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JEREMIAH MORRow and THOMAS WORTHINGBy the President of the United States of America.

Ton, from Ohio. Whereas great and weighty matters, claiming the

JAMES Brown and Eligius FROMENTIN, from consideration of the Congress of the United States,

Louisiana. form an extraordinary occasion for convening them, I

JOHN GAILLARD, President pro tempore, redo, by these presents, appoint Monday, the nineteenth sumed the Chair. day of September next, for their meeting at the City Thomas W. THOMPSON, appointed a Senator of Washington; hereby requiring the respective Sena- by the Legislature of the State of New Hamptors and Representatives then and there to assemble in shire, in place of Nicholas Gilman, deceased, proCongress, in order to receive such communications as duced his credentials, was qualified, and took his may then be made to them, and to consult and deter- seat in the Senate. mine on such measures as in their wisdom may be On motion, by Mr. Bledsoe, deemed meet for the welfare of the United States. Resolved, As the former Secretary of the Sen

In testimony whereof, I have caused the seal of the ate has departed this life, that the Chief Clerk [L. S.

United States to be hereunto affixed, and do act as Secretary thereof until one shall be apsigned the same with my hand.

pointed. Done at the City of Washington, the eighth day of August, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight administered to SAMUEL TURNER, jr.

Whereupon, the oath prescribed by law was hundred and fourteen, and of the independence of the United States the thirty-ninth.

On motion, by Mr. ANDERSON, the Secretary JAMES MADISON.

was directed to acquaint the House of RepresentBy the President:

atives that a quorum of the Senate is assembled, JAMES MONROE,

and ready to proceed to business. Secretary of State.

On motion, by Mr. ROBINSON, Messrs. Robin

SON and VARNUM were appointed a committee on Monday, September 19, 1814.

the part of the Senate, together with such comConformably to the above Proclamation of the resentatives on their part, to wait on the President

mittee as may be appointed by the House of RepPresident of the United States of the 8th of Au- of the United States, and notify him that a gust last, the third session of the Thirteenth Congress commenced this day at the City of Wash quorum of the two Houses is assembled, and

ready to receive any communications that he ington, and the Senate assembled.

may be pleased to make to them.

The President communicated the following Joseph B. VARNUM, from Massachusetts. letter from the President of the United States ; JEREMIAH B. Howell, from Rhode Island. which was read: JONATAAN ROBINSON, from Vermont. ABNER LACOCK and JONATHAN ROBERTS, from

Washington, September 17, 1814. Pennsylvania.

SIR: The destruction of the Capitol, by the enemy, OUTERBRIDGE HORNEY, from Delaware.

having made it necessary that other accommodations Richard BRENT and William B. Giles, from bers for the Senate and for the House of Representa

should be provided for the meeting of Congress, ChamVirginia.

tives, with other requisite apartments, have been fitted JAMES TURNER, from North Carolina. Joon GAILLARD, from South Carolina.

up, under the direction of the Superintendent of the City, in the

building heretofore allotted for the Charles Tait, from Georgia.

Post and other public offices. Jesse BLEDSOE, from Keniucky.


Of the Senate of the United States.


President's Message.

SEPTEMBER, 1814. On motion, by Mr. Varnum, it was agreed that Fellow-citizens of the Senate when the Senate adjourn it be to 5 o'clock this

and House of Representatives : evening.

Notwithstanding the early day which had been fixed The usual resolution was adopted for supplying for your session of the present year, I was induced to Senators with newspapers, and then the Senate call you together still sooner, as well that any inadeadjourned.

quacy in the existing provisions for the wants of the

Treasury might be supplied, as that no delay might Five o'clock in the Evening.

happen in providing for the result of the negotiations The number of Senators present not being suf-. on foot with Great Britain, whether it should require ficient to constitute a quorum, the Senate ad arrangements adapted to a return of peace, or further journed.

and more effective provisions for prosecuting the war.

That result is not yet known. If, on one hand, the

repeal of the Orders in Council, and the general pacifi. TUESDAY, September 20.

cation in Europe, which .withdrew the occasion on William W. BiBB, from the State of Georgia, which impressments from American vessels were practook his seat in the Senate.

tised, suggest expectations that peace and amity may On motion, by Mr. FROMENTIN, two hundred / be re-established, we were compelled, on the other copies of the Constitution of the United States

, hand, by the refusal of the British Government to acand two hundred copies of the rules for conduct-cept the offered mediation of the Emperor of Russia ; ing business in the Senate, were ordered to be by the delays in giving effect to its own proposal of a printed and bound for the use of the Senate, in and manner in which the war is now avowedly carried

direct negotiation; and, above all, by the principles the form they have heretofore been.

on, to infer that a spirit of hostility is indulged more A message from the House of Representatives violent than ever against the rights and prosperity of informed the Senate that a quorum of the House this country. of Representatives is assembled and ready to pro- This increased violence is best explained by the two ceed to business. They have appointed a com- important circumstances, that the great contest in Eumittee on their part to join the committee ap- rope for an equilibrium guaranteeing all its States pointed on the part of the Senate, to wait on the against the ambition of any, has been closed without President of the United States, and inform him any check on the overbearing power of Great Britain that a quorum of the two Houses is assembled, on the ocean; and it has left in her hands disposable and ready to receive any communications he may armaments with which, forgetting the difficulties of a be pleased to make to them.

remote war with a free people, and yielding to the in. On motion, by Mr. Lacock, a committee was toxication of success, with the example of a great vicappointed agreeably to the 421 rule for conduct- tim to it before her eyes, she cherishes hopes of still ing business in the Senate, and Messrs. Lacock, abuses to the tranquillity of the civilized and commer

further aggrandizing a Power already formidable in its Howell, and MORROW, were appointed the com

cial world. mittee. Mr. WORTHINGTON submitted the following these more violent purposes, the public councils of a

But, whatever may have inspired the enemy with motion :

nation, more able to maintain than it was to acquire Resolved, That iwo Chaplains, of different de- its independence, and with a devotion to it rendered nominations, be appointed to Congress during the more ardent by the experience of its blessings, can present session, one by each House, who shall in- never deliberate but on the means most effectual for terchange weekly.

defeating the extravagant views or unwarrantable pasMr. ROBINSON reported, from the joint com- sions with which alone the war can now be pursued mittee, that they had waited on the President of against us. the United States, and that the President informed In the events of the present campaign, the enemy, the committee that he would make a communi- with all his augmented means, and wanton use of cation to the two Houses this day, at 12 o'clock. them, has little ground for exultation, unless he can

Mr. Howell submitted the following motion feel it in the success of his recent enterprises against for consideration, which was read:

this metropolis and the neighboring town of AlexanResolved, That Mountjoy Bayly, Doorkeeper dria, from both of which his retreats were as precipitate and Sergeant-at-Arms to the Senate, be and he as his attempts were bold and fortunate. In his other hereby is authorized to employ one assistant and checked and chastised by the martial spirit of the

incursions on our Atlantic frontier, his progress, often two horses, for the purpose of performing such neighboring citizens, has had more effect in distressing services as are usually required by the Doorkeeper individuals, and in dishonoring his a-ms, than in proof the Senate; which expense shall be paid out moting any object of legitimate warfare. And, in the of the contingent fund.

two instances mentioned, however deeply to be reOrdered, That it pass to the second reading. gretted on our part, he will find in his transient suc

On motion, by Mr. FROMENTIN, a committee cess, which interrupted for a moment only the ordinary was appointed agreeably to the 22d rule for con- public business at the Seat of Government, no comducting business in the Senate; and Messrs. Fro pensation for the loss of character with the world, by MENTIN, THOMPSON, and Bledsoe, were appointed his violations of private property, and by his destructhe committee.

tion of public edifices, protected, as monuments of tho PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE.

arts, by the laws of civilized warfare.

On our side, we can appeal to a series of achievoThe following Message was received from the ments which have given new lustre to the American PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES:

Besides the brilliant incidents in the minor


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