Historic Towns of the Southern States

Lyman Pierson Powell
G. P. Putnam's sons, 1900 - 604 Seiten
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Seite 199 - Treason, treason!" echoed from every part of the house. Henry faltered not for an instant, but, taking a loftier attitude, and fixing on the speaker an eye of fire, he added " may profit by their example. If this be treason, make the most of it...
Seite 509 - Of all men, saving Sylla, the man-slayer, Who passes for in life and death most lucky, Of the great names which in our faces stare, The General Boon, back-woodsman of Kentucky, Was happiest amongst mortals...
Seite 114 - But it was finally agreed, that whatever importance had been attached to the rejection of this proposition, the preservation of the Union and of concord among the States was more important, and that, therefore, it would be better that the vote of rejection should be rescinded, to effect which some members should change their votes.
Seite 202 - ... increased insult, oppression, and a vigorous attempt to effect our total destruction. By a late act, all these colonies are declared to be in rebellion, and out of the protection of the British crown ; our properties subjected to confiscation ; our people, when captivated, compelled to join in the murder and plunder of their relations and countrymen ; and all former rapine and oppression of Americans declared legal and just.
Seite 114 - I proposed to him, however, to dine with me the next day, and I would invite another friend or two, bring them into conference together, and I thought it impossible that reasonable men, consulting together coolly, could fail, by some mutual sacrifices of opinion, to form a compromise which was to save the Union.
Seite 210 - They live in the same neat Manner, dress after the same Modes, and behave themselves exactly as the Gentry in London ; most Families of any note having a Coach, Chariot, Berlin or Chaise.
Seite 114 - There had before been propositions to fix the seat of government either at Philadelphia, or at Georgetown on the Potomac; and it was thought that by giving it to Philadelphia for ten years, and to Georgetown permanently afterwards, this might, as an anodyne, calm in some degree the ferment which might be excited by the other measure alone.
Seite 112 - I must acknowledge myself a party to the bargain, yet I had no share in making it. It is to me an unexpected bargain. Though the interest of the State which I have the honor to represent is involved in it, I am yet to learn of the committee, whether Congress are to tickle the trout on the stream of the Codorus, to build their sumptuous palaces on the banks of the Potomac, or to admire commerce with her expanded wings, on the waters of the Delaware. I have, on this occasion, educated my mind to impartiality,...
Seite 30 - In the train of these goodly groups came the gallants who upheld the chivalry of the age — cavaliers of the old school, full of starch and powder, most of them the iron gentlemen of the Revolution, with leather faces, old campaigners, renowned for long stories, not long enough from the camp to lose their military brusquerie and dare-devil swagger, proper, roystering blades who had not long ago got out of harness and begun to affect the elegancies of civil life. Who but they, jolly fellows, fiery...
Seite 202 - Britain, to restore peace and security to America under the British government, and a re-union with that people upon just and liberal terms, instead of a redress of grievances, have produced, from an imperious and vindictive administration, increased insult, oppression, and a vigorous attempt to effect our total destruction.

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