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From Pine Plains, on the Ulster and Delaware turnpike, to North Amenia.

From Waterloo to Port Glasgow, by Clyde village, town of Galen.

From the village of PeekskUl, by Crumpond, to Somerstown, in the county of West Chester.

From South Nunda, by M'Clure's, to .Ellicottville, in the county of Cataraugus.

In New Jersey.—From Newtown, in Sussex county, by Stillwater, Marksborough, Butt's bridge, to Columbia glass manufactory, on the Delaware river.

From Baskenridge, by Liberty Corner, to Doughty's mills, in Morris county.

From the city of New York, across Staten Island, by the Richmond and Woodbridge turnpike roads, to New Brunswick.

In Pennsylvania.—From Fannetsburg, in Franklin county, by Mifflintown,M'Allisterstown, and Stroupstown, to Selinsgrove.

From New Bedford to New Castle.

That the mail from Chambersburg to Huntington, return by Trough Creek, Three Springs Valley, and Fort Littleton, to the Burnt Cabins.

From Allentown, by M'Leansburg, Orwigsburg, and Hamburg, to Cootstown.

That the mail from Washington to New Lisbon, pass on from Bricelands, by Manchester, and from thence by Hookstown, Georgetown, and Little Beaver Bridge.

From the Yellow Springs, in Huntingdon county, by Williamsburg and Martinsburg, to Bloody Run. •

That the post-road from Womelsdorf to Sunbury, pass by Gratz.

From Easton, by the Wind Gap, Hamilton, Pocono, Sterling, Salem, Canaan, and Mount Republic, to Mount Pleasant.

From Mount Republic to the Courthouse in Bethany.

From Halifax, in Dauphin county, to Sunbury, in Northumberland county, on the east side of the Susquehannah river.

From Greensburg, by Salem cross roads, Crawford's mills, Freeport, Kittaning Courthouse, Woodward's mills, Indiana Courthouse, Conomaugh salt works and New Alexandria, to Greensburg.

From Chester, in Delaware county, by Newtown, Spread Eagle, and King of Prussia, to Norristown, in Montgomery.

From Philadelphia, by Merion, Mill Creek, Gulf Mills, Lowry, Elliott's and Mason's Tavern, to Kimberton.

In Maryland.—From Hancock to Bath, in Berkley county in Virginia.

From Port Tobacco, by Bryantown, to Benedict.

That the mail pass on the turnpike road between Hagerstown and Cumberland.

From Bladensburg to Magruder's tavern, in Maryland.

From Fredericksburg, by Cartersville, Cumberland c. h.,Prince Edward c. h., Charlotte c. h., and Halifax c h., in Virginia, by Milton, Salisbury, and Charlotte, in North Carolina, by York c. h., Pinckneyville, Union c. h.,Lawrence c. h., and Abbeville c. h., in South Carolina; and by Petersburg, Washington, Powelton, and Sparta, to Milledgeville, in Georgia.

In Virginia.—From Bowling Green, in Carolina county, by Golansville, to Oxford.

That the post-road called the Three Notched Road, from Richmond to Milton, shall pass by Price's store, N. J. Poindexter & Co's. store, and Dobb's store.

From Morgantown, by Barnes' mills, and Shinston, to Clarksburg.

From Moorfield's, by Smith's, and the German settlement, to Kingwood.

From Preston to Howell's mill, on the Little Kenhawa.

Vol. III.—64 2 U

Post-roads established.

New Jersey.




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From Petersburg, by Moody's, Bevil's bridge, Amelia Courthouse, Painesville, and Jameston, to Farmville, in the county of Prince Edward.

From York to Warwick.

From Kempsville to London bridge.

From Great bridge, by Blackwater, to Knott's island, North Carolina.

From Lewisburg, by Nicholas Courthouse, to Charleston, in Kenhawa county.

From Perkinsonville, in Amelia county, by Jenning's ordinary, m Nottoway, Miller's tavern, and Moore's ordinary, in Prince Edward county, and Key's tavern, in Charlotte county, to Charlotte Courthouse.

From Hanover Courthouse to Taylorsville, in the county of Hanover.

From Lynchburg to the store of Richard Davis, in Bedford county.

In North Carolina.—From Rutherfordton, by Mumford's Cove, and Harmonville, to Mackeysville, in Burk county.

From Lumberton, by Philadelphus, M'Phaulsville, Montpelier, M'Eachin's bridge, Cowper Hill, Stewartsville, Queensdale, and Alfordsville, to Lumberton.

From Haywood Courthouse, at Waynesville, to Houghstonsville, in South Carolina.

From Newbern, by Tilman's mill, to Bay river.

From Tarboro' to Williamstown.

From Louisburg, by Haysville and Healthseat, to Oxford.

From Ashville, North Carolina, to Pendleton Courthouse, in South Carolina.

From Knott's island, by Kempsville, to Norfolk, in Virginia.

From Statesville, by Campbell's Grove, to Morgantown.

From Salem, North Carolina, by Perkins, Good Spur, and Poplar Camp, to Wythe Courthouse, Virginia.

From Oxford, in Granville county, to Louisburg, in the county of , Franklin.

From Chapel Hill, in Orange county, to Lexington, in the county of Rowan.

In South Carolina.—From Parker's Ferry, by Walterboro', to Barnwell Courthouse.

From Columbia, by Lexington, Edgefield, Newbury, and Laurens, to Greenville Courthouse.

From Adam Eifert's, by Mount Willing, R. Coleman's, William Wilson's, Charles Chappel's, on Saluda river, J. Cook's store, and H. Gray's, to Greenville.

From John Thompson's, junr., in Marion District, by Richard Howard's, to Godfrey's Ferry, on Big Pee-Dee river.

From York Courthouse by Fullenwider's store, at Gordan's Old Place, to Lincolnton, in North Carolina; and from thence to Morganton.

In Georgia.—From Milledgeville, by Bollin's ferry, Devereaux, Baxter's bridge, and Greensboro*, to Athens.

From Fort Hawkins, by Clinton and Monticello, to Madison.

In Ohio.—From Dresden, by Washington cross roads, West Bedford, and Darling's, to Mansfield.

From Berkshire, by Delaware, to Urbana.

From Ravenna, by Rootstown, and Randolph, to Canton.

From Newark to Mount Vernon.

From Urbana to the county seat in Logan county.

From Columbus, by Urbana, and Piqua, to. Greenville.

From Troy, by Piqua, St. Mary's, Fort Wayne, and Fort Defiance, to Fort Meigs.

From Zanesville, by Plainfield, to White Eyes Plains, on the east side of the Muskingum.

From Wellsburg, Va.,by Philipsburg and Smithfield, to Cadiz.

From New Lexington to Greenville.

From Coshocton, by Mechanicstown and Millersburg, to Wooster.

From Piqua to Hardin, in Shelby county.

From Hamilton, by Oxford, Dover, Eaton, and New Paris, to Greenville.

From Cadiz to Rumby.

In Kentucky-—From Catletsburg, by the mouth of Blaine creek, and the mouth of Louisa, Fork of Sandy, to Floyd Courthouse.

From Lexington, by the way of the Burnt Tavern, to Lancaster.

From Princeton, by Bellsford, to Madisonville.

From Falmouth to Neville, in Ohio.

From Millersburg, by Ruddle's Mill, to Cynthiana.

From Louisville, by Mount Vernon, Fairfield, and Bloomfield, to Springfield.

From Greensburg, by Monroesville, to Glasgow.

From Newburg, by Ewingsville and Trenton, to Port Royal, in Tennessee.

From Trenton, in Christian county, to Clarkesvilje.

That the mail from Glasgow to Berksville shall pass by Martinsburg.

From Tompkinsville, by Martinsburg, to Burksville.

In Tennessee.—From Clinton, by Morgan Courthouse, to Burkesville, in Kentucky.

From Columbia, in Maury county, to Waynesboro', in Wayne county.

From the Boat Yard, by Embree's iron works, to Jonesborough.

In Indiana.—From Princeton, by Columbia, Petersburg, and the seat of justice in Dubois county, to Paoli.

From Vincennes, by Palestine, to York, in Illinois.

From Lexington to Vernon.

From Jeffersonville, by Greenville, Fredericksburg, Paoli, and Washington, to Vincennes.

From Vincennes, by Carlisle and Belville, in Illinois, to St. Louis, in the Missouri territory.

From Jacksonborough, in the county of Wayne, to the county seat for Randolph county.

From Lawrenceburg, in Indiana, to Petersburg and Burlington, in Kentucky.

From Brookville to Vemon; thence, by Brownstown and Salem, to Geneva.

From Corydon, by Mount Sterling, Portersville, Petersburg, and Columbia, to Princeton.

From Elizabeth, Hardin county, Kentucky, by Fredonia, and Mount Sterling, to Paoli, in Indiana.

In Illinois.—From Edwardsville, by Alton, to St. Charles, in the Missouri territory; and from Edwardsville, by Ripley,to Perrysville.

That the post-road from Vincennes to Shawneetown, pass by the English Prairie, or section No. 10, of township No. 2, range 10, east.

From Vincennes, by Palestine, to York, in Illinois.

In Mississippi.—From Winchester, by Green Courthouse, Fords on Peari River, Marion Courthouse, Holmesville, and Liberty, to Woodville.

From Port Gibson, by Franklin Courthouse and Liberty, to Madisonville, in the state of Louisiana.

In the Missouri Territory.—From St. Charles, by Clark's Fort, Stouts' Fort, Lincoln Courthouse, and Clarksville,to Louisiana, at the mouth of Salt River, in Pike county.

From St. Charles, by Montgomery Courthouse, to Howard Courthouse.

Post-roads established.






Missouri Territory.

Post-roads established.


The military road from Huntsville to Madisonville to be established a post-road.

From St. Louis, by Franklin Courthouse, Cooper Courthouse, to Howard Courthouse.

From Cadron, by Pulaski Courthouse, Little Rock, Clark Courthouse and Hempstead Courthouse, to Washita Courthouse, in Louisiana.

From Franklin Courthouse to Montgomery Courthouse. •

From St . Michael, by the seat of justice in Wayne county, to Hix's Ferry.

From Jackson to the seat of justice in Wayne county.

From St. Louis, by Belle Fontain, and Portage de Sioux, to the seat of justice in Lincoln county.

From Potosi, by Belleview, to Murphy's Settlement.

In the Alabama Territory.—From Huntsville, to Moorsville, in Limestone county.

From Cahaba to St. Stephens.

From Burnt Corn Spring, Monroe county, by Blakely, to Mobile in Mobile county.

From Cahaba to Tuskaloosa.

From Huntsville, in Alabama territory, by Shelbyville and Fayetteville, to Murfreesborough in Tennessee.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the military road commenced by the troops of the United States, under the command of General Jackson, and leading from Huntsville, in the Alabama territory, to Madisonville, in the state of Louisiana, be established a post-route when the same shall be completed.

Approved, March 3, 1819.

Statute II. March 3, 1819.

Act of April 10,1816, ch. 44.

Persons offering more than 30 votes, may be compelled to make oath.

1816, ch. 44.

Form of the oath.

Any judge of elections may administer the oath, &c.


Chap. LXXII1.—AnActto enforce those provisions ff the act, entitled "An act to incorporate the subscribers to the Bank of the United States," which relate to the right of voting for directors, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives oftheUnited States of America, in Congress assembled, That in all elections of directors of the Bank of the United States, hereafter to be held, under, and by virtue of, the "Act to incorporate the subscribers to the Bank of the United States," whenever any person shall offer to the judges of such election more than thirty votes in the whole, including those offered in his own right, and those offered by him as attorney, proxy, or agent, for any others, the said judges of the elections, or any one of them, are hereby authorized and required to administer to the said person, so offering to vote, the following oath or affirmation, viz:

I, , do solemnly swear, (or affirm as the case may be,) that I

have no interest, directly or indirectly, in the shares upon which I shall vote at this election, as attorney for others; that those shares are, to the best of my knowledge and belief, truly, and in good faith, owned by the persons in whose names they now stand; and that, in voting at this election, I shall not, in any manner, violate the first fundamental article of the "Act to incorporate the subscribers to the Bank of the United States." And the said judges of elections, or any one of them, shall be authorized and empowered, in their discretion, or at the instance of any stockholder of the bank, to admimster the said oath or affirmation to any person offering to vote at any such election.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That no person shall be entitled to vote at any such election as attorney, proxy, or agent, for any other person, copartnership, or body politic, without a power for that purpose, being duly executed, in the presence of a witness, and filed in the bank, and on which power shall be endorsed the oath or affirmation of the person, or one of the copartners, or of the head, or some of the officers, of the body politic granting such power, in the words following: "I , do

solemnly swear, (or affirm as the case may be,) that I am (or that the copartnership, consisting of myself and , are, or that the corporation known by the name of , is, as the case may be,) truly, and in good

faith, the owner (or owners, as the case may be,) of the shares in the capital stock of the Bank of the Unjted States, specified in the within power of attorney, and of no other shares; that no other person has any interest in the said shares, directly or indirectly, except as stated in the said power; and that no other power has been given to any person, which is now in force, to vote for me (or for the co-partnership aforesaid, or for the body politic aforesaid, as the case may be,) at any election of directors of the said bank;" which oath or affirmation may be taken before, a notary public, judge, or justice of the peace, and shall be certified by him.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That if the judges of any election of directors, to be held as aforesaid, shall permit any person to give more than thirty votes, in the whole, at any such election, without the said person's having taken the aforesaid oath or affirmation, or shall suffer any person whatever to vote as attorney, agent, or proxy, for any other person, or for any co-partnership, or body politic, without a power for that purpose, as prescribed in the foregoing section, with the oath or affirmation and certificate aforesaid; such of the said judges as shall consent thereto, shall severally be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, on due conviction thereof, shall be subject to a fine not exceeding two thousand dollars, or to imprisonment not exceeding one year, at the discretion of the court before which such conviction shall be had. And if any person shall wilfully and absolutely swear or affirm falsely, in taking any oath or affirmation prescribed by this act, such person, so offending, shall, upon due conviction thereof, be subject to the pains and penalties which are by law prescribed for the punishment of wilful and corrupt perjury.

Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That if any person shall, directly or indirectly, give any sum or sums of money, or any other bribe, present, or reward, or any promise, contract, obligation or security, for the payment or delivery of any money, present, or reward, or any thing to obtain or procure the opinion, vote, or interest, of the president of the Bank of the United States, or either of the directors thereof, or the president or a director of either of the branches of the said bank, in any election, question, matter, or thing, which shall come before the said president and directors for decision, in relation to the interest and management of the business of the said bank, and shall be thereof convicted; such person or persons, so giving, promising, contracting, or securing to be given, paid, or delivered, any sum or sums of money, present, reward, or other bribe as aforesaid, and the president or director who shall, in any wise, accept or receive the same, on conviction thereof, shall be fined and imprisoned at the discretion of the court, and shall forever be disqualified to hold any office of trust or profit under the said corporation, and shall, also, for ever, be disqualified to hold any office of honour, trust, or profit, under the United States.

Approved, March 3, 1819.

Form of the oath to bo endorsed.

Oath may be taken before a notary, &c.

Judges of elections permitting persons to give more than thirty votes without making oath, or suffering any person to vote as proxy without a power, as prescribed, to be deemed guilty, &c.

Persons swearing falsely, subject to the penalties of perjury.

The person giving, and the president or director accepting, any money, or bribe, &c., to be fined and imprisoned, and for ever disqualified, &c.

Statute II.

Chap. LXXlV.—Jin Act further to suspend, for a limited time, the tale or for- March 3, 1819 feiture of lands for failure in completing the payment thereon.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That the operation of the sixth condition of the fifth section of the act, entitled " An act to amend the act entitled 'An act providing for the sale of the lands of the United

The operation of the 6th condition of tho 5th section of the act for the

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