timbrell, W. Goswell-street, corn-dealer.
M'Donald, C. Liverpool, surgeon.

Thornes, T. Stroud, fishmonger, fruiterer, and Nathan, I. and B. Nathan, Westminster-road,

sheriff's-officer. music-sellers.

Underwood, W. Coventry, grocer. Nash, E. Clerkenwell, jeweller.

Vick, N. Pimlico, coal-merchant. Nicholson, E. Great Titchfield-street, milliner. Wagner, J. Piccadilly, tailor. Pope, J. Great Yarınouth, cabinet-maker.

White, J. Taunton, upholsterer. Percival, W. Eastgate, Lincoln, farmer.

Westlake, G. Great James'-street, boarding-louse« Paulin, H. Berwick, innkeeper.

keeper. Pearce, W. Bodipin, chemist.

Walker, W. Drury-lane, looking-glass-manufacPettifer, H. High Holborn, cheesemonger.

turer. Pocock, G. A. Dartford, printer.

Wallace, W. Workington, shipwright. Polti, L. Bristol, carver.

Wilde, W. Oldham, cotton-spinner. Pecqueur, L. Paddington-street, upholsterer. Wilkinson, T. Audenshaw, gingham-manufacPerkins, C. Worthing, coach-proprietor.

turer. Pratt, H. C. Norwich, linen-draper.

Woodward, C. Manchester, innholder. Pecqueur, L. and L. jun. and W. Paddington Wainwright, M. and W. Wainwright, Leeds, street, mattress makers.

woollen-cloth manufacturers. Phillips, T. Strand, linen-draper.

Ward, W. Coventry, ribbon-manufacturer. Parkinson, T. jun. Liverpool, brewer.

Wood, J. E. Shrewsbury, tanner. Prince, W. Sunningwell, lime-burner.

Wainwright, M. and W. and J. Johnson, Catea. Potter, G. and W. Bishop, Blackman-street, vic ton-street, woollen-warehousemen. tualler.

Wilkinson, R. Epworth, woollen-draper. Partridge, S. Birmingham, grocer.

Willett, C. Brandon, linen-draper. Rayne, J. and C. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, seed Whittaker, M. Esholt, York, worsted-stuff-ma. crushers.

nufacturer. Roobard, J. Kensington-gravel-pits, brewer. Winch, J. Kingsland-road, victualler. Rendell, E. P. West Coker, sail-cloth-manufac Wilkins, T. Warmington, tailor. turer.

Whitby, J. Weasenham, St Peter, grocer. Robins, T. St John's-square, silversmith.

Wood, F. C. Leeds, shoemaker. Reid, W. Ball-alley, watch-maker.

Wiley, F. Sheffield, mercer.

ALPHABETICAL List or Scotch BANKRUPTCIES, announced between the 1st February

and 31st April, 1830, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Aitcheson, Robert, merchant, Edinburgh.
Bathgate, William, grocer and spirit-dealer,

James' Square, Edinburgh.
Budge, David, innkeeper, Dundce.
Cochrane, John, junior, grain merchant, Glasgow.
Cockburn and Hardie, tinsmiths in Edinburgh,

and Cockburn, Robert, hatter and tinsmith, and
Hardie Roddam, tinsmith there, as individuals.

Campbell, Robert, saddler, merchant, and feuar,

Ewart, George, saddler and ironmonger, Dunse.
Fitchie, Henry Sangster, late merchant, Dundee.
Guild, James, and Co., merchants, maltsters, and

granary-keepers, Port Dundas, Glasgow; and
Guild, James, merchant, maltster, and granary-
keeper there, only partner, as an individual,

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