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be of good cheer, and keep myself and you had better not say such a free of all suspicions, for as long as thing again. But nevertheless, since I made no mention of what I had you have said it, and may say it again, seen, no evil should happen to me;

I must take care of you.and he added, "I daresay you would He spoke no more. We were now be a little astonished at what you driving through a large town; but saw to-day. But I hope you will whether or not it was the one we left say, God forgive you !"

in the morning, I could not tell, and “ I'll be unco laith to say ony sic he would not inform me. We drew thing, man,” quo' I, " for I wad be up on the quay, where a fine barge very sorry if he did. I hope to see with eight rowers, all leaning on their you burning in hell yet for what ye oars, stood ready to receive us. My Itae done the day.” (These are Jas- fine gentleman then desired me to per's own words.)

alight, and go across the water with “What! you hope to see me there, him, for a short space. I refused do you? Then it bespeaks that you positively, saying, that I would not hope to go there yourself,” said he. leave my horses for any man's plea« If I do not see you there, some

He said he had a lad there to will,” said I; for by this time I saw take care of the horses, and I knew plenty of human faces around us, it behoved me to accompany him and lost all fear, so I said what I

“ I'll not leave my horses ; thought.

that's flat. And you had better not “If you have any value for your insist on it. I'm not in the humour life,” said he,“ be a wise boy, and to be teased much farther,” said I. say nothing about it. Can't you per That word sealed my fate. I was ceive that there is no atrocity in the that moment pulled from my seat, deed—at least not one hundredth gagged by a fellow's great hand, and part of the sum which you seem to hurled into the boat by I know not calculate on? Do you think it was how many scoundrels. There I was reasonable that a whole family of bound, and kept gagged by the sailbeautiful and virtuous sisters of the ors, to their great amusement.

We highest rank, should all have been reached a great ship in the offing, ruined by the indiscretion of one ?” into which I was carried, and cast

“ That is no reason at all, sir, for into a dungeon, bound hands and the taking away of life,” said I. feet. We sailed next morning, and “ The law of God did not condemn for three days I was kept bound her for aught she had done; and and gagged, but fed regularly. My where lay your right to lift up your spirit was quite broken, and even band against her life? You might my resolution of being avenged for have sent her abroad, if she had in the death of the lovely Fanny began any way disgraced the family, which

On the fourth day, I never will believe she did."

to my inexpressible horror, the “ True,” said he, “I could have murderer himself came down to my secured her person, but who could place of confinement, and addressed have secured her pen? All would me to the following purport, have come out, and shame and ruin “Kendale, you are a good boy—a would have been the consequence. truthful, honourable, and innocent Though I lament with all my heart boy. I know you are; and I do not that such a deed was necessary, yet like to see you kept in durance this there was no alternative. Now, tell way. We are now far at sea on our me this, for you have told me the way to a foreign country. You must plain truth hitherto,—did or did you be sensible that you are now entirenot recognise the body of the dead ly in my power, and at my disposal, gentleman ?”

and that all your dependence must “Yes, I did,” said I, frankly. “I be on me. Swear then to me that knew it for the body of a young you will never divulge the rueful nobleman whom I have often seen scene which you witnessed on the much caressed at Castle-Meldin.” broad common among the furze, and

He shook his head and gave an I will instantly set you at liberty, inward growl, and then said, “ since and be kind to you. And to dispose you say so, I must take care of you! you to comply, let me assure you You are wrong; that is certain ; that the day you disclose my secret

to die away.


is your last, and no power on earth can at what Jasper calls a grand city, save you, even though I were at the named Savannah, which the sailors distance of a thousand miles. I have made him believe was Jerusalem ; ventured a dreadful stake, and must and, when undeceived by his master, go through with it, cost what it will.” he wept. The captain and steward

I perceived that all he had said was took their orders from Mr Southtrue, and that I had no safety but in man, hat in hand, and then he and compliance; and yearning to be above his retinue sailed up the river in a deck to behold the sun and the blue small vessel, and latterly in a barge, heavens, I there, in that dismal hole, until they came to a fine house on a took a dreadful oath never to men level plain, so extensive that Jasper tion it, or divulge it in any way, either Kendale says, with great simplicity, on board, or in the country to which “ It looked to me to be bigger nor we were going. He appeared satis- the whole world.” fied, and glad at my compliance, and Here they settled ; and here Jasper loosed me with his own hand, telling remained seven years as a sort of half me to wait on him at table, and ap- idle servant, yet he never knew whepear as his confidential servant, ther his master was proprietor of, which I promised, and performed as or steward on, the estates. There is well as I could. But I had no happi- little interesting in this part of the ness, for the secret of the double work, save some comical amours murder preyed on my heart, and I with the slave girls, to which Jasper looked on myself as an accomplice. was a little subject, and his master There was one thing in which my ten times worse, by his account. belief was fixed; that we never would There is one summing up of his chareach any coast, for the ship would racter which is singular. It is in to a certainty be cast away, and every these emphatic words,—“ In short, gale that we encountered, I prepared I never saw a better master, nor a for the last.

worse man." My master, for so I must now de But there is one thing asserted here nominate him, seemed to have no which I do not believe. He avers fears of that nature. He drank and that the one half of all the people sung, and appeared as happy and in that country are slaves! Absolute merry as a man so gloomy of coun slaves, and bought and sold in the tenance could be. He was called market like sheep and cattle ! “Then Mr Southman, and appeared the pro- said the high priest, Are these things prietor of the ship. We saw no land for seven weeks, but at length it ap

At the end of seven years or peared on our starboard side, and thereby, there was one day that I when I asked what country it was,


was in the tobacco plantation with was told it was Carolina. I asked if forty workers, when a gentleman it was near Jerusalem or Egypt, and came up to me from the river, and the sailors laughed at me, and said asked for Mr Southman. My heart that it was just to Jerusalem that I flew to my throat, and I could scarcewas going, and I think my heart never ly contain myself, for I knew him at was so overjoyed in my life.

once to be Mr Thomas B---h, the Honest Jasper has nearly as many second son at Castle-Meldin. There chapters describing this voyage, as I were only two brothers in the family, have lines, and I must still hurry on and this was the youngest and the in order to bring his narrative into best. We having only exchanged a the compass of an ordinary tale, for few words, he did not in the least though I have offered the manuscript recognise me, and indeed it was imcomplete to several booksellers, it possible he could, so I said nothing has been uniformly rejected. And to draw his attention, but knowing yet it is exceedingly amusing, and if what I knew, I could not conceive not truth, tells very like it. Among what his mission to my master could other things, he mentions a Mr M import. I never more saw him alive; Kenzie from Ross-shire, as having but the following morning, I knew been on board, and from some things by the countenance of my master he mentions relating to him, I am that there was some infernal plot sure I have met with him.

brewing within, for he had that look Suffice it to say, that they landed which I had never seen him wear

so ?

but once before. There was no mis stein. That man had come with taking it. It was the cloven foot us from England, and was one of of Satan, and indicated certain de them who bound and gagged me struction to some one. I had reason in the boat. But he was a pleasant to suspect it would be myself, and old fellow, and I liked him, and was so well convinced was I of this, that always kind to him. He was taken I had resolved to fly, and try to get on very ill; and, on his deathbed, he board some ship. But I was mis sent for me, and told me that he taken. The bolt of hell struck else and another, whom he would not where. The young stranger disap- name, had orders to watch all my peared, after staying and being might- motions, and in no wise to suffer me ily caressed two days and nights; to leave the country, but to shoot and shortly thereafter, his body me. He said he would never see was thrown on the shore of the Sa- his master again, and he thought it vannah by the reflux of the tide, best to warn me to be on my guard, not far below the boundary of my and remain quietly where I was. He master's estate. I went, with many likewise told me that Mr Southman others, and saw the body, and knew had left America for some time, and it well, and it was acknowledged, he believed for ever.

After giving both by my master and the house me the charge of his concerns, and servants, to have been a stranger a handsome present, poor Allanstein gentleman that was in that country died. wanting to purchase land—that he As long as I had no knowledge of had been entertained by Mr South this circumstance, I had no desire to man; but none could tell his name. leave the country; but the moment He had been murdered and robbed, I knew I was watched like a wild and his body thrown into the river, beast, and liable to be murdered on and no light whatever was cast on mere suspicion, I grew impatient to the circumstances of the crime by be gone. There was one fellow the investigation. The Georgians whom I suspected, but had no means seemed greatly indifferent about the of learning the truth. I turned him matter. I was never called or ex out of our employment, but he reamined at all; and if I had, I know mained on the estate, and lingered not what I would have said. I knew constantly near me. He had likenothing of his death farther than wise come with us from England, suspicion dictated, but of the iden and appeared to have plenty of motity of his person I was certain. ney at command. I contrived, how

Immediately on this I was sent to ever, to give him the slip, and, esan estate far up the country, on the caping into South Carolina, I scarcefine table lands, to assist a Mr Cour- ly stinted night or day till I was at teny in managing it. I took a letter Charlestown, where I got on board from my master to him, and was the Elizabeth sloop, bound for Liverkindly received, and made superin- pool. Then I breathed freely, actendent of everything under Mr counting myself safe; and then, also, Courteny: He was a delightful I was free from my oath, and at liman, and held as delightful a place; berty to tell all that I had seen. The but neither did he know whether vessel, however, had not got her Mr Southman was the proprietor of loading on board, and we lay in the these estates, or steward over them, harbour, at the confluence of the riwith a power of attorney. He knew vers, two days; but what was my they were purchased by one bearing astonishment to perceive, after we quite another name; but he had ex had heaved anchor, the wretch Arercised all the powers of a proprie- notti on board along with me, brown tor for a number of years, and had with fatigue in the pursuit, and cobeen sundry voyages over at Britain. vered with dust. I was now certain It was a lucrative property, and he that he was the remaining person was held as a very great man. who was sworn to take my life if I

Here I remained for three years. should offer to leave the state, and Among others of my master's sa knew not what to do, as I was pertellites who attended me to that place, suaded he would perform it at the there was a German called Allan- risk of his own life. I had paid

my freight to Britain ; nevertheless, I were now held by Lord William went on shore on Sullivan's Island, E-le, in right of his wife. The and suffered the vessel to proceed other ladies were likewise all marwithout me, and was now certain ried to men of rank. Old coachee, that I was quite safe, my enemy ha- Jasper's mother's brother, was still ving gone on with the Elizabeth. I living at the Castle, on the superannuwaited here long before a vessel ated list, and to him Jasper unfolded passed to a right port, but at length by degrees his revolting and mysteI got one going to the Clyde, and rious tale. The old man could not took my passage in her; and, after fathom or comprehend it. The rewe were fairly out to sea, behold, maining capabilities of his mind were there my old friend Arnotti popped inadequate to the grasp. He forgot his head once more out of the fore one end of it ere he got half way to castle, and eyed me with a delighted the other; and though at times he and malicious grin! I was quite con seemed to take deep interest in the founded at again seeing this destroy- incidents, before one could have ing angel haunting my motions, and noted any change in his countenance, said, "What is that murdering vil- they had vanished altogether from lain seeking here ?"

his mind. The seamen stared; but he re The two friends agreed on the plied, sharply, “ Vat you say, Mon- propriety of acquainting Lord Wilsieur Ken-dale ? You say me de liam with the circumstances, and afmoorderour? Vat you derr? You ter watching an opportunity for some help de moorderour, and keep him time, they got him by himself in the secret. Dat is de vay, is it ?” shrubbery. I must give this in Jas

I then took the captain of the ship per's own words. by himself, and told him what I sus “ When the lord saw my uncle's pected, and that I was certain the white head, and the old laced hat villain would find means of assassi- held out afore him, as if to beg for a nating me. He at first laughed at bawbee, he kend be the motion that me, and said, he could not think I he wantit to speak till him. So he was so much of a coward as to be

turns to us,

and he says, 'Well, old afraid of any single man; but per- coachee, what has your stupid head ceiving me so earnest, he consented conceived it necessary to say to me to disarm all the passengers, begin- to-day? Is the beer of the hall too ning with myself, and on none of weak?" them were any arms found, save on «« Wod, ye see, my lord, ye see, Arnotti, who had two loaded pistols that's no the thing. But this wee caland a dagger, neatly concealed in his lant here, he tells me sic a story, ye clothes. He was deprived of these, see, that, wod, ye see, I canna beand put under a partial confinement, lieve't, ’at can I nae. He's a sister's and then I had peace and rest. son o’mine. Ye'll maybe mind o' him

For all this severity, the unac when ye were courtin' here? Oogh! countable wretch tried to strangle “« What boy do you speak of, AnJasper by night, just as they began drew ?

Is it this boardly young to approach Ireland; he was, how

man?' ever, baffled, wounded, and tossed “Ay, to be sure.—Him ? Hout! overboard, a circumstance after A mére kittlin, ye see. He's my siswards deeply regretted. But Jasper ter Nanny's son, that was married to makes such a long story, I am ob- Joseph Kendale, ye ken. A very holiged to pass it over by the mere nest upright man he was; but this mention of it.

callant has been abroad, ye see, my Jasper found his mother still alive, lord. And—What was this I was gaun and very frail ; his father dead, and to say ? his brethren and sisters all scattered, “Some story you were talking and he could find no one to whom of.' to unburden his mind. He went Ay, wod, that's very true, my next to Castle-Meldin, and there al- lord, an weel mindit. Ye'll mind so found the young squire dead, and your eldest brother weel eneugh? his brother Thomas lost abroad ! Did ye ever ken what oord o’him?' whither he had gone to claim an “? No; I am sorry to say I never estate; and the extensive domains did,"

“< And do you mind your sister-in- could remember in what way. The law, Miss Fanny, the bonniest o impression entertained was, that I them a'? Oogh? Or did ye ever ken had got drunk at the town, and been what came o' her?'--(Lord William pressed aboard, or persuaded on shook his head) There's a chap can board, one of his Majesty's ships. tell ye then.

Lord forgie us, my “Lord William charged me not to lord, didna he murder them baith, speak of it to any other about the an' then trail them away, first the Castle, lest the story should reach the tane and then the tither, an’ fling ears of his lady, on whom the effects them intil a hole fifty faddom deep, might be dreadful at that period. So, ye see! Oogh? Wasna that the gate taking me with him in the carriage, o't, callant?

we proceeded to the chief town of “Lord William burst out in laugh- the county, the one above mentioned, ter at the old man's ridiculous accu where he had me examined by the sation; but I stopped him, assuring public authorities; but there my story him, that although my uncle's mind did not gain implicit credit, and I was unstable and wandering on a found it would pass as an infamous subject that affected him so much, I romance, unless I could point out nevertheless had, nearly twelve years the house from which the lady was before, on the 7th day of October, taken, and the spot where the reseen that young lady murdered. Aye, mains were deposited. The house I led far away out to a wild common, could not point out, though I peramlike a lamb to the slaughter, and bulated the suburbs of the town over cruelly butchered in one instant, and over again. Every thing was alwithout having time given her to ask tered, and whole streets built where pardon of Heaven. And though I there were only straggling houses. had not seen his brother slain, I had Mr Southman's name, as an Ameri. seen him lying slain on the same spot, can planter, was not known; so that and was compelled, by a charged pis- these horrid murders, committed in tol held to my head, to carry both the open day in this land of freedom, bodies, and throw them into a pit. were likely to be passed over with

“I never saw such a picture as the out farther investigation. countenance of Lord William dis “I traversed the country, day after played. Consternation, horror, and day, and week after week, searching mental pain, were pourtrayed on it for the broad common covered with alternately, and it was at once mani. furze, and the old open coal-pit into fest, that, at all events, he had no which I had cast the bodies of the hand nor foreknowledge of the foul comely pair. I searched till I betransaction. He asked at first if I came known to the shepherds and was not raving?-if I was in my miners on those wastes, but all to no sound mind? And then made me purpose–I could not find even the recite the circumstances all over slightest resemblance in the outlines, again, which I did, in the same way of the country which still remained and order that I have set them down impressed on my memory—till one here. I told him also of the mur- day I came to an old man casting turf der of his brother-in-law in the coun- whose face I thought I knew, with try of the Savannah, and that I was whom I entered into conversation, almost certain it was by the same when he at once asked what I was hand. That I knew the city from looking for, for he had seen me, he which the young lady was abstracted, said, traversing these commons so and thought I could know the house often, without dog or gun, that he if taken to it; but I neither knew the wondered what I wanted. I told him way we went, the way by which we all, day and date, and what I was lookreturned, nor what town it was at ing for. The old fellow was never which I was forced aboard in the weary of listening to the tale of hordark, so that the finding out the re ror, but the impression it made on mains of the hapless pair appeared his feelings scattered his powers of scarcely practicable. "My identity recollection. He had never heard of was proven to Lord William's satis- the lady's name, but he guessed that faction, as well as my disappearance of the gentleman of his own acfrom the Castle at the date specified; cord, remembering of his disappearbut no one, not even my old uncle, ance on that yery day. It was un

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