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Youthful indiscretions or law excesses develop into a train re symptoms covered in a gene m way by the term, Nervous Debin ity. I have treated this conditio ca for 30 years. I cure





I am the inventor of the Dp Sanden Electric Belt, the grel weak man's home self-treatmeco now known and used the wolfr over for Drains, Impotency, La P Back, Varicocele, etc. It gre strength because Electricity p strength, or nerve force. Bewat of imitations. None are genuit but the Dr. Sanden, which is fu covered by United States and f eign patents.

Book, explaining all, sent f by mail in plain, sealed envelo



826 Broadway, New York, NY.



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The Dr. Sanden Electric Belt, ith attachment for men, is now cognized as the king of treatents for all results of youthful discretions or later excesses, beuse it cures in a natural way, and ithout a possibility of injury.


The patient adjusts the Belt to is body upon retiring to bed, and ears it all night. It is applied ith two plates at small of backositive pole-one in front, and the ectro spiral suspensory, which


onstitute the negative pole. The current then, in traveling from back to ront, goes directly through the weakened parts, Kidneys, Stomach, Liver, rostate Gland, Bladder, and other organs, giving quick and permanent esults. I guarantee the current to be instantly felt, though it is under comlete control of wearer by using regulator screw. It usually takes between wo and three months to restore lost vigor, and there is no chance for relapse proper care is taken of the general health after leaving off Belt.

To men who reside in or near this city I invite a personal visit to my office. or free consultation, or if at a distance, write for my free book, "Three Classes of Men," which explains all, sent in plain, sealed envelope.



826 Broadway, New York, N. Y.

Two Hundred Old-Time Songs.

This volume contains the words and music of choicest gems of the old and familiar songs we used to sing when we were young. It has been arranged with great care, and we have no hesitation in saying that it is the best book of the kind published. This book of 176 pages, containing the words and music of 200 songs, will be sent by mail, postpaid, upon receipt of price. Paper cover, 25 cents; cloth, 75 cents.

A WONDERFUL OFFER, 2,269 Pages for 65 Cents.

Remarkable, but true. We will, for 65 cents, send the Leather Stocking Tales, by Cooper, comprising the five separate books, The Deerslayer, The Pathfinder, The Pioneer, The Prairie, The Last of the Mohicans, set in large long primer type, and each bound in heavy lithograph paper covers. Sent, postpaid, for 65 cents, and money refunded if you are not satisfied. GRAND WONDER COLLECTION. A wonderful offer. $3.00 worth of books for only 50 cents! Everything is now very cheap, and people get a good deal more for their money than they ased to, but we have no hesitation in saying that never before was so much offered for the money as is offered in this GRAND WONDER COLLECTION. It could not be done, only that we expect to sell thousands of them and are fully satisfied that

each one sold will sell a dozen more.

The contents of the GRAND WONDER COLLECTION-comprising seven complete books in one-1. Old Secrets and New Discoveries. 2. Secrets for Farmers. 3. Laughing Gas. 4. The Swindlers of America. 5. Preserving and Manufacturing Secrets. 6. The Housewife's Treasure. 7. Fourteen Popular Songs, Words and Music.

Any person ordering this collection and not fully satisfied, the money will be cheerfully refunded. Price, bound in paper cover, 50 cents.

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Or, the Art of Pleasing Men.-By "A Young Widow." A new book that every woman will buy. The following table of contents indicates the character of the work and will also insure a large demand for it: Girls and Matrimony; Girls Whom Men Like; The Girl Who Wins; The Girl Who Fails; Some Unfailing Methods; A Word of Warning; The Secret of the Widow's Power; Lady Beauty; The Loved Wife, etc., etc. Every unmarried woman, and, indeed, every woman will be interested in reading this book. Price, 25 cents.

THE GAME IN WALL STREET. Why not make money by using your brains instead of laboring day after day for a mere existence? If you are disposed to speculate and take a good chance of making a fortune rapidly, you ought to get a few ideas from our new and very instructive book giving hints and helps how to do it, entitled: "The Game in Wall Street, and How to Play It Successfully." A complete expose of pool methods, and how thousands of men have made money, illustrated with charts and diagrams. The most original and complete work ever written on Wall Street. This is a revelation to the amateur, and will help him to make a fortune. 12mo, 100 pages. Handsomely bound in cloth. Price, $1.00.


If you are married, or thinking about getting married, you ought to have Dr. Parker's New Marriage Guide, which contains valuable and necessary information, the knowledge of which will save many dollars to you. It contains 200 pages, bound in cloth. It will be sent to any address on receipt of $1.00; paper cover, 50 cents.


This is a most valuable book, written by John Cowan, M. D., and dealing with the subject of marriage. It is highly commended by leading medical and religious critics. 400 pages: 100 illustrations. Price, $3.00. Descriptive circular sent free on application.


A $5.00 Book for $1.00, How to Build a House. Be your own Architect,

This book will save you hundreds of dollars. If you are thinking of building a house you ought to buy the new book, PALLISER'S AMERICAN ARCHITEC TURE; or, Every Man a Complete Builder. Prepared by Palliser, Palliser & Co., the well-known architects.

There is not a builder, or any one intending to build, or otherwise interested, that can afford to be without it. It is a practical work, and the best, cheapest, and most popular book ever issued on building. Nearly four hundred drawings. A $10 book in size and style, but we have determined to make it meet the popular demand, to suit the times.

It contains 104 pages, 11x14 inches in size, And consists of large 9x12 plate pages, giving plans, elevations, perspective view, descriptions, owners' names, actual cost of construction, no guess work, and instructions HOW TO BUILD cottages, villas, double houses, brick bloc houses, suitable for city suburbs, town, and country, houses for the farm, and workingmen's homes for all sections of the country, and costing from $800 to $6,500; also, barns, stables, schoolhouse, town hall, churches, and other public buildings, together with specifications, form of contract, and a large amount of information on the erection of buildings, selection of site, employment of architects. It is worth $5 to any one, but we will send it in paper cover by mail, postpaid, on receipt of $1.00,

Any of the books advertised on this page will be sent to any address by mail, postpaid, on receipt of price. Postage stamps taken the same as cash; one-cent stamps preferred. Address all orders to



New York.

Send to us for Catalogue of Useful and Popular Books. Mailed free to any address.


AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN PLANS. The Most Famous Representative American Hotel.

New as the Newest. Always Fresh and Clean.
The location, at the intersection of Broadway an Fifth Avenue, is the most central and delightful in the city.
It is in the very heart of the shopping district, and has direct car communication with all railways and important points.
Passengers from the Pennsylvania System will take, at Jersey City, the new Twenty-third Street ferry.
Pennsylvania Railroad Company and the Twenty-third Street cars run directly to the Hotel in twelve minutes
It is less than ten minutes by electric car from the Twenty-third Street entrance of the Hotel to the stations of the New York Central,
Harlem, and New Haven Railroads.

From the ferry the cabs of the

The American Plan will be maintained as heretofore, without change at the highest standard of xcellence. Terms, $5.00 per day and upward, including steam heat or open fires.

The European Plan will have every possible resource and convenience for those who prefer that plan. Terms for rooms, $2.00 per day and upward, including steam heat or open fires. Cable Address, "FIFTH."

HITCHCOCK, DARLING & CO., Proprietors.

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FITS Permanently CURED

If you suffer from Epileptic Spasms or Spells, Fits, Falling Sickness, St. Vitus' Dance, etc., have children or relatives that do so, or know people that are afflicted, My New Discovery, Epilepticide, will PERMANENTLY cure them, and all you are asked to do is to send for a Free Bottle and try it. It has cured thousands where everything else has failed. My 90-page Illustrated Book, "Epilepsy Explained," free. When writing, please give full name, AGE, and postoffice and express address. Correspondence professionally confidential. W. H. MAY, M. D., May Laboratory, 94 Pine Street, New York City. SPECIAL NOTE-Please mention WORLD ALMANAS when calling en or writing Dr. May, and greatly oblige

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