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Vefture they did cast Lots. Psal. xxii. 18. And SE R M. these. Things therefore fi. e. because the Scriptures, had said it the Soldiers did. And becauseragain the Psalmist, in the Person of the Meffiah had said, in my Thirst they gave me Vinegar to drink, Pfal. Ixix. 21. he waited till fai Spünge filled with it was put to his Mouth, from whence he received it, before he would pronounce his last Word, it is finished, or bow bảs Head and give up the Ghoft, John xix, 28=30. All these Things, and indeed every Thing elfe that Jesus idid, he did (as will appear by abundant Instances hereafter,) because God had declared and required it of him before-hand, according to his own Saying, Sacrifice and Offering thou wouldes not, but a Body haft thou prepared me: In BurntOfferings and Sacrifices for Sin, thou bajt bad noi Pleasure ; Tben faid 1, lo I come (in the Volume of the Book it is written of me) to do tby.Will, :O God, Heb. x. 5-7.

Think of these Things and ponder them in your Minds, and then consider whether the Books of the Old Testament are of so little Importance to the Cause of Christianity, as fome Enemies to our Faith, of late Years, have very insidiously represented them to be, But the End they aim at is very plain; Jesus,


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ment also.

SERM. you fee, claims to be the promised Redeemer

of the World upon the Test of his fulfilling the Prophecies of him contained in the Old Testament. But if the Old Testament be not true, or not inspired, or not applicable to him ; then there are no Prophecies to be apa pealed to concerning him ; but all must be put upon the Test of his Miracles. And this Test they would endeavour to invalidate next; nay, they have already endeavoured it, and thereby to wrest from you the New Testa

But the Weakness, the Malice, and the Shame of their Attempts have sufficiently shewn from whence they are, and what they be.-Despise them then, my Brethren, and with Reverence receive both Tea staments alike. The Old Testament as foretelling every Thing in the New ; the New Teftament as confirming every Thing in the Old. As the Old Testament has been my principal Subject of this Discourse, I shall add a few Words more concerning it and conclude.

And that is to exhort you, (such of you I mean as are of suitable Capacities) to read and study the several Prophecies, Types and Figures in the Old Testament, which illustrate and confirm the Evangelical Relation or Hiftory of our Saviour. And if any Persons I



neglect this, who are capable of doing it, our SER M. Saviour's Reproof of the two Disciples that were going to Emmaus, is as applicable to the one, as it was to the other, Luke xxiv. 25. Not to observe and believe what the Prophets bave spoken, argues that Fools void of Reason and Attention, and Now of Heart, or backward to believe even God himself, in the Things he had been graciously pleased to reveal concerning the Methods of their future Redemption. Things lo necessary for the Disciples of Christ to know and be instructed in ; that our Lord, we find, beginning at Moses, ver. 27. and from thence going through all the Prophets, expounded unto them in all the Scriptures the Things concerning bimself. How that Christ ought to bave suffered the Things he did, before he entered into bis Glory, ver. 26. He had told them this before, while be was yet with them, viz. That all Things must be fulfilled, which were written in the Law of Mofes, and in the Prophets, and in the Psalms concerning him. ver. 44. And that they might now fully apprehend these Things a-right, He opened their Understandings, that they might understand the Scriptures; ver. 45. repeating to them again, Thus it is written, and therefore thus



SER M. it beloved the Christ to saffer, and toʻrise from the Dead the third Day, ver. 46.

Such Sacred Testimony is given to the Truth and Divine Authority of the Old Teftament, and how far that will confirm the Di. vine Authority of the New Testament, I shall have an opportunity to observe in the Sequel.

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Jesus foretold by Moses and the


JOHN i. 45.
We have found him of whom Mofes in the

Law, and the Prophets did write, Jesus
of Nazareth, the Son of yoseph.

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AVING already taken Occasion from Serm.


these Words, to enquire into the Predictions of Moses and the Prophets concerning the Messiah, or the Christ, which was promised to the Jews; and also to shew the Use of those Prophecies to us Christians, and how far we build our Faith in Christ upon them ; my Business next is to enquire how far Jesus (called then the Son of Joseph) did truly fulfill them. And here also I have already established the Authority of the Testimonies upon which I must proceed; having shewn how authentic and indisputable Witnesses the several Books of the New Testa


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