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saig, Inverness-shire, to Catherine Eustace, only for upwards of forty years an eminent printer in daughter of Alex. Farquhar, Esq. merchant. Edinburgh.

6. At Montrose, Henry Holie, Esq. surgeon, 28. At Arnee, East Indies, John Boyce, Esq. Forfarshire Militia Regiment, to Margaret, eldest Lieut. in his Majesty's 41st Regiment of Foot. daughter of the late David Ogilvie, Esq. of Park May 5. On the African station, Dr William Condon.

Burn, surgeon of his Majesty's ship Eden. - William Proven, Esq. merchant, Glasgow, - At bombay, Mr John Spark, surgeon in the to Elizabeth, second daughter of Mr Wm. Reid, Hon. East Company's service, and son of the Rev. book eller, Gla-gow.

Robert Spark, Episcopalian clergyman at Lau7. Remarried at Paris, John Gordon of New. rencekirk. ton, Esq. Aberdeenshire, to Barbara,fourth daugh June 2. At Calcutta, Dr Gibb, First Member of ter of Mr A. Leith, Aberdeen.

the Medical Board, Bengal. 9. At Campbeltown, Argyllshire, Lieut. Joseph 4. At Satara, in the East Indies, Captain Henry Wright, R.N. to Caroline Nugent, daughter of Adams, of the Bombay Escablishment, RevenueLieut-Col. Juhn Porter, of the late Argyllshire Surveyor to his Highness the Rajah of Satara. Fencibles.

5. At Cuddalore, John Hart Jollie, Esq. of Ma- At Crandington, Northumberland, Major dras, second son of James Jollie, Esq. writer to Scott, of the 17th Lancers, to Alicia Eliza, eldest the siznet. daughter of the late Rev. Henry Fosuer Mills, 9. At sea, on his passage from Bengal to EngChancellor of York.

land, Major Thomas Lamont, 19th Regiment, 10. At the Earl of Rosslyn's house, St James's third surviving son of James Lamont of KnockSquare, London, Bethell Walrond, Esq. M.P. of dow, Esq. Montrath, Devonshire, to the Right Hon. Lady Aug. ii. At Wilmington, North Carolina, after Janet St Clair, only daughter of the Earl of Russ a short illness, the Rev. John Reston, formerly lyn.

pastor of one of the Relief Churches, Edinburgh. - At St Mary's Church, Dover, Capt. Alexan 17. At Bardowie, parish of St Andrew's, Jader Macniven, of Deptford, to Helen, widow of maica, John Taylor, Esq. of Ballochneck, StirMajor Peirce, Royal Artillery.

lingshire, eldest son of the late Kev. Dr Willian - At Allanbank, Berwickshire, John Melville, Taylor, of st Enoch's Church, Glasgow. Esq. London, to Miss Swinton, daughter of Sa 28. At sea, on his passage home from Madras, muel Swin ton of Allanbank.

Captain James Crokat, Madras Army. - At Haudet, Guernsey, Major Cadell, of the

29. At Montserrat, West Indies, Alexander 28th Foot, to Isabella Catherine, daughter of the

Williamson, surgeon, late of Edinburgh. late Alexander Macdonald Esq. of Boisdale, In

Sept. 2. At Rosehearty, Aberdeenshire, during verness-shire.

this month, of the family of Mr John Wilson, - At Glasgow, Alex. Macdougall, Esq. of the

Peathill, on the 2d, Anne, aged 9; on the 7th, Island of Tobago, to Eliza, second daughter of

Alexander, aged 17; on the 13th, William, aged James M'Queen, Esq. South Wellington Place.

11; on the 2.d, John, aged 22; and, on the 30ih, - At Summerhill, near Dumfries, the Rev.

Mrs Wilson, aged 17. The disease, that has D. Dow, of Kirkpatrick-Irongray. to Catherine,

proved so fatal in this family, was putrid ulcerous youngest daughter of the deceased Thos. Goldie,

sore throat, which had prevailed for some time in Esq. of Craig muie.

that neighbourhood, though not with an equal 14. At London, John Clayton Cowell, Esq. el.

degree of nalignity. Mrs Wilson had overcome dest son of Lieut.-Col. Cowell, to Frances Anne

the virulence of the distemper, but sunk under the Hester, youngest daughter of the Rev. Richard

successive bereavements of the affectionate mother. Brickenden.

8. At Belleaire, Island of St Vincent, Francis 16. At North Queensferry, Mr William Miller,

Brown, Esq. merchant, Inverkeithing, to Margaret, ellest

9. At his house, Assembly Street, Leith, Mr daughter of Mr Scott, R.N. superintendent of the

John Watt, merchant. passage.

11. At Ellon, in his 90th ycar, the Rev. William 17. At London, John Dunlop, Esq. of the Gre

Massie, having been schoolmaster of that parish nadier Foot Guards, eldest son of Lieut.-General

during 65 years. Dunlop, of Dunlop and Southwick, to ( harlotte

18. At Edmburgh, in the 30th year of his age, Constance, youngest daughter of Major-General

Mr John Ewen, of the Lord Treasurer's RemeinSir Richard Downes Jackson, K.C.B.

brancar's Office, Exchequer. - At Perth, the Rev. James Ferguson, minis

19. At Penrith, Miss Mary Stewart Thomson, ter of the parish of Stachur in Argylishire, to Mar

eldest daughter of the Rev. Dr Thomson. garet, daughter of the late Mr Charles Douglas,

- At Alyth, Mr Edward Paterson, in the 70th merchant, Perih.

year of his age, having been 37 years parochial - At Greenock, Mr John J. E. Linton, writer,

schoolinaster of Alyth. to Margaret, daughter of the late Murdo Dallas,

- At Cowdenhill, Mrs Janet Halket, relict of Esq. physician, Berbice.

the late Captain Robert Grinlay, Bo'ness, aged 18. At Edinburgh, Edward Denis de Vitre, M.D.

80 years. Annan, to Janet Graham, daughter of A. R. Car

- At Callander, the Lady of H. Palmer, Esq. son, LL.D. Rec:or of the High School.

20. At 11, Saxe Coburg Place, Mary, third 23. At Kelso, Mr George Gillies, surgeon, Cold

daughter of Colonel the Hon. John Ramsay. stream, to Rebecca Jane, only daughtar of the

21. At Perth, Alexander Macglashan, Esq. some

time of Calulta. late Major Setop, of the Hon East India Company's Service.

22. At Boulogne-sur-Mer, J.Waugh Brougham, - At Ellingham, Northumberland, Henry S.

Esq. wine merchant, Edinburgh. Stephens, Esq. 10 Mary, eldest daughter of the

23. At Brechin, Mıs Catherine Pringle, wife of late Thomas Haggerstone, Esq.

the Rev. Mr Craig. 24. At Glasgow, the Rev. William Colville, mi

At his father's house, 3, South Castle Street, nister of Eaglesham, to Mary, only daughter of

Mr Walter Jamieson, upholsterer. the late Mason Weir, Esq.

At the Manse of Saltoun, the Rev. Andrew - At Dalkeith, Mr Goorge Fernie to Miss

Johnston, in the 66th year of his age, and 38th of Christian Hepburn.

his ministry - At Inverleith Row, Andrew Beith, Esq. sur

- At Castle Mains, East Lothian, Mr David geon, Edinburgh, to Anu Elizabeth Sinclair Mac Hume, farmer. kenzie, daughter of the late Willian Mackenzie,

24. At Bellamore, Inchmarnoch, aged 98 years, Esq. of Strathgarve.

Miss Marjory Flemming, daughter of Peter Flemming, Esg of Auchintoul.

At 10, Shandwick Place, Edinburgh, Mrs DEATHS.

Anne Aynsworth, wife of James Aynsworth, Esq. April 7. At Moorshedabad, in Bengal, Mrs of Cloninaghry, in the County of Down. Maria Hathorn, wife of Hugh Vans Hathorn, Esq. 25. At Durie, Napier, youngest son of C. M. of the Hon. East India Company's Civil Service, Christie, Esq.

2.. At his residence, in Hobart Town, James At Monifieth Manse, the Rev. William Neill, Esq. aged 72. Mr Neill was a gentleman Johnston, in the 78th year of his age, and 43d of very enlarged mind, richly stored with scienti. year of his ininistry in that parish. fic knowledge, more especially in Natural History, 26. Mrs Mary Smith of Darnick, aged 76 years. tv which, in this island, he devoted much atten - At his house, 1, Broughton Place, Mr George tion during the latter years of his life. He was Hall, writer.


26. At Rosebank, Broughton Road, Mrs Mar 9. At Hastings, Jane, fourth daughter of Rogaret Alexander, relict of Captain Andrew David vert Spear, late of Mill Bank, Cheshire, Esq. de

ceased. At Pembroke, in her 76th year, Miss Camp At the Duke of Buccleuch's, Richmond, bell, sister of the late Lord Cawdor.

Lady Isabella Cust, wife of the Hon Captain Pe. At Burgie, Mrs Dunbar Brodie, of Lethen regrine F. Cust, M.P. and Burgie.

10. At No. 17, Shandwick Place, Mrs Beatrix — At Dunfermline, the Rev. Alexander Fisher, Pringle, widow of David Hogarth of Hilton, Esq. Minister of the Associate Congregation, Queen 11. At No. 32, Gayfield Square, the infant Anne Street.

daughter of Thomas Ferguson, Esq. writer to Suddenly, of inflammation, while on a visit

the signet. to his friend, Temple Sinclair, Esq. of Lybster, 12. At Dumfries, Archibald M‘Murdo, Esq. County of Caithness, the Hon. Eric George Sin late Lieutenant-Colonel of the Dumfries-shire clair, fifth son of the late, and brother to the pre

Militia. sent Earl of Caithness, in the 28th year of his age.

At the Manse of Burrowstounness, Robert, 27. Mr George Forrester, writer, Edinburgh. eldest son of the Rev. Dr Rennie.

At 4, Lothian Street, Mr Walter Scott Drys. - At Bath, Major-General Sir John Pringle dale, watchmaker.

Dalrymple, Bart the last male representative of - At Double Bridges, Thorne, Yorkshire, Mrs the family of Dalrymple, of Hailes. Caroline Gunby, in her 103d year.

At Hewell, Worcestershire, the Hon Frederick 28. At Rugby, Warwickshire, William Cham Campbell Amherst, second surviving son of Lord bers, Esq. Rear-Admiral, in the 82d year of his age. Amherst. - At Leith, George Kellie, Esq. M.D.

13. At Glasgow, Catherine, wife of Lauchlan 29. At Clifton, in his 77th year, Richard New M‘Kinnon, Esq. and daughter of the late Duncan man Newman, M.D. of Thornbury Park, Glou M.Dougall, Esq. of Arnentrive. cestershire.

14. At Glasgow, Mr James Syme, teacher. - At Portobello, Miss Anne Bannerman, au At her house, Grosvenor Square, London, thor of “ Poems, chiefly Lyrical,” “. Tales of Su the Countess Dowager of Radnor, in the 71st perstition and Chivalry," and other ingenious and year of her age. elegant performances.

15. At her house, No. 16, New Street, Miss 30. At Southwold, Henry Robert Gooch, Esq. Elizabeth Whitehouse. son of William Gooch, Esq. of Upwell.

At John Street, Portobello, Josiah Maxton, - At the Manse of Dunfermline, Isobel Bar Esq. bour, wife of the Rev. Allan M Lean.

At Kentish Town, George Dawe, Esq. R.A. - At Dumfries, Mrs Mary Butter, relict of Member of the Imperial and Royal Academies of James Carruthers, Esq. of Warmanbie.

Arts at St Petersburg, Stockholm, Florence, &c. Oct. 1. At Edinburgh, the Lady of General Sir 16. At High Halden Rectory, Kent, Robert, William Maxwell of Calderwood, Bart.

third son of Robert Badham, Professor of Medi-, 2. At Edinburgh, Bernard Bedwell Richardson, cine, Glasgow. infant son of Mr James Richardson.

At Stirling, Mrs Agnes Stevenson, relict of At 17, Elm Row, Mr Alexander Muckle, the Rev. John Thorburn, minister of the gosmerchant.

rel at Edinburgh. At Pisa, in Tuscany, Emma Warrington, At Hamburg, John Maclean, Esq. late wife of Thomas Wood, Esq. British Vice-Consul merchant, Edinburgh. at Bengazi.

17. At Edinburgh, Mrs Mary Maxwell, relict 3. At Paisley, Mrs Carlisle, wife of Warrand of the Rev. James Hall, D.D. of Broughton Place

Chapel. At Lasswade, Jane, eldest daughter of John 18. At the Manse of Farnel, the Rev. James Wil. Buckham, Ess, formerly of the Bush.

son, minister of that parish. in the 73d year of 4. At his house. 7, Nicolson Square, after a his age, and 51st of his ministry, short illness, Mr James M.Dogald, (formerly of 19. At Gargunnock House, Stirlingshire, Jane, Dunfermline,) teacher of English, &c. 24, Water daughter of the late Robert Dennistoun, Esq. loo Place.

Glasgow. At Everton, near Liverpool, Sir John Reid, Aged 18 years, Jean, second daughter of Mr Bart. R.N. formerly commander of the Cheerful John Hope, Castle Mains, Sanquhar. revenue cruiser.

At Dunse, Mr. Richard Bertram, writer Mr Robert Barclay, late farmer, Southside there. Bank.

20. In the 70th year of his age, Mr John Mills, 5. At Wallacetown, Ayr, Mrs Barbara Camp of Irlam's-oth-Height, a man well known for his bell, widow of Major Campbell of the 92d Regi patriotism. He was one of those who undertook ment.

the hazardous task to relieve General Elliot with At Perth, Miss Kinnear of Kinnear.

provisions at the siege of Gibraltar. At Warmanbie, near Annan, the Rev. Robert At Round Haugh, John Leyden, aged 83. Hankinson Roughshede, M.A. in the 81th year of This venerable person was father

of the celebrated

Dr John Leyden. At his house, Walker Street, John Horner, 21. At No. 10, Shandwick Place, Eleanor, wife Esq.—This venerable and highly respectable citi of Lieut-Colonel James Leatham, in her 74th zen was the acting partner in the well-known firm

year. of Inglis, Horner, and Company, afterwards Hor 22. At Mount Juliet, county of Kilkenny, the ner, Baxter, and Company, and latterly, John Countess of Carrick. Horner and Company, manufacturers in Edin At Esperston, near Fushie Bridge, Christina, burgh. He was father of Mr Horner the cele second daughter of Mr John Watson. brated Barrister and Member of Parliament, who - At Barbreck, Lochawside, Mr John M'Arwas unfortunately cut off at an early period of his thur, surgeon, in the 55th year of his age. brief but brilliant Parliamentary career. Mr Hore - At the Manse of Moffat. Catherine, daugh. ner's only remaining son is Mr Leonard Horner, ter of the Rev. Alexander Johnstone, minister of the originator of the School of Arts in this city. Moffat.

6. At her father's house, East Sallon, Mrs Ja 23. At Kensington, in his 30th year, Horatio net Swinton, wife of Mr James Dods, Edinburgh, Nelson Head, R.N. only son of Guy Head, Esq. aged 27 years.

24. At No. 1, Bellevue Crescent, William Da. - At Kilmarnock, Mrs Helen Duncanson, wi vidson, only child of Andrew Dun, Esq. writer dow of George Freer, Esq. of Woodlands, near to the signet. Perth.

At Edinburgh, George Douglas Cameron, 7. At Wardie, Sarah, daughter of the late James M.D. Liverpool, fourth son of the late Rev. WilDonaldson, Esq. and sister to Captain J. D. Bos liam Cameron, minister of Kirknewton. well, Royal Navy.

At Lauriston Castle, Miss Ellen Allan, 8. At 3, Albany Street, North Leith, Margaret, youngest daughter of Thomas Allen, Esq. of Laudaughter of the late Mr David Wishart, ship riston, in the 16th year of her age. master.

Oct. 24. At Northwick Terrace, London, Hen.- At Lerwick, after a very protracted illness, rietta Anne, wife of the Hon James Stewart. Lieutenant David Spence, of the Royal Navy, 25. At the Wester Bush, Isabella Gifford, in aged 68.

the 88th year of her age.

Carlisle, Esq.

his age.

25. At Cheltenham, Lord Frederick Lennox, 10. At Ay!, Mr Roderick Mackende, lato Compbrother of the present, and son of the late Duke troller of the Customs, Isle Martin. or Richmond. His Lordship was in the 28th - At Carlisle, David Carrick, one of the soyear of his age, and had been suffering long under ciety of Friends, and above forty years a banker å most paintul indisposition.

in that city. 26. At Midulehill, Mr George Deans, aged 89 11. At his house, 1, Erskine Place, Mr David years.

Ogilvy, painter. 27. At his residence in Stephen Street, Dublin, 12. In the 6ith year of his age, the Hon. John Lieutenant-General William Fyers, commanding Coventry, second son of the late Earl of Coventry. Royal Engineers in Ireland.

- At Branxholm, Miss Riddell, daughter of 28. At No. 6, Mansfield Place, Adam Ander the late Patrick Riddell, Esq. of Muselee. son, only child of Mr John Anderson, jun. book 13. At No. 35, South Bridge, Edinburgh, Miss seller.

Edgar Pillans. - At her house in Maitland Street, the Right - At her mother's house, Prince's Street, Miss Hon Lady Jane Stuart, widow of the Hon Sir Mary Campbell of Dalziell Park, daughter of the John Stuart of Fetter cairn, Bart, one of the Ba late Patrick Campbell, Esq. teller, Royal Bank of Tons of Exchequer.

Scotland, - At Edinburgh, Robert Cameron, Esq. ac - At Devonshire Terrace, Regent's Park, Loncountant, second son of the late Rev. William don, Mrs Fitzgerald, wife of the Right Hon. MauCameron, minister of Kirknewton.

rice Fitzgerald. - At Waterbeck, the Rev. Daniel Struthers, - At Port Nellan, Loch Tummell, Capt. Gilminister of the Relief Congregation there. bert Stewart, late of his Majesty's 61st Regiment.

29. At Hampstead, Christian, eldest daughter 11. At Harehead, East Lothian, Mrs Eliza of John Richardson, Esq. Fludyer Strett, West Dods, wife of Nir John M'Gregor, writer, Edinminster.

burgh. - At Ayr, Mr Hugh Donaldson, merchant, - at Sauchfield House, Mr Alexander Milne, aged 88, one of the oldest and most respectable merchant, Glasgow. inhabitants.

15. At Longbank Mearns, Renfrewshire, Mr 30. Ai Sedgwick, near Kendal, John Wakefield, John M.Diarmid, in the 92d year of his age. Esq. banker in that town.

16. At Stirling, Mrs Agnes Stevenson, relict of At 17, Great King Sieeet, Mary, third the Rev. John Thorburn, minister of the gospel daughter of James Cathcart, Esq.

at Edinburgh. - At his house, No. 21, Union Street, Mr 18. At Edinburgh, Mr Wm. Newbigging, eldest James Robertson, ironmonger, High Street. son of Wm. Newbigging, Esq. F.R.S. Edinburgh.

51. At Campbell'own, ( aptain Frederic Camp - At his house in Grosvenor Place, London, bell, late of the 94th regiment.

Thomas Garth, Esq. General in his Majesty s ser- At his residence of Lincluden House, Gil. vice, and Colonel of the First, or Royal Regiment bert Young, Esq. Commissary General.

of Dragoons, aged 85 years. Nov. 1. At Broughton Place, John, the infant 19. At Dunse, Mr Richard Bertram, writer, son of Thomas Maitland, Esq. of Pogbie.

there. - At the marine villa of the Earlof Egremont, - At No. 8, Charlotte Square, Robert Ramsay, Brighton, Lady King, mother of Lord King. Esq. W.s.

At Claremont Square, London, David Gor. 20. At Kedleston, the Hon. Augustus Curzon, don, Esq. second son of Sir Alexander Gordon son of Lord Scarsdale. of Culvennan.

- At Cumnock, the Rev. John Fraser, mini- At No. 58, Northumberland Street, Marga ster of that parish. ret, infant daughter of Andrew Johnston, young

21. At No 19, Salisbury Street, Edinburgh, Mr er, of Rennyhill, Esq.

Malcolm Hennen, second son of the late Dr John 2. At No. 19, Queen Strect, aged 97 years, of Hennen, Inspector of Military Hospitals. a lingering decline, Mrs Jones, wife of Mr. Jones, 22. At Hermitage Place, Leith Links, Analate of the Theatre Royal, and, in the same hour, bella Catherine, youngest child of D. Mathi son, after a few days. illness, their son, Richard Alex Esq. advocate. ander, aged eight months.

23. At his house, No. 13, Bank Street, Mr James - At No. 6, Salisbury Place, Newington, Miss

Reid. Elizabeth Broughton, daughter of the late Henry At Torquay, Anne, youngest daughter of Broughton, Esq. Collector of Excise.

William Mure, Esq. of Caldwell, Ayrshire. - At Edinburgh, Harie Guthrie, Esq. writer, - At Caplebrae, Fifeshire, Mr David Mitchell, Edinburgh.

aged 78 years. - At Edinburgh, Miss H. Ramsay Grant, Jane L. Brown, aged nine, eldest daughter daughter of the late Dr William Lewis Grant, of of Mr Gordon Brown, 32, Buccleuch Place. Calcutta.

24. At his house, No.1, Moray Street, Mr James 3. At Sandgate Street, Ayr, Patricia Khanim, Geides, late storekeeper of his Majesty's Customs second daughter of Williain Fullartun, Esq. of

for Scotland. Skeldon.

27. At Edinburgh, Miss Margaret Boyd. 1. At Leith Street, Edinburgh, Mr William - At No. 10, Hanover Street, Mr James Somerville.

Brown, solicitor-at-law. - At Kelso, George, the infant son of Mr Geo. Lately. At Barham Court, the Right Hon. Jerdan, writer, Kelso.

Lady Barham. Her Ladyship was married to the 5. At Minmore, Banffshire, William Gordon, present Lord Barham, June 29, 1820. Esq. aged 74.

At Berlin, the celebrated Field-Marshal - At Pitt Street, Portobello, Miss R. W. Beech, Count Von Gneisran. only daughter of w. Beech. Esq of Santa Cruz. - At Nice, in the 19th yoar of her age, Lady

6. At No. 1, Salisbury Road, Newington, Mrs Emily Caulfield, only surviving child of the Earl Elizabeth Ross, wife of Alexander Ross, Esq. and Countess of Charlemont. merchant, Edinburgh.

At Greenwich, in his 88th year, Robert Ro7. At his house, No. 104 High Street, Mr John bertson, M.D. FR.S. and F.S.A. Johnstone, printer.

On the coast of Africa, of the fever inciden8. At Blackadder House, Thomas Boswall of tal to the climate, Lieut. Charles David Watson, Blackadder, Esq.; and on the 12th, at the same Commander of his Brazilian Majesty's brig Duplace, Mıs Boswall, mother of that gentleman.

queza de Golaz. - At his house, No. 23, St Leonard's Hill, Edin - At Gallanach, Island of Coll, Charles M. burgh, Mr Patrick Davidson, writer.

Lean, Esq. aged 68. 9. At his house in Hart Street, Bloomsbury At Aix-la-Chapelle, Lieut.-Col. Colquhoun Square, London, E. Roche, Esq. the Editor of Grant, son of the late Duncan Grart, Esq. of the Courier.

Lingoston, of disease contracted at Arracan, where - At Kirkland Cottage, Dumbartonshire, Mr he commanded a brigade of the army. Robert Davie, teacher of writing, South Bridge, - At Lausanne, after a few days' illness, the Edinburgh.

Most Noble the Marquis of Headfort.

Printed by Ballantyne and Co. Paul's Work, Edinburgh.

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