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of, 359

of, 23.

Gold, See Bank-Notes. Japanese, account of, in 1611,
Graham, Lieut., on Sufiism, 21. 40. Farther particulars, 41
Greece, antient, obs.on the states ---55. Their own view of

their policy, 55.
Greek" language, antient and Jutshmiasin, Armenian convent,
modern, remarks on, 140.

visit to, 353.
Greenland, missions to, poeti- Idol, Parisnath-Gowricha, on the
cally described, 57.

worship of, 23.
Gregory IX.,. Pope, his support Jeffries, Lord Chancellor, anec-
of the Inquisition, 539.

dotes of, 271.
Gull, new species of, described, Jerusalem, description of a visit

to, 285. 342.
Guzerat, account of a hill-fort Jewess, about to be burned alive
in, 23. Of the famine in, 24. by the Knights Templars,

story of, 86.
Halifax, Lord, anecdote of, 256. Ignorance, deplored and depre-
Harmonites, account of that sect cated in a discourse from the
in America, 328.

pulpit, 308.
Harvest-morning poetically de- India, on a vocabulary of lan-
scribed, 298.

guages of, 24. Antient and
Henrietta-Maria, Queen of modern researches concern.

Charles I., ruled by her French ing, 383
priests, 33

Infancy, ode to the scenes of, 63.
Hill-fort, in Guzerat, account Innate depravity of man, obs.

on, 170.
Hindus, obs. on their religion Inquisition, in Spain, origin and
compared with the Egyptian,

progress of, 536. Its dread.
161. On the mythology of, ful ravages. 543.
385. On their philosophy and Inquisitor, Grand, assassinated,
theology, 386. On their as-

tronomy, 389.

Insects, century of, 261. From
Hindustan, foundation of the Mu- New Holland, described, ib.
hammedan dynasties in, 202.

properly so called, de-
History, obs. on its great utility, finition of, 515, 516.

Johnson, Dr., his great excel-
Horner, Mr., on solving nume- lence as a writer, and dexter-
rical equations, 373.

ity in verbal argument, 249.
Hospital-rot, obs. on that dis. Jomini, General, some account
ease, 526.

of, and of his great military
Hottentot Venus, dissection of,

Jordan, river, new and authentic
Hydatids, remarks on, 515. particulars respecting, 348.
I and J

work, 449

Irvine, Lieut., on the Gipsey and
James I. of England, his shame- Hindustanee languages, 20.

ful treaty with France for the Isaure, Clementia, her institu-
marriage of his son, 30.

tion of the floral games of
II., his attempts to estab- Toulouse, 480.
lish tyranny and popery, 117. Ischia, manners of the clergy
His hard treatment of the
Bishops, 272.

Italy, transactions in the Re-
Jamison, Sir John, on the Orni. publics of, during the 15th
thorynchus paradoxus, 268.

century, &c. 485. Reflec-


there, 499.

vince, 23.

tions on the modern condition Mackintosh, Sir James, bis dis-
of, compared with her former course to the Literary Society
greatness, 496.

at Bombay, 16. On a vocabu.
Juncus, obs. on that genus of

lary of Indian languages, 24.
plants, 257

Mackmurdo, Lieut., on the wor-

ship of an Indian idol, 23.
Kater, Capt., excellence of his On the province of Kattiwar,
compass, 192.

on the variation of Magendie, M., on azote, 53!.
the pendulum, 376.

Mahomedan sects and mysticism,
Kattiwar, remarks on that pro- See Malcolm, See Graham.

Mainotes, anecdote of their de-
Kentucky, anecdote of the wi- tention of a Russian man of

dow of a farmer in that state, rank, 287

Malcolm, Sir John, on some sects
Keylas, a Hindu temple, de- of Mahomedans, 21,
scribed, 155.

Malthus, Mr., his tenets at.
Kirby, Mr., his century of in- tacked and defended, 469.

sects, 261. On insects from Malus, M., obs. on his theory
New Holland, ib.

of double refraction, 180.
Knight, Mr. T. A., on different Manna, remarks on, 23.
strawberries, 260.

Mariana, Juan de, his statement
Kotzebue, M. obs. on, and ac- respecting the Inquisition,

count of, his assassination, 542.

Marlborough, the great Duke of,

anecdotes of his meanness as
Latreille, M., on remarkable to pecuniary' affairs, 255.
crabs, 528.

Marryat, Capt., on two new
Lava, volcanic, distinguished

shells, 258.
from rock, 527

Mary, Queen of Scots, her verses
Laws of Japan, remarks on, 54. on quitting France, 210.
Levrat, Dr., on a succedaneum --, consort of William III.,
for coffee, 524.

her indifference to the fate of
Leyden, Dr., particulars and

her father, James II., 273.
anecdotes respecting, 65–68. Mathematics, obs. on a perverted
Light, new examples of its in- study of that science, 182.

fluence on natural phænome- Mavalipuram, near Madras, ac-
na, 527. See Brewster.

count of the ruins at, 392.
Lion's den, curious visit 10, 281. Medici, obs. on the despotic de-
Ludovico Sforza, his usurpation, signs of that family while in
character, &C., 487.

power, 489.
Lycoperdon, obs. on that vege. Medicine, schools of, at Mont-
table, 260.

pelier, oath there taken by
Lycopodium denticulatum, on the every physician on receiving
germination of, 260.

his degree, 482.
Lyellia, a new moss, described, Memory, methods of assisting,


Menu, Institutes of, obs.on, 384.
Macbride, Dr., on the Lycoper. Mesembryanthemum, cause of the
don; 260.

closing of its flowers, 522.
Machinery, great increase of, in Miles, Capt., on a hill-fort in
the last 25 years, 105.

Guzerat, 23.


ed, 57

of, 355.

Missions of the Moravians to of the Lord's Prayer recom-
Greenland poetically describ- mended, 24. 336. Specimen of

a Sanskrit Pater-noster, 158,
Mollusca, definitions of, 520. 159.
Montagu, Mr., on some species Pedes scansorii of Birds, on their

of the genus Terebella, 258. use, 265.
Morals of Nasir, account of, 20. Pendulum, experiments on the
Morley, Col., Lieutenant of the

variation of, 376.
Tower, Mr. Evelyn's endea- Pennsylvania, travels through
vours to bring hini over to the that state described, 316.

interest of Charles II., 116. Persia, obs. on the history and
Mosses, remarks on, 268.

religion of, 200. Views of
Mount of Olives, description of, improvement by the Prince

Mount Tabor, recent visit to, 340. Pharisees, sermon on their con-

duct and tenets, 307.
Nasir, Morals of, account of Pindaries, account of their na-
that book, 20.

ture and force, 311.
Nazareth, recent account of, 338. Plague, in London, in 1665, de-
Needle, magnetic, on irregulari-

scribed, 123

At Constan-
ties of, 184.

tinople, 137
New Holland, account of, and Plants, Indian, description of,

obs. on the colony at, 427. 259
Nicetas Eugenianus, some ac- Poor-laws, remarks on, 473.

count of that author and his Pope, Mr., his imperfect clas-
writings, 476.

sical knowlege, 251. Anec-
Nicholas, Sir Edward, his honest dotes of, 252. His verses to

and persevering attachment Lord Oxford, 254. His great
to Charles I. and II., 276. diffidence, 256. Anecdote of
Letter to, from the Queen of him and Lord Halifax, ib.
Bohemia, ib.

Popes, dreadful effects of their
Nicolls, Col., on the tempera- secular power and persecuting
ture of Bombay, 16.

spirit, 537,538.
Niger, obs, on the course of that Population of Bussora, 278.
river, 163.

Of Bagdad, 280. Remarks on
Nightingale, lines on the note Mr. Malthus's tenets respect-
of, 436.

ing, 469.
Nineveh, description of the sup- Potatoe, found wild in Peru, 269.
posed site of, 282.

Prayer, obs. on, 172.

On the
Nismes, disputes between the

Lord's Prayer, 173.
Catholics and the Protestants Probabilities, doctrine of, re-
of, 483•

marks on, 183

Property, among the peasantry
Ornithorynchus paradoxus, poi- of a country, the best gua-
sonous wound inflicted by its rantee of public tranquillity,

Orphan, a poem, 440.

Prussia, obs. on the military

force and operations of, in
Paolino, Fra, his death, 500. 1792, &c., 452.
Party, political, vindication of,


Rackett, Mr., on the red viper,
Pater-noster, a Polyglott edition



spur, 268.


1611, 40.

visit to, 342.

Reflection, on past conduct, Salisbury, Mr., on Lycopodiun:
well inculcated in a sermon,

denticulatum, 260.

Salsette, account of the caves in,
Refraction, double, obs. on, 180.

Irregularity of, at the winter. Salt, Mr.. on the caves in Sal.
solstice, 370.

sette, 20.
Religion, in Japan, various sys- Salzburg, account of, 497.

tems of, 49. General, remarks Sand, Charles Louis, his assas.
on, 171.

sination of Kotzebue, 148.
Rent, politically considered, 466.

Reflections on, 151.
Retreat, disorderly, of the French Saris, Capt., his visit to Japan in

armies, reasons for, 461.
Revolutions, political, obs. on, Savigny, M., his memoir on an-
153. See France.

nelides, $18.
Rhizomorpha medullaris, account Scoresby, Mr.

, on the dip and va-
of, 261.

riation of the magnetic needle,
Ricardo, Mr., his tenets in poli-

tical economy attacked and Sepulchre, holy, at Jerusalem,

defended, 465
Rocks, See Brochant, See Cor- Series, infinite, See Babbage.

Shells, description of two new
Romances, historical, obs. on, 73. sorts, 258.' Fossil researches
Ross, Mr., his translation of a concerning, 522.
sermon by Sadi, 23.

Sheppard, Mr., on the pedes scan-
Rot, in hospitals, account of that sorii of birds, 265. On the
disease, 526.

Heron, 269.
Ruins, of temples, near Madras, Sicilian story poetically nar.

description of, 392.
Russell, William, Lord, his cha Sidney, Algernon, vindicated

racter vindicated, and parti- from the charge of being paid
culars of his life, &c. 226—244. by France, 237

Rachael, Lady, her high Smith, Sir J., on two species of
qualities, 228. 244. Her let-

Tordylium, 259. On Rhizo-
ter to her husband, 229.

morpha medullaris, 261.
Russia, account of the embassy Solstice, winter and summer, va-

from that court to Persia, 351. riations of the obliquity of the
Interest of its history, 503. ecliptic at those periods, 370.
Particularsin, 504,&c. Treaty Sowerby, Mr., on the genus Te.
with the Emperor of Constan- rebratula, 265
tinople, 945.507. High cha- Spain, obs. on the question whe-
racter of one of its early sove- ther that country was ever a
reigns, 509. Obs. on the pro- colony of Egypt, 183. Me-
per site for the capital of, 511. lancholy recent picture of its

state, 397. Better prospects,
Sabine, Capt., on irregularities 535. History of the Inquisi-

of the compass-needles, 184. tion in, ib.
His new species of Gull, 266. Spence, Rev. Joseph, obs. on his
On the birds of Greenland, ib.

works, 245
-, Mr., on a new species Stachelberg, Baron, account of
of Gull, 266.

his captivity by the Mainotes,
Sadi, translation of a sermon of, 287.

Staunton, Sir George, his trans-


rated, 293

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lation of two Chinese edicts, Velocity of balls, &c., remarks

on, 95.
Strawberries, on different species Velore, ode on leaving, 61.
of, 260.

Venetians, bravery of, in a sea-
Summer-evening poetically de- fight with the Turks, in 1499,
picted, 298.


Vermes, obs. on the class of,
Tabasheer, on the properties of, 514

Vestris, the dancer, supposed
Temple, Hindu, described, 155. poetic address of, 198.

Obs. on the date of the tem- Viper, red, obs. on, 259.
ple of Dendera, 161.

Vladimir Monomachos, an early
Temples, near Madras, theirruins Russian sovereign, his high
described, 392

character, 509
Tenon, M., eulogy of, 532. Vogel, M., on the properties of
Terebella, description of five spe- light, 527
cies of, 258.

Urns, sepulchral, in Persia, ac-
Terebratula, account of that ge-

count of, 23.

nus, 265.
Theology, the study of, recom- War, continental, of 1756, and

mended and enforced, 305. of the French Revolution, mi-
Tiberias, lake of, described, 340. litary details of, 452. Obs.
Tides, between Fairleigh and on the art of, 460.

the North Foreland, obs. on, Waterloo, battle of, described by

a Highland soldier, 220.
Timbuctoo, particulars respect- Whigs, their conduct in nego-
ing, 163

tiating with the French court,
Tomb, of our Saviour, account in the reign of Charles II., dis-
of, 342.

cussed, 230.
Tordylium, on two species of, 259. White Lady, Song of, 416.
Toulouse, floral games of, their Whitear, Mr., on the plumage of
origin, 480.

birds, 266.
Tournament, temp. Richard I. of Women, eulogium on, 228.

England, described, 86. Wordsworth, Mr., burlesque pa-
Travelling, obs. on the effects of,

rody of his writings, 323.

Wrede, Baron, on the festival of
Tristan da Cunha, description Mamangom, 16.
of, 262.

Wycherley, the poet, anecdotes
Troops, obs. on the movement

of, 254, 255.

of, 458.
Tunicated class of animals, ac- Yorkshire, emigrant from, to
count of, 512.

America, anecdote of, 330.
U and V

Young, Dr., on errors in physi.
Van Diemen's Land, emigration cal observations, &c. 181.

to that island recommended, Youth, poetic address to, 439.

Vatel, cook to the Prince of Zodiac, signs of, obs. on their

Condé, his fate poetically de- meaning, &c. 389.
picted, 194•


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