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Order in Council for restoring Prussian and AMERICA.--Circular Letter from the Secretary of Lubeck ships, and allowing them to trade with

the Treasury, relative to the commercial in- neutral and British ports, (Nov. 25, 1807.) tercourse with Great Britain and France, 25.

1212. Extract froin the Answer of the House of Re- Similar Order in favour of Portuguese Ships, presentatives of Massachusetts to the Gorernor's 1242. Speech, relating to the conduct of G. Britain The Project offered by the English to the and France towards America, 192, 348.

French Government for an exchange of prisoners, Various Documents relating to the Dispute 1044. between England and America, as far as belongs Order of the King granting medals to certain to the subject of the Orders in Couvcil, 1196. officers of the army who were at the battles of

Dispatches from the Hon. D. Erskine to Mr. Roleia, Vimiera, Corunna, and Talavera de la Sec. Canning relative to the policy and disposi- Reyna, 723. tions of the American Government, on the state Dispatch from Col.' Keating relative to the of their affairs with England and France, 543, Capture and Terms of Capitulation of the Isle of 602, 639.

Bourbon, by the British troops, 892. Correspondence between the Marquis Welles- Order of the King for Prayer and Thanksley and Mr. Pinkney, and between Gen. Arm- giving, for the abundant Harvest, 826. strong and the Duke of Cadore, and also of Mr. The Prayer and Thanksgiving for the abundant Pinkney and Gen. Arunstrong with Mr. Sec. Harvest, 919. Smith, relative to the British and French Orders Prayer for the Restoration of the King's and Decrees, 90, 157, 199.

Health, 920. Correspondence between Mr. Pinkney and Lord Report of the Priry-Council of the Evidence Wellesley, relative to the repeal of the British of the Physicians, respecting the king's Illness, Orders in Councii, in consequence of the repeal 1084, 1113. of the French Berlin and Milan decrees, 1214.

Examination of Dr. R. D. Willis, by a Com. Proclamation of the President revoking the mittee of the House of Commons, 1265. Non-intercourse-law as it respects France, with The Prince of Wales's Answer to the Proposi. the Circular Letter of the Secretary of the Trea- tion of a limited Regency submitted to him by sury, relative to the non-intercourse with Eng- Mr. Pitt, ia 1788. 883. land, 1215.

FRANCE.---Decree (issued at Berlin Nov. 21, 1806) AUSTRIA. --Treaty between Austria and France re- declaring the British Islands in a state of lative to the Estates of the Princes and Counts

blockade, 1198. of the Germanic Empire within the states of the Decree (issued at Milan, Dec. 17, 1807) in Confederation of the Rhine, 1183, 1241.

relation to the English Orders in Council, denaBREMEN.-Proclamation of the Senate against tionalising all ships that have been in England, English goods, 1246.

or beeu visited by an English cruizer,] 213. Proclamation of the Senate for raising seamen Decree permitting thirty American Ships to for the French navy, 1243.

import certain articles into France, 671. DENMARK. ---Decree of the King prohibiting the Orders to the Directors of the French Customs

entry of Co‘onial produce in certain parts of his relative to the Exportation of Wine and Brandy, doininions, 702.

671. Royal Notice against violating the said Decree, Dccree imposing a Duty of 50 per cent. on 1245.

certain Colonial anil other goods before ordered ENG AND.--Letter from Secretary Fox, to Mr. to be confiscated, 072. Munrue, acquainting him with the blockade of

Decree regulating the Duties on certain goods the Ems, Weser, Elbe, and Trave. (April 8, allowed to be imported, 701. 1806) 1196.

Decree relative to the Exportation of French Letter from Sec. Fox to Mr. Munroe, ac- Butter, 729. quainting him of the blockade of the coasts, Decree for the suppression of smuggling, &c., rivers, and ports from the Elbe to Brest. 988. (May 16, 1806.) 1197,

Decree for the sequestration of English and Letter from Lord Howick to Mr. Mudrve, ac- Colonjal Goods at Frankfort, 991. quainting him that so much of the said blockade Proclamation of Gen. Friant, on the same subas exiended from the Eibe to the Ems is discon

ject, 992, tinued. (Sect. 25, 1806).

Decree relative to the Trade carrried on by O der in Council declaring the sale of ships hy Vessels haring Licences, 764. * Telliyereut to a Neutral illegal (Nov. 11, Instructions to the Directors of the French 1807,) 1205.

Customs, relative to the Trade carried on with Orders in Council 'declaring France and all. Licences, 704, 722. countries under her contrond, and all other Decree permitting the Colonial produce in places where the British Flag is excluded, in a Denmark ta be brought into the French domistate of blockade (Nov. 11, 1807.) 1201.'

nions, 855. Orders in Council explanatory of the said Decree for the burning of all English Produce orders, (Nov. 25, 1807.) 1206.

and Manufactures, 922, 1175, 1246. Orders in Council exempting from capture, Imperial Order for the sequestration of the the produce, &c. of the said blockaded countries, Vessels of Barbary, 729. on board British Ships, (Nov. 25, 1807.) 1211. Letter from the Duke of Cadore, to Gen. ArmVronig, declaring the revocation of the Berlin and Union, approved of at Dublin, 18 Sept. 1810,500.
Milan Decrees, 700.

Answers of Mr. Grattan and Mr. Shaw to the
Decree against those Priests in the Depart- Address of the City of Dublio, on the subjcet of
ments of Rome and the Thrasimine refusing w their Petition to Parliament for a Repeal of the
take the oath to the Emperor, 767.

Union, 639.
Decree relative to Yewspapers, 702.

VILCKLENBURGI.-Elict of the Duke relative to
Decree for the regulation of domestic servants English and Colouial Gooils, 1247.
in Paris, 831, 354.

Narles.--Proclamation of the King to his Marine
Report of the Minister of War concerning Army, on the intended invasion of Sicily, 729.
Gep. Sarrazin, 29.

Gencral Orders of the king to his troops when
Distribution of the French forces in September about to go into winter quarters, 767.
1910, 995.

Report of Gen. Grenier, to the Minister of
Decree of the Emperor relative to the Pope's War, relative to the attempi made to invade

Palace, 150,-

Sicily, 826.

Circular Letter from the Emperor to the Bi- Ceremony of burning English Gooils at Naples,

shops announcing the pregnancy of the Empress, 1302.

Portugal. Treaty of Amity, commerce and Na-
Letter fiom the Emperor to the President of vigation, with Great Britain, 9-16, 318, -312.
the Senate on the saine subject, 1305.

Treaty of Friendship and Alliance wth Great-
Decree of the Emperor uniting the Valais Britain, 412, 438.
to the French Empire, 1306.

Address of the Prince of Essling to the Portu-
Decree of the Emperor for the regulation of guese nation, against the English, 439.
Printing, &c. 1306.

Ceneral Orders issued by Lord Wellington,
Official Documents relating to the late nego-

relative to news sent frwn tie army by officers,

ciation, between the Freuch and English Co.


vernments, for an Exchange of Prisoners, 1307, Proclamation of Lord Wellington relative to


those Portuguese who may favour the French,

FRANKFORT.-Decree of the Grand Duke prohibit-


ing French Emigrants from entering bis Domi. Proclamation of Lord Wellington relative to

niens, 670.

the correspondence held with the french, 670.

Decree relative to Colonial Produce, $55.

Dispatches from the Prince of Essling, relative

Decree relative to Newspapers, 1244,

to the siege and capitulation of Almeida, 146,

HAMBURG#.- Proclamation of the Senate for raisa 503.

ing Seamca for the French Navy, 12-7.

Dispatches from Lord Wellington relative to

HOLTAND. -- Proclamati n of King Louis Napoleon, the fall of Almeida, 444, 598.
annunciaz his resignation of the Crown, 22.

Di-patches from Lord Wellington relative to
Another Proelamation by the same, on the

the Battle of Busaco, 662.

same subject, and selling the Government, 23. Dispatch from Marshal Beresford, to Don M.

Proclamation of the Provisional Council of P. Forjaz, relative to the batt!e of Busaco, 791.

Regency, announcing its appointment, 24.

Orders of the Day issued by Lord Wellington
Notiication by the Minister for Foreign Af- and Marshal Bercsford respecting the affair of
fairs of the eairy of Freach Troops into Auster-, 857.
dam, 2.

Dispatches from Gcnerals Drouet and Lam-
Address of King Louis Napoleon to the Legis- bert to the Prince of Wagram, relative to the
latire Body of Holland, on his abdication of the

affair of Busaco, 829.
throne, 150.

Dispatch from Lord Wellington to the Por-
Report of the French Minister for Foreign tuguese Government, giving an account of his

Affairs on the annexation of Holland to France, proceedings since the Battle of Busaco, 825.


Dispatches from Lord Wellington, Marshal
Decree of the Emperor Napoleon, uniting Hol- Beresford, Gen. Blunt, and Col. Trant, relative

land to France, 83.

to their movements and proceedings to the 3rd of

Proclamation of the Provisional Council of November, 1810; 1022, 1059, 1119, 1140,

R gency, announcing the Union of Holland with


the French Empire, 191.

Dispatch from Lord Wellington, giving an ac-
Decree of the Emperor for the organization count of the movement of the French Army to

a Government for the Departments of Ho!- Santarem, and of his own proceedings in cold
land, 861, 887.

Sequence thereof, 1114.
Decree of the Emperor relative to the Debt Dispatch from Lord Wellington to the Portir-

of Holland, 725.

guest: Gorernment on the same subject, 1237.

Decree of the Duke of Plaisance, relative to Dispatch from Lord Wellington to the Por-

the Proceedings of the Council of Liquidation tuguese Government relative to an affair at
appointed by the said Decree, 1181.

Pinhel, 1236,

ITALY.-Decree of the Emperor soppressing the Dispatch from Marshal Beresford to the Por-

Abbeys aod Monasteries in the Departments of

tuguese Government on the same subject, 1239.

Genoa, the Appenines, Montenotte and Alps Notes on the Military Operations w Portugal,

Mantime, 728.

published by the Freoch Goveroment, 1141.

Decree prohibiting all Cloths, Cottons, and Proclamation of the Regency, requiring all the

Silks in Italy, excepting those of French Manu- uninhabited bouses at Lisbon for the fugitives,
facture, 1305.

from the provinces, 858,
IRELAND. -- Proclamation of the Lord Lieute- Proclamation of the Regency, regulating the
nant of Ireland, relative to the lending of terms on which those of the said fugitives who
£.200,000, to persons in Trade, and unable to wish to pass the Tagus shall be supplied on the
meet the pressure of the moment, 74.

road, 859,
Petition to Parliament for a Repeal of the Proclamation of the Portuguese Government

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