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SER M. for us, and without us, by providing himself

a Lamb that takes away the Sins of the World. All therefore that is left upon our Hands is only to take Care that we turn not this Grace of God into Wantonness, and render it an Occasion of Security and Presumption. In a Word, and to conclude: The Account I have given you of our High Priest and his Sacrifice, should raise your Spirits under those Dejections, into which Sorrow for Sin, in such of you as endeavour to live without Sin, is apt to sink you : It should bring you into the Disposition of those honest Debtors, who, the more they are forgiven, the more they love. And

you know what Judgment must needs be made, and what Proofs will be expected of this, by him that said, If you love me, keep my Commandments, John xiv. 15.

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Jesus an High Priest after the Order of


HEB. v. 9, 10.

Christ, being made perfect, became the Author

of eternal Salvation, unto all them that obey

him. Called of God, an High Priest after the Order

of Melchisedec.

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N discoursing on the Offices which our SE RM.

Blessed Saviour was, and is still, for ever, to execute as the Messias or Christ; from his Office of Prophet, we were advanced to his Priesthood, and have thewed, that, as it was foretold that the Meflias should be a Priest as well as a Prophet, fo Jesus was one as well as the other : An High Priest as much beyond the Jewish High Priest, as he was a Prophet greater and higher than Moses : Such a Priest, as hy one single Sacrifice or Offering, Vou, II.





SERM. did more than all the Sacrifices of the Jews

could ever effect: By the offering of himself, of his own Body on the Cross once for all, he made full Satisfaction for the Sins of the whole World, and so finished and compleated, and put a final End to all the burthensom Rites and Ceremonies of the Aaronick Priesthood, which could do nothing of themfelves to the putting away Sin, except only prefigure and point at him, the great High Priest who in Time was to come, the Substance, of which they were only the Shadow.

But this Text calls us to contemplate him as performing a more high and excellent Priesthood still : A Priesthood to which all he did to compleat and fulfil the Jewish Priesthood, served only to consecrate or prepare him. For so my Text tells us, that being made perfect, i. e. being consecrated (as the Word * signifies) by the Things which be suffered (as the Verse before tells us) i.e. by the Things which he suffered to expiate our Sins, He was made the Author not of a temporal, but of eternal Salvation to all that obey bim, called of God, an High Priest after

* Tseimbers. See Whitby on Heb. ii. 10.


the Order of Melchifedec : After the Order S ER M. of oné, of whom though many Things may be said, yet they are hard, the inspired Penman tells us, to be uttered: Though they are hard, as he intimates, not so much through any Difficulty in the Things themselves, but through the Dullness or Slowness of them that were to hear them.

For he supposes that those who are of full Age, or of ripe Understanding, and who, by Reason of Use, or of Habit, have their Senses, or their Apprehensons, exercised to discern both good and evil; ver. 14. fuch Persons, I say, as being capable of digesting strong Meat, i. e. the substantial and solid Doctrines of Christianity, the holy Penman fuppofes capable of conceiving and apprehending what he was desirous to say concerning the typical and antitypical Melchisedec: 1. e. of Melchisedec as the Type of Christ, and Christ as a Priest after the Order of Melchisedec ; to both which Subjects he therefore proceeds, and in which, so far as he goes before is, we may safely follow him. For the Divine Author intimates the Subject to be hard or difficult, not so much with intent to debar, as to whet, our Enquiry. For as a thing of common Observation, or easy to be understood, is ge


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SER M. nerally neglected as not worth our looking in

to ; so things abstruse, and above the Reach
of common Apprehensions are more apt to
excite our Attention. Of such Nature he
represents the Order of Melchisedec's Priest-
hood to be: A Subject not level to every
Capacity, but yet such as he thought proper
to notify and declare to those who were ca-
pable of apprehending it: He therefore that
bath Eans to hear, let him bear. For since
all Scripture is given by Inspiration of God,
and is profitable, some for Doctrine, fome
for Reproof, some for Corre&tion, and some
again for Instruction in Righteousness, 2 Tim.
iii. 16. it is not meet that a Subject on
which an inspired Writer insists fo particu-
larly, should be passed over unheeded by
us; especially a Subject so fruitful of Doce
rine and Instruction in Righteousness, as this
upon Examination will appear to be.

are only to be careful not to be wise be-
yond what is written : Not to say any thing
which the Holy Scriptures do not teach, but
soberly to examine what they do.

And to do this in as clear a Method as I can think of: I shall

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