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"The Figaro," December 1881.

"It is difficult to speak too highly of the manner in which the publishers of these tasteful volumes have fulfilled their task. The complete set of 'Old Spanish Romances,' which they have taken such obvious pains to render in every way attractive to the public, will, we do not doubt, be widely appreciated. No library can, of course, be worthy of the name which does not include the principal literature of other countries. Those who are familiar with 'Don Quixote' and 'Gil Blas' do not require to be told that there is plenty of capital reading in the old Spanish romances. The less known works are scarcely less entertaining. But the set now published will be particularly welcome on account of the original etchings, which are a great feature, and are really admirable. The books, which make a handsome present, are well got up in respect to binding and paper, and the type is excellent. We believe they have only to be known to obtain the lasting measure of popularity they so richly merit. The publishers, in short, are to be congratulated upon having achieved a marked success."

"The Bookseller," December 1881.

"It was fitting that this choice edition of the great humourist of Spain should be illustrated by the foremost etcher of that country, one who completely understands the characteristics of the people and the places described by Le Sage. In these charming etchings the artist proves himself a versatile and faithful depicter of character. His men and women are real people, the play of their features is unmistakable, they think and act the very thoughts of their creator, and a study of any one of these sketches is a key to the whole of the book. So much for the intrinsic merits of the artist's conceptions. In point of technical quality these etchings are among the first of any yet produced for book illustrations. Their comparatively small scale increases the delicacy of execution. Every line has its meaning; there is no coarse work nor over-elaboration. The management of the lights is that of a consummate master of effect. There have been no such illustrations of Le Sage's books before, and the exquisite daintiness of this edition is immensely enhanced by these wonderful etchings. Connoisseurs of good books will be glad to meet with the series, and those who are commencing to form a library could not receive a more welcome addition as a Christmas gift than these sumptuous octavos in their parchment bindings."



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