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office For PATENTs, 66, cHANceRY LANE; AND BENNIs, Rue Neuve,


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Whitworth's Cotton-Spinning Machinery.

Berry's Improved Steam-Engine; and Croft's Lace Ma


Jupe's Expanding Table; Levers and Pedder's Lace
Machinery; West's Improved Forge; and Tucker'

Wright's Improved Paper Machinery.

Malam's Gas Apparatus; and Neville's Filtering Apparatus.

Stocker's Machinery for making Horse-Shoes; and Bur

rell's Improvements in making Buttons.

VII. Smith's Printing Machinery.

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Beadon's Improved Boat Safety; Horne's Improved
Hinges; Lawrence's Ink-Stand; Dewhurst and Hope's
Improvements in Spinning; Valois' Apparatus for
Engraving Blocks for Printing Calico; and Newton's
Machinery for preparing Fibrous Substances.
Croft's Lace Machinery.

. Croft's Lace Machinery.

Brunton's Gas Apparatus; Coad's limprovements in Consuming Smoke; Childs' Apparatus for Raising Water and Lyman's Apparatus for Cleaning and Hulling Rice.

Heathcoat's Machinery for Draining Land.

Hanson's Improvements in Locomotive Carriages; Ericsson's Improved Rotary Steam-Engine; Ericsson's Sounding Apparatus; Carter's Improved Gas-Cock and Cherry's Improved Bed.

Sharp and Roberts's Spinning Machinery.

Johnson's Improvements in Boots and Shoes; Kneller's
Evaporating Apparatus; Cochrane's Rotary Steam-
Engines; Wallace's Improved Ship's Hearth; Jeffries'
Improved Buttons; and Schwieso's Improvements in
the Construction of Piano-Fortes.

Jevons' Improved Machinery for making Horse-Shoes;
Browne's Ship's Railway.

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