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position was shown to disperse. The Colonel | again commenced their outrages. Ascending of the district, Colonel Brereton, exerted bii- now w the upper rooms of the Mansion-house, self in the most humane and laudable man. they proceeded to throw out the valuable fur.

He harangued the multitude, begged oiture into the square. The drawers and and intreated them to repair to their homes, other depositaries were ransacked. aad wear. and cautioned them of the dreadful conse. |ing-apparel, bed and table linen, china, &c. quences which their conduct otherwise would were plundered, or wantonly destroyed. infallibly draw upon them. He was every. But another, and a most daugerous exciting where received with the greatest cordiality, cause now began to develope itself. During and with loud cheers. It is a subject of deep the sacking of the Mansion-house, the wineregret, that at an earlier period svine such an cellars were forced, and it is supposed that at able individual had not been found to attempt least one-third of a stock of three hundred the conciliation of the people. We cannot dozen of choice wives was carried off and. but think that the good temper, firmness, and wasted and drunk by the mob. It is needless presence of miud which he displayed would to say that the result was fraught with the have been fraught with the happiest results. worst pussible effects: they became madly in:

If any thing of a nature calculated to draw furiate, and regardless alike of what mischief off the attention from the consideration of the they committed, or what risk they incurred. present state of things could be tolerated, we The scene at this mowent was of the most might here descant at some length on the depraved description; all ages, of both sexes, ludicrous appearance of the kitchen at the were to be seen greedily swallowing the inMansion-house, as viewed through the broken toxicating liquors, while upon the ground the windows, at the fire, the meats were turvinbodies of scores were to be found dead with upon the spits, and upon the ranges the diffe: drunkenness. The streets, too, remote from rene saucepaus, ketiles, &c. were boiling, the scene of action, from this time became unattended by a liviug soul. But the idea noisy from the turbulence of wretches who which at the moment so forcibly impressed were to be seen staggering about in all di. us of the feelings of the men who, anticipat-rections. The troops were then speedily reing the disturbances of importance sufficient placed. but the infuriate mob began to act on to justify the calling in of the inilitary, could, ihe offensive, and sought to wreak their ven. under such circumstances, contemplate the geance on them for the wounds they had in. luxuries of a banquet, forbids us tis eolarge Äicted on the preceding evening, and partiupon the subject. We curved from the scene cularly to be revenged for the killing of the with disgust.

maa ou the top of the Pithay. They attacked Io the manner already described, things them with a shower of stones and brick-bats, proceeded in the square until twelve o'clock wbich the men were wable to resist, no maat night. About this time a party of the gistrate being in attendance to take the rerioters, disappointed by the restraiut which sponsibility of orders to that effect, The Al. the troops imposed upon them, proceeded to dermen, we have been assured, considering the Council-house, where they cuinmenced this the exclusive duty of the Mayor, refused operations by smashing the wiudows. Mean to give the word, and the latter, it would apwhile orders were given to the cavalry to make pear, was overpowered by his feelings. In a charge, and here the scene becaine one of this state of thiugs the commanding officer the greatest confusion. The people, who ran judged it prudent io withdraw the troops (the in all directivos, were pursued through the 141h Light Dragoons), and replace them with streets for a considerable distance by the sold a body of the 3rd Dragoon Guards. On the diers, and several of them received severe curs retireinent of the former, they were followed from the sabres. Many of the people took hy a large portion of the mob who continued refuge in the various passages in Wine-street, their assaults upon them along the quay and from wheuce they assailed the troops with over the drawbridge. On arriving at St. Au. stones, particularly at the top of the Pithay, gustine's back, being provoked beyond further where one of the soldiers having been struck, furlearance, they turned round and fired sevehe immediately turned round, and shot a man ral shots on their assailants, aud a further loss dead upon the spot. It has beeu currently of life was the result. The mob, however, reported that he dismounted and followed nothiug daunted, still continued to follow bim; but we have been assured, on goud them, and in College-greeu some further authority, that this was not the case. This firing occurred. In this place a considerable was at hall-past twelve, and the soldiers con- number of persons had assembled, expectiug tinuing to gallop about the streets, prevented Sir Charles, as usual, woulu attend divine the re-asseinbliug of the inob during the service in the Mayor's chapel. Still the mob night.

continued their assaults, hanging upon the On Sunday morning the people began again soldiers' heels until they arrived at their to assemble at au early hour in Queen-square, quarters in the Boar's Head Yard, where they but every thing remaining quiet, and it being were again fired upon. The discharges, as boped danger had subsided, the troops were the result must show, were, however but pare withdrawn for some refreshment, having been tial : the number of killed, as near as we on duty for more than twenty-four hours. could ascertain, being one, and wounded They had scarcely disappeared, when the mob seven or eight. One poor fellow, who had

taken no part in the disturbances, was shot | the yard and the Governor's house, and were through the arm as he was standing upon the busily employed in tbrowing every moveable quay, on the opposite side.

article into the new river, and as the tide was Immediately after these occurrences, Colo- fast ebbing, all was carried off by the stream. nel Brereton rode down to the square, follow. The caravan used for couveyiog the prisoners ed by a considerable pumber of men and boys, to the Guildhall was launched into the water who cheered him on his way thịther. He as entire, and thither also were consigned the sured them that there should be no more Governor's books and the apparatus for coufiriog, that the 14th should be immediately structing the drop. The rioters, we have sent out of the city, and again exhurted them beard, procured hammers from the adjoiniog to return to their homes.

ship-yard, and with them the massive locks This was about eleven o'clock, and it was on the iron doors of the different wings were truly awful to reflect on the scenes which were smashed to attoms. The prisoners were now passing at the time when service was com released, and the scenes which followed were inencing in the churches in the neighbour- beyond description. Many of them, both 'hood.

male and female, stripped off their prison In the square, with the exception of the clothes, and proceeded on their way almost in scenes of drunkenness which were still going a state of nudity. As they passed along, the on, nothing particular transpired until the mob cheered them and followed after them evening, with the exception that an individual with exultations. Many of them met their mounted the statue of King William, and fix: friends on the outside, and it is not easy to ing a tri-coloured cap on a long pole, pro- depict the extravagant joy with which they pounced aloud, “The Cap of Liberty !" The mutually embraced each other. soldiers were drawn upin front of the Mansion. After the prisoners bad been liberaled, house, and the mob seemed nowise disposed amounting altogether, exclusive of debtors, tó to molest them, After a while, however, they more than one hundred, the next step taken manifested a restlessness for action, and a partý, was that of setting the prison on fire; and a black by no means numerous, proceeded to the handkerchief having been tied to the weatherBRIDEWELL,

cock on the top of the porter's lodge, over the

gateway, it seemed to be the signal for comfor the purpose of rescuing the prisoners. On mencing operations, for immediately after their arrival, they lost no time in procuriog dense clouds of sipoke' were seen to issue sledge-hammers from the nearest smith's fromevery part of the building. The flames shop, and immediately proceeded to beat in were seen first to break out from the treadthe doors. The keeper (Mr. Evans), we have mill, which burnt with fury until it was quite been informed, had just sat down to diaper consumed. In about an hour, the Governor's intruders. Having succeeded in opening the pletely enveloped in Aames, and the reflection doors, they became apprehensive that the on the heavens was grand and terrific. The lange folding gates wbich at night shut up the wings, however, being built almost exclusively thoroughfare, would be enclosed upon them, of stone and iron, with iron roofs, were but and they directly set about removing them. little injured by fire; though the rioters left This they accomplished with most astonisbing behind them every mark of wanton outrage. facility, and disposed of them by throwing During the proceedings, and while the prithem over the bridge into the boat; they then soners were in course of liberation, a party proceeded to liberate the prisoners, and, of the 3d Guards, about twenty in pumber, having accomplished their end, they forth- arrived; but the mob appeared uothing intiwith set the building on fire. During midated, on the contrary, they cheered the their operation not the slightest troops, who ackoowledged the compliment by

offered them. This hap-taking off their caps, and almost immediately pened about two o'clock. About the same time after turned round and departed. As soon as a stronger party, comprising, iudeed, almost the work of destruction was here completed, the whole budy, proceeded to

the rioters divided themselves into parties, the THE NEW JAIL,

one proceeding to the a strong built, modern building, having been

TOLL-HOUSES, erected about ten years since at a cost of nearly at Prince's-street Bridge, another to the one 100,0001. When we first heard of this move. at the wells, and another to the one at St. ment we regarded any attempt upon the pri- Philip's. These, in the present state of things, son as the wildest scheme that could have were considered minor affairs, and were been imagined; but we lost no time in repair- speedily in fiames. The tenants, we were ing to the spot. The scene which there pre informed, had liberty given them to remove sented itself, will

never be effaced from our their effects. While these were being dememory. Along the New Cut, in front of the stroyed, the fire at the prison raged with the jail, a dense mass of rioters had assembled; greatest fury. They then set off, about seveg and on the opposite bank of the river, and in o'clock, to the deed, wherever the eye could range, the peo; GLOUCESTER COUNTY PRISON. ple were posted in thousands. The mub bad Lawford's-gate, which in a short time was already succeeded in forcing an entrance into broken into, the prisoners all released, and


lestation' was

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the buildiog also fired. Here the fames ashes. "The Right Reveren] the Bishọp, who were as appalling as at the New Jail. At happened to have been in town during the last the same time also a party proceeded to ten or twelve days, removed out of the city Bridewell, which had only partially been de about the middle of the day; and we hear that stroyed, and kiudled up the wing occupied by the most valuable of his effects had also been the keeper; so that the three prisous were in removed, as a ineasure of precaution. He fames at the same instant. There was now preached, we believe, at the cathedral in the not even the appearance of a check to the linorning. licentiousness of the mob, por judecd had But to returu to the square : after the dethere been since the firing of the soldiers iu struction of the Mansion-house, it was buped the morning; but they now seemed to revel that the fury of the mob would have beeu ape in a consciousness of their security. Ac- peased; but, uufortunately, it was otherwise. cordingly, a mere handful of the miscreants The military, having no orders to act otherproceeded to

wise than as mere spectators, were, immediTHE BISHOP'S PALACE,

ately after their arrival, withdrawn, and we Capons'.Marsh, and having effected an ea- believejoised the remainder of their comrades,

trance, immediately cow moneed the work of altogether few in number, in protecting the 1 destruction. A few individuals, however, Couucil-house, which it was expecied would were bastily collected, and for a while suc.

be the next public building attacked. It was ceeded in staying their diabolical designs. at least hoped that the house adjoining the :: Orders were then sent for the inilitary, who Mansiou-house, if not protected from the had been guarding

flames, would be the last that would be per

nitted to be destroyed. But we blush for the THE MANSION-HOUSE,

hovour of our city, while we record the fieudto repair for the protection of the Bishop's like conduct which followed. The riuters residence. They bad no sooner, however, lest conceived the plan of firing the adjoining for that purpose, than the mob, who had all day houses, and by twelve at night, the whole meditated the total destruction of the Man- mass, from the Mansiou-house to the middle sion-house, commenced operations, and in a

avenue, including very sbort period set it ou fire, cominencing in the kitchen under the banqueting-room.

THE CUSTOM-HOUSE, On the arrival of the truops at the Bishop's and all the back building, in Little KingPalace, they found things there tolerably se, street, was one iminense mass of fire. The cure; but the flames which even then rose Custom-house, as may readily be supposed, from the Mansion-house two plainly indicated was a large building, and the expertness of that they had gone to the protection of the the wretches in lighting it up bere, it is certaia one place at the expense of the destruction of proved the destruction of many who were the other. They, however, turned back again, raugiug the upper apartments. Many of them and, by the time of their return to the square, were seen as they approached the windows to the reflection on the opposite side of the Froom drop into the flames, and others, among whom made iť apparent that, by their endeavours to was a female, tbrew themselves in desperation protect both places, each had been sacrificed from the windows. The latter was carried to to the fury of the 'incendiaries. When they the infirmary, where she has since died. arrived in the square, they found the whole of Again the hope was raised that the dreadful the back premises of the Mansion house work would now cease; but it was in vain. A burning with fury, and the apartments in the small band, chiefly boys, who seemed to go front rooms occupied by wretches facilitating about their work as if they had been regularly the destruction of the building, by firing the trained to the bellish employment, proceeded apartments simultaneously. The infatuated to extend the devouring element, preceding creatures, no less intusicated with their suc- their operation by giving half an hour's notice cessful career than with liquor, pressed for to the inmates to retire. The wiodows, were ward to the windows and waved their hand afterwards smashed in, the furniture thrown kerchiefs, cheering, at the same time, iu ex

out and carried off, and the premises ignited ultatiou of the final accomplishment of their with a rapidity truly astonishing. In this designs on the ill-fated building.. We are al manner they swept away onę whole side, and most certain, however, thạt many of them then proceeded to another; commencing with paid the forfeit of their lives for their criminal

THE EXCISE OFFICE temerity. From the rapidity of the progress at the corner. To follow up the account from of the flames, it is supposed that some were this time, three o'clock in the morning, would cut-off from a retreat, and that they thus met only be a repetition of the details at which pur with an untimely end. The fire spread with beart already sickens.' Unrestrained as were most surprising quickness, and in about 30 the flames, they extended to the houses of the minutes the roof fell in, and, together with parallel streets; and, as in this quarter of the the whole front, came down into the street city are many of the principal wine and spirit with a tremendous crash..

stores, the fury of the devouring element can By this time the fire at the Bishop's Palace scarcely be conceived." Taged tboughout the whole pile of building, Altogether there have been completely dewhich, in a short period, was reduced to stroyed forty-two dwelling-houses and warehouses, exclusive of the Mansion-house, Ex- I believe, originated in the utter ignorance of cise-office, Custoin-house, the four Toll- the Magistrates of the state of the city. The houses, the three Prisons, and the Bishop's shops had remained unopened, and the miliPalace.

tary were ordered to clear the streets ; an orNot the least painful reflection is, that, after der which was fulfilled to the letter by a party the destruction of the Custom-house, the re- of, the troops which had experienced some mainder of the mischief was owing to the rough treatinent, and bad in consequence wanton fury of a truly insignificant number of fired upon the people on the previous day. wretches almost exclusively buys. We saw |The sight of this useless piece of duty was three urchins, apparently not more than ten peculiarly distressing; nothing was to be seen or eleven years of age, who, when their re-lon every side but unoffending women and treat from the attic floor of one of the houses children, running and screaming in every di. had been cut off, and while the flames were rection, while several men, apparently on bursting out from beneath them, coolly their way to work, were deliberately cut at, clamber along a coping, projecting not more several seriously injured, and some killed. A than three inches, and, entering an adjoining poor fellow who attempted to take refuge in house, immediately set fire to a bedstead and a house from wbich we were just emerging furniture, From the time we have named, on business connected with the restoration of many of the older ones gave themselves up tranquillity, was wounded at our side. Yet wholly to drinking and revelling in the scene worse effects might have followed this ill. around them. We feel certain that, if fifty advised measure if the soldiers had not been men only could have been collected, more shortly after withdrawn from their bloody than one-half of the property could have been work, and the streets principally manned effectually protected. But the whole city with the inhabitants, armed with good strong seemed panic-struck, and but few cared ex- staves, and having strips of white linen tied cept for their personal safety. On this night, round the left arm ; a regulation suggested at least, it may be truly said, that the city was by the Magistrates to distinguish them, supgiven up to plunder. in the heart of the town, posing the interposition of the military should young fellows, in parties of four, five, or six, be again required. Several troops, however, repaired to liquor-shops and public-houses, at of soldiers, together with the Ilth Regiment the time intoxicated; knocked at the doors of Foot, continued to arrive during the day; and demanded drink or blood. In some in- and in the course of the afternoon, intellistances we know that they broke into pre- gence having arrived that there was some mises, helped themselves, and insulted the disturbance in the neighbourhood of Lawowners. And yet military, brought for our rence-hill, a party galloped off, and secured especial protection, could not act for want of four countrymen in the very act of robbing a orders ! 'Oh, shame! shame! Few as they house. With these exceptions, we are happy were in numbers, had they been employed with to state that no further collision with the becoming energy, we should not have to de- military took place. plore the disgrace of our city.

Towards the evening, the flames in several Morning dawoed on such a scene as had houses in the square broke out afresh, and Dever before been witnessed in this place. part of the pavement in King-street was forced The flames, it is true, were subsiding, but the up by the heat arising from some brandy appearance of Queen-square was appalling in which was burning in the vaults beneath, but the extreme. Numerous buildings were re- the engines being in readiness, no further ine duced to a heap of smoking ruins, and others jury occurred. An attack on the shipping were momentarily falling in; while around, having been anticipated, the ships' bells were in various parts, lay several of the rioters, rung, signal guns were fired, and every thing in the last stage of senseless intoxication was prepared for an attack. The Earl of Livera and with countenances more resembling pool was moored in the ceutre of the river, fiends than men.

Meantime the soldiers, and mounted with guns, an attack on her in who had been ordered out of town, were particular having been expected; but happily Temanded; and the Magistrates, having these anticipations were not realised. It being re-assembled, came at length to a decision, thought possible, that if the rioters commenced called out the posse comitatus, and made an their attempts, they would, in all probability, application to Mr. Herapath, through the endeavour to reduce the streets to total dark. medium of Mr. Under-Sheriff Hare, for the vess, by cutting off the gas-pipes, the magis. assistance of the Bristol General Union. Mr. trates issued a notice, recommending the inHerapath, their Vice-President, called the habitants to illuminate their houses, a recommembers together by public notice; a course mendation which was pretty generally.comwhich we understand he had already deter-plied with. The churches, also, were lit up, mined on; and in a short time a large body and the posse comitatus of the several parishes of them had collected together; previous to were stationed in them, a constant guard which Mr. Herapath was invested, by the being kept up, and relieved at stated intervals; Magistracy, with an authority equal to that the Members of the Union paraded the streets of the Under- Sheriff. We are sorry to have during the whole of the night. These meato record another piece of folly, wanton sures

will be the undoubted means of cruelty we would call it, if it had not, as we restoring public tranquillity ; already have

they effected much, for up to the hour of our eleven years of age. In the same place there publication, we have heard of no further out- is also a considerable quantity of furnisure, rage: and we cannot but regret that the want mostly in a shattered condition, which was of common energy in the magistracy should found in the residences of the prisoners, many have prevented the having recourse to the of whom were discovered in a state of insame measures early on the Suuday morning, toxication, and in the act of enjoying themsince it is evident that the actual destruction, selves over the wine which they had purloined of property might have beeu as easily pre from the cellars in thie square. There is now vented as the places have been saved which evidently a re-action; and, iu their turn, the were only marked for destruction.

plunderers have been seized with a panic. The total number of killed and wounded, We bear that all sorts of stratagems have been as far as we have been able to ascertaio, is resorted to by them to dispossess themselves as follows:- Four men and one woman, the of their ill.gotten booty. latter in consequence of severe bruises re. We have also heard, but we cannot vouch ceived in one of the houses where she had for the truth of the statement, that seventeen been engaged in plunder ; a little boy also, of the riogleaders in the outrages of Sunday who was shot through the buwels, is not ex. are confined iu the most secure wing of the pected to recover; fifty-one other persons, jail, the dilapidated building being now guarded including four women, have also received in- by a strong body of soldiers. The persons aljuries, some of them very severe ones, princi- ready apprehended were principally found in pally sabre wounds; a few in consequence Back-street, Great-gardevs, Lewin's-mead, of the parties leaping from the buruing Host-street, Temple-street, the Pithay, and houses. In ibis account we enumerate the Bedminster. - We have just learned that the cases taken to the public hospitals only. Many 52d regiment from Southampton, will arrive lives were lost in the flames, and several per- here to-morrow, and the 35th was to leave sons who received injury having been taken Portsmouth this morning for the same desti. to their own homes, we have vo means of nation. We regret to add that the fires are acquiring the requisite information respecting not yet extinguished though there is no fear them.

of their extending beyond the premises pre(From the Second Edition of the same Paper.)

viously materially daniaged. One u'CLOCK.-The narrative we have given above brought down the principal circumstances connected with the present de

BY THE KING. plorable state of our city until the hour of our

A PROCLAMATION. going to press. Being closely pressed for time, we however found it was impossible to WILLIAM, R. Whereas is divers parts speak of the laudable conduct, as we could of Great Britain, and more particularly in the have wished, displayed throughout the night towns of Derby and Nottingbam, and in the hy the Members of the Political Union, acting city of Bristol, tumultuous assemblages of . in conjunction with the parochial authorities. people have taken place, and outrages of the The firmness and patriotism they have dis most violent description have been committed played on the present emergency, entitle them both upon the persons and property of divers of not only to the esteem of their fellow-citizeos, our subjects: and whereas all tlie restraints of but to the gratitude of the whole country. A law and order have been overborne and stronger contrast can scarcely be conceived trodden under.foot by such lawless multitudes, than the good order of the last eveniog pre- the inansions of individuals violently eutered, sented to the uproar and confusion of Sunday pillaged, and set on fire, tbe ordinary course night. . Under their protection we may now of justice forcibly interrupted, the jails for the say that confidence is restored, though the confinemeut of criminals broken into and decity still wears the appearance of gloom-very stroyed, and malefactors and persons charged few shops being open, and business still being with offences let loose upon the public, to the in a measure suspended. We have now great disturbance and danger of the common sincere pleasure in stating that they are, weal, and the subversion of established Goat the present moment, employing the vernment: and whereas the welfare and bapmost efficient ineans to bring the plunderers piness of all nations do, under Divine Provi. and incendiaries to that justice which their depce, chiefly depend upon the observance and crimes deserve, Being authorised by the enforcement of the law; and whereas it is our Magistrates to search all places where firm determination faithfully to disebarge they had a suspiciou any of the stolen the duty imposed on us, to preserve the public property was secreted, and to arrest all per- peace, and vigorously to exert the powers sons in whose possession such property was which we possess for the protection of all our found, they have already exercised that power subjects in the entire enjoyment of their rights with such success, thạt, at the time we write, and liberties; we therefore, being resolved to there are confined in the Exchange no fewer suppress the wicked and fagitious practices than sixty individuals, men, women, and aforesaid, have thought tit, by, and with the children, some of the latter (corroborating advice of our Privy Council, to issue this our our previous statement) not more than ten or Royal Proclamation, solemnly warning all

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