Miscellaneous Works of Edw. Gibbon: With Memoirs of His Life and Writings, Composed by Himself, Band 2


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Seite 111 - Though it is very late, and the bell tells me that I have not above ten minutes left, I employ them with pleasure in congratulating you on the late victory of our dear mamma the Church of England. She had last Thursday...
Seite 172 - One is also plagued with his notes, according to the present method of printing the book: when a note is announced, you turn to the end of the volume; and there you often find nothing but a reference to an authority. All these authorities ought only to be printed at the margin, or the bottom of the page.
Seite 214 - In a night or two we shall be in a blaze of illumination from the zeal of naval heroes, land patriots, and tallow-chandlers; the last are not the least sincere.
Seite 231 - I have more than once sought, without having been so fortunate as to obtain, a proper opportunity of thanking you very sincerely for the elegant compliment which you pay me, in a work abounding in elegance of all kinds. My " Seven Arabian Poets" will see the light before next winter, and be proud to wait upon you in their English dress.
Seite 98 - The most sociable women I have met with are the king's daughters. I chatted for about a quarter of an hour with them, talked about Lausanne, and grew so very free and easy, that I drew my snuff-box, rapped it, took snuff twice (a crime never known before in the presence chamber), and continued my discourse in my usual attitude of my body bent forwards, and my fore finger stretched out...
Seite 156 - Hutcheson very dry; and if my confidence was equal to my eloquence, and my eloquence to my knowledge, perhaps I might make no very intolerable speaker.
Seite 206 - N.'s ductility of temper. In the service of next Friday, you will, however, take notice of the injunction given by the Liturgy : " And all the people shall say after the minister, Turn us again, O Lord, and so shall we be turned.
Seite 158 - The principal men both days were Fox and Wedderburne, on the opposite sides ; the latter displayed his usual talents ; the former taking the vast compass of the question before us, discovered powers for regular debate, which neither his friends hoped, nor his enemies dreaded.
Seite 213 - ... grounded on the truth of Christianity. I wish not to be deprived of this hope ; but I should be an apostate from the mild principle of the religion I profess if I could be actuated with the least animosity against those who do not think with me upon this, of all others, the most important subject. I beg your pardon for this declaration of my belief; but my temper is naturally...
Seite 314 - After dinner and the departure of our company, one, two, or three friends, we read together some amusing book, or play at chess, or retire to our rooms, or make visits, or go to the coffee-house. Between six and seven the assemblies begin, and I am oppressed only with their number and variety. Whist, at shillings or half-crowns, is the game I generally play, and I play three rubbers with...

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