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November, 1829.

[blocks in formation]

29 do.

15 Apr.

Ordnance Department. R. Art.

Capt. and Bt. Maj. Brandreth, Lt. Col.

vice Skinner, dead 27 Oct. 1829 2d Capt. Belson, Capt.

do. Capt. Weston, from Unatt. 2d Capt. do.

1st Lt. and Adj. Bent, 2d Capt. do. R. Eng. Capt. Frazer, Lt. Col. vice Romilly. ret.

27 do. 2d Capt. Macauley, Capt.

do. Ist. Li. Walpole, 2d Capt.

do. 2d Lt. Burgmann, 1st Lt.

do. M. Gen. Sir A. Bryce, Col. Comm. vice fyers, dead

28 do.

Hospital Staff.
Staff Surg. Dow, to be Dep. Insp. of Hosp.

5 Nov. 1829 Surg. Macleod, from 42 F. do.

do. Gillkrest, from 43 F. do.

do. Staff Surg. Barry, to be Physician to the Forces

do. Assist. Surg. Cardiff, from 73 F. to be Surg. to

the Forces Apoth, G. John


do. Staff Surg. Scott, M.D. from h. p. do. Hosp. Assist. Cruickshanks, vice Nicholson,

prim to be Assist. Surg. to the Forces do. Purv. Clerk, R. Tucker, to be Dep. Purv. to the Forces

do. Unattached.


1 Dr. Gds. Cor. Cosby, Lt. by purch. vice H. S.

Thompson, ret. 22 Oct. 1829.
J. Phibbs, Cor.

do. Lt. Charlton, Adj. vice Griffith, res. Adj. only

15 do. 1 Dr.

T. Mainwaring, Cor. by purch. vice
Trafford, prom.

5 Nov. Lt. Graham, from h. p. R. Afr. Corps, Lt. vice Miller, 33 F.

28 Oct. Ens. Hamilton, from 41 F. Lt. vice Lit

tlejohn, cashiered by the sentence of a

General Court-Martial Lt. Spence, Capt. by purch. vice Allan, prom.

5 Nov. Ens. Jones, Lt."

do. J. Woodward, Ens.

do. 7

Ens. Hon. J. C. Best, from 17 F. Lt. by

purch. vice O'Brien, 72 F. 29 Oct. 8

Ens. Chearnley, Lt. by purch. vice
Howard, ret.

15 do. C. T. Baldwin, Ens. by purch. vice Caldwell, 91 F.

14 do. W. Ogilvy, Ens. by purch. vice Chearn. ley

15 do. 17 C. W. Finch, Ens. by purch. vice Bett, 7F.

29 do. 83

Lt. Miller, from 2 F. Lt. vice Rallett, h. p. R. Afr. Corps

28 do. 37 Qua. Mast. Serj. J. Hayes, Qua. Mast. vice Holmes, full p.

15 do. 11

J. Clarke, Ens. vice Hamilton, 2F.29 do. 42

Staff Assist. Surg. Nicholson, Surg. vice Macleod, piom.

5 Nov. 13 Staff Assist. Surg. Millar, Surg. vice Gillkrest, prom.

do, 47 Ens. M'Donald, from 92 F. Ens. vice Hope, canc.

22 Oct. 51 Assist. Surg. Alligot, from h. p. 65 F.

Assist. Surg. vice Maharg, 70 F. 5Nov. 53 Assist. Surg. Bardin, from 28 F. Assist. Surg.

22 Oct. 57

H. H. Graham, Ens. by purch. vice
Singleton, ret.

15 do. 62 Ens. Gwynne, Lt. by purch. vice Graysion, ret.

5 Nov. S. W. Graves, Ens.

do. 65 Assist. Surg. M'Credie, from 60 F. As. sist. Surg

22 Oct. 68 Capt. Menzies, Maj. by purch. vice Winniet, ret.

15 do. Lt. Smyth, Capt.

do. Ens. Bayly, Lt.

do, G. M'Beath, Ens.

do. Lt. Bernard, Capt. by purch. vice Melville, ret.

5 Nov. Eus. Strachan, Lt,

do. E. B. Reynardson, Ens.

do. 70 Assist. Surg. Maharg, from 51 F. As

sist. Surg. vice Robertson, Staff do. 71 Lt. Tropaud, from 72 F. Lt. vice Wallace, 98. F.

29 Oct. Ens. Pack, Lt. by purch. vice Whyte, ret.

5 Nov, T. B. Strangways, Ens.

do. 72 R. D. Ross, Ens. by purch. vice Thursby, prom.

10 do. Lt. O'Brien, from 7 F. Lt. vice Trapaud, 71 F.

29 Oct. Ens. Colston, Lt. by purch. vice Wid. drington, prom.

10 Nov. E E. Langford, Ens.

do. Hosp. Assist. Laing, Assist. Surg. vice Cardiff, prom.

5 do. Lt. Mitchell, Capt. by purch. vice Hetherington, ret.

22 Oct Ens. Ray, Lt. W. H. Kerr, Ens.

do. 86 J. B. Pearson, Ens. by purch. vice Chichester, prom.

10 Nov. 92 Ens. Gordon, from 93 F. Ens. vice M‘Donald, 47 F.




To be Captain of Infantry by purchase. Lt. Widdrington, from 73 F. 10 Nov. 1829

To be Lieutenants of Infantry by purchase. Ens. Thursby, from 72 F.

10 Nov. 1829 Chichester, from 86 F. The undermentioned Lieutenant, actually ser

ving upon Ful Pay in a Regiment of the Line, whose Commission is dated in the year 1809, has accepted promotion upon Half-Pay, according to the General Order of the 7th Dec. 1826.

To be Captain of Infantry. Lt. Thomas Smith, from 3 F. 24 Nov. 1829

Exchanges. Capt. Briscoe, 3 F. with Capt. Cour'ayne, 59 F.

Hon. C. S. Wortley, 4 F. with Capt. Nickle,

h. p. 88 F.
Butler, 12 F.rec. diff. with Capt. Newton, h.p.
Colthurst, 28 F. with Capt. Trant, Sub. Insp.

ot Mil. in Ion. Isl. Lieut. & Adj. Griffith, 5 'Dr. Gds. with Lieut.

Linskij, 28 F. Lieut. Watts, 47 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Thursby,

Hamvaghan, 26 F. with Lieut. Robinson,

h. p. 47. F. Lewis, 48 F. with Lieut. Belford, h. p. Coates, 94 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Hum.

phreys, h. p. 17 F. Ens. Lucas, 76 F. with Ens. Hon. C. O'Callaghan,


h. p.



h. P:


Eng. Burslem, 40 F. with Ens. Powell, h. p.

Pack, h. p. 59 F. 2d Lieut. Bland, Ceylon Reg. with Ens. Hon. W. Hood, h. p. 86 F. F. Cowper, h. p.

Resignations and Retirements.

Ens. Hope, 47 F.

Winniett, 68 F.

Lt. Littlejohn, 2 F.
Melville, 63 F.

Hethrington, 76 F.
Dick, b. p. 7 F.

Garth, 1 Dr. London,

18 Nov. 1829. H. S. Thomson, 1 Dr Gds.

Lieut.-General. Howard, 8 F

Fyers, R. Eng. Dublin,

27 Oct. 1829. Grayson, 62 F.

Lieut. Colonel. Whyte, 71 F.

Ditmas, of late R. Inv. Beverly, Yorkshire, Davidson, 98 F.

28 Oct. 1829. Hamilton, h. p 1 Dr. Hall, h. p. 11 Dr.

Major. Grant, h. p. 1 F.

Lamont, 49 F. on board the Royal George, on Antrobus, h. p. 13 F.

passage from India,

9 June 1829. Hon. L. Dawson, h. p. 26 F.

Captains. Bradford, h. p. 28 F.

Temple, 14 F. on board the Euphrates, on his Cowell, h. p. 30 F.

passage to Europe,

24 Oct 1828. Archbold, h. p. 33 F.

Mylius, Ceyl. Regt. Ceylon, 10 Apr. 1849. Swaby, h. p. 49 F.

Thompson, h. p. 87 F.

15 Oct. Ramus, h. p. 60 F.

Amiel, h. p. 91 F. Guernsey,

16 Nov. Stewart, h. p. 69 F.

De Glan, h. p. Sicil. Regt. Warendorf, WestphaBartlett, h. p. 89 F.

lia, Hobson, h. p. 90 F.

Lieutenant. Graves, h. p. 93 F.

Simpson, (Adj.) 49 F. Berhampore, Bengal, Storkenstrom, h. p. Cape Regt.

26 Mar. 1829. Fielde, h. p. Unatt.

Cornet. Midgeley, h. p. R. W. I. Rang.

Southbrook, h. p. 23 Dr.
Walsham, h. p. Chass. Brit.
Wilton, h. 2 Prov. Bu, of Mil.

Dickson, 6 Dr. Dundalk,

3 Nov. 1829. W. Smith, h. p. 2 Lt. Inf. Bn. K. G. L.

H. Smith, h. p. 18 Dr. and Pendennis Local Mil. Ensigns.

3 Oct. Singleton, 57 F.

Clarke, h.p. Somerset Fenc. Cav. Sibsey, Lincoln, Cameron, h. p. 79 F.

3 Mar. Livingston, h. p. 91 F.

Dely, h. p. New Bruns. Fenc.

Carter, h. p. 105, F. Mountfield, Sussex,

31 July 1829. Griffith, 2 Dr. Gds.

Dep. Inspector.
Crumpe, h. p. Maiustone,

23 Oct. 1829. Quarter-Masters. Cornish, h. p. 28, F.

Surgeons. Askey, h. p. 97 F.

Jones, late h. p. Ord. Med. Dep. St Dogmell's Surgeon.

5 Sept. 1829. Lys, h. p. Staff, Portsmouth,

3 Oct. Ricketts, 51 F.

Slow, h. p R. H. Gds. London,

6 Nov. Assistant Surgeons.

Dep. Purveyor. Morrison, 23 F.

J. Mould, h. p.

24 Aug.

ALPHABETICAL List of English BANKRUPTCIES, announced from the 22d of

October to the 22d of November, 1829, extracted from the London Gazette.
Alred, B. and W. Idle, cloth-manufacturers. Blunden, G. East Malling, paper-maker.
Alger, T. S., Eton, miller.

Barrett, P. Appleton, and J. s. Barrett, Kingston, Abbot, S., Leamington Priors, builder.

apothecaries. Aston, J. Wellington, mercer.

Bourne, T. Norwich, Exeter, Plymouth, TavisAllday, T. Birmingham, salesman.

tock, and Barnstable, woollen-draper. Allpress, E. Watling-street, stationer.

Bentley, J. Milk-street and Bethnal-green, wareArdern, I Weaverham, farmer.

housemen. Abbott, W. Aldersgate-street, coal-merchant. Byers, J. Newport, linen-draper. Andrews, J. and G. Bread-street, Black well-hall, Bull, J. Taunton, woollen-draper. factors.

Broughton, E. B. Southampton-street, tailor. Abrahams, 1, York-street, jeweller.

Bell, R. Eldwick, worsted-spinner. Armstrong, T. Raskelf, and J. Armstrong, Corn Brown, C. Norwich, coal merchant. borough, cattle-dealers.

Bull, J. and W. Bull, Taunton, woollen-drapers. Biass, R. and R. T. Elliot, Birmingham, drapers. Bevan, J. Pontypool, grocer. Burtenshaw, J. Southwark, builder.

Barlow, T. Pendleton and Manchester, calicoBrown, J. Wootton Basset, linen-draper.

printer. Beale, J. Winchester, draper.

Bickerton, W. Oswestry, brazier. Bourne, W. and G. Colman-street, woollen-dra Breeze, J. and M. Lewis, w. Reade, and W. Handpers.

ley, Tunstall, manufacturers of earthenware. Barham, C. Mark-lane, victualler.

Benson, E. W. and W. Darke, Aston, chemists. Buckland, R. jun. Shaftesbury, draper.

Bradley, R. Darch, E. Parry, and W. J. Baddiley, Bushell, J. Sandwich and Ramsgate, lodging Great Guilford-street, Southwark, iron-found

house-keeper. Bower, W. Clayborough, seed.merchant.

Barlow, W. Islington, stone-mason. Biass, R. Birmingham, draper.

Barton, J. Union-street, grocer. Brown, J. Great Yarmouth, and S. Brown, Lit. Bartlett, J. Barnstable, woollen-draper. tle Yarmouth, maltsters.

Chappel, G. Holborn-bridge, hat-maker.


Crisp, J. Idol- lane, wine-merchant.

Lackenbrcher, B. H. Lime-street, merchant. Cheetham, T. Heaton-Norris, and Stockport, cot Leech, G. Lane-end, Stafford, grocer. toa-spinner.

Lewsey, T. Great Burstead, farmer. Cox, W. Bath, silk-mercer.

Lowe, J. Ashred, dealer in iron. Crowther, J. Huddersfield, corn-factor.

Laccohee, J. Norwich, manufacturer. Clayton, C. Islington, victualler.

Lambert, T. New Bond-street, upholsterer. Cowie, G. and W. Strange, Paternoster-row, book Levy, J. Great Prescot-street, merchant. sellers.

Lavender, J. Boxley and Aylesford, paper-maker. Curis, L. Church-street, Spitalfields, silk-manu. Langley, T. Birmingham, leather-dealer. facturer.

Leeson, T. H. Douglas, Isle of Man, draper. Crees, w, East Stonehouse, merchant.

Leslie, J. Liverpool, wine-dealer. Churchill, D. Buteigh, draper.

Lawrence, J. Park, Salop, miner. Corkhill, J. A. Wadebridge, money-scrivener. Mellor, R. Derby, innkeeper. Calafat, M. M. St Martin's-street, merehant. Moss, H. Hounsditch, linen-draper. Cramp, H. and J. Crowdy, Foster-lane, ware Meyers, M. Hounsditch, hatter. housemen.

Mawhood, C.T.I. Well-street, soap-manufacturer. Christmas, J. Rye, shopkeeper.

Milner, W. Leeds, inn-keeper. Chowles, G. North Audley-street, upholsterer. Mothersole, W. sen. Park-place, livery-stable. Daggers, H. G. Preston, grocer.

keeper. Dow, J. Great Russell-street, auctioneer.

Mackintosh, A. Conduit-street, merchant. Duncalfe, A. Great Suffolk-street, hat-manufac Morgan, W. B. St James's, Gloucester, dealer in turer.

woollen cloths. Dudley, J. Hackney-road, chemist.

Mangham, R. Pimlico, victualler. Eyre, G. Coventry and Bedworth, ribbon-manu. Mathew, F. Woodbridge, grocer. facturer.

Moon, W. Seavington, draper.

1 Everett, E. J. and J. C. Francis, Heytesbury, clo Miles, J, East Dereham, corn-merchant. thiers.

Moore, W. S. Liverpool, wine-merchant. Elkington, W. H. and J. Geddes, Birmingham, Nicholls, J. Grosvenor-street, lodging-housedealers.

keeper. Ewer, F. and W. F. Scholfield, Lad-lane, ware Neale, J. P. Bennet-street, bookseller. housemen.

Norman, J. Islebrewers, miller. Evill, T. L. Tokenhouse-yard, and Old Ford, Newcombe, T. York, common carrier. dyer.

Nuttall, P. Bolton-le-Moors, cotton-manufacEdwards, J. New Bond-street, shoe-maker.

turer. Freer, T. Birmingham, druggist.

Parslow, W. C. Exmouth-street, cheesemonger. Frost, R. J. Abergavenny, grocer.

Packer, J. Newbury, carrier. Fawcett, T. Basinghall-street, Manchester, ware Poile, J. Westheathly, dealer. houseman.

Passinore, H. P. Old Kent-road, plumber. Fertier, A. R. G. Norwich, tea-dealer.

Pike, E. Staines, blacksmith. Field, R. and H. Queen-street and Whitechapel, Plunkett, W. Whitechapel-road, carpenter. colourmen.

Pcirse, T. Belleisle, training-groom Green, T. Coleman-street, Blackwell-hall, factor. Peele, T. Peterborough, corn-merchant. Griffith, W. Brecon, linen-draper.

Pencey, J. Huddersfield, grocer. Giles, W. Harp-lane, victualler.

Rexworthy, J. Wells, currier. Gerard, W. Liverpool, boot-maker.

Rudge, H. Leominster, surgeon. Gutteridge, W. St Albans, brandy-merchant. Rhoads, T. Hoxton, cut-glass-manufacturer. Goodwin, w. Scawbey, and J. Thorp, Brough Robson, H. George-street, Southwark, hat-manu. ton, merchants.

facturer. Halfpenny, P. Exeter, auctioneer.

Roberts, H. Hafodlas, dealer. Hudson, T. P. West Bromwich, bone-merchaat. Rees, D. Brecon, clothier. Hill, J. Red Lion-street, coal-merchant.

Rylatt, G. South Ki ne, victualler. Hayward, T. Deal, grocer.

Raishleigh, W. Lattiford, dealer in cheese. Hall, H. Ísleworth, bookseller.

Rawlings, S. Walcot, carpenter. Hart, J. Great Chart, hop-dealer.

Sanderson, J. Gerrard's-cross, victualler. Hillman, J. P. Lower Thames-street, dealer in Stokoe, J. Rye-hill, Northumberland, builder. glass.

Swan, J. Northleach, draper. Hay, J. Addle-street, warehouseman.

Snowden, J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, draper. Hamilton, w. Peckham, master-mariner.

Sloman, J. Maidstune, timber-merchant. Holloway, W. Westminster-road, hackneyman. Smith, C. Old City Chambers, wine-merchant. Hardwick, J. White Hart-yard, Toitenham Court Sargent, W. Moorfields, linen-draper. road, horse-dealer.

Scott, G and Z. Surr, Manchester, porter-dealers. Hutchinson, J. Liverpool, merchant.

Slaney, R. Omber-ley, brickmaker. Harnwell, W. Blakeney, tailor.

Slader, R. Cheltenham, cabinet-maker. Hickol, G. Worthing, grocer.

Spyer, S. Great Alie-street, merchant. Haviside, A. and C. Harrik, Bucklersbury, mer Stammers, T. Francis-street, grocer. chants.

Simmons, J. Plymouth, grocer. Harrison, T. Durham, smith.

Trimby, G. H. and J. G. L. Trimbey and G. D. Hughes, R. Manchester, tailor.

Trimbey, Watling-street, merchants. Harding, T. Tottenham, stone-mason.

Tudur, M. Bolton, shopkeeper. Hobday, W. A. Pall-mall, picture-dealer,

Tallent, A. Dickleburgh, linen-draper. Hayton, J. Wigton, grocer.

Truss, J. jun. Upper Holloway, lapidary. Hodgson, J. jun. Bradford mnoor, wool stapler. Thorpe, S. Birmingham, victualler. Heylyn, H. and J. Connop, Colman-street and Old Troui, T. Lime-street and Ostend, salesman. Ford, dyers.

Tetley, S. Bradford, dyer. Hobbs, 5. E. Hitchin, grocer.

Thornton, J. Brook-street, glass-cutter. Hopkins, T. Neath Abbey, timber-merchant. Townend, w. Keighley, corn-miller. Jones, H. Brecon, builder.

Thackway, S. Ledbury, bookseller. Jorie, J. Liverpool, wine-merchant.

Varley, J. Stanningley, cloth-manufacturer. Izzard, R. Bermondsey, leather-dresser.

Wiss, R. Flect-street, patent portable water-closet Ince, F. and E. Ellis, Dudley, coach-builders.

manufacturer. Johnston, W. Old Kent-road, grocer.

Wheeler, T. Hereford, corn-dealer. Jackson, E. J. and C. F. Jackson, jun. Newcastle Williams, J. Glocester, bootmaker. upon-Tyne, merchants.

Webster, R. Cornhill, watchmaker. Jackson, J. Liverpool, corn-dealer.

Whittaker, C. P. Lambeth, wine-merchant. Jones, J. Carnarvon and Barmouth, dealer. Williamson, J. Keighley, worsted-spinner. Jones, J. Askern, hotel-keeper.

Whicker, H. Emsworth, butcher. Killey, J. Liverpool, four-dealer.

Welch, A. Glastonbury, shopkeeper. Kelleway, W. Norwich, woollen-draper.

Waterman, J. Rotherhithe, merchant. Knight, G. Blackman-street, carpet warehouse Willis, T. Bath, carpenter. man.

Watkins, S. Merthyr Tydfill, iron-monger. Knight, J. Cheltenham, builder.

ilkinson, G. Birmingham, saw-manufacturer.

ALPHABETICAL List or Scotch BANKRUPTCIES, announced from 1st October to

30th November, 1829, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette. Anderson, Robert Young, writer to the signet, Hoe, Thomas Charles, late mercantile-agent, now banker, and builder, in Edinburgh.

tavern-keeper in Edinburgh. Bannerman, James, cattle-dealer, Stubhall, Perth Innes, John, merchant-tailor, Aberdeen. shire.

Liddell, William, and Co. merchants, Glasgow, Bannerman, Peter, cattle-dealer, Parkhead, Perth and William Liddell, and William Liddell, jun. shire.

merchants there, the individual partners. Bridges, David, jun. cloth-merchant, Edinburgh. Lindsay, David, paper-maker and merchant at Buchanan, James, wood merchant at Duchlage. Rothes Paper-mill, in the parish of Leslie, and in the parish of Drymen, ana county of Stirling.

county of Fife. Burns, William, manufacturer in Paisley, and as Love, John, provision-merchant, Bridge Street,

one of the partners of John Gibb and Company, Glasgow. manufacturers in Paisley.

M.Farlane, Parlane, manufacturer, Glasgow. Campbell, Malcolm, grain-merchant and trader, M.Farline, John, merchant, Aberdeen. Glasgow.

Nicol, Robert, cattle-dealer, formerly in Brack. Crawford, William, and Co. merchants in Glas mont Miln, now in Strathburn, Fifeshire.

gow, and William Crawford, one of the said Pattison, M. and F. merchants, Glasgow. partners, as an individual.

Reid, Andrew, merchant, Ayr. Dawson, John, lime-burner and fish-curer, now Scott, John, merchant in Glasgow, residing some

farmer and cattle-dealer, in Redhythe, in the time at Henning House, near Govan, and now county of Banff.

in West Kingston, near Glasgow. Dunlop, Robert, banker, gas-manufacturer, and Spears, James, sen. distiller and merchant in

builder in Edinburgh, and writer to the signet. Kirkaldy. Forrest, Daniel, hosier in Edinburgh.

Tod, Joho, corn and meal-dealer, Leith. Grant, Alexander, builder and wright in Leith. Waters, John, flesher in Edinburgh. Haldane, George, and Co. spirit-dealers in Glas White, James, corn-dealer and ship-owner in

gow, and George Haldane, sole partner of said Leith and Elie, company.


a son.

June 4. At Akayab, East Indies, the Lady of
Lieut. Archibald Bogle, of a son.

July 22. At the Cape of Good Hope, the Lady of William Blair, Esq. advocate, of a daughter.

Sept. 25. At the Manse of Newtyle, Mrs Moon, of a son.

29. At 7, Leith Street, Mrs Denham, of a still. born son).

At William field, Mrs W'illiam Patison, jun. of a son.

30. At Mellerstain, the Lady of George Baillie, Esq. jun. nf Jerriswood, of a daughter.

At Elliston House, Roxburghshire, the Lady of Robert Henry Tulloh, Esq. of Elliston, of a daughter.

At Innerkip, the Lady of the Rev. Thomas Brown, jun. of a son.

Oct. 1. At Mary's Place, Mrs Parker, of a son.

2. At Sanson House, the Lady of Colonel Cumming, of the Bengal Light Cavalry, of a daughter.

At 42, Northumberland Street, Mrs Scot of Trinity, of a daughter.

3. At Albyn Place, Mrs Charles Gordon, of a son.

4. In Charlotte Square, the Lady of Thomas Maitland, Esq. younger of Dundrennan, of a son.

5. At Inistore, Appin, Argyleshire, the Lady of Donald Campbell Esq. of a son.

6. At the Manse of Ferry Port-on-Craig, Mrs Nicolson of a son.

8. At Furest Hall, the Viscountess Chetwynd, of a son.

At Greenock, Mrs David Glassford, of a scn. 9. At Abercromby Place, Mrs Lockhart of Castlehill, of a daughter.

- At 32, Gayfield Square, Mrs Thomas Fer. guson, of a daughter.

- At 12, Raeburn Place, Mrs Grahame, of a son.

10. At Elkruk Manse, Mis Smith, of a daughter.

11. At 8, Broughton Place, Mrs Maitland, of a son.

- At 23, Abercromby Place, the Lady of Walter Campbell, Esq. of Sunderland, of a daughter.

12. At West George Street, Glasgow, Mrs James J. Duncan, of a son.

13. At Kinnaird Castle, the Lady of Sir James Carnegie of Southesk, Bart. of a son.

14. At Walker Street, the Lady of Major William Bertram, Bengal Native Infantry, of a son.

15. At Dunbog, Mrs Keyden of Pittuncarty, of 2 SOA.

16. At Melville House, Fife, the Countess of Leven and Melvile, of a son, who only survived a few hours.

19. At Holmhead, Mrs Sinclair, of a daughter.

20. At 1, Melville Street, Mrs John Tait, of a son.

21, At Crawfordsdyke, Greenock, Mrs John Crawford, of a son.

At Easter Duddingston, the Lady of Capt. Wauchope, Royal Navy, of a son.

At '4, Warriston Crescent, Mrs Cumming, of a son.

- At York, the Lady of Lieut. -Col. Wallace, late Major in the King's Dragoon Guards, of a daughter.

At Portland Place, London, Lady Mary Ross, of a son.

At 6, Brighton Street, Mrs William Millar, of a daughter.

22. At Goodwood, her Grace the Duchess of Richmond, of a son, being her ninth living child.

At Heathery Haugh, Mrs Tod, of a son. - At Eaglescairnie, the Lady of Major-General Hon. P. Stuart, of a daughter.

24. At River Bank, Leven, Mrs Anderson, of 25. At Lothian Vale, Mrs Greig, of a son.

At Paris, the Lady of John Mitchell, Esq. of

Her Serene Highness the Princess of Hohenlohe-Laugenburgh (late the Frincess Feodore, and daughter of the Duchess of Kent,) of a son.

27. At Naples, Mrs William Scott, of a son.

28. At Barcaldine, the Lady of Duncan Campbell, Esq. of Barcaldine, of a sun.

29. Mrs Robert blackie, of a daughter.

3.). At 8, Newington Place, Mis Kennedy, of ad ughter.

31. At Belton, the Lady of Captain Hay of Belton, ot a sín.

Nov. 1. At Belmount Place, Kelso, Mrs Jerdan, of a son.

- At Portobello, Mrs Scott of Seabank,of a son.

2. The Lady of P. Campbell, Esq. Northumberland Street, of a son.

Mrs Welsh, 60, Northumberland Street, of a daughter.

În Park Crescent, Portland Place, London, the Hon. Mrs Shawe, of a daughter.

1. At Bromley Place, the Lady Sarah Murray, of a son.

6. At 10, Howard Place, Mrs William Gordon, of a son.

a son.

7. At Largo Manse, Mrs Brown, of a son. Esq. surgeon, to Isabella, eldest daughter of the

At Bellevue, Banff, the Lady of James Mac late Mr Adam Spence, Leith. kintosh, Esq. late of Calcutta, of a daughter.

5. At. Westsidewood, Mr Logan, Eastshiel, to 8. At Carlisle, Mrs Major Stewart Dalzell of Jane, youngest daugh'er of John Wilson, Esq. • Glenæ, of a son.

6. At No. 25 Pitt Street, Edinburgh, kobert 10. At Whitehall House, the Hon. Mrs Ward Hepburn Swinton, Esq. second son of the late law, of a son.

John Swinton, Esq. of Swinton, to Juliana, third At Tayfield, Mrs Berry, of a daughter. daughter of Thos. Harker, Esq. of Scarborough. - 11. At 45, Melville Street, the Lady of the 8. At Bank foot, William Alan, Esq. Solicitor Chevalier J. J. Laine, French Consul, of a daugh- Supreme Courts, to Eliza, daughter of George ter.

Gordon, Esq. of Hiltonhill. 12. At No. 9, Abercomby Place, Mrs Greig of - At tholi Place, Perth, Laurence Robertson, Eccles, of a daughter.

Esq. cashier of the Royal Bank, Glasgow, to Ro. At Circus Place, Mrs Cay, of a daughter. bina Joaona, second daughter of Robert Hope 13. At 12, Regent Terrace, Edinburgh, Mrs Moncrieff, Esq. writer, Perth. Bayley, of a daughter.

12. At Ayr, John M.Derment, Esq. M.D. to = At Holland, Island of Papa Westray, the Lady Margaret, second daughter of William Eaton, Esq. of George Trail, Esq. of Hollanit, of a son. Sheriit-substitute of Ayrshire.

14. Ač 59, Northumberland Street, the Lady of 13. At Burntsfield Place, James Watt, jun. Esq. John Brodie, Esq.W.S. of a son.

Dundee, to Jane Scott, second daughter of Archi15. At 6, James's Court, Mrs Edward Living bald Anderson, Esq. Burntsfield Place. stone, of a son.

At North Leith, Mr Alexander Anderson, At Cherrybank, Mrs Fisher, of a son. architect, Leith, to Mary Vernon, second daugh- At Larbert Manse, Mrs Bonar, of a daughter. ter of Mr Alexander Sime, shipbuilder.

16. At Marseilles, the Lady of A. J. Hamilton, - At London, John Searle, jun. Esq. to Harriet, Esq. younger of Dalzell, of a son and heir. eldest daughter of the late John Talbot, Esq.

20. At Hope Street, Charlotte Square, Mrs 15. At Edinburgh, the Rev. Alexander CampSibbald, of a daughter.

bell, minister of St Stephen's Church, Rochdale, 22. At Dundee, Mrs Maxwell, of a daughter. to Margaret, daughter of the late James Peat, Esq.

24. At Castle Broom wich, Warwickshire, the Collector of Excise. Countess of Bradford, of a daughter.

19. At Cherry Bark, John Anderson, Esq. 27. At Glenormiston, the Lady of William Perth, to Miss Bruce, daughter of the late David Stewart, Esq. of a son.

Bruce, Esq. merchant, Stirling. Mrs Alexander Douglas, Albany Street, of a - At Ochtertyre, Anthony Murray, Esq. youngson.

er of Dollerie, W.S., to Georgiana, third daughter At 25, Archibald Place, Mrs George Brown, of the Hon. Baron Sir Patrick Murray of Ochterof a son.

tyre, Bart. Lately. At Bareilly, East Indies, the Lady of - At Marylebonne, London, Mr J. Renny, jun. the Hon. R. Forbes, of a son.

merchant, Arbroath, to Miss Jane Boyd, of WelAt Argyle House, London, the Countess of beck Street, Cavendish Square. Aberdeen, of a son.

22. At Edinburgh, James Syme, Esq. surgeon.

to Anne, youngest daughter of the late Robert MARRIAGES.

Willis, Esq. March 28. At Bombay, James Burnes, Esq. Sur. - At Castle Toward, John Campbell, Esq. of geon to the Residency at Bhooj, to Sophia, second South Hull, to Janet, third daughter of Kirkman daughter of the late Major-General Sir Geo. Finlay, Esy. of Castle Toward. Holmes, K. C. B.

23. At North Berwick, the Rev. Mathew CarJune 4. At the Cape of Good Hope, John Mur rier Thompson of Woodstone Rectory, Huntingray, Esq. M. D. Surgeon to the Forces, to Mrs ton, to Eliza, second daughter of the late Lieut. Eliza Grant, widow of Captain T. W. Grant, of Colonel Dalrymple, C.B. Madras Artillery. the Hon. East India Company's Service.

26. At London, David Baille, Esq. of Audley 6. At Bombay, Henry Smith, Esq of Batiboys, Square, to Miss Stewart, only daughter of Lady county of Wicklow, Lieut -Col. of the 1st Regi Siewart, and niece to the Countess of Aberdeen. ment of Light Cavalry, in the East India Com 27. At Myres Castle; Joseph Maitland, Esq." pany's Service, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of third son of Adam Maitland, Esq. of Dundrennan, the Hon. Sir John Peter Grant of Rothiemurcus, to Anna Maria, daughter of James Pillans, Esq. ove of the Judges of the Supreme Court of Bom 28. At Edinburgh, Captain Alexander Christie, bay.

of the Navigator of Peterhead, to Miss Elizabeth 20. At Hyderabad, Capt. Geo. Keir, Command Ann Browne of Lauriston. ing his High: ess the Nizam's 3d Regiment of Ca 29. At Edinburgh, Lieut.-Gen. Sir John Oswald valry, to Margaret, daughter of Campbell Mac. of Dunnikier, Knight Grand Cross of the Bath, kintosh, Esq. of Dalmigavie.

to Amelia Jane Murray, third daughter of the Aug. 15. At St Petersburg, John Drury, M.D. late Lord Henry Murray, son of the late John youngest son of Thomas Drury, Esq. to Eliza Duke of Atholl. beth, third daughter of the late Captain John 29. At Blairvadock, Richard Fox, Esq. of GaBrown, of North Shields, Northumberland. rahabridgin, in the county of Cavan, son of Colo

Sept. 15. At Eastertyre, the Rev. Alexander nel Fox of Foxhall, to Camilla, third daughter of Campbell, minister of Weem, to Isabella Margaret, Mr and Lady Janet Buchanan. daughter of the late Major Macglashan of Easter 30. At Memus, Forfarshire, Aitchison Alexantyre.

der Mack, Esq. W.S. to Martha, youngest daugh24. At Montreal, Lower Canada, Francis C. J. ter of the late John White, Esq. Arnoldi, Esq. M.D. to Christina Maria, eldest Nov. 2. At Rose Villa, Hamilton, Francis Ha. daughter of Mr William Telfer, merchant, Leith. milton, Esq. W.S., to Mary Stevenson, eldest

28. At Fairlight, near Hastings, Sussex, the daughter of Captain D. Mackintosh, late of the Rev. Edward Auriol, of Christ Church, Oxford, 42d Royal Highlanders. B.A. to Georgina Barbara, third daughter of the - At Sighthill, Mr William Thomson, farmer, late Edward Morris, Esq. and grand-daughter of Bonnington, to Christina, youngest daughter of the late Lord Erskine.

the late James Nimmo, Esq. 29. At No. 15, Windsor Street, William Find 3. At Edinburgh, Mr Andrew Liddell, ironlay, Esq. writer, Paisley, to Helen, eldest daugh monger, Glasgow, to Jessie, eldest daughter of ter of James Hill, Esq.

William Peddie, Esq. Secretary to the Insurance 30. At Windmill Hill, Howard Elphinstone, Company of Scotland. Esq. only son of Sir H. Elphinstone, Bart. C.B. to - At Kippax, Samuel Crompton, Esq. M.P. of Elizabeth Julia, youngest daughter of E. J. Cur Woodend, Yorkshire, to Isabella Sophia, daughteis, Esq. M.P.

ter of the Hon. and Rev. Archibald Hamilton At Glasgow, George Stephenson, Esq. Soli. Cathcart. citor, Lisburn, to Louisa Ann, third daughter of - At Edinburgh, Mr David Morris, jun. mer. the late Major James Robertson of Cray, Perth chant, Dunfermline, to Euphemia, fourth daughshire.

ter of Mr John Steel, merchant, Prince's Street. Oct. 1. At Kincraig, the Rev. James Noble, St At Edinburgh, the Rev. Andw. Milroy, miMadoes, to Margaret, eldest daughter of James nister of Crailing, to Margaret, eldest surviving Crow, Esq.

daughter of James Bryce, Esq. 2. Át Dálmarnock, Glasgow, Robert Thomson, 5. At Gibraltar, Capt. John Macdonald of Ari.

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