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THIS BIBLIOGRAPHY represents the beginning of a task which the Modern Humanities Research Association hopes in time to accomplish that of providing modern language scholars and students with adequate and up-to-date bibliographies year by year. For the first year it was thought best to limit the field, and the present pamphlet therefore represents only work published on English language and literature during the year 1920. The countries represented in it are as follows: Australia, British Isles, Canada, Czecho-Slovakia, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, India, Italy, Portugal, Rumania, Serbia, Spain (including works in Catalan), Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States of America. Both books and articles are included in the list; the aim has been to include all serious contributions to the subject, and the task of selection has generally been left to the local compiler. From time to time however expert opinion has been called in as to the merits of any book or article. All works not published during the year 1920 are excluded, and a supplement will be published in the Association's Bulletin for July 1921, containing any titles which arrived too late for inclusion.

The organisation of such work as this is not easy, and it so happens that the unusual pressure of University work upon the principal compilers has made it impossible to prepare this pamphlet with the care which it is hoped to give to its successors. We print on p. vi the instructions to collaborators to the Bibliography for 1921, and we hope that our critics will not only send in suggestions, but will become compilers as well. The incompleteness of the present issue is due entirely to a dearth of helpers: it is our eventual aim to build up a strong body of reliable compilers in every country for each of the languages studied there,

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The names of the compilers for 1920 are as follow in alphabetical order: Mr A. F. G. Bell, M. Beza, Prof. G. Bonnard, Prof. S. J. Crawford, Sr. Estelrich, Mr J. A. Falconer, Dr B. Fehr, Prof. A. S. Ferguson, Dr F. de Figueiredo, Mr B. J. Hayes, Prof. A. Koszul, Mr P. R. Krishnawami, Miss Ràdmila Lotić, Prof. V. Mathesius, Prof. C. S. Northup, Miss A. C. Paues, Mr E. Allison Peers, Prof. P. Popovič, Mr J. Purves, Prof. L. Schücking, Sr. Solalinde, Miss Zora Vulović, Dr R. E. Zachrisson, Mr R. W. Zandvoort. In addition to these are seven helpers who wish to remain anonymous, including one who kindly undertook to collect the British contributions, and, in addition, in spite of unusual pressure, gave much help with the arrangement of the slips. Should any name have been omitted by inadvertence from the list it will be published in the next issue.

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It may not be out of place to give in brief form the aims of our Association and the way in which those who use this bibliography may join it.

The Association was founded on June 1st, 1918, and at present numbers over 600 members. Its main object is the encouragement of advanced study in Modern Languages and Literatures by co-operation, through correspondence, personal intercourse, the interchange of information and counsel, and financial support for students engaged in research. The Association aims at improving and facilitating means and methods, and seeks such a co-ordination of isolated effort that those interested or engaged in the same branch of research shall be kept informed of each other's work, and that unnecessary duplication of energy shall be avoided.

Membership of the Association is open to graduate students of all countries, at the discretion of the Committee. Approved

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