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CHARLES M. Dow, President, Jamestown, N. Y.

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Night Picture of a Portion of Prospect Park Showing Effect of New Lighting
System. Thirty Minute Exposure on a very Dark Night.

Frontispiece Old Office of the Commission on Green Island .....

14 Administration Building, Present Office in Prospect Park.

14 Old Pavilion in Prospect Park, Removed....

15 Old Gate House in Prospect Park, Removed..

16 Natural Condition of Prospect Point about 1875.

17 Prospect Point in 1898...

18 Prospect Point in 1905..

18 Removing Stone Retaining Wall along the Riverway.

20 Old Bridge to Goat Island..

21 New Stone Bridge to Goat Island..

21 Old Wooden Stairway to Terrapin Point.

22 Present Sloping Pathway to Terrapin Point.

22 Old Bridge from Goat Island to First Sister Island.

23 New Stone Bridge from Goat Island to First Sister Island..

23 Old Wooden Stairway to Luna Island. ...

30 New Stone Stairway to Luna Island..

30 New Bridge to Terrapin Point....

48 The American Fall Illuminated by Searchlight....


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