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people never sat in a church. “Haunt Or look at the boxes. “ Ultimate of harlots,” indeed! How dare you, resource of all the wanton, profligate, you nine-pin, to calumniate the citi- and vile!”. What do you mean, you zens, the citizens' wives, and the ci- miscreant? Why, that beautiful

young tizens' daughters of Modern Athens? bride is yet in her honey-moon, and “Nursery of Vice!". Why, you Flea, the angel on her right hand is to be erery countenance there is mantling married on Thursday to that handwith a harmless happiness, while some hussar, whose irresistibles you Murray, or Mackay, is diffusing yourself made, and they do you mirth over the smiling semicircle? infinite credit. A hundred, fair and “ Grand Focus of Iniquity!” Con- innocent as she, åre all shedding such found your impudence, you Louse, tears as angels weep for not a householder there who does not

“ The gentle lady married to the Moor," pay his taxes, please his wife, educate his children, and go to church twice so gently personified by the gentle every Sabbath. «

Temple of Satan !" Miss Jarman. Were Satan, you Dung, to dare to “Fling hini ower-fling him ower." shew his face on the critic row, Such is the cry of all the gods in the these two strapping students of di- gallery, and Snip plays spin at halfvinity would kick him into his na- price from heaven, and loses his life tive element. “ Within its circle all for sixpence. profaneness, impurity, gross impiety, Having now given an analysis of and crime !" You Bug, you must the ge,

a Poem, in Eight books, achave dined to-day on poisoned cab- companied with copious extracts, we bage, and the fumes have wrapt your

conclude our article with a hint to brain in delirium. But list! You Snip to keep to his cabbage. It is must keep a better tongue in your fortunate for him that we have haphead, else even your profession may pened to be in a good humour-but not save you from punishment; and the skipping of a flea gets teazingwith nice adaptation of instrument and if we catch him again, we shall to criminal, some cit will apply the certainly crack him, or bury him little toe of his left foot to your pos- alive in a pinch of snuff-and of all teriors, and make you jerk along deaths the most painful is that of Shakspeare square like a bit of In- Maccabaw. dian rubber,


LONDON. Early in January will be published, in Part IV. of Wetten's Designs for Villas ene volume, Consolations in Travel; or, in the Italian Style of Architecture. the Last Days of a Philosopher. By Sir Numbers VIII. and IX. of Robin. Humphrey Dary, Bart. late President of son's Designs for Farm Buildings. the Royal Academy.

Patroni Ecclesiarum ; or a List, alphaPrinciples of Geology; being an at betically arranged, of all the Patrons of tempt to explain the former changes of Dignities, Rectories, Vicarages, Perpethe Earth's Surface, by reference to causes tual Curacies and Chapelries of the Unic: now in operation. In 2 vols. 8vo, with ted Church of England and Ireland. plates. By C. Lyell, Esq, F.R.S., Fo With Indexes. reign Secretary to the Geological Society. New Editions of the Rev. H. Blunt's

Delineations of the North-Western (of Chelsea) Lectures on the History of Division of the County of Somerset, in Jacob and Peter. Each in one volume, cluding the Parishes, Manors, Towns, 12mo. Villages, Churches, Antiquities, Gentle The Author of “ The Revolt of the mens' Seats, &c., with a descriptive ac Bees" has nearly ready for publication a count of the Antediluvian Bone Caverns poem entitled “ The Reproof of Brutus." in the Mendip Hills; and a geological Ringstead Abbey; or the Stranger's sketch of the district. By John Rutter. Grave. With other Tales. By an EngIllustrated with six Engravings on cop lishwoman, Author of " Letters," The per, six on stone, upwards of thirty on Ring,” &c. Wood, and a Map coloured geologically, The Executor's Account-Book ; or a 15s.

Plain and Easy Method of Keeping ExeMr Rutter has also just published a cutorship Accounts. By John H. Bra- , Series of Views, consisting of twenty ad

dy, Author of " Plain Instructions ditional Illustrations of the Ecclesiastical to Executors and Administrators," and and Domestic Architecture of the North “ Plain Advice on Wills." Western Division of Somersetshire, 7s. 60. Mr Leigh Cliffe, Author of “ Marga

A second edition of Lectures on Eng ret Coryton,” &c., announces for publica«. lish Poetry, Historical Tales, and Mis tion, early in the present month, & vocellaneous Poems, being the Literary Re lume of Original Anecdotes, under the mains of the late Henry Neele.

title of " Anecdotal Reminiscences of disIn the course of the ensuing month Mr tinguished Literary and Political CharacCurtis's 6th volume of British Entomo ters, illustrated with numerous auto. logy will be ready for publication. graphs.

The Anabasis of Xenophon, with Ex-, A new Latin Class-book is about to planatory English Notes, Examination

make its appearance, viz. :— The ProQuestions, &c. By F. C. Balfour, M. A. verbs of Solomon, arranged under distinct 8. 63. boards.

Heads, and placed in parallel lines with The Edipas Coloneus of Sophocles, an intermediate Latin Version, consisting with Explanatory English Notes, Exa of the Nominatives, First Persons, and mination Questions, &c. By the Rev. other Roots of the Nouns, Verbs, &c. J. Brasse, D.D., 5s. boards.

Dr John Hennen has in the press Samuel Drew, editor of the Imperial Sketches of the Medical Topography of Magazine, announces, that he is revising the Mediterranean, comprising a Descripbis “ Original Essay on the Immaterial tion of Gibraltar, the Ionian Islands, and ity and Immortality of the Human Soul,” Malta, by his father, the late Dr Hennen, preparatory to its republication on his Inspector of Hospitals, Author of the own account.

Work on the Principles of Military Sure The Etymological Spelling-Book. By gery. Henry Batter, Author of « Gradations Nearly ready, Letters of Locke to Mr in Reading and Spelling."

Furby, Mr Clarke of Chiptey, and Sir Indgetire Grammar. By an expe Hans Sloane ; also some Original Letters rienced Teacher.

of Algernon Sydney and of Lord Shaftes. Part II. of a Series of Subjects from bury, Author of the Characteristics. the Works of the late R. P. Bonington, Edited by T. Forster, M. D., who will drawn ou Stone by J. D. Harding. prefix a short analytical account of Locke's

Hours of Devotion, for the promotion Life, Writings, and Opinions. In one of true Christianity and Family Worship. volume, post octavo, Translated from the original German,

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ARCHITECTURE AND THE FINE ARTS. Writings, and his Opinions upon a varie

The Fifteenth Number of the Spirit of ty of important Matters, Civil and Ecthe Plays of Shakspeare, containing eigh- clesiastical. By Walter Wilson, Esq. of teen Engravings in Outline, illustrative the Inner Temple. In three large vols., of Henry the Fourth, Parts I. and II. ; price L. 2, 2s. embellished with a fine poraccompanied by Quotations and Descrip- trait. tions. Drawn and engraved by Frank Dr Edmund Calamy's Historical AcHoward. 8vo, price 12s. and in 4to, on count of his own Life and Times, now India paper, L.l, ls.

first printed from the original MS, In A concise History and Analysis of all two vols. 8vo, with a portrait, 388. the principal Styles of Architecture ; Memoirs and Correspondence of Thoviz. Egyptian, Grecian, Roman, that of mas Jefferson, late President of the Unithe Dark Ages, of the Arabians, and of ted States. Edited by Thomas Jefferson the Normans. By an AmateurWith Randolph. Under the sanction of the plates, in post 8vo, 10s. 6d.

executors of Mr Jefferson. In two vols. Exemplars of Tudor Architecture, 8vo, 21s. adapted to Modern Habitations; with Memoirs of Bolivar, President LiberaIllustrative Details, selected from Ancient tor of the Republic of Colombia. By Edifices; and Observations on the Fur General H. L. V. Ducoudray Holstein, niture of the Tudor Period. By T. F. Ex-Chief of the Staff of the President Hunt, architect. In royal 4to, with 37 Liberator. In two rols. post 8vo, with a plates, price L.2, 2s. ; or with India portrait. Proofs, L.3, 3s.

Dr Doddridge's Private CorrespondBeverlac; or, the Antiquities and His ence, including many particulars in his tory of the Town of Beverley in the Life hitherto unknown, with Notices of County of York, and of the Provostry and many of his Contemporaries, and a Sketch Collegiate Establishment of St John's; of the Ecclesiastical History of the Times By George Poulson, Esq. late of the Uni- in which he lived. In two vols. 8vo, with versity of Oxford. In two vols. 4to, with a fine portrait. mumerous engravings; also in royal 8vo. Private Memoirs of the Court of Louis

The Landscape Annual; or, Tourist XVIII. By a Lady. In two vols. 8vo. 1 in Italy and Switzerland. From draw The Court and Camp of Bonaparte; ings by Samuel Prout, Esq. painter in forming vol. VIII, of the Family Libra. water colours to his Majesty. The lite. rary department by Thomas Roscoe, Esq.

EDUCATION, Price, elegantly bound in Morocco, L.I, Jurenal and Persius, literally trans1s.-royal 8vo.-India proofs, L.2, 12s. lated, for the use of Students. By Wil6d.

liam Smart, M. A. translator of Virgil,

12mo, 6s. Dr Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopedia, vol. Recueil des Phrases, utiles aux etranI. ; being the first volume of a History of gers voyageant en Angleterre. 18mo, 2s. Scotland, in two vols. By Sir Walter 6d. sewed. Scott, Bart. In small 8vo, illustrated A Grammar of the English Language. with a handsome vignette title, engraved By William Pinnock, author of the Caby Finden, price, 6s.

techisms, &c. 12mo, 4s, bound. A Manual of Ancient History, consi. An Epitome of General Knowledge, dered in relation to the Constitution, with Derivations, Illustrations, and HisCommerce, and Colonies of the different torical Extracts, combining Instruetion States of Antiquity. By A. H. L. Hee and Amusement. By Mrs Hedgeland. ren, Professor of History in the university 2 vols. 12mo, 9s. of Gottingen. Translated from the Ger The Young Lady's Book; a Manna man. 8vo, 15s.

of elegant Recreations, Exereises, an Letters of Philip, Second Earl of Ches Pursuits. 12mo, 21s. terfield, to several celebrated individuals Familiar Elucidations on Composition of the time of Charles II., William III., addressed to those who have neglecte and Queen Anne, with some of their Re Grammar. By Justin Brenau. 18m plies, from the MS. in his own handwri. 38. ting, in the possession of the late Sir Two Essays on the Geography of Ar James Pulteney, Bart. 8vo, 14s. cient Asia, intended partly to illustra

Memoirs of the Life and Times of Da. the Campaigns of Alexander, and tl niel De Foe, containing a Review of his Anabasis of Xenophon. By tbe Re

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John Williams, vicar of Lampeter, and The Literary Blue Book; or, Calendar rector of the Edinburgh Academy, 8vo, of Literature and the Arts for 1830. %. 6d.

The Zoological Keepsake; a new AnMEDICAL

nual for 1830. Edited by Edward AuDr Arnot's Elements of Physics, or gustus Kendal, Esq. 6s. 6d. Natural Philosophy, General and Me The Eccentric; or Memoirs of no Comdical, Vol. II., Part I., comprehending mon Characters, &o. 12mo, plates, 3s. 6d. the Subjects of Heat and Light. 8vo, boards. los. 6d.

A Letter to Lord Robert Seymour, Lectures on Anatomy, interspersed with a Report of the Number of Lunatics with Practical Remarks. By Bransby and Idiots in England and Wales. By B. Cooper, F.R.S., Surgeon in Guy' Sir Andrew Halliday, K.H. and M.D. Hospital, and Lecturer on Anatomy, &c. 8vo, 3s. 6d. sewed. &c. Royal 8vo, with plates, 15s. bds, The Family Library, No. VII, (being

Health without Physic; or Cordials the Natural History of Insects.) Small for Youth, Manhood, and Old Age: in- 8vo, 5s. cluding Maxims, Medical, Moral, and Fa A Description of Commander Marcetious, for the Prevention of Disease, shall's new Mode of Mounting and Workand the Attainment of a long and vigo- ing Ships' Guns; wherein the Nature and rous Life. By an Old Physician. I vol. Advantages of its novel Properties are 12mo, 6s.

shewn, and illustrated by the results of Economy of the Hands, Feet, Fingers, Official Experiments. 4to, with plates, and Toes; which includes the Preven 12s. 6d. tion, Treatment, and Cure of Corns, Bun Examination of the Principles and Po. nions, and deformed Nails, &c. 4s. licy of the Government of British India,

A Familiar Treatise on Nervous Af- embracing a particular Inquiry concernfections, Disorders of the Head, Chest, ing the Tenure of Land, Strictures on Stomach, Bowels, &c. By J. Stevenson, the Administration of Justice, and SugM.D. 18mo, 3s. 6d.

gestions for the Improvement of the ChaThe History and Treatment of Coughs, racter and Condition of the Natives in Colds, and of the Winter Complaints, &c. general. By a Gentleman in the Service By J. Stevenson, M.D. 18mo, 3s. 6d. of the Honourable East India Company.

An Account of the Mode of Perform. 8vo, price 7s. boards. ing the Lateral Operation of Lithotomy, The Foreign Quarterly Review, No. with Illustrations. By E. Stanley, As. IX., price 7s. 6d. sistant-Surgeon, and Lecturer on Ana. Wilson's New Portable Strangers' tomy and Physiology, at St Bartholo- Guide through London and its Environs, mew's Hospital. 4to, 15s.

for 1830, with a Map. 2s. 6d. Notions on the Nature of Fever and of The same Work in French. 2s. 6d. Nervous Action. By W. F. Bow, M.D. The Englishman's Almanack, or Daily Sro, 3s. 6d. boards.

Calendar of General Information for the A Review of the Doctrine of a Vital United Kingdom, for 1830, on an enPrinciple, as maintained by some Writers tirely new plan, comprehending a great en Physiology, with Observations on the variety of illustrative details, and many Causes of Physical and Animal Life. By directions of universal importance. 2s. 6d. J. C. Prichard, M, D. 8vo, 7s.

The Tradesman's and Mechanic's AlThe Anatomy of the Human Bones, manack, for 1830; containing an abunlustrated in Five Plates; calculated to dance of such information as will be uscimpress on the mind their respective ful and interesting to Persons employed names and situations. For the Use of in Trade and Mechanical Arts. 2s. 68. Schools and Artists. 10s. 6d. coloured. Vegetable Cookery; with an IntroMISCELLANEOUS.

duction, recommending Abstinence from Sketches of Intellectual and Moral Re Animal Food and Intoxicating Liquors. lations. By Daniel Pring, M. D. &c. In 4s. one vol. 8ro, 15s. boards.

Higgins on Light and Optical InstruThe Book Rarities in the University ments. 8vo, 7s. of Cambridge, illustrated by Original Let The British Naturalist; or, an Acters and Notes, Biographical, Literary, count of the Appearance and Habits of and Antiquarian. By the Rev. C. H. the more remarkable living Productions Hartshorne, M. A. In one vol. 8vo, with of Britain and the British Seas, with the mumerous Woodcuts, price L.1, 11s. 6d. Scenes where they are found ; combining

The Quarterly Review, No. 82. 6s.) Popular Language and Scientific Prin

Porest Scenes and Incidents in the ciples. With Illustrations. 12mo, 8s. 611. Wilds of North America. By George On Masting Ships and Mast-making ; Head, Esq. Post 8vo, 8s. 6d.

giving some of the Principles on which


the masting of ships depends; with the of “ Waterloo, or the British Minstrel,"
Practical Operations of Mast-making. By “ Songs of the Grecian Minstrels,” &c.
John Fincham, Superintendent of the In 8vo, 10s. 60.
School of Naval Architecture, Portsmouth Raphael, a Poem. By W. D. Walker,
Dock-yard. Royal 8vo, 15s.

Esq. In 8vo, 10s. 6d. A Letter to Sir Henry Steuart, Bart. The Poetical Album, and Register of on the Improvement in the Quality of Modern Fugitive Poetry. Second Series. Timber, to be effected by the high culti Edited by Alaric A. Watts, Esq. Post vation and quick growth of Forest Trees, 8vo, 12s. in reply to certain passages in his “ Plant

THEOLOGY. er's Guide." By W. Withers. In 8vo, The Christian's Book, comprising select 4s. Bewed.

and original Prayers, Meditations, and An Inquiry into the Causes of the De- Hymns, for Family and Private Worship. cline of Historical Painting, with the Foolscap 8vo, cloth. Means to be pursued for its Restoration, Reflections on Every Day of the Week, By Douglas Guest, 8vo, 5s.

with Occasional Thoughts, Poems, &c. Letter to Lord Aberdeen, on the Fo By Catherine Talbot. Royal 32mo, Is., reign Policy of England. By Gally or ls. 6d. in black sheep. Knight, 8vo, 2s.

Scraps and Sketches. By George Four Years in South Africa. By Cow Cruickshank. Part II. 8s. plain. Co per Rose, Royal Engineers. In 1 vol. loured, 12s. India Proofs, 15s.

8vo, 10s. 6d.

Lieutenant Hardy's Travels in the InTales of a Briefless Barrister. In 3

terior of Mexico, in 1826, 1827, and 1828. vols, post 8vo, 27s.

In 1 large vol, with Map, and numerous Tales of My Time. By the author of INustrations, 16s. “ Blue-Stocking 'Hall.” In 3 vols. post Travels in Chaldæa, including a Jour8vo, 28s. 6d.

ney from Bussorah to Bagdad, Hillah, Stories of a Bride. By the authoress and Babylon. By Captain Mignan, Hon. of “ The Mummy.” 3 vols, 28s. 6d. East India Company's Service. In 1 vol.

The Life of a Midshipman. In 1 vol. 8vo, with 25 Illustrations, 14s. 8vo, 9ş. 6d.

Journal of a Passage from the Pacifie Tales of Four Nations, In 3 vols, post. to the Atlantic, crossing the Andes in the 8vo, 27s.

Northern Provinces of Peru, and descend-,

ing the river Maranon, or Amazon. By Tales in Verse, illustrative of the seve Henry Lister Maw, Lt. R. N. ral Petitions of the Lord's Prayer. By Stories of Travels in Turkey ; with an the Rev. H. T. Lyte. Second edition.. Account of the Manners and Customs of In 12mo, 59. 60.

the Inhabitants of Constantinople, foundThe Athenaid ; or Modern Grecians. ed upon the narratives of Macfarlane, A Poem, with Notes characteristic of the Madden, Walsh, Frankland, Andreossy, Manners and Customs of the Greeks and and other recent Travellers. Turks.' By Henry J. Bradfield, author gravings and a map, 6s. 60. lettered.




With en

EDINBURGH. Annals of the Peninsular Campaigns, History of Scotland. By P. Fraser from 1808 to 1814. By the author of Cy- Tytler, Esq. F. R. S., &c. Vol. III. 8vo, ril Thornton, with fourteen plates. 3 12s. vols. 12mo, 27s.

Oliver Cromwell, a Poem, in Three History of the Progress and Suppres Books. 12mo, 6s. boards. sion of the Reformation in Spain, in the A Glance at London, Brussels, and Sixteenth Century. By Thos. M'Crie, Paris. 12mo, 6s. boards. D.D. 8vo, 10s. 6d.

Memoirs of Rear-Admiral Paul Jones, Principles of the Law of Scotland. By Chevalier of the Military Order of MeGeorge Joseph Bell, Esq. 8vo, 18s. rit, and of the Russian Order of St Anne,

Political Fragments. By Robert For &c. 2 vols. 12mo. 14s. syth, Esq. Advocate, 12mo, 4s.

Studies in Natural History ; exhibitThe Quarterly Journal of Agriculture, ing a popular View of the most striking and Prize Essays and Transactions of the and interesting objects of the Material Highland Society of Scotland. No. VII. World. By William Rhind, Member of 58. 6d..

the Royal Medical and Royal Physical An Inquiry into the Natural Grounds Societies of Edinburgh. 12mo, illusof Right to Vendible Property, or Wealth. trated by ten engravings, 6s, By Samuel Read. 8vo, 123,

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