easy rules for the measurement of earthworks


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Seite 1 - Wood-Cuts, Problems, and Examples, and concluded by an Extensive Table for finding the Solidity in cubic yards from Mean Areas. The whole being adapted for convenient use by Engineers, Surveyors, Contractors, and others needing Correct Measurements of Earthwork.
Seite 12 - RULE.* To the sum of the areas of the two ends add four times the area of a section parallel to and equally distant from both ends, and this last sum multiplied by £ of the height will give the solidity.
Seite 66 - ... the method of your solution. SOLID GEOMETRY. 1. Define a straight line perpendicular to a plane, and prove that when a straight line is perpendicular to two straight lines drawn through its foot in a plane, it is perpendicular to the plane. 2. Prove that, if two solids have equal bases and heights, and if their sections, made by any plane parallel to the common plane of their bases, are equal, they are equivalent.

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