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Seite 375 - Engineer, being the art of directing the great sources of power in Nature for the use and convenience of man...
Seite 29 - If we accept the hypothesis that the elementary substances are composed of atoms we cannot avoid concluding that electricity also, positive as well as negative, is divided into definite elementary portions, which behave like atoms of electricity.
Seite 368 - ... from one side of the jar to the other; the phenomena require us to admit the existence of a principal discharge in one direction, and then several reflex actions backward and forward, each more feeble than the preceding, until the equilibrium is obtained. All the facts are shown to be in accordance with this hypothesis, and a ready explanation is afforded by it of a number of phenomena which are to be found in the older works on electricity, but which have, until this time, remained unexplained.
Seite 216 - So when inclement winters vex the plain, With piercing frosts, or thick descending rain, To warmer seas the cranes embodied fly, With noise and order through the midway sky, To Pygmy nations wounds and death they bring, And all the war descends upon the wing.
Seite 390 - ... that for the ordinary necessities of lighthouse illumination, mineral oil is the most suitable and economical illuminant, and that for salient headlands, important landfalls, and places where a very powerful light is required, electricity offers the greatest advantages.
Seite 8 - O Adam, one Almighty is, from whom All things proceed, and up to him return, If not depraved from good, created all Such to perfection ; one first matter all, Indued with various forms, various degrees Of substance...
Seite 216 - Once upon a time, they said, they were on a visit to the oracular shrine of Ammon, when it chanced that in the course of conversation with Etearchus, the Ammonian king, the talk fell upon the Nile, how that its sources were unknown to all men. Etearchus upon this mentioned that some...
Seite 274 - I deliver it unto your Honour upon the credit of a poor gentleman, that out of my ship there was shot 500 shot of demi-cannon, culverin, and demi-culverin ; and when I was furthest off in discharging any of the pieces, I was not out of the shot of their harquebus, and most times within speech one of another. And surely every man did well...
Seite 29 - It may well be questioned whether there is an absolute uniformity in the mass of every ultimate atom of the same chemical element. Probably our atomic weights merely represent a mean value around which the actual atomic weights of the atoms vary within certain narrow limits.
Seite 5 - ... even more violently agitated than it was immediately after the first collision ; and it will again fly outward, but this time axially towards the places whence the two globes fell. It will again fall inwards, and after a rapidly subsiding series of quicker and quicker oscillations it will subside, probably in the course of two or three years, into a globular star of about the same mass, heat, and brightness, as our present sun, but differing from him in this, that it will have no rotation.

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